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    Precog makes you better in cqc

    Some people don't believe that sharingan precog makes you better in cqc when the manga clearly shows that it does. Sasuke before 3tomoe: Sasuke after 3tomoe: Even Madara's statement implies it: Because Sasuke's precog has advanced his movments have gotten better, therefore he's better in cqc...
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    Who can stop a 7th gated gai hidden lotus?

    Naruto was in sm, Madara regained his full speed after he came back to life: Naruto needs bsm or rsm to dodge 7th gate gai and I would say Rsm because 7th gate guy was so fast he was pushing back jj madara:
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    Explain this to me

    Ok, so we learned from the Fukasaku that in order to enter sage mode, you have to balance the Nature energy you take in with your physical and spiritual energy perfectly, if you take in too little you cant enter sage mode and if you take in too much you turn into a frog: We also learn that if...
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    [VS] Kakashi already had a way to find Zabuza in the mist

    Just read this on the wiki, I think it's the databook explanation of the jutsu: Depending on the location of the fight anyone who can use hiding like a mole can counter the hidden mist jutsu. People should keep this in mind during Kakashi vs Mei or Zabuza fights. Although Zabuza can still hear...
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    [VS] Boruto gauntlet

    Intel: full Location: chunin exam arena Distance: normal starting distance Restrictions: kote device, summons, kyuubi, cursed seal Scenario 1: bell test naruto Scenario 2: gaara fight naruto Scenario 3: vote 1 naruto Scenario 4: bell test sasuke Scenario 5: gaara fight sasuke Scenario 6: vote 1...
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    Late Bloomers

    This is a concept that i'm not sure Kishimoto understands, in the manga someone is either a genius or a dropout two very large extremes. The concept of the late bloomer is NEVER brought up. People called Naruto a dropout, but I would argue he's just a late bloomer. He's not Rock Lee, who has no...
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    Itachi, Itachi, Itachi, Smh?

    Everybody likes to call Itachi smart, but in my eyes, he's a complete moron, specifically when it comes to Sasuke. How do you think your little brother is going to turn out after you mind rape and mentally tortue him twice? Smh, this is the main reason I believe nice Itachi was a retcon, would...
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    [VS] Sasuke vs Guy gauntlet

    Intel: Full Location: Juubito vs Naruto&Sasuke Restrictions: All Ninjutsu&Genjutsu Conditions: EMS Sasuke with his sword Vs Guy who can use his Nunchaku Scenario 1: Base guy Scenario 2: 1st gate Scenario 3: 2nd gate Scenario 4: 3rd gate Scenario 5: 4th gate Scenario 6: 5th gate Scenario 7: 6th...
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    Sasuke's rinnegan will be useless after he dies

    I remember Sasuke saying he would give his eye to Kakashi if he died, but I just realized Kakashi can't handle Sasuke's rinnegan: Obito, a full blooded Uchiha with Hashirama cells couldn't handle two rinnegan and Sasuke's tomoe rinnegan is equivalent to two regular ones or maybe even stronger...
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    [VS] Ms Sasuke vs 6pop

    Intel: All Naruto's intel during the fight Location/Distance: Same as Naruto Conditions/Restrictions: This is full power Ms Sasuke (even tho he has no feats) with his complete susanoo and he's completely healthy. Instead of 3 toads he starts with Manda, Aoda, and his hawk. Pain is under the same...
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    How would you have developed Naruto's and Sasuke's skills during timeskip?

    Sorry for making Sasuke&Naruto thread 1,000,001 Ok, I made a similar thread like this yesterday on Sakura and it's also inspired by the "Naruto should have learned new jutsus." thread. Ok, we'll start with physicals. In the chapter where Naruto leaves I would of had jiraiya give him weights...
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    Something that makes no sense in the Naruto and Sasuke vs Momo fight

    Sasuke starts the fight with his sword in his hand pointed behind him, but when they blitz momo instead of using his sword and impaling his rinnegan right there Sasuke punches. Then he tries to pull out his sword later in the fight when he already had it out in the first place and Momo kicks it...
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    What skills would sakura need to be high kage level?

    Ok, imo Sakura has terrible development as a combatant in the manga, she's a complete copy of Tsunade with nothing unique. So this is what i'd giver her to make her at least mid kage level. The scenario is after the war sakura wants to become the best ninja she can be and (dumb I know) so she...
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    Amenotejikara is too broken

    I remember when chapter 674 came out and hardly anyone could figure out what Sasuke was doing and when people did figure it out a lot of them were disappointed, they thought all sasuke could do was swap with people/things, I even remember a thread made by this minator guy trying to explain why...
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    [VS] Ems Sasuke vs War Arc Kakashi

    Intel: Full Mindset: In Character Location: Madara vs 4th division Distance: 100 ft or 30.48 meters (thanks google) Scenario 1: cqc only, ninja tools and raiton streaming are allowed, can use ems and ms for precog only Scenario 2: Everything Unrestricted