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[PLACEHOLDER - If someone could make a better one, would be much appreciated]

☆ Contents ☆​

Roleplay Moderators :


Biography Rules, Tips and Tricks

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Tip! The Template is exactly what is says it is, the template. You must stick to it, however you can customize it and make your bio look beautiful - a number of people run 'Bio Shops' to help you do this and sometimes do all the hard work for you; if you're really struggling to create a bio then apply in their Threads usually found in the Section. If you do create and customize the bio yourself, do not take away the main aspects of the Template away and keep it in the order it's listed as. Sections like 'pictures' and 'other' aren't really mandatory, especially if you have pictures of your character throughout the biography. Be sure to think about the Specialties you pick, they can go a long way!​
The Battle Arena

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Fact! The Battle Arena is a great place to practice and prove your skills as a Battler, people who are searching for a fight usually state that their battle is 'open' in the title; variations are either [OPEN] or Open Battle - but it's always good to check battles that aren't labelled as clearly. You can always create your own battle as well! Just make sure you list what Range you and your opponent stand at; if it's official or not; if customs are allowed and any other restrictions you want to add. Battles can be as creative as you want! That's why also listing the Terrain is important, the more exciting the terrain the more exciting the battle, but also more detail and strategy is required.​
The Training Grounds

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Tip! The Training ground is where everyone starts! Come here for a list of Sensei (orange names) to train you or run you through a Ninja Rules intrduction. They have a lot on their plate like other students. Remember to try your best at training and ask any questions here if you have doubts, the more you inquire and the more detail you put in, the better it'll be for your RP future.​
Ninja World
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Remember! The Ninja World, a custom RP setting with unique history, is considered the "serious" part of the Roleplay and is where all official missions and most events take place, from wars to Clan meetings and alliance forging. Always try and keep up with what's going on here as you may miss the opportunity for something fun. You need to follow the rules closely or else you could end up breaking the rules; but do not be discouraged from RPing here, it's a great place to build character and story - you could also start your own events with your own clan and grow to influence the world! Become a villain, a hero, the hero's companion - you could even get the chance to rule your own village as the Kage![/justify]

Become a Legend...

Customs Rules, Tips and Tricks

Custom Jutsu Thread Rules
CJ Thread Do's and Don't

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Tip! Customs. This is where you create your signature, customs are what make you unique to others when it comes to power and fighting. Make sure you read all the rules regarding this or else you'll never acquire your own and remember to try and be creative as possible as customs have been made before you and you cannot have copied jutsu. Also remember not to waste your slots, if you feel like you're never going to use a certain jutsu or that it's going to be easily countered every time, then don't submit it; but then don't make it too overpowered and unreasonable or else it won't be approved or it'll be nerfed. Remember to follow the submission templates and read the Submission Rules in each thread's Opening Posts​
Other RP Quick Links

Last Word

The Rules can be confusing at times, so be sure to contact any ANBU or RP Mod for help if you need any. Be sure to keep track of your Kumi and Ryo winnings and check the Ninja World Marketplace every week for new deals! Sensei are always willing to help you understand any of these rules if you need to learn anything from them. Have fun!​

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