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May 22, 2008
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Forum Rules & Posting Guidelines
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The AnimeBase forum does not accept the following types of posting:


stands for: 'stupid pointless annoying material and includes all actions illustrated in the list below:

  • Off Topic Posts: Posting something completely irrelevant to the topic of discussion or forum.
  • Post Count Raising: Posting only to raise your post count like stating the obvious or answering an already answered question.
  • Memes and/or Picture replies: Replying to a post by posting only a picture, meme or gif.
  • One word replies or smiley replies : as in ":D", "Hi", "Spam", and ":p". If you are replying to a question please elaborate more on your reply as to avoid others having to explain your answer.
  • Bumping Dead Topics: Bumping a topic that has not been posted in over a month is considered SPAM. If a specific forum's rules note a different time frame for classifying a thread as "dead", that is the time frame that you are to follow. One month is the standard time frame for classifying threads as "dead".
  • Screaming & Font Abuse: As in: "LOOK AT ME HERE I AM" or 'TYpInG LIkE ThiS', which makes your post hard to read and the looks of the thread quite annoying.
  • Problems with other members threads: The forums provide the option to address another member directly though private and profile messages. Do this instead of creating threads to bash others.
  • Staff harassment: Respect the moderators experience on the forums as well as the work they put into their duties by not messaging them constantly with requests such as, but not limited to, customs checking, contest material etc.
  • Multi-posting: Posting one post after another in any thread is not allowed. This means that making a new post directly below another post of yours (double/triple/multi-posting) will be considered spamming and will be thus treated.
  • Ban-Threads: Creating threads asking why a member is banned is not allowed, even if it is about yourself. When a ban is given a PM is also sent automatically to the member who committed the offense where the reason for the ban is explained. NB's staff have no obligation whatsoever to explain to any other member the reason of the ban and it is our wish that the reason would remain private anyway. However, if you think you have been unjustifiably banned you can contact one of the administrators; this you can do only after you have read our Global Rules and you are absolutely sure you haven't broken any of them.
  • Multi-answering: Answering a question that has already been properly answered is unnecessary and will be treated as spam.

Off-topic posts are allowed on the following forum, under that forum's specific rules:

[AB Chatterbox]

Post Count Raising and One word Replies are allowed on the following forum, under that forum's specific rules:

[Forum Games]


A flame is an insult or slur directed to a member. Listed below are our definitions of "flames":

  • Bullying: Is to treat another member in an overbearing or intimidating manner. Such action is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.
  • Bashing: Is to engage in harsh, accusatory and/or threatening criticism directed to any member of the forum.
  • Trolling: Trolling is a stupid and annoying behavior on the forum which significantly increases the work load of the staff. We have a zero tolerance policy against trolling and we will be removing users that troll immediately.
  • Offensive language: As in profane, foul language directed to a member of the forum but also in general.
  • Troll threads: Troll threads are threads made usually to troll a member or a site. We ask your help in ensuring that everyone's experience on AB is nice and expect you to be reporting troll threads directly when you see them.
  • Insults: Any type of insult directed from one member to another member is prohibited.
  • Slurs: Any type of slur directed from one member to another with the intention to question, mock or insult someones someones sexual preferences, ethnic background or religion are strictly prohibited on AB

Advertising is displaying a link to a website not associated with Animebase with the intent to draw visitors:

  • Advertising is not allowed on AnimeBase no matter how it is done; Posting a thread, making a post, using a link at your signature or advertise through visitor or private messages a website or forum not associated with AnimeBase, but based on manga or anime, is considered advertising and it will be treated with no tolerance at all. It falls under the moderators' discretion as to what is classified as "advertising" and the level of it, starting with a day's ban at least.
  • Advertising yourself: is also not allowed. Advertising yourself includes actions such as making threads 'I am back!' or 'I am leaving', consistently asking other members to check your GFX work or when a member links (inside or outside of AnimeBase) to get more votes for any kind of contests. This rule applies to the whole forums unless specified differently in a thread that it is okay to advertise your work. It falls under the moderators' discretion as to which link is considered advertising or not.


Includes all the important rules listed below:

  • Images: Signatures, Avatars, Profile Pictures, Pictures posted in threads as well as Youtube videos are subject to the same rules as posts, so, if something is not acceptable to post, then it is not acceptable for a signature. Rules-breaking images willget removed without warning.
  • Adult Material: Anything that contains explicit adult material or illegal activities is strictly prohibited. Linking to websites with content targeted to adults is also not allowed. Posting such material is grounds for a temporary to permanent ban, subject to the severity of the offense and discretion of the moderators.
  • Character Bashing: Members who resort to ‘character bashing’ as their persistent topic of discussion will be treated under the same conditions as trolls. Character bashing refers to a topic of discussion whereby a member decides to make fun of certain characters/character pairings leading to a pointless thread filled with insults and general rule breaking. Members who continually partake in such behavior may have account restrictions applied to them including infractions and bans.
    Character bashing: 'Naruto sucks because he just does.'
    NOT Character bashing: 'I don't like Naruto because when the village was at war, he chose to...'
  • Cross-universe battles: You cannot compare two characters from two different universes to determine which is 'best' as such, these threads are against the rules and can be considered spam.
  • Interaction with the Staff: We are here to fix problems and to make sure that the forum runs smoothly. We also want to have fun and to be part of a community that is lively and respectful. We are not here to be bullied, bashed or attacked.
  • Spoilers: Not everyone is up to date with an anime or manga; Respect that by placing the Spoiler Tags where appropriate. Also, please make sure that your thread's title does not contain any spoilers either. This is to protect the members that aren't fully up to date with the latest manga and anime releases. If you can't refrain yourself from doing so, then the staff of AB will change the title(s) of your thread(s) and you might receive warnings/infractions.
  • Illegal activities: You may not link to websites that contain copyright infringed material like anime, manga, games/movies, or sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content.
  • Remember that use of proxies may get you permabanned. The reason being that you might share IP with someone that is already banned and it will count as an alt of that person.
  • Autoplay Videos: Do not place a video that auto.plays in your signature or profile intro and do not post one in any thread.
  • Report: Use the Report button if you see a problematic message or post. Don't try to solve the problem alone and don't flame back if someone has flamed you. The staff will take care of it as soon as possible after you report it.
Kind regards,

AnimeBase Staff
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