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    Death's Domain

    This place is still going strong! Good work, Amy.))
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    Please, NB, let's not raise our torches & pitchforks yet!

    Judging by the threads in this section, I'm apparently a bit late. Found this vid some time ago. The college educated radio talk show host Steven Crowder makes some very good points about the recent shootings. watch?v=4k7pzaGOp8U Discuss intellectually. If you can't be bothered to watch the...
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    [LoT] Noir Adam

    "The world has not changed as much as you believe...Pharaohs still live off slaves." -Ra Adam Name: Teth-Adam Alignment: Evil Alias(es): Ra Adam, Black Adam (formerly) Secret Identity: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (formerly) Looks Personality: Born in ancient Egypt, Teth-Adam is as old school...
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    Fancy golden border, please

    Just place a golden border on this image the same color as seen in the picture Bonus points if you can give it a metallic sheen Much appreciated :)
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    Premium Avatar & Sig Please

    I would like you to use this image and create a premium (150x300) avatar with a fancy border. If you must trim off parts of the image for size issues, please trim off as little as possible. Always appreciated :)
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    The Iron Uchiha Returns!

    Basic Information Name Tetsu Uchiha Nicknames The Iron Uchiha, Red Ronan, The Edged Crusader, The Big Black Boyscout, The Samurai That Kumo Deserves But Not The Samurai Kumo Needs Gender Male Age 35 Clan Uchiha Looks: Personality Due to age taking effect on his psyche, Tetsu is a...
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    [Open] Come at me

    Rei's R&R Unofficial Restrictions: No Disintegrations Terrain: Jungle with a nearby body of water Range: Medium Bio: Tetsu Uchiha (Needs updating) I've come from a several month long hiatus and I want to see if I still "got it". First come, first served.
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    Current Madara vs Edo Akatsuki

    This thread is for debates, not random sentence long proclamations. State why you chose your answer. Current Madara has all the abilities he has shown up until now All Akatsuki includes: Edo Nagato Obito (Not Juubito) Obito's Paths of Pain Pain Edo Hidan Edo Kakuzu Edo Itachi Kisame Edo...
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    Negative Knight with Doton

    Tetsu waits patiently on a mountain in a rocky plain for the knight I never really got to learn any jutsu, but I did do the whole describing doton and escaping the headhunter jutsu thing already. Last training thread
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    I spit hot fiyah!

    Tetsu sits in the center of an extravagant mat in the middle of a plain of dry grass, waiting for Zanda I know up to A-rank katon Last training thread The last jutsu I learned was Fire Release: Hellfire Technique
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    Step right up and learn to drown!

    Tetsu does push-ups by a large lake in a clear plain and waits for Ushero To make things quicker, I'll answer the questions you're gonna ask: I know up to D Suiton Last training thread Last Suiton technique I learned was Sword of Draining
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    Avatar Improvement

    I don't know, put a nifty frame and/or effect on it or something. Whatever you do, don't make it too bright and colorful...or bright and colorful at all.
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    I get Better at pyrokenisis

    *spinning around in a wheelchair*
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    [Ken] I am taught the way of the sword

    I lay on a tree while waiting for my sensei to arrive.
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    Death Sig and Avatar

    Could you make an avatar out of this pic? And a sig of the same size of my current one with this. Put my name instead of "Dante's Inferno Death",please.