"Utopic Monkeys" - Chapter Eight.. " A new mission - Part 2 "

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Nov 10, 2009
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"Utopic Monkeys"

Utopic Monkeys - Chapter 1 - " The Legendary Knight "

Chapter Eight.. " A new mission - Part 2 "

" When the world is filled with evil. Warriors of hope appear.
The Utopic Knights.
Long ago a virus has spread over the entire Earth. Most of the population
was dizimated. Only the stronger & the richer survived.
Chaos begun to rule the world. Destruction is the every day breath of the sole survivors and the richer got even richer and more corrupt, creating an entire new Utopic world shaped to their greed, desires and interests.
That's when the Knights of Hope appeared. They were called Space Monkeys.
With their bodies as their weapons; Their fists can rip the sky and reach the gods.
Their feet can split the ground and cause an Earthquake. And now,
these Knights with Bravery, proud and power have appeared once again as the new Space Monkeys.."​

Babilon A.D. , 2287 ( Utopic Future )

- Standing inside of "Pink Hot Pussy Repairments"

The Hologram call continues, as Captain ken continues with his instructions to Sujiro & Shura.

Captain Ken - We have no trace on Julian at this time but we were able to track down Morbid.

Captain Ken - And he's your target for this mission.

Shura - And who's this Morbid guy?

Captain Ken - He's "different". Cami has the info on him and she'll explain to both of you more about Morbid.

Sujiro - What he did?

Captain Ken - Well, apart from wiping out an entire village and starting a new political and anarchist movement and cult full of freaks.

Captain Ken - He keeps getting on the political power nerves as well as us the Police. He occupied that same village outside of Babilon and transformed it on his base.

Sujiro - And where's that village?

Captain Ken - Just outside Babilon. About 18 miles to the west in the outskirts of Dymalork ( Old, extinguished New York ) Just after a 6 miles desert.

Captain Ken - It's a complete ghost,foggy & desert village.
The spies that i sent there that were able to survive and comeback alive.
Gave me the information that Morbid is usually there on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Captain Ken - Today is Wednesday. So if you depart tomorrow morning, you'll be able to be there by Friday at dawn.

Shura - Tomorrow morning. That early?? But Sujiro you are still..

Sujiro Interrupts Shura by grabbing his hand and shaking his head in refusal.

Shura stops his line of thought.​

Captain Ken - Sujiro is still what??

Sujiro - Nothing, Captain. I'm fine, right Shura?

Shura is reluctant​

Shura - I guess...

Shura starts to feel a huge disconfort on his stomach..​

Shura - Ohhh shit!! I gotta take a huge dump.

Cami shakes her head in shame.​

Shura - Tell me the rest when i come back, Sujiro..

Shura - Bye, Caps..

Shura starts running to the bathroom.

Cami says in a sarcastin tone​

Cami - he's always the same..

Captain Ken - So what you have to do is to bring me this man alive. Cami will show you some photos of him and give you more information about him.

Captain Ken - One of my guys will meet you in the entrance of Morbid's Village and will join you on the mission.

Captain Ken - He'll be in the entrance of the village by 4.00 AM of Friday. He'll recognize you guys.

Sujiro - Alright.

Captain Ken - Now, Cami!! I also have a little mission for you.

Captain Ken - The fact that Saga wanted to organize such an important event and to give such a reward seems oddly strange giving his personality and way to act.

Captain Ken - I want you to try and learn more about the Upcoming Tournament and the real reasons that can be behind it.

Captain Ken - Saga will host a ceremony Saturday Night on his castle to honour one of his knights.
Take the opportunity and Infiltrate there. Try to know the truth behind the Tournament and such.

Sujiro - That's a very dangerous job for Cami alone. Are you sure?

Cami - I can handle it, Sujiro. Don't worry.

Captain Ken - Cami is the best spy and one of the most intelligent persons i know.
I trust her 100%.
She can handle it without getting caught and off course i have a back up plan in mind,

Sujiro - It seems like the Captain thought in everything. I think Cami is in good hands then.

Captain Ken - Don't worry. Just worry about your mission. Cami will succeed.

Captain Ken - Good luck for both of you and Shura. I'll be awaiting for news in the upcoming days.

Cami - Roger that!!

Sujiro - Will be done. Cya Captain.

The Hologram call ends and the image from Captain Ken disappears.​

Cami - Ok. I have my iNanoX7Y with me to show you some of the information and photos on Morbid but i guess we'll have to wait for Shura.

Dante Screams in direction to the back of the garage where the bathroom is located.​

Dante( Screams ) - Shura are you done??

Shura responding from the Bathroom.​

Shura ( Screams ) - Can i have a moment of peace?

Dante to Cami​

Dante - Guess he's still occupied

Cami notices a strange, old ring in Dante's index finger on his right hand.
A ring made of gold with a medieval look from the middle ages.​

Cami questions Dante.​

Cami - Where did you got that ring, Dante??

Dante a little surprised smirks his eyebrow​

Dante - This??

Dante - Hmmm.. Falled out of Bunny Larry's shelf. I picked it up and felt an odd feel of keeping it.

Cami - It's such an ugly Ring and that Sapphire in the center.. The ring is outfashioned as well.

Cami noticed a black Sapphire in the center of the ring.​

Dante - Well, i like it and i feel kind of attached to it.

Cami - I guess if you like it, then keep wearing it. It's all that matters.

Shura comes back from the bathroom adjusting his pants​

Shura - Hey, Cami.. So what's the drill??

Cami - Ok. I guess i'll start by showing what you guys will have to face

Cami starts browsing into her iNanoX7Y

Cami - I don't have many detailed information on Morbid but what i have might be enough.

Cami - He's quite the character to tell you the thruth.

Cami projects an image of Morbid on the Garage's wall with his iNanoX7Y

Cami - I present you, Morbid!!

The image show us a tall, muscular man with a pale and very white tone of skin. Red deep eyes and crisp, short black hair.
He's seen wearing a huge black leather trench coat and a 6 Foot, thick, heavy sword on his back.​

Sujiro - He's big!!

Sujiro shows some suprise​

Cami - Yes, he is but that's only the tip of the iceberg.
Morbid he's a charismatic but nihilistic neo-Luddite and anarcho-primitivist.
He even vows to annihilate civilization itself.
He describes his ideal world as a neo-paleolithic paradise, in post-apocalyptic urban ruins.

Cami - Well, the post-apocalyptic urban ruins part that he wanted. We actually already live in those days but continuing.

Cami - Morbid has been responsible for several sabotage operations and anarchist movements and rebelions.

Shura interrupts Cami​

Shura - God damn, this guy is an handfull.

Cami - And that's not all. Now the most interesting part.

Cami - He has half-Vampire heritage. Meaning he's Half-Human, Half-Vampire. Rumours say that he's a direct descendent of Vlad The Third.

Sujiro - Really?? From Vlad The Third??

Cami - Yes, the immortal and vanished Vlad The Third. The first Dracula to be known in our history.

Cami - No one knows if he's dead or not but that rumour of Morbid being his son is most probably fictional.

Cami - So you now know that you have to be extra-carefully, boys.

Sujiro - You too Cami as your mission is not an easy task either.

Cami - I'll handle it. Maybe i'll take little Dante with me to play my date.

Dante gets red-faced​

Shura - This is getting very interesting.

Shura - Sujiro!! You sure you'll be alright tomorrow morning?

Sujiro - Don't worry. I only need a good night of Sleep.

Shura - Good!!

Dante - You guys wanna spent the night and leave in the morning? I'll just set the mattresses on the floor.

Sujiro - I think that's a good idea. You agree Shura??

Shura - Yes, i think it's the better option. We avoid spending energy in the road home.

Cami - Now that i have gave you boys all the insight. I think i'd better be going.
Nights get more dangerous by the day.

Cami - I'll call you tomorrow, Dante.
Shura & Sujiro good luck and be careful. See you guys soon.

Shura & Sujiro - Cya, Cami!!

Dante - Watch out, Cami.
Cya Tomorrow!

Cami Leaves the Garage​

Dante - Well, guys. I'll set the mattresses.

Dante - Sujiro, I'll bring you some Painkillers and bring you some food as it seems Shura already ate.

Shura - I can eat more.

Sujiro - Alright, Dante.

Shura - You guys must tell me everything about this afternoon but first let's decide something.

Shura - Moto or Car?

Sujiro - Most definitely Moto.
We are heading towards the desert. Would be no fun in a car.

The Type of Futuristic MotoryCycles that Shura and Sujiro drive.​

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Shura shows alot of excitement


Prepare yourself as the Hunt for Morbid BEGINS!!!

Stay tuned for the Next chapter of "Utopic Monkeys"..

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Nov 10, 2009
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<div class="bbWrapper">Another nice chapter. Now you put an half-Vampire in the mix as well, after the Zombies.</div>


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Another great chapter, can't wait to see everyone in action. I'm curious about Dante, I think he'll develop a bit like Naruto. Naruto starter off as the worst student in the academy, now he's one of the strongest ninja. I think Dante will gain power through events.