[Discussion] Top 10 Strongest Characters on Wano


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Jun 24, 2017
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Not just dd but anyone who flies would give anyone who doesn't have means to get them out of the air a run for their money. I mean almost every top tier (and under) has some sort of arieal moves
Vista mihawk flying slashes
Marco kizaru flight
Kuzan can freeze virtually anything he pleases
Akainu has volcanic eruptions that can be used for long range
Black beard can use his darkness to pull people towards him and his quakr fruit
Big mom flies also her soul ability
Katakuri while he doesn't have flight his fruit is awakened there for he can throw mass amounts of mochi at an aerial opponent
Shanks attack with white beard split the sky so to him being able to attack someone out of the sky isnt far fetched
Kaido is a mofo dragon
Fuji can use his gravity to bring someone out of the sky

Did I miss anyone
People like jozu jack cracker etc
May have extremely high haki ardamet or physical strength but they cannot really attack (until proven otherwise) someone who is in the air out of range (well I guess jozu could throw boulders like how he threw that huge piece of ice but he's leaving himself wide open).
U forgot akainu can fly vivre book 3