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  • Feats & Hype

    • He's Fleet Admiral
    • He fought for 10 days and nights straight
    • Turned half an island into a lava field
    • While having to hold back to prevent from damaging Marine Ford he evenly matched Whitebeard's gura punch with a lava fist
    • Tanked two haki enhanced gura punches (Oda stated Whitebeard's sickness didn't diminish his strength)
    • While holding back he's still most responsible for killing Whitebeard, punching two holes in him, and ripping half his face off
    • While holding back he killed the Pirate King's son
    • The only person to destroy Luffy's will 100%
    • While holding back he took on all 16 of Whitebeard's commanders after fighting Whitebeard and emerged victorious
    • Made Blackbeard and his entire crew run by himself
    • Oda stated if he was the main character he could put an end to One Piece within a year
    • Oda stated he has the most destructive devil fruit of them all
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