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Oct 1, 2010
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The landscape in Sasau is a tug of war between the rocky, lightly-forested slopes of the North and the more densely forested, more flat terrain of the South. Many of the slopes have been cleared and terraced rice fields built there, watered by a complex, gravity-fed irrigation system. The inhabitants of Sasau are spread across many smaller towns, often accosted by clans of brigands.
Aug 17, 2010
Greg and the snake, as well as the NPCs enter into Sasau. Greg notices the numerous rice fields. Rice was good. So he bought some a very very large amount enough to sustain multiple landmarks. He then asked around for the best way to grow rice and found a rice patty worker who explained the entire process to him from rice grain, to rice stalk, to plate. He sealed nearly fifty industrial sized bags of rice into his scroll. The kanji for "rice" appeared next to the ones for "grain", "berry", "nuts", "fruit" and "vegetable."
The scroll now had six seals upon it all with a massive amount of foodstuffs sealed away inside. Greg did this as quickly as possible and spoke with three separate rice farmers to get different varieties of rice. The three headed snake, Greg and the NPCs then moved on toward the next area. Greg knew he was extremely close to his destination now.

( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary , Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: N/A
Description: This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items or weapons that have been stored using Fūinjutsu,typically they are stored within scrolls. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Scrolls can also be used as ammunition for other weapons. The items themselves are unaffected by time. This Technique allows the user to seal any weapons they wish being their own or opponents.
Note: Cannot seal opponent's custom weapons, or the special weapons of a particular character ( example: Samehada or Kubikiribocho ).
Note: Can only seal corpses, and not injured people regardless of the extent of their injury.

Greg's chakra:
860 - 20 ( Generic Sealing ) - 10 ( Effects of Expired Med ) = 830

Greg and NPCs entering LM from LM 39 | LLM
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Mar 2, 2012

This post marks the start of my mission containing the following elements:
-Spy on someone suspected of being connected to the necromancer Phetra (4)

After making rest in a small hotel in the isolated town, Rhaenys notices something unusual about one of the residences. It was supposedly an abandoned house, except she could see someone moving inside. Investigating, Rhaenys wonders if this person is responsible for some of the suspected trouble in the world right now.

Rhaenys was just finishing up her tea, blowing off the hot steam as she looked out the window into the quiet village before her. It was a quiet peaceful night, the clouds overhead passing silently blocking the moon, nothing but the soft flicker of the torches in the village illuminating the small population in the remote area of the land. Rhaenys had stopped for the night to have a decent once instead of camping, to rest and relax. Asking around for a decent place to stay, the locals allowed her to rest in one of a few empty houses that was owned by a rich blacksmith before he moved out to one of the major cities. There were several that he owned, and none of them were populated anymore because most of the village had their own houses. No one really stopped here, there was nothing of interest in the village, being so remote and isolated, and so these houses were always free. She was the first guest they had in almost 6 months. Rhaenys drew a breath as she finished the last gulp of her tea, and was about to head to bed for the night until something caught her eye. A lone figure, cloaked, hooded, swiftly moving through the village as if trying to avoid being seen. Was there more to this village than meets the eye? Was there a dark secret that they village kept from the outside? Rhaenys chuckled, her over active imagination getting the better of her once again. She was sure it was nothing, simply perhaps some local affair going on perhaps, or maybe a child sneaking out. Although, to be fair, it didn't look like a child, and the movement it was using was too sly to be that of a child. The was it glided over the ground without actually bobbing as it walked gave Rhaenys a bad feeling.

As most of her trip so far had been based on her gut instinct and feelings, she slowly climbed out the window to follow this strange bedfellow, quietly as she wanted to investigate where it was going. Using the cover of darkness and the shadows of the houses, Rhaenys crept closer to the target as it continued walking, up towards the houses that were once owned by the blacksmith.

Hmm, what business does a vilalger have in an empty house...

Rhaenys pulled up the hood on her own cloak trying to hide her presence with her silvery white hair reflecting in the light and as she slowly crawled closer to the house, she heard a small click as the door around the back. The stranger was now inside this empty house that supposedly wasnt for anyone or had anyone inside, so why would they need to go in? Was it a store house, but that doesnt explain why they would go in the middle of the night or even why they would hide themselves as well. In Rhaenys' experience, only villains and those up to no good would ever hide their appearance. As she creeped closer, she went around the side, to try and peer inside a window, a small soft glow of golden light coming from inside. It wasnt a fully light room, but perhaps a candle or two that would be the source. Rhaenys wanted to find out who this person was, and when she peaked in the window, she still had no answer, but at least she got a closer look at what was inside.
The hooded figure, all black clothes with a strange looking head piece on as it pulled its hood back, knelt down before the candles almost as if in a meditative pose and it formed a few seals as it sat there. Rhaenys had a bad feeling about this, that something strange and unnatural was going on. She could feel terrible thoughts and chakra inside that house as if it was sending a message somewhere and there was pure evil inside that house. She raised her hand and began chanting in an unnatural language, one that Rhaenys hadn't heard before, and she had studied almost every single one. Whether this was something unheard of or something new, she would have to find out. Before she could properly try to memorize some of the words, she slipped, snapping an outskirt on the bottom of the house, it echoing loudly with a CRACK that reverberated. Rhaenys barely had time to cover herself before the strange person looked over towards the window it came from. Rhaenys snuck around the side to the back where the door was that the person had entered in through, to find it still unlocked, evidently she didnt plan on being here long. Or at least that was Rhaenys' assumption.

Slowly sneaking around inside the house, Rhaenys could hear muttering and words coming from inside the other room with the same soft glow, she assumed where the meditation must have been coming from. Ever so slowly, Rhaenys tiptoed her way, inch by inch closer to the room that was ahead of her. She slowly touched each toe on the floor careful not to cause any creaking. Eventually she got the the door frame and listened in. the voice was strange, unable to tell if it was male or female, almost like a neutral tone, but it was talking to someone.

What was going on?

Rhaenys listened close, and from what she could tell, this person meditating was keeping their cover hidden here, in the remote isolated village, still no body here suspecting anything. Rhaenys wondered if she should intervene, stopping the conversation, but decided against it, it would be more useful to gather more information first before attacking head on, especially seeing as though she didnt know any information on the target yet.

The summoning was botched? But how? Ah I see... so he was stronger than you anticipated... Yes Phetra, I will keep an eye and ear out and make sure that word does not spread. His time spent here has not been outside of the village yet. Anyone who knew of him I got rid of. They think that they go to a major town, but perhaps they should check the unmarked graves in the woods...

The person chuckled to themselves. Rhaenys needed to get out of here, if this person was connected to the happenings that plagued the land right now, then she needed to let the others know. Although her siblings didnt share much for their concerns of the mainland, she knew that they would prefer a live population to rule instead of a dead one. Creeping slowly back to the exit, avoiding the same spots, Rhaenys tried to make her way out until there was a hiss behind her.


Rhaenys turned around to find the blaack figure carrying a candle looking directly at her. Well so much for subtlety now. Rhaenys bolted for the back door, not even bothering to open it simply diving with her fist outstretched, causing a huge CRASH as she leapt through wood flying everywhere. Rhaenys didnt dare look back, only sprinting towards the forest as fast as she could. Rahenys eventually would leave the village, running through the forest only stopping momentarily to catch her breath, and seeing if she was being followed. Luckily she seemed to have lost who ever it was, and Rhaenys continued making her was towards the next landmark.


Aug 29, 2014
Coming from here

Ryuu cautiously stepped into a moderately populated area, blending in with the citizens. With the way people were constructing new buildings and such, he did not want to get in their way.

Chakra: 1595 - 5 = 1590

Leaving landmark


Jan 25, 2016
Spawning // Genji Shimada

Genji had found his place among the villagers of the Hidden Valley, its serene and graceful geography reminded him of the gardens in the Shimada Estate; a landmark with emotional signifigance to the young warrior. Simply being on the lands, overwhelmed him with nostalgia. It had now been six months since he had staged the coup against his father, and convinced his brother Hanzo to ally alongside him to pave a new legacy for their family and to redeem the Shimada name. Within those six months, Hanzo and Genji would split up in search of allies. Out of supplies and money, Genji found himself in the Land of Fire with nothing but the clothes on his back. As he traversed through somewhat hostile territory he would find himself face to face with a group of bandits that attacked and preyed on travelers. The young Hayabusa would do his best to fend the horde off, but his fatigue and hunger lost to their astounding numbers. Just as Genji believed his life was coming to end, the screeching sound of arrows piercing through the air and raining down onto the horde of bandits echoed throughout the battlefield. From within the forest was a well dressed man by the name of A$AP Rocky, aka Lorde Flacko Joyde aka Drip Kage. Him and his second in command Kuvira would swiftly destroy the bandit horde with their small unit of men. The Drip Kage would go unto feeding and housing the Hayabusa.. this show of kindness and generosity was something he could not ignore. Genji being a man of honor, found it to be his duty to repay this debt of gratitude. He would decide to pay it the only way he knew how.. through his blade. Genji would swear his fealty and loyalty on the spot... and the rest was history. Genji was now the squad leader of Squad 3, and he had yet to meet his subordinates. Coming back from a mission, Alexzander would coat Genji (and Draco) in his adhesive slime form, while Draco was coiled around Genji's waist like a belt. The three had agreed to meet at the tavern in Tazuma before going out on their assignment.

Mar 21, 2012

Coming from outside the village territories, Uma enters and surveys the area to see what is present. She would perform a sensing technique that would give her an overview of the landmark.

(Doton: Tsuchiumare) - Earth Release: Dirtborn
Type: Supplementary
Rank: D
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 10
Damage: N/A
Description: Dirtborn is a technique made for tracking purposes, and overall view of the field, above and underground. After unleashing a pulse of chakra throughout the earth, the user is capable of creating a visual overview of the field, mapping it out in his head in a 3D perspective per say. All will become visible to the user, pressure marks, ridges, highs and lows of the ground, allowing him to manually examine certain areas in order to 'read' the nature's tracks. The method however has been adapted into means of warfare as well as to track escaped prisoners, intruders etc. A user of this technique is capable of tracking other ninjas equalling his own rank. This is a low-effect technique much akin to the Inner Sonar skill, therefore costs +5 extra chakra per turn and doesn't hinder the user in any sort of way other than the expenses of chakra.

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