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    Sado Yasutora
    Steven Universe
    Quinten Coldwater

    Golden Sabbath's History
    Our story, not yours.

    Sado Yasutora's Pre-WSE History

    How does a bastard, orphan, whoreson, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in Konohagakure by providence, impoverished, in squalor. Grow up to be a doctor and a scholar? This violent, brutal, futile shinobi without a father got a lot farther by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, who knew, he'd grow up to be a martyr. And every day while shinobi were being slaughtered while his friends departed and their destiny got started he was stuck in Konoha, he struggled and kept his guard up. Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of, the boy was ready to beg, steal, borrow, or barter. Then a Kumogakure war party came, and devastation reigned our boy saw his future drip, dripping down the drain. The fire burned an ire was earned he would give his life for any village he just wanted to be a part of a campaign. He fought a man named Darui but calm down, sit back this is just the preview because that's when he began to train it was just a testament to his pain.

    Well the word got around, they said:

    This kid is insane.​
    Don't forget from whence you came.​
    The worlds gonna know your name.​
    What’s your name?​
    Sado Yasutora, you better remember the name, don't forget the pseudonym. You're about to see what I can do to em'. Because the chances may seem slim, hell I know they look grim but they can tear off a limb, they can strike me with bolts of lightnin'. I won't die. Now, why would I lie? My eyes are dry, I have no tears left to cry all that's left is to say goodbye.

    And with those words that was where the story began.

    How does the bastard, orphan, immigrant, ninja war vet get stronger through more bloodshed and sweat? Fight the Ninja World til he has to forfeit? Have it all, lose it all. You ready for more yet? Check it, you're about to regret it. Every battle just another experiment. They set a precedent, a testament to the skill he was born with. Not so fast. Someone came along to resist him. Pissed him off until he could no longer keep his distance. You haven’t met him yet, you haven’t had the chance cause look there he goes swifting through with Rain Dance. But someone has to rival him give em' something to work at and face him in mortal combat. You simply must meet Yarduat. An Iwagakurian diplomat. Who was he? A dangerous fella, a man who spoke not just with his fists but through acapella. An immigrant you'll know and love, who's unafraid to step in. He’s constantly confusin’, confoundin’ the world while rallying henchmen. So everyone around him better sit back and pay attention!

    I’m takin' this world by the reins makin’ battlefields redder with bloodstains.​
    And I’m never gonna stop until I make ‘em drop and burn ‘em up and scatter their remains, I’m Yarduat.​
    Watch me engagin’ em! Escapin’ em!​
    Enragin’ em! I’m— always in combat.​
    I go to Iwa for more training, what fun.​
    Then I come back when I'm done.​
    Spins and flips. What do you know about Swift?​
    So eventually the balance shifts but holy shit this kid has natural gifts.​
    He's nothing more than makeshift. I confer with Toku;​
    Sir, he knows what to do in a trench he works best in the clench.
    Intuitive, ingenuitive. I mean right now he's just a tool, just another wrench.
    But just look at the potential. You training him is essential.
    Someone's going to use him eventually, he's not going to just sit on the bench, you'll see.
    This man, Sado, no one has more resilience.
    No one else matches my practical tactical brilliance!

    Eventually, he catches his drift! He wasn't even slow too. After fighting for months Sado moved to Iwagakure a dark depression he had to work through, but soon he flew. Wings outstretched he began to etch his history in stone there he didn't feel all alone. There would have been nothin’ left to do for someone less astute. He woulda been dead or destitute without a cent of restitution. Started workin’, networkin' for Toku the man in charge he was honorable, feared and large. He worked with Yard on a new way of fighting, it was exciting Jeet Kun Do. Sado became the star of the show, it helped him feel less hollow. Time past, so fast; Yarduat left Sado was bereft. Soon he had to go, and so low and alone he went to begin his ascent. He spent time traveling, unraveling his story; pages turning, fires burning, people dying, Sado lying, people crying, even more, flying.

    Then Amegakure, the proud, the rain, the loud, their pain. He found a true home, his actions monotone. He began to wish for a war. He knew that he was poor, it was a bore to the core he wanted so much more. He knew it was the only way to rise up. If they told his story he was either gonna die on the battlefield in glory or rise up, he'd wise up, with pride he'd lift his eyes up. How does that bastard, orphan, whoreson go on and on? How does he grow into more of a phenomenon? Watch this obnoxious, arrogant, loudmouth bother be seated at the right hand of the father.

    Check it. Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond?​
    Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?​
    Now I’m the Sandaime Amekage a venerated veteran whose men are all.​
    Lining up, to put me up on a pedestal, writing letters to relatives.​
    Embellishing my elegance and eloquence. But the elephant is in the room.​
    The truth is written on their faces when they hear the war drums go… BOOM!​
    My men, they need someone whom-...​
    Sado, I called you here because our odds are beyond scary, this paperwork is arbitrary.​
    Your reputation precedes you, but I have to laugh I can connect the dots and I can do the math.​
    It’s alright, you want to fight, you’ve got a hunger. I was just like you when I was younger.​
    Your head is full of fantasies of dyin’ so your name can flourish?​
    Are you just another manslayer, with sword and saber believing you're greater because you're braver?​
    Let me tell you something. Anyone can die. It's living that takes courage.​
    I think you can, that's why you'll be my red right hand. Don't be discouraged... you'll flourish.​

    Kenshin Himura hires Sado right on sight, but Sado still wants to fight, not right, despite this he tried. With pride, side by side, he was certified. Now Sado’s skill to kill was undeniable. He was reliable to the kunoichi he was desirable. As the Peace General, he was empyreal doing as he pleased free as a light breeze. Amegakure was always out gunned, out manned so together they planned how best to defend their homeland. Sado always found the supplies he knew how to rally the guys. He helped them master the element of surprise, with time he fooled them all into believing that he was wise when all he had was a skill to vocalize his fractured thoughts. His stomach was always in knots he was fraught and distraught that one day they'd realize he was no Lancelot. He told them to look to the skies that with time they would rise, through the lies he taught them how to improvise and they began to idolize a traumatized guise full of lies and bias. He would rise above his station, organize the information, he would rise to the occasion all he had was a way with persuasion a proficiency in dissuasion. It took time, sweat, blood and grime but eventually, they made him the First Officer, some of them even called him sir. He knew he was a mere amateur but he couldn't let them all know he was no seigneur just a man who needed succor.

    After the infamy, more brilliancy, skillfully he crafted his ammunition. His dreams were slowly coming to fruition. Soft and firm, water and earth it came forth a new ability. He practiced it, he practically perfected it. He saw flaws in the substance and corrected it. Now it was time for a strong central dynamic, he'd use it to cause a panic. If not, then he’d be throwing oobleck rocks-.. At these-... mediocrities. More time more theories. He was non-stop on his way to the top. Goes and proposes his own form of sand. Something never seen before in this rainy land. He talks for six weeks his allies are listless.

    Okay. I know I talk too much, I’m abrasive.​
    You’re all incredible in the field, I'm pervasive, invasive.​
    You’re succinct, persuasive.​
    I need a strong defense. It's common sense.​
    You’re the solution. It's sort of a fusion.​

    Finally, Korra offers assistance. A hand. A name.

    Red Sand. Now was that so hard?​
    It should have been child's play for a self-proclaimed bard.​

    Eventually, he proved himself. He couldn't be put on the shelf. He was strong. He was never wrong. At least that's what he thought. He was arrogant enough to forget the stories he was taught. Akatsuki, he had a ring it was just a tiny little thing, but pride, as he had never felt. His cold heart began to melt. He had flipped the measly hand he had been dealt. Even with that, he imagined death so much it felt more like a memory. Who would be the next enemy? Would it be treachery: would it get him on his feet when the future finally looked exemplary. If this was the end of it all, at least he had a friend beside to ease the fall. Yarduat take a look at that, how could they ever fall flat? Together they weathered the weather. However time past, at last, he hadn't slept for a week he was weak he was awake. You've never seen a bastard, orphan, more in need of a break. It was all just a headache another order he didn't want to take. "Kirigakure, time for peace. A new start an emotional release." Vincent's mistake. Sado traveled in silence, unaware he was entering the den of a lioness. She was beauty, the booty, the thighs-... those crimson sharingan eyes-... the lies, those eyes saw his demise. Barely got her name. Isabella. She was no cinderella. This failure would be his shame. The one that would snuff out the flame. She took the ring, that tiny, little thing. To her, he was no king, just a kid with a clipped wing. Returning home he met Vegeta. Strong like a tree, fast like a cheetah. He was everything Sado aimed to be. Carefree. Cocky. He still held a fire, a strong desire Sado remembered that feeling it was appealing.

    These Ame streets get colder, as I shoulder every burden, every disadvantage.​
    I have learned to manage, I don’t have a name to brandish.​
    I walk these streets famished.​
    The plan is to fan this spark into a flame.​
    But damn, it’s getting dark, so let me spell out the name.​
    I am the V-E-G-E-T-A so don’t be shocked if your girl mentions me.​
    As she calls out my name endlessly.​
    I'll rise up higher with fire.​

    With time Sado remembered the feeling of having a flame to burn, another page to turn, and a new thing to learn. He decided it was time to re-earn respect and relearn how to reflect. He picked up a scalpel connected it to his brain, as he worked to obtain and attain something new. Just a simple clue as to who he could be now. How? Medical ninjutsu and poison. A new horizon. He dreamed of being zen his head so filled with rage time and again his heart etched with pain but somehow he remained sane. With time he went ahead and created his own medicine his desire was genuine. He began meditating using what he had learned from his clan he was a sinner who wanted to be a better man. Trained until his brain felt like it was going to explode, enter Sage Mode. Another power bestowed, natural energy flowed. He was a star about to implode. A simple smack to the head, memories shed. Might as well have been dead. Rewind the story, it was purgatory. Nothing left, he began to take whatever he could make But just like before when he got knocked down he got the hell back up again it didn't matter if he had to retrain I mean look at all of those gainz. Finally, he asked for aid, afraid, dismayed only to have it in spades. Those around rushed in and helped calm him down. Fought Tohru the Dragon she couldn't stop bragging. He saw something in her, just a blur, a whisper. She was the first to snap back, to react, to attack. Sado spoke often he was trying to soften her caution.

    Oh hai, I'm that guy, built so fly.​
    I don't know why I'm built so fly.​
    But I am no lie, oh my.​
    You strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied.​
    You’re like me. I’m never satisfied. I have never been satisfied​
    I'll be honest right now I'm pretty weak.​
    Though I can't help but notice your physique.​
    To say the least it's unique and even when things seem bleak.​
    Technique after technique. I just keep staring.​
    At the skin, you're baring.​
    Hey Mami, you're a P.Y.T.​
    Now don't you flee, I'll set you free, just watch me.​

    She'd reply before he could ask why. He pried, and tried and got nothing but lines and lies.

    Mirroring, manipulating, poisoning, fighting all for naught. Words wrought, time rots.

    This is recreation, set your station, and get your place in.​
    A comfy seat, pump this beat, Tohru will set the occasion.​
    For your entertainment, I work hard on my flows.​
    This scene is full of falling Ninjas I wear hardhats to shows.​

    Soon he gained ground. Memory after memory filled with energy they began to come back. Each attack, something he lacked this amnesiac was on his way back. He worked with Kenshin, again somewhere he had already been. He was down, he was out he was about to show the world what he was all about. Medical Ninjutsu and Poison how could he fuse em? Laughing Gas another element to amass and something to help him surpass what he was. He needed the applause because he felt like he had no claws. He couldn't use it yet, but bet, with the mindset he was dead set on making it an asset. He was still weak, still dumb, but every crumb was going to become his strength. Then he started to talk about it at length. That's why we're here right? Here I'll give him the spotlight because if you're still reading this you must have an appetite.

    I amaze and astonish.​
    The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish.​
    I gotta holler just to be heard with every word I drop I try to strive to the top.​
    Tryin’ to reach my goal. My power of speech: unimpeachable.​
    Let me tell you what I wish I’d known when I was young and dreamed of glory.​
    You have no control:​
    Who lives.​
    Who dies.​
    Who tells your story?​
    But when you’re gone, who remembers your name?​
    Who keeps your flame?​

    In the heart of a battle, there is quiet. For just a moment before the emotional riot. When I was seventeen I destroyed an entire town. An entire army, none could bring me down. The Hidden Shadow, reduced to a plateau, the Hidden Waterfall, I killed them all, the Three-Tails never mind the details. I couldn’t seem to die I fought my way out, through each bout the fallout was paramount. Killed everyone as far as I could see trying to understand who I needed to be to a degree I was thirsty. I just wanted a guarantee of safety, a lock, and a key. I had nobody. My life, my actions they were all just hyperbole. I fought my way out I looked up and the world had its eyes on me. Total strangers. Moved to violence by my silence. I drank myself numb. It was dumb, it didn't help me overcome but at least I didn't succumb to those voices, the almost infinitesimal choices. With so many fights, so many dangers, each farewell. I was going to fight my way out of hell. With time I fought my way to revolution. I was nothing more than a death knell, I slammed my hands against the walls until they fell. My hands were dirty, bloodied, and soiled but there was no time for ablution. I fought for Amegakure and I defended it well. And in the face of ignorance and resistance, I fought an entire world against our existence. And when my prayers to the Sage of Six Paths were met with indifference, I picked up a blade, I cut down those in the way of my own deliverance. I was twenty when at the hands of a war my optimism died but yet I couldn’t seem to die. My wings clipped it was hard to fly, looking up at that empty blood-red sky. Listening to those lies, staring at those thighs, those crimson sharingan eyes. I was already dead on the inside. If you're unsure of this story I'll try to show you in subtle ways. Though honestly, my punchlines are more like lost baggage you should get them in a couple days. I have one more phrase so let me try and paraphrase while I delay and keep you in a haze, a daze, a malaise.

    I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory​
    When’s it gonna get me?​
    In my sleep? Seven feet ahead of me?​
    If I see it comin’, do I run or do I let it be?​
    Is it like a beat without a melody?​
    See, I never thought I’d live past twenty​
    Where I come from some got half as many​
    Ask me why I'm livin’ fast and I'll laugh, and reach for a flask​
    I have to make this moment last, this world is deadly. Some are dead already.​
    I wish I could say that I'm the hero of this story, good, just and fair.​
    A hero that none could compare, debonair, but beware.​
    I'm just a violent sociopath barely holding it together, I'm aware.​
    I'm two drinks away from turning into your nightmare.​
    So if this world won't write or remember my story.​
    I'll just have to be the one to tell my own allegory.​
    You see wrath, pride, and the pursuit of happiness.​
    I fought for these ideals. I WILL NOT settle for less!​
    These are wise words but eventually, you'll quote em'.​
    Don't act coy or oblivious I already know it's because I wrote em'.​

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