Pale of Settlement (160)


Oct 1, 2010
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Pale of Settlement

Though comparatively green and fertile the Pale of Settlements is a very underdeveloped area, with rickety bridges across the many waterways and few major rivers here, ramshackle villages with unpaved roads, and very little industry. Artisans, merchants and moneylenders form a relatively wealthy upper class of the area, living in walled communities, isolated from the poor that surround them.
Apr 7, 2009
Storyboard elements:
  • Save a large community from danger
  • Assassinate the enemy commander
  • Establish control over a hostile area

The trip was long and grueling, to say the least. Many hadn't survived the journey over the sea; a shortage of food and an infestation problem severely hampered their chances. The prospect of reclaiming the throne seemed impossible; how could she expect to lead the great nations if she couldn't lead her people to food? Even the Wyvern Rhaegal and her Creation Drogon grew hungry, an ominous sign of these behemoths. Their species were known to feast on humans to satisfy their hunger if need be, a need that caused many soldiers to desert in the night. Between the deserters, the dead, and the mutineers (feeling they could lead the forces loyal to Daenerys better than she could, many tried to overthrow her late one night to ill effect: As she was seized from her chambers, a line shrill shriek into the night was all that was needed to summon Drogon, who quickly rebuffed the attacks by the mutineers as his claws and tail maimed them), her once large army was down to a handful of supporters, most of which appeared to be awaiting a messenger hawk from Death. It was just her and Missandei left, having told the remaining soldiers to better themselves as she tended to her clan affairs for a while.

"It seems my titles are misleading, Missandei," Daenerys spoke softly to her assistant as they walked towards the castle.

"What do you mean, my Queen?" She responded, puzzled to Daenerys' meaning.

"How can I rule a Kingdom if I can't rule an empty stomach? These people looked to me and I've only bought them closer to the heavens," she sighed, looking towards Missandei as they and the few troops marched on.

"My Queen, your people and I would follow you to and would only complain that we all couldn't be the first to die for you.. Perhaps we can reach out to the artisans here and acquire food and shelter. I hear this region still supports the Hanguri Empire."
"Is it smart to trust these strangers? Times have changed, they could very well wish to kill the descendent of the Mad Queen. I don't trust them or any of these people."
"What was it that you once told us? 'It seems to me that a queen who trusts no one is as foolish as a queen who trusts everyone.' I believe I may be wrong," Missandei said, walking ahead of Daenerys as she made a slight smile. Rolling her eyes, Daenerys agreed reluctantly, remembering to point out that if they died, it's Missandei's fault.


The women along with a handful of guards traveled along the road towards the gated community, taking in the scenery and environment; the roads were danger struck, their horses and chariots rocking as they moved. The homes were few and faf between and though they passed many lush hills and forests, it was all for naught as there seemed to be little edible vegetation of wildlife around and the homes looked poverty stricken, lowly and in ruins. Dany couldn't help but feel a twinge of sorrow for them, remembering her days of servitude to the suitors her brother pawned her off to. Her home was nothing more than a cage and she ate scraps and though there were no shackles on these people, they too were caged: caged in a open prison below the surface of society. She sympathized with them, but couldn't help much. Promising mentally to help when she can, the group pushed towards the gates.

After a short hold up where Daenerys and her group were searched, they were allowed entry into the gated village. Upon entering, she became puzzled as there was little reason to have the actual gates as the inside of the village resembled the land outside it: razed, sacked, and pillaged. It was then that Daenerys learned of the local bandits that had overtaken the area, holding the kingdom hostage as they forced the people into forced servitude.

Turning to ask why weren't they told about this before entering, Daenerys became face to face with a large hand with a seal in the palm designed to suppress chakra touching her forehead, one of the guards reaching forward to do so.

"The Dragon Princess, eh? You'll make someone some good money,"

The seal had restricted her chakra and energy, becoming weak quickly as she struggled to speak.

"D-Dracarys-s.." She stuttered, remembering painfully the animals were nowhere around and the seal prevented her thoughts from reaching Drogon as she soon fainted.


To be continued in the next post.
Apr 7, 2009
The silver hair was stained brown, dirt and mud in it and the ebony and crimson cloak. She had awakened and found herself chained in the throne room, a wide room with a balcony overlooking the village. She was more angry with herself than her captors; she let her guard down and suffered for it. Had she been using her sensory, she would have detected the palm. Had her Sharingan been active.. She couldn't dwell on the thoughts now, it'd do little to save her here. She had noted the seal to be losing power as the chakra inside it begin to dissipate began to formulate a quick plan.

It was then that the leader revealed himself as Sanzoku, a leader of a band of mercenaries that had taken over the city and holding it hostage as its new leader.

"Why are you here?" Daenerys questioned, drawing time as the remains of the seal faded.

"Because this village, these people... I hate them. When I was a boy, my father and mother lived in this village. My family. My father lost his job after the expansion of the world, and ninja technology took over and replaced him. He had to resort to crime to feed us and this village had him killed after he stole a loaf of bread and ramen for us. Executed. So now," he spoke, walking towards the balcony as he moved, the citizens beginning to grow under it.

"I will return the favor."

"You wouldn't dare," Daenerys said to him, moving towards him as fast as she could.

"All of these people: the rich that sit and grow at the expense of the poor, taking from their mouths to throw on their loaded tables of food. All of them are going to be die. And from the ashes, I will raise my own village. One of peace and prosperity."

"Every criminal says the same thing, but it won't matter; in the end, you're just as pathetic as the ones you wish to replace except you don't have the guts to do it."

"Do I? Look around you, my dear. There are few nobles here, they were the first to die. That's why the villagers gather in the street: to watch the rest prepare for death."

Walking to the balcony and looking to the street, Daenerys finally noticed it. The corners were adorned with heads of nobles in the village and a line walking towards an executioner slowly in chains. Her anger mounting, she noticed the chakra spiking in her. The seal had broken and with it her patience. Her Sharingan forming and rapidly turning into the EMS, she launched forward breaking the chains on her arms and leg with her superior strength as she lifted him in the air above the balcony, choking him tightly as the crowd gasps and moved back hurriedly. Thinking out to Drogon, Daenerys speaks towards the frightened man, clutching at her to let go.

"You threaten these people and think you are above them because they have wronged you. Two wrongs will not make a right, nor any good will come from it. However," she said, tightening her grip, "justice is the law of the land. Peace will be made, you're right. But without you."

Dropping him over the balcony, Daenerys turns her back and walks into the building as the sky darkens as a large dragon lands on the roof. Pausing before she entered the room, she looked over her shoulder at the man and spoke one word, jumping on Drogon's back.


Spewing massive fire, the two take off into the air as the bandits remains are blown in the wind. Flying around the city, she quickly snatches the remaining bandits and thieves into the air, eating them and killing them.

The villagers praising her and asking her to stay, Daenerys thanks them and says she has to head out somewhere to take care of some business. Smiling at the fact she may have gained more supporters in the western lands, Daenerys and Drogon take flight, leaving the landmark.

( Doujutsu: Sharingan ) Eye Technique: Copy Wheel Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C - A Rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15 - 30 ( -5 per turn for 1T and 2T, 10 per turn to keep active for 3T )
Damage: N/A
One of the Three Great Dōjutsu (San Daidōjutsu), the Sharingan is the kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan. Unlike the other Dōjutsu, not all members of the Uchiha Clan possess the Sharingan. This great Dōjutsu seems to awaken only on exceptional Uchiha members and only in times of great stress. Once awaken, the pupil turns red and a single tomoe (巴) seal appears around the center pupil. As the user masters and evolves their eyes, the tomoe (巴) seals increase, topping 3 per eye. The main ability of the Sharingan, like any other Dōjutsu, is to enable the user to see the flow of chakra. This ability is further improved as the Sharingan gives color to chakra, enabling the user to differentiate chakras from different people or from different sources. Although the user can see chakra through matter, he cannot see beyond dense matter or in long distances. Coupled with the ability to see chakra, Sharingan users gain acess to an incredible clarity of perception that enables them to read insanely fast movements or minor details, enabling them the ability to foresee in an easier way, traps, incoming attacks, etc. This clarity of perception is so great that a Sharingan user can sometimes start performing a counter to an attack that is still being performed, enabling the counter to be launched only a split a second after the attack. This clarity of perception leaves Sharingan users able to track high speed movement easily as well as to read through handseals. This last ability enables them to learn techniques much faster and sometimes copy them directly from the enemy, as long as the user has the necessary chakra affinities and requirements to perform it. Finally, the Sharingan is often linked to Genjutsu and mind-manipulating illusions, mostly because the user can, mostly through Eye Contact, directly and precisely use his chakra to manipulate the enemy's chakra flow. In return, the users clarity of perception gives him the ability to more easily decipher visual illusions cast upon him and see past them. The Sharingan has a great cost to the user though. The chakra consumption disables its use for long periods of time and, even when the user grows stronger, it's still hard to keep it active for long periods of time.
Note: The user, if he hasn't gained full mastery over his Sharingan, will need to spend a move to activate it, although as long as he has chakra and enough stamina he'll be able to keep it active until the end of the match. If the user is Sannin Rank or above and has gained his 3 Tomoe Sharingan and held it for one month, he becomes able to passively activate it, meaning he'll no longer spend a move of his 3 per turn.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill
Note: C rank usage is for 1T Sharingan, B rank usage is reserved for 2T Sharingan. A Rank usage is reserved for 3T Sharingan.
Note: Predicting the nature of a technique or what it exactly is requires the user to either know the technique or that its a cannon technique.
Note: Danzo and Kakashi bios activate the Sharingan by removing the covers in their respective eyes and suffer a +10 chakra consumption per turn penalty
Note: The user is bound by the abilities and limits of the stage of sharingan he possesses, stated in the rules of the KG.

( Doujutsu: Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan ) - Eye Technique: Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 70 ( -20 per turn to keep active )
Damage: N/A
Description: The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan literally meaning " Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye", is the final step in the evolutionary state of the Sharingan. While Mangekyo Sharingan is but an imperfect Dojutsu, unable to sustain and keep its own power, weakening with each use, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan brings control and balance to the power wielded. By merging the users own MS with that of his sibling, the use is able to awaken the EMS. The EMS grants the user the same abilities granted by MS but to unsurpassed levels. While granting the user the ability to perceive the world with increadible insight, it also grants the user the ability to see through S-Rank visual illusions and track the movement speed of almost anything, perfecting the already amazing abilities of the standard MS, like casting Genjutsu without the need for handseals as long as a line of sight to the target is available. A unique feat however, is that once the user awakens EMS, he loses access to his normal MS, transitioning from 3T form to EMS directly. While MS damages the user as time passes and severely tires and drains the user as its used, the EMS doesn't. The user can keep it active without losing his eyesight or damaging himself and can use the normal MS techniques with no activation reduction or drawbacks. Its true that the chakra cost is higher, but the user will feel little to no effect in his stamina and energy. Through his EMS, Madara gained the ability to control Tailed Beasts by forcefully using his sharingan genjutsu/mind manipulation abilities to take control of the Bijuu and temporarily sever its connection to the host. If the Jinchuriki is in normal form or entering one of the transformations, it's blocked from transforming for 3 turns. If it's in incomplete form, it's forced back into normal form and left unable to access his bijuu for 3 turns and if its in complete form, the user gains control over the bijuu, manipulating its movements/actions completely for 2 turns or until the complete form ends (whatever comes first), leaving the host unable to acess his bijuu for 3 turns.
Note: Only usable by bios with EMS after meeting the necessary requirements.
Note: User needs to have activated his 3T Sharingan beforehand
Note: Once activated, lasts 10 turns per use and once the user has held the ability for 4 months, can be done passively, with no move cost.
Note: Using MS techniques don't reduce the activation time.
Note: Controlling a Bijuu is an exclusive ability of Madara Uchiha and can only be done once per battle. Once the control ends, the EMS reverts back to a 3T Sharingan. If the control is done on a complete form Jinchuriki, then the user can't do any other technique while controlling the enemy.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill.
Note: Predicting the nature of a technique or what it exactly is requires the user to either know the technique or that its a cannon technique.
Note: While active, as long as a clear line of sight and the range is respected, the user can cast normal non-Doujutsu Genjutsu without the need for handseals. However, Doujutsu illusions still require eye contact (if feasible) or their own requirements; this ability only affects regular Genjutsu.

( Katon: Hi no Iki) - Fire Release: Fire Breath
Type: Offensive
Rank: B
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 20
Damage: 40
Description: The user breathes a powerful stream of fire from their mouth at their target.
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