Noodle Panhandle (002)


Jan 24, 2013
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Coming from #261, Kanashii Ocean.

Emiya dashed across the vast fields of vegetation and agricultural endeavors. Yet again the region seemed to be in good hands by all accounts. It didn't seem like the people here were in any dire need of outside help. The caveat unknown to Emiya is that these crops were grown by Solanaceae for Solanaceae exclusively. An isolationist perspective, narrow and selfish. But without actually engaging with Aureliana or her people, he would never truly know or understand this perceived flaw of their perfect utopia.

Oblivious Emiya continued on towards the ruined remains of Chungsu, curious at how it has changed in the last two years.

Leaving Landmark. Heading to 001, Runs of Chungsu.


May 7, 2020
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Obito stepped through the vegetation, careful not to trample any of it, such a verdant landscape seemed increasingly rare ever since the cataclysm, indeed he'd seen a lot of the lands since the event. Most were torn apart in some form or fashion. Unusual for the Uchiha was his current outfit, he donned what was for the most part traditional shinobi attire with a headband and patch covering part of his face, much like his former friends outfit.

Visible scars lined his face on the exposed side, he strolled absent minded, the wind brushing against his face, removing the forehead protector and cloth he looked upon it as he walked, a melancholic look upon his face.

"I'll find a way to get everything back. I swear it."

Tucking the forehead protector in to his waist, he looked down at his own hands, the white seal resting atop the back of his right hand, testament to his progression over the last year.

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Apr 8, 2021
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A flash of silver. A splash of red. And then, the smell of ash and wood.

There was a solid click as Myojingiri returned to its scabbard, as yet another Oni met its end at the edge of Musashi Miyamoto's blade.

Two years had passed since the world had been shaken to its very foundation, as a primordial being with an intrinsic link to the fabric of reality itself had manifested, and subsequently been laid low (in a sense) by its offspring. The results of such an encounter, which Musashi had not herself borne witness too...were quite literally cataclysmic. A moon, sundered, and subsequently turned into debris which rained upon the planet and bore tremendous devastation upon the lands.

Both the planet and those who dwelt upon it had much recovering to do in the aftermath of such an event, and such healings were complicated by wounds, both new and old. Strange figures arose following the arrival of these celestial entities, some of a similar nature if rumors were to be believed. Metropolises sprung up quickly, land terraformed, and tempers flared. Wars waged over land and tensions ran high. A new - or ancient, depending on one's view point - race of beings called Arali graced the land, denizens of Heaven and Hell, as it were. Of course, such immigrants were not necessarily met with open arms, and their acceptance across the land was about as one would expect of the human race, who did not always even accept their own. Mixed, to say the least.

And for Musashi, the hunt for the Oni continued. After her fateful encounter with Upper One in the lands of Kamiyasumi, she had not again run into an Oni of such overwhelming strength or such inexplicable power. She shared her knowledge of the creatures - demon did not seem so quite an appropriate moniker given recent arrivals - but had taken to hunting them down herself. Few seemed to grasp how to slay the creatures, and their mysterious and elusive nature would only make things worse with the precarious state of things in this day and age...

...not that Musashi knew or cared much for the politics of it all. But it stood that the Oni were a danger to everyone, and she could not - would not - simply sit idly by. There was much the wanderlust filled swordswoman wished to do, and the constant journeys across the various continents sat well with her, giving her time to see the world and hone her skill with her blade, all the same. Soon, she would return to Kamiyasumi, with intentions of renewing the maps she had drafted originally. Explorer that she was, it seemed the land had somewhat stabilized in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, and she would see these new vista with her own eyes.

But even still, more recent rumors in the Land of Fire peaked her interest. People spoke of a strange, localized aberration in reality, a tear into what was.

Musashi, having seemingly entered this world through a similar manner, could not help but be intrigued. Would it provide a way home? ...if it did, did she even wish to return? And all the more, with her encounter with Upper One taking place in an area where it seemed the tapestry of creation was thin enough as it were, there was always the chance that it could be related; or if it were, that it was a phenomena actively being sought out by the Oni. And if the Oni were interested in it, then so too would the swordswoman be.

Musashi continued on her trek, heading in the direction, towards the Ruins of Chungsu, as she had been directed by some locals who had heard the rumors.

She let out a very loud, long, exasperated sigh. She had not had a chance to sit in one place and enjoy some good food in drink in weeks! She swore that when this was done, she was going to take the time to indulge herself a bit - after all, Musashi was one who liked to walk a joyful path, and while she was no stranger to being serious and taking serious endeavors...there was a life to be lived, and pleasures to enjoy!

But those were musings for later.

Adjusting her scabbards, Musashi continued on her way, a familiar presence dancing at the edge of her awareness....

Leaving Landmark for Ruins of Chungsu (001).

Ańbu Juniør

Feb 3, 2009
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Coming From: Kanashii Ocean (261)

The Noodle Panhandle Used to be a place for cultivating high-quality ingredients used to create noodles throughout the continent. While it was still a sprawling landmass that served as the pinnacle of agriculture, there was something…different.

Kōtetsu’s feet took him toward the location of Ada’s inn, the Three Friends of Winter, but what he found was an empty plot of land.

“...” Kōtetsu quietly stared at the empty space for time, unable to move.

“Let’s go, Kōtetsu.” Said Solaire. As much as he had been on guard against Ada due to the eerie air that had surrounded her, it was still sad to know that she was gone without a trace. The ninken trotted off, and the Inuzuka silently followed.

-Leaving Landmark-