Kaizoku Sea (259)

Ańbu Juniør

Feb 3, 2009
Trait Points
Coming From: Soren's Rest

The water was cold. I could feel it around my face as it penetrated my armor through the opening in its eyes, nose, and mouth before spreading to the rest of my body. With the radiance of the sun permeating the ocean floor, I could see underwater as clear as the afternoon sky. I had originally expected the movement sensing barrier to overwhelm me due to the sheer quantity of marine life, but there was barely anything. The sea itself was almost abandoned, save for a few large predatory that I could feel moving within range of my perception. Small animals that I assumed I could identify by how fast they moved were nowhere to be found. I made my way deeper into the sea until the pristine waters grew dark and murky until I could no longer see more than a few meters in front of me. In the depths, I could feel a flurry of movement. Whether these were undead or natural predators, I wasn’t sure, but all I could do was press on.

My ears suddenly popped, showing just how deep I had gone. I could feel my heart beating intensely against my chest as my body fought to do what it was so used to, to breathe. Knowing that I couldn’t hold much longer I flowed wind chakra into my lungs, creating air within them that would allow me to continue on without needing to breathe for a long period of time. Like this, I continued exploring the depths to where I had sensed one of the two clusters of movement and passively activated the night visions augmentations that were made to my eyes in Veskal’s Exchanged. The murky water suddenly turned green, and while it didn’t allow me to see much further, it was better than nothing. I slowed my swimming speed to a slow crawl as I approached a group moving in the water. By how slow they moved, I doubted that they could be the undead I was looking for, but I needed to be sure.

Using the edge of a jagged rock formation to my left, or at least I assumed it was rocks by how it felt in my hands, I pulled myself around closer to the group. Unable to hear anything but my own heartbeat, the anxiety of not knowing what I’d find was starting to eat away at me. I moved forward an inch more, and the movement of the group in front of me stopped abruptly, which in turn caused me to stop. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, still able to sense that they were there, but eventually I slowly reached my hand forward. It wasn't until my arm was fully extended that it brushed against something, causing me to hastily pull it back, but everything remained still. I was unsure if what I had touched was living or inanimate, and after steeling myself I reached out once more.

I touched something solid once again. At first, it was so hard that I thought it was another rock, but slowly I started to feel a rhythmic beating. Thump-thump, thump-thump. Once again I quickly pulled my hand away, but this time something shone from the murkiness of the deep. Not far from my face, about three feet away from me, I was met by an eyeball the size of my head. At that moment every instinct in my body screamed at me to swim away, but it wasn’t until the eye started darting around that I remembered. I was invisible. It couldn’t see me, and as I had no reason to stick around I slowly inched away and back in the direction I'd come from. I gave the area a wide berth as I headed for the second cluster of movement. As I swam I thought it would be best to notify my ninken that I hadn’t found anything yet.

Are you guys alright? I asked, transmitting my thoughts to them through the mental connection we shared.

All good here, Solaire reported back. How’re you doing? Sirris asked, sounding concerned.

Good. Nothing yet. I’ll keep you posted.

I hadn’t told them about my run-in with whatever behemoth I had just encountered, but they were better off not knowing, especially Sirris. I swam for a bit more, using the ocean floor to guide me until I came across what appeared to be a deep chasm. It was in here that I felt the second cluster of movement emanating from. As I felt around the ends of the fissure I couldn’t help but notice how smooth it was, as if someone had split the ocean floor apart with a weapon of some kind. I laughed to myself at how ridiculous that sounded and pulled myself over the edge.

I could feel my armor creak and groan as I descended, showcasing just how dense the water pressure was becoming. Thankfully, I didn’t have far to go, because after descending roughly fifty meters, the darkness of the water started to lift as a yellowish-green glow illuminated the chasm. It was so bright in fact that I had to deactivate the night vision, and that was when I saw what was moving. Below me were a large group of undead, all gathered around what appeared to be a massive tear in the sea itself. From it came more and more undead of varying sizes, and I knew I'd found it. A tear a space-time, a portal of some kind that transported countless numbers of undead to the eastern continent unseen and undetected. I wondered where exactly this tear led, where the undead was coming from, but these were things that would have to wait to be answered. Sealing that tear came first.

With the sheer number of undead, I knew it would be next to impossible to sneak by them and get close enough to create something to contain the undead, which meant that I’d need a distraction. I quickly weaved a number of hand seals and formed a massive dome of water around the undead army that began spinning at tremendous speed. The water within the dome moves so fast that it managed to shred numerous undead to pieces, even tossing some of them back through the tear they’d invaded through. As it dissipated and flung them about, I used the opportunity to quickly swim by them while they were disoriented and ducked behind the tear. Not close enough that I could potentially get sucked in, but close enough to where I could encase it.

I knew what I was about to do would give away my position, but I hoped that the undead being temporarily disoriented would give me enough time. I performed a single hand seal and held both of my open palms outward and produced a large amount of steel. It would continue to expand, forming a circular barrier that would encase both the tear in space-time and some of the undead as well. Making something of this size was slow, which meant that there was still time for more of the undead to make it through. As the steel barricade continued to expand, several spikes would occasionally protrude from it to lodge into the walls of the chasm, providing the structure with support so that it would collapse to the seafloor.

Suddenly, I felt something rumble, and look beneath the tear to see the shadow of something rushing to get through. Something big. Its sheer size made it slow, and now my only hope was to finish before it escaped.

Come on! Come on!! I yelled in my mind. The undead had taken notice of my position now. They couldn’t see me, but they could see where the steel was coming from and rushed towards me. It took them little time to reach me, and the first, and rotting corpse of what was once a man, shoved his sword in my direction. Unable to dodge least risking the formation of the barricade, his sword ricocheted off my armor. He looked confused, and tried again, and again, and again. He called for more of them, and each one attacked me now, with each of their weapons failing to scratch me, but they knew something was there. I ignored them for a moment and peered forwards, watching as the light faded as the rift was completely enclosed.

The chasm once again fell into darkness. As a few undead grabbed onto me. I’d done it. Now all that was left was to get to the surface. I activated my night vision and looked up, ignoring the undead who attempted to bite my armored limbs, as they didn’t know what they were biting, and all of the colors left my face. Above me, staring down was a massive creature that I couldn’t even begin to describe. I couldn’t even see all of it with my limited vision, but from the reaction my barrier picked up, it was massive. Much more so than the creature I’d faced earlier. It watched me for some time, and I thought I’d be safe, but I was wrong. It suddenly thrust a tentacle with such speed that I barely had time to dodge. I swung my arms and forced my body to the side as the limb passed, shattering a skeleton that clung to my side. It couldn’t see me, but it knew I was here. Knew it was I who had sealed off the portal, and it wanted to kill me.

The creature sent even more tentacles towards me in rapid succession. I knew I wouldn’t be able to dodge them with how I was moving, and as such I made use of my chakra to propel myself through the water, dodging his attacks as I clung to the chasm’s wall and shot up towards the surface. His tentacles slammed into the side of the chasm as I dodged, increasing the murkiness even more, but that didn’t matter to me. My main concern was leaving this place, but I could still feel it following chasing me from behind. With each thrust of his tentacles, I relied solely on my barrier’s movement sensing ability to dodge, but even with that I just barely made it. I propelled myself as fast as I could and swerved right to barely avoid another tentacle, and though it just grazed my shoulder, my steel armor was torn off due to the force of his attack.

I could see the surface now. Soren’s rest was close, but as soon as I went to break the surface I felt a tentacle wrap around my leg. I flailed wildly as I was pulled back down. The air finally escaped my lungs as I panicked. I was so frantic that I’d almost forgotten one of the abilities of my armor. It could produce weapons. I lifted my right arm above me and produced a sword made of black steel from my palm that I brought down as hard as I could. It easily pierced the creature's flesh, forcing it to let go as it writhed in pain. Now free, I once again shot for the surface and made my way to the beach.

Techniques used:
Wind Release • Conservation of Breathing [Fuuton • Kyou Iki no Jutsu]
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: N/A
Description: A technique where the user flows there wind chakra into their lungs, creating air within their own lungs. Basically giving them extra oxygen so that they have to breathe less and can also go without breathing for a long period of time for various reasons.
Note:The user can only go 2 turn without breathing
(Suiton: Uzumaki Dri-Engai) Water Release: Dome of the Slashing Whirlpool
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Mid-Long
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage points: 80
Description: The user will make 4 handseals, forming a whirlpool from under the opponent, this whirlpool will pull the opponent deep into the water and then form into a dome that will be spinning at high speed. because of the speed, the water is capable of shredding flesh. If the opponent is already under water, the Dome can be produced without the need of the whirlpool, allowing for a faster delivery of the attack.
-Can only be used once per battle.
-Requires a Water Source.
-No S-ranks or above next turn.
-This Jutsu can only be taught by Serpent
(Kyosei Kōton no Jutsu) - Greater Steel Release Technique
Rank: A
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: A bigger version of Basic Steel Release where the user will do one hand seal (Bird) and produce medium to large sized objects, pillars, weapons, etc, made of black steel, from their body or from the earth.
(Suiton: Suichuu Teigen no Jutsu) – Water Release: Underwater Motion Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Mid
Chakra: 15
Damage: N/A
Description: This Technique allows the user to properl themselves through a body of water by using their chakra. While underwater, this technique will also partially mask the users prescence.

Note: Must be a large water source such as a lake to use.
-Leaving Landmark-

Mission Completed​