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Oct 1, 2010

Comprising the steepest and most infertile parts of the long mountain range running through part of the peninsula little but grass grows in Jinyong. Nevertheless, a range of smaller ninja clans make their home there, living in relative, if uneasy, peace. They sell their services to the highest bidder and do sometimes war with one another under contract.


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Jan 5, 2012
Arriving from .

Jack continues his travels toward the arena, where glory awaits him.

Leaving landmark.


Mar 2, 2012

This post marks the start of my mission.
The storyboard elements included are;
-Marked for Death (4)

After making port in Jinyong, Kazumi travels to the capital of The Shogunate of Takauji Ashikaga, Degarashan to offer her services as a powerful kunoichi in return for money and fame. The delegates of the Shogunate inform her that many missions are avaliable but the more dangerous and higher ones would provide more renown for her. After seeing a mission to foil a plot to usurp the Shogun, Kazumi initiates a plan to use her skills to spy on some of the suspects till she finds the right ones and hands them over to the Shoganate.

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Stepping off the boat in a seaside town in Jinyong, Kazumi made sure to have her face and features covered, her silken white hood held up with her only a portion of her hair draped around her neck exposed. The air, much like the trip had the taste of salt on it, with the scent of smoke from the factories along the coastline. Kazumi didnt want to be noticed here, but she doubted that any of the villagers or townsfolk here would recognise or take notice of her. as far as they were concerned, she was just another traveller in their lands, probably some delegate to set up a business deal of some sort. Well it was partially true. Kazumi had come to set up a deal with the Shogunate Faction, but it was far from regular deals. Unlike shady back alley deals, this was going to be done in secret of a board room, brokering an alliance between a Clan and a Faction that desired to strengthen their grip on the lands. Kazumi had done her research on these people, and she had no doubt that they potentially had a dossier on her as well. She wasn't about to underestimate her potential partners, as even a slight misstep which they could take advantage might cost her. But even as Kazumi wandered through the town heading towards the mountain ranges towards the capital, Kazumi's eyes kept darting back and forth as she noticed some of the townsfolk had hidden weapons among their clothes. Evidently they've had to deal with problems in the past but Kazumi was no threat to them.

Moving into the mountain range, Kazumi followed the path towards Degarashan, focusing on her goal, her desires and her resolve. Throwing a scarf around her mouth, she moved through and practised her breathing.

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Apr 14, 2012

Seeing the area's by the sea where many people seemed to be, Geets hops off Boit and repeats the same process he did in the land mark over, creating a tunnel that he connects to the main one he created and makes the exit sloped slightly so the herd could easily walk up it. Waving his Flame Swordsman Sword around, he catches several of the herds attention, siphoning off the ones who had caught a glimpse of the golden flames. He then makes his way back to on top of Boit and heads north..

(Doton: Ton'neru chika no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Tunneling Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15
Damage: N/A
Description: The user after performing the required hand seals Ram → Dog → Rat → Bird is able to create a wide tunnel in the ground, this cannot travel through rock though or anything with a high density. The large tunnel that is created allows the user to transport others without detection.
Note: The initial entry of the technique is short range.



Jun 22, 2012
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
- Custom: Use captured undead to bring terror to your enemy (4)
- Custom: Lament over the course of action you took (3)

Summary: After capturing a group of undead in earthen cages with the help of her Ally. Lena uses them to bring terror and death upon her enemies, but as she does so she begins to think about her decision as innocent people are the main force being hurt by this attack and not the true enemy. After seeing the terror and death caused it just reminded her of the Battle of Shinramoto and comes to the decision that that is not what she wants to spread... she was no villain.

Coming from

Lena continues towards Degarashan on the bird and the earthen cage it carried, the bird cawed at her signalling that the cages were getting heavier again. She channelled her earth chakra through the rock cages again and relieved them of their weight so they could both be easily carried to Degarashi Port. She was close to getting her revenge on Takauji, using this undead opportunity to her advantage they had an army at their doorstep to be used instead of their actual men. It was the perfect plan, to use these undead against them as even if the undead were killed it would be a kindness and to cripple Takauji's regime would just add the cherry on the top.

(Doton: Chōkeijūgan no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Earth Release: Ultra Light-Weight Rock Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A (-40 if used to boost speed of a physical attack)
Description: A more advanced version of the Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique, in which the user drastically decreases the weight of any object in direct physical contact, but to a much greater extent than that of the original ability. The technique can decrease the weight of the target to virtually zero but the bigger the target, the more time is needed.
Note: The weight change lasts 2 turns or until countered.
Vegeta had probably tunnelled to Degarashan by now so all she needed to do was drop these cages off and follow Sado's lead. She couldn't promise that if she saw Takauji she wouldn't charge for him however, though if he was there, the chance of him being killed would be on the table.

1385 -40

Leaving Landmark
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