Hokubu Ocean (257)


Apr 7, 2010
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The Goddess would not slow down and compared to when she was bound, she would not allow the numerous attack to land. Suspicious! Is she vulnerable to those kinda attack? No. She could easily take those. As a matter of fact, the attacks combine are not even up to the previous attack she took while hibernating. Maybe she is trying not to get slowed down. Its obvious she's gunning for something. However, its annoying for her just to shove off Priest's attack so easily and then send the same splash her minion sent previously.

Due to Medusa being far away from the lot, she would be out of range of the blast but still prone to the residuals which would approach from below her.

The mud would slowly disperse as it moved outwards into long-range, but the force with which it was released from the body of Tiamat meant that the drops and smaller bodies of mud would still reach everyone present.
Medusa would act by running upwards high into the sky while creating several barriers below her feet. She would use the barriers and her quick speed(x2) to gain a head start and to quickly propel her deep into the sky and away from the range of the blast while the barriers accumulate below her to shield her from the splash and drops of mud. With the gained momentum, she would fly with immense speed while situated high up in the sky, following Tiamat to where she is headed even though she could sense herself being afflicted that something that reduces her physical vitality.

Crona: You getting excited about this Mother?

Baria no michi: Eistibus no eregansu) | The Way of the Barrier: Elegance of Eistibus
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Rank: A rank
Range: Short - Mid range
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: A more movement based technique of Baria no Michi, where the user will dash towards the opponent and as they run, they will expel Wind chakra from their legs, creating tangible rectangular shapes of Wind, which acts as steps for them, allowing the user to go into the air. The user will then jump forward as they spin, and the user will release these already formed shapes towards the opponent, encircling them and slamming into the opponent from all sides, as the user drops down upon the opponent from above, delivering a final heel drop. In doing so, the user releases a small 1x1 rectangular Wind shape, from his heel, onto the opponent's head for blunt damage. Alternatively, these steps can be used as an evasion method, allowing the user to create these steps from the barriers, and use them to move around an opponent for example, or over an obstacle, only to release the barriers towards the opponent once done.


-Can only be used by Detective L
-Can only be used four times per fight

3195 -5-5-40

200 -20

SCS 2400
SCC 130



Mar 2, 2012
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As Nana looked around, she could see people moving off to the land to the west. She felt a pull almost as if a longing anmd gathered that Mother must have moved there. Following along, Nana moved west.


Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
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Daenerys hesitated and to ill timing; as she hesitated and had Drogon aim the flames in front of the woman instead of at her. Mother kept moving as if nothing stood in front of her, rushing towards land but not before causing a massive torrent of the black mud that had just transformed and disfigured two of the ninja who came to help. Knowing she couldn't let it land on her, she commanded Drogon to fly high but towards Tiamat as the sludge was released. She would raise an arm and point it outwards as Ddogon turned sideways in air, releasing a mid ranged gravitational wave that would create a wide enough clearing for both Daenerys and Drogon to continue forward untouched.

( Shinra Tensei ) - Divine Punishment
Type: Supplementary/Defensive/Offensive
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40 ( +20 per extra range )
Damage: N/A
Description: Using the Deva Paths abilities to manipulate gravitational forces, the user will repulse and push away anything around him up to a given range, in all directions, producing an omni-repulsion effect. The force and repulsive effect is absolute, affecting both energy and matter alike. The technique itself can be used with different ranges/sizes, depending on how much chakra the user spends for the technique and can even, in its smaller form, be sustained, forming a static defensive field instead of a wave-like effect.
Shōkibo - Small Scale: the user will push away anything around him up to short range. The offensive power in this size is not that high as it hits opponents but can still do severe damage. It isn't, however, fatal, boasting a physical 40 damage. If the user focuses this ability with the help of his hands he can sustain a defensive absolute repulsive field around him. He can't, however, do any technique while he is sustaining it and he can only sustain it for 2 turns. Once used, takes one turn cool down to use gravitational related techniques again.
Chūkibo - Medium Scale: the user will push away anything around him up to mid range. The offensive power in this size is severe, sending opponents flying backwards with enough force to, if not defended properly, leave near fatal physical damage. Although not directly fatal, the technique boasts a physical damage of 80. If the user focuses this ability through one or both hands, he can push away a specific target or technique alone, instead of producing the normal omni-repulsive wave. Once used, takes 2 turns cool down to use gravitational related techniques again.
Ōkibo - Large Scale: the user will push away anything around him up to long range. The offensive power of the technique is devastating and anything in its path that doesn't manage to defend properly is left obliterated. Its fatal if unguarded, boasting a physical damage of 160. Using this techniques poses a great deal of danger to the user as he damages his chakra pathway itself to be able to mold sufficient chakra to perform it. Once used, the user loses the use any gravitational related techniques for the remainder of the fight and is unable to mold chakra for techniques above A-Rank for 5 turns.
Note: The technique is immune to normal Elemental Weaknesses and Strengths and as such can't be blocked or stopped. However, the enemies can still use techniques that prevent or reduce physical damage to their bodies to survive its effects or escape its range through a fast enough technique. This means that in the large scale, while the technique can't be stopped or directly countered, enemies can still manage to survive if the logically counter.
Note: can only be used by Rinnegan bios with the ( Tendō ) - Deva Path active

As they fly forward, they could hear the woman making some sound, causing them to experience pain and discomfort. Shrugging it off, Daenerys thinks to herself that she'll heal it later, she had more pressing matters as they leave the landmark in pursuit of Mother.


Aug 17, 2011
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Coming from Bear Country; Hokusai saw the ominous black mud now mixed into the ocean. She saw some people was still around but she immediately headed into the direction where a new light was released in the distance. "This can't he good..." she thought as she flew away