[VS] Akainu vs Kaido, read first


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Apr 22, 2011
It kinda like a snowball effect imo. If he hadnt had a heart attack right at that moment, akainu might not have been able to cause so much more damage along with all the stabs from the marine elites he received. If that massive wound is considered nothing, then everything akainu did is also nothing in my book.
I'm just saying that the sweat argument gets thrown around here all the time on the base. Wb's reaction wasn't as bad as it was to akainu but I think he was also in a state of shock.

Strength absolutely matters because it is what let's you cut harder things. But if you can already stab though someone using 50% strength, using 100% strength won't yield a different result. It would only change the result if 50% didn't go all the way though or if it didn't pierce at all.

We can use real world logic wherever we want unless there is a specific and legitimate reason not to. Some people don't die from being stabbed, others make it out of the alley then fall over, others die on the spot. White beard wasn't gonna die from this alone, clearly, but given the length of time that passed, him going into his knee was more of a reaction to being stabbed. He didn't need to kneel to stop Marco either. And the kneeling occurred too soon to be in response to squados words.
WB not seeing it coming isn't proof that his CoO got weaker though. The fact that Squard was coming from the front suggests WB's natural reflexes are what failed.

Kaido didn't become the Shogun of Wano, he's allied with the Shogun. Anyways, your admission that there's no proof is all I need.

Post evidence that Squard's stab triggered the heart attack.

Right, when you call someone stupid, you're just calling it like it is, but if someone jabs you, they're frustrated and a bad debater. Another child tainting this section.

This is not the same as his Haki being weaker though. Whitebeard's Busoshoku worked fine, there's no evidence his Observation was weakened, and the same for his Haoshoku. At the moment WB had the heart attack that stopped him from using Haki, all of his abilities were unavailable to him, as he was STUNNED.

The character that doesn't believe in empty words just to make someone feel better, as evidenced by him saying "I have no use for soft words?" Yeah, I think I've made the right assessment.
the guy was dodging things in his sleep through his COO but cant stop a squardo sneak attack you do the math on that one.Marcos' words are clear as day.

NO definitive proof does not mean I am wrong, I use current events to back up what i am saying. My bad i meant him allied with the shogun etc. and his deal with doffy all those are recent events it doesnt make sense for him to be tortured and captured during all that. But you said he is losing to admirals and yonkos 1v1 where did it say that cuz the manga took the time to say the opposite.

Are you crazy you just said he was stunned and he couldnt use some of his haki abilities, that right there proves my point that WB was limited in using his haki, you act like heart attacks arent part of his health. His buso was fine but his COO and kings haki were weakened without a doubt.

Refer to the other arguments ppl posted for squardo I am not going to entertain you on that. Its getting old.

I said your argument was stupid as it commonly is, I dont kno you so I try not to insult you personally. see the difference.
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Aug 29, 2015
"Admiral Sakazuki drowned him in magma but he came out of it unharmed, Admiral Kuzan froze him but he thawed out, Admiral Borsalino shot him with light but it reflected off him, no one could kill this man and that includes the man himself. His name is Kaido The Beast"


Jan 6, 2019
I as well think Akainu is far too powerful for Kaido,


As Akainu has far greater offense, defense, speed, intelligence, and ruthlessness. Kaido's feats of power have been extremely disappointing for someone who Oda is attempting to portray as being stronger than Akainu.

If Akainu can be caught completely off guard by the Gura Gura no Mi, twice, and continue rampaging without even a single bruise to show for it, then there is no hope for Kaido of the Hundred Beasts
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