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    Can someone draw these OCs of Naruto? (Request)

    A Artsist dont need to know about it the Animes Content, he only needs the reference witch you should provide like actual images of the Characters. Sayin they dont belong here is because of that doesnt tell anything about the skill of the artist you might have scared off helping you. And yes i...
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    [Suggestion] New ways to revive this place

    A event Manager is definitly a good idea, after some thoughts i came up with this: 1. Creating a Own subforum for events Only ( that way its easy to see whenever a new event start or finishes, one wevent get one submission thread, one Voting thread and one Final results thread, eatch get closed...
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    [Discussion] why do japanese animes last so long??????..

    Its all about money, the anime had filler long after the manga was finished so in the case of Naruto it was pure greed. There not many long animes compared to everything that is released each season so i would say the question is why do mangas last so long?. Why stop when youre on fire, if it...
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    [Suggestion] New ways to revive this place

    Im not active enought to know for sure but it sounds like there is a lack of staff, same goes for all the spamming witch isnt dealt with so instead of assuming the staff dont care isnt it right to assume that there isnt simply enough staff in the first place? If thats the case then there is a...
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    [Suggestion] New ways to revive this place

    When i was still a active Waller we held monthly Vectoring Contest in my old community ( I know Vectoring is pretty much hated nowdays ) thso who entered the contest had to submit a Vector for a theme that was given like "megane" for example. Everyone who entered could then choose 3 of all...
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    Avatar request

    True it really is subjectiv, well i started at Animepaper back then so i switched pretty soon from rendering to vectoring witch i kept up til today. Its sad to see that Vectoring isnt as well liked as it once was, or maybe i just had the right community for it. thanks for sharing some inside, im...
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    [Debate] Conservatives and Liberals

    True the USSR was dissolved but it doesnt mean that those who are born there arent soviets just because the nation as it was doesnt exist anymore. If you move into another country your nationality will change only on paper but it doesnt change you Roots, believes or DNA. Also the people in that...
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    [Debate] Conservatives and Liberals

    As someone from the USSR i can tell you that those so called communists arent communists. In the USSR you were put in the Gulag for all those SJW and LGBTQ stuff, even in modern russia you can get into jail if you got the wrong cop on you. I also doubt that in China, Cuba Vietnam or Laos you...
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    Avatar request

    seems that way, although rendering woudnt improve the quallity thats why i thought of Vectoring. Well at least he got what he has come for so good for him i guess.
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    Avatar request

    Its possible but not worth the effort. Issue is the higher quallity you want, usually one would extract both Characters or erase the backround including other characters. Issue is if you dont have a Scan in a higher Quality/ Resolution the the only choice i know of is vectoring and thats to...
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    [Question] Wondering if this is the end...

    I might be late to the disscution but would llike to put my thought on it. I really love Forums i believe they are the best way of communicating compared to crap like Discord, sadly i have to admit that im only lurkling around from time to time. Ive seen many Forum based communities die and its...
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    Project Miku ( DW-002-VOC-001 )

    A Wallpaper i once started as a Collaboration with another Artist but since he switched towards another artstyle i had to scrap the Original Concept and all the work he has done. Originally it should have been a scenery Wallpaper but i choose a more abstract approach on this. The Original Scan...
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    [Discussion] Masashi Kishimoto's new manga

    I say no as well, After murdering the Naruto Series and disgracing himself even further with Boruto im doubtful of his ability of Story telling or at least it not my cup of tea so i hope that the others here will enjoy it.
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    Greetings, Weebs!

    Welcome, always happy to see people with the same feelings about anime as oneself ;)
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    Welcome, i loved flying witch as well and hope to seea second season someday. Im new as well so so lets have both a good time here ;)