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    Have you ever had a friend steal from you

    well, i had my dad steal from me (no joke) so, yesterday, i talked with my uncle and he told me to tell him that i dont have any money and to wide my money box.
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    [Question] dragon ball super online

    is there a website where i can watch it with my brother? a free website xD
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    Post the first thing that comes into your mind V2.

    People not saying their own genders on the internet because "they're shy" and they're afraid of being judged, cool.
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    Champions League 18/19 Winner

    Juve, in Ronaldo we believe, he's always making history.
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    site broken? where is the menu or the bar thingy that i had previously, with today's threads and all that stuff? i dont have that stuff...
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    eset nod32 anitivurs YET AGAIN

    i woke up and i got this message. ESET LiveGrid Not accessible. The credentials used to access the ESET LiveGrid servers are not correct. the version is: i've already freaking googled it and nothing works... does any1 knows how to fix this shit problem without the need of...
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    Messi is a fraud.
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    Messi or Ronaldo?

    For me Messi is an "alien" aka better than Ronaldo. But... i know qualities that make Ronaldo better than Messi..
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    i need your guys help which episodes?
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    [Discussion] just posting this. what you guys / girls think? personally , i was like this guy , in some aspects :pick: i found it in here: i forgot who sent me that link ,but ... oh you go. <- that's a comment on yt , that's the tl:dw...
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    [Discussion] a question about Xmas to you guys :D

    so... christmas is arriving soon... do you guys / girls , still ask for xmas present to your parents or to someone?
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    Are yahiko and naruto related?

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    world cup

    who wins it , in your opinion?
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    in which website can i read novels?
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    [Discussion] what you do when...

    is raining and thundering outside?