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    [Sign-Ups] The Haunting of Hill House

    has it started yet?
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    [Discussion] Tower of God General Discussion Thread

    I feel so sorry for Baam
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    [Theory] Webtoon "unOrdinary" theories

    Yeah Character development fell off a while now (john), I am slowly loosing interest tbh
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    [Predictions] Boruto Manga Chapter 30 Discussion and 31 Predictions

    A bit late on it but yeah its a good chapter
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    Last Post Wins

    Last post, quick close the thread
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    Count until a staff member posts V2

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    New Awards

    Cool now how do I get em?, lol
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    A NarutoBase Scare O__O

    one of my first in NB
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    Two years in to trumps presidency whats your thoughts

    I mean I have not been paying that much attention to his presidency so I have no complaints.
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    Who has more fans Naruto or Sasuke

    Sasuke Wins
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    if shisui was still alive?

    There would also be no need for Itachi leaving the Village and Sasuke would probably not have gotten as strong due to that
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    千手扉間 Senju Tobirama

    Yess Tobirama Solos
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    [Tier] Who is the strongest shingami ?

    Yeah this goes to Ichigo
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    [Suiton] Water Bending to the end With Puppet Man

    Chojuro Shows Up Not know what to expect of the training "I hope this is not going to be boring"
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    What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? [Thread migration #3]

    Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? When a Man Loves a Woman - Micheal Bolton