Yakukotan (032)


Oct 1, 2010

Densely forested and once the ancestral home of the Nara Clan Yakukotan still boasts the the highest number of deer in the Land of Fire. Since the fall of the Freehold plenty of the Nara have returned to the area, forcing many of the communities of hunters and their families, who settled in the area after the clan’s expulsion, to leave.


Aug 17, 2010
Greg and the snakes traveled through Yakukotan. Greg watched closely noting the structure and fauna.

The snake traveled through the massive forested area directed to cause little to no damage.

Greg and NPCs ELM from LM | LLM


Aug 29, 2014
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Entering a forest, Ryuu noticed a few deer here and there. Looked like this was their home. He was on his way back to his own.

Chakra: 1585 - 5 = 1580

Leaving landmark


Mar 10, 2014
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Starting a mission with the following elements:
  • Spy on an important target and remain undetected

His journey West brought him to Yakukotan, the "Village of Deer and Shadows" as he heard the tavern mistress call it. If it were as densely populated by wildlife as he was lead to believe it would be the perfect base of operations for the next week while he sorted out his next contract kill.

Upon entering the east mouth of the expansive forest he was met by a chilly shade that was brought on by the high canopy and the lack of sunlight. It was enough to cause a shudder to escape his mouth. He'd definitely need to get used to this before making it into any sort of home. He journeyed west still toward what he would perceive as the center of the forest, once he was content with a certain distance inland he'd find a tall tree with the perfect view to make into his base. That way he'd have eyes on everything that entered and left. Yes, that was a lovely plan indeed.

His solemn walk brought him face to face with a lot of deer as he had predicted. But there was something off about these animals. They lacked the primeval fear most prey animals had, he could see it in their eyes. Those black eyes stared back into his as if with a taunt. "Attack me, I dare you," them eyes said, and he would certainly not oblige. Not because they might be traps, but because the cleanup of hunting is the worst part of the kill--to him, at least--and any indication that he was present in the forest could jeopardize his operations. He would ignore these baleful things for now.

As he journeyed through the cold place he eventually caught the slightest of sounds on a gasp of wind. It sounded like voices. People! This was the last thing he needed right now. He would blend into the scenery around him by transforming into a squirrel and scampering up the nearest tree to get a look. Sure enough there was a caravan of people passing through the forest. Their loud voices and nonchalant attitudes showed they were confident in this place, as if it were their territory. Jhin considered this for a while. Maybe an opportunity could be fo--there it was. A high ranking shinobi traveled in the middle of the group. Jhin could tell he was high ranking based on not only his grey hairs and battle scars, but the way how all the conversations and jokes seem to pass through him. That man was the center of attention. Maybe he was worth some Ryo. The assassin's squirrel form stared and stared as he began formulating his plans.

(Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
Range: Short
Chakra: 5
Damage: N/A
Description: A Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

Jhin followed the men for hours through the cold forest. Occasionally stopping and chewing on tree nuts to see inconspicuous. He'd regret that once the transformation was done, but what he wouldn't regret would be that hefty ransom price for their leader. One of the outskirt riders ventured off to relieve himself in a shrubbery. Jhin wondered if he should have taken him out there and then,but if he hadn't returned to the group they would have known something was up. And so, he had left the guy alone. Forced to watch the procedure like any innocent squirrel would. The man had even tried to get some of it on him! He would mark that guy's face in particular :rage:.

They seemed to be headed toward some clearing in the trees, a village of the sorts. Though it didn't have any complex security barriers or sentries standing guard it did look organized enough to have most of the amneties of a real village. Including a bank or holding place for Ryo... To think he ventured into this weird place looking for bronze but ended up finding gold! Jhin followed them through the gates by latching on to one of their cargo bags and hitched his way into the town all while keeping sights on the leader in the center. When the time was right he would strike, but for now he would hide, like the dumb squirrel he was he would lie low.
And wait...

This marks the end of my mission.