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Oct 1, 2010

Despite the inhospitable and rugged mountain ranges that characterizes Warenaiwa a huge fortress was constructed here, its walls the very mountains and its towers carved out of their peaks. The buildings were cut into the rock, or constructed from the same, and deep network of tunnels dug beneath them. This extensive fortification was once the home to Aléxandros Mégas, who commissioned huge catapults of stone and wood that fired elemental projectiles for its battlements. Most of it is now in a state of disrepair, having been largely abandoned since the Emperor’s death, but people still live in a number of its abandoned buildings.


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Jul 17, 2012
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
-Explore an abandoned site (2)
-Trail an individual without being detected (2)

Summary: In this mission, I will explore the fortess of Aléxandros Mégas, for my own notes and knowledge. While exploring, I will notice looters in the fortress and watch their actions from afar.

[RP begins here]

Trunks enters the landmark with his Shakujo touching the ground with every left foot step, allowing the rings to jingle upon impact with the ground. This served a single purpose really, though many would disagree with Trunks' line of thinking. Even though this gave away his position to any and all that may to wish harm upon him, Trunks resolved to carry this staff to warn lower life forms, mainly insects and small arachnids, of his impeding approach as well. This would give them plenty of notice to make way so that they were not inadvertently stepped on, as a loss of life was always tragic to Trunks, no matter the circumstance.

As he travels, Trunks happens upon an abandoned castle of sorts. It's magnificent walls fill him with awe as he inspects the structure of the building. Built entirely in the face of the mountain it rested on, Trunks scratches his brain trying to think of a more secure structure. Bounding the wall in a single leap, Trunks moves to inspect what he believes to truly be a modern marvel.

Upon entering the site, Trunks first notices the dust and bewildered grass grown amuck in the grounds of the wall. Abandoned, interesting. Trunks thinks to himself as he continued to explore. He can't help but notice the large structures, appearing to be a trebuchet of some kind, positioned pointing outside the wall. Inspecting these ruins closely, Trunks notices that under the growing moss is actually a tale of time. This structure stood long enough for the people here to evolve from stone to wooden tools. Meaning the resiliency of the fortress was something to truly be admired.

Wandering into the main halls structures, Trunks notices a lot of different forms of art, mostly in ruin, scattered across the grand hall. Plaques commemorating heroes, statues recognizing great leaders, but the largest and by far most easily recognizable piece was a large tapestry spread across the main wall overhead the throne. "Aléxandros Mégas" Trunks reads from the tapestry in his own mind. Exploring the room further leads Trunks to an oddly placed statue.

Every statue had even spacing, lining either side of the walkway toward the throne, except one. Nothing exciting or different from this one compared to the other 10 Aléxandros Mégas statues, except the spacing. Pushing the statue to its parallel spot, Trunks then notices another oddity, a chip in the floor under the statue. Was this Aléxandros Mégas so vain that he cover up a miniscule damage such this rather than simply have it fixed? That doesn't make sense, considering the obvious longevity of the place. Trunks says out loud to himself.

Retrieving a kunai from his bag, Trunks then sticks it into the hole, attempting to find a secondary motive to curb his curiosity. Without much more effort, a secret button is pushed by the tip of the blade and a hidden door swings open to the right of the throne. Acting quickly, Trunks dashes into the hidden cavern to explore it's secrets as well.

Upon entering the tunnel hidden in the wall, Trunks comes to a pass, one path going up, the other down. Going down, Trunks makes sure to notice every detail along the way, noticing heavy travel imprints in the ground. Military operations more than likely, consindering the weight of the steps taken here. Trunks continue to comment as he comes to a thoroughly uninteresting series of tunnels revealing the same insight. Travelling back, Trunks makes sure to hit the other side of the stairwell behind the wall. Coming to the point that he is behind the tapestry above the throne, Trunks comes to a peep hole set that is arranged to be the exact measurements of Aléxandros Mégas' eyes in the picture. Peering out, Trunks notices something else peculiar: looters.

This shit is heavy mate, are you sure we can't make more than one trip?

Have you noticed the town lately? Frankly I'm surprised no one has come and taken this yet, who knows how long it could remain. We have to take as much as possible to ensure OUR survival.

Just what was going on? Survival? Was these men in trouble with a bad clan? Did they piss off a corrupt politician? How did this come to be? More curious than morally driven, Trunks decides to investigate the men. To see just what it is that is making them take this course of action.

Trunks watches, silently, as the men continue to loot the hall of everything worth value. Taking this moment to remove the rings from his Shakujo, and tuck the staff away in a holder on his back, trunks thinks to himself They more they carry, the slower they will move, meaning the slower I could move, meaning the more quiet I could be. Besides, it doesn't look like these two would be fast enough to escape me if they were to try.

****! Look Roy! This is enough to keep us good for months, I can hardly fucking walk and I just dropped that ceramic fucking vase on my fucking foot! I'm done! I'm finished! I'm leaving! Come now if you want company on the trip back! One man screams to the other.

Alright, alright, geez ya big baby. Quit your crying and come along. We have a long trip back.

Making his way from the tunnel, Trunks keeps toward the wall to ensure no creaks would be made. He waits until he can no longer hear voices before emerging from his hiding place behind the wall, and continues running as silent as possible to keep up with the men. Ignoring their idle chatter Trunks dodges past them behind their back, using chakra to be completely silent, aiming for the wall to bound from before entering a tree lining, what would be his cover for the duration of travel.

(Muon Satsujin Jutsu) - Silent Homicide Technique
Rank: D
Chakra Cost:10
Damage Points:20
Description: Muon Satsujin Jutsu, the ability to commit a silent homicide, is a technique to dispatch your foe with no warning. Your quick speed and skills will instantly kill them before they can provide a defense. Best tactic is when used with Hidden Mist jutsu. The technique works by having the user focus his chakra and his complete attention on moving fluidly, rapidly but muffling any sound he may make while moving as well as his presence, etc. It doesn't suppress his chakra or hides it but it can make the opponent virtually undetected if he manages to get on the opponents blind spot

What was that?! One man exclaims turning toward the trees Trunks just entered.

Damn! Trunks thinks to himself as he looks onward, hoping he hasn't become noticed. Birds?! Really? If anyone policing this area heard you, we'd be hung, yet you scream about birds rustling a few leaves?! Let's get out of here before someone sees us!

The men then crawl through a small opening in the wall, probably fallen due to corrosion and time rather than intention. Travelling a silently as he can, Trunks keeps pace with the men, falling behind at times while going ahead others. He is completely silent in his movements, yet intuition is heavy is one of the men.

I have the feeling that someone is following us and I can't shake it.

You're paranoid mate. Getting away with this is a lot on the concious. Your brain is making you feel guilty by playing tricks on you, making you feel like you're in danger when you're not.

Trunks notes this change, and allows a greater distance to grow between he and the men. Maybe it was paranoia, maybe it wasn't, but Trunks was not one to take chances either way.

Upon entering a small town, apparently abandoned, Trunks is surprised to see the men enter a wore down shack. It reminded him of the places he has stayed over the years, temporary accommodations. Not a home. Looking through the windows of the home, Trunks is nearly shocked at what he witnesses. Five small cots arranged around a small wood stove, with what appears to be debris from a collapsed roof inside. Dripping water, growing mold, not a scrap of fresh food or water to be found, Trunks was devistated at the conditions that these people lived. Even he, one without a home per se, lived in better conditions.

He watches as the men greated two separate women, showing off the fruits of their labor. Busts, paintings, rugs, lamps, anything of remedial value to anyone. All the while with the look of sincere happiness across their face. The women, in shock, stood motionless for a moment before simultaneously bursting into tears, seemingly completely in disbelief at what the were seeing.

A stirring happens on the fifth cot before a small voice pips out of the darkness. Mommy you woke me up. Now I'm really hungry, more than yesterday and even the day before. Can we eat soon? A small girl says rubbing her eye with a tear dropping out of the other.

One of the men rush to the child, picking her up and spinning around in circles while holding her above his head. Kissing her all over her face, he speaks, Baby, with what he have here, we can go far away, to a land forgotten by war, a land with that we won't have to worry about water or food. I swear, this is the last time that I will see you hungry.

Trunks taking in everything he has just witnessed is overwhelmed. Even if he wanted, he couldn't confront the men for crime they committed, especially when the "crime" doesn't have a victim. Turning his shoulder to the house, Trunks reaches into his bag and reattaches his rings to his Shakujo, using it as he did when he entered the land as he exits to the next.

-Coming from , headed toward 115-

Health: 1000
Chakra: 1000 - 10 = 990


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Dec 11, 2010

Fuu's journey thus far was hurried, relying on her Scouter to scan the area for any large sources of chakra; something she would then make a conscious effort to avoid. Making her way through the area swiftly would be be entirely possible, not just due to the rugged terrain, even more so than the Western region of Takinomori but also due to the state of disrepair and horrid living conditions of the few people still living in the region. Despite the pressing situation, Fuu decided that she had to do something to help both these people and her own clan.

There appeared to be a main locale that people huddled together in, doing there best to keep the remains of once pristine buildings in a somewhat liveable condition. Take a stance in the middle of what appeared to be a town square, atop a broken, worn-marble plinth that once may have held an impressive monument atop it. Fuu would call out, gathering the attention of the few in the area, her words conveying a sincere tone as she made an offer. H-hey! Everyone! This was a dangerous tactic, standing out in the open in an unknown land. There could have been any number of concealed enemies nearby, however Fuu had full trust in both her abilities and Scouter to keep her alive for her mission. My name is Fuu and I am from a neighbouring area, south-east. Fuu would pause for a moment, looking back towards where she came from, as if double checking that She stated the correct direction. Those of you living here, number barely a quarter of the prospering village that my clan, The White Lotus, protects and cares for. Fuu would do her best to look at everyone in the crowd as she spoke, her audience was growing in number as more people crept out from their houses, suspicion and fear slowly replaced by that flicker of hope that many had barely held onto.
If you would all agree to discretely call yourselves members of our clan, so as to not arouse too much suspicion, I and my clan-mates can offer you supplies to rebuild, on option to relocate to Takinomori; our home Region, and most importantly protection. I can see that these lands are a viable area for plundering and bandits to raid the once mighty fortification here. Fuu would then leap down from the plinth, speaking to the first man that came out to listen to her, assumingly the leader of this group of settlers. I must be heading elsewhere, but if you take this and present it to anyone within Takinomori and explain what I said, you will be well looked after. Fuu hands this man a small wooden tile. It held the symbol of the White Lotus and is a round, black, circular piece about one-and-a-half inches in diameter. It served as a marker of anyone allied with Fuu and her Clan, and would guarantee that these people could establish a trade connection and relief effort with the people in Takinomori.
I'll be back in Takinomori in a few days, I will be glad to see any if not all of you there if you so chose. With this, Fuu would leap out of the ground to a rooftop, before continuing on her journey. However, just as she was about to start running onwards, the man called out to her.
Fuu... Speaking on behalf of these people, I would be glad to consider ourselves under the Domain of The White Lotus. We shall send a small group to your land to commence trade between our peoples, thank you. The man would respectfully bow to Fuu, holding back a tear in his eye. This was the chance to finally better his families living conditions; his entire villages living conditions. No longer would they be abandoned by the large powers that be, the ones that simply left them here to rot away with the remnant of their old empire.
By the way, we have some decent medical facilitates... I'm the best doctor we have there, but my friend Korra is a medical student of mine... If you have any sick or wounded, she is more than capable of helping you. With a bright smile on her face, Fuu would pull the hood of her cloak over her face once more, before continuing on her way.

Type: Tools
Rank: A-rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30 activation 10 per turn thereafter
Damage: N/A
Description: A Scouter is a scanning piece of Ninja technology, contained in a unit that fits over the users left ear, with a semi-transparent coloured monocle that serves as a display, covering the left eye. The colours can vary depending on the users preference but it has no bearing on the usage of the Scouter. The primary function of the scouter is to Scan the Chakra level of an opponent or groups of opponents, displaying a numerical value as well as an arrow to indicate the direction of the chakra source, if they happened to be outside the display-screens field of view. The Scouter is able to pick up Chakra Signals at a vast range, up to a single landmark away; though if multiple Chakra Sources are in the same landmark, it is only able to show the number of individual signals, instead of each Chakra Level. The Scouter will not detect Chakra if the target is using a chakra suppressing ability.
Upon initial activation, it will only show the current level of targets within Long-range of the user, requiring an additional activation cost to scan into the next landmark. Once a targets Chakra has been scanned, it will not constantly update the chakra level as it depletes, instead requiring another activation cost (30 chakra) to update the reading to the targets new chakra level. So long as the user spends the chakra, they are able to constantly track up to five targets at all times, so long as they remain or enter mid-range, unless they use a chakra suppressing ability. The scouter can only track up to two targets if they are long-range away from the wielder, and any targets within an adjacent landmark, will appear as one reading with their combined chakra level displayed on the screen. The scouter is able to track any source of chakra, from projectiles, to clones, to summons and animal companions; anything with a readable chakra source present. This ability to detect targets does grant a small boost to the users tracking speed, granting an equivalent to a 2T Sharingan.
Scouter's are able to provide a direct line of communication with other Scouter's and communication devices, via implementation of a modified script from a communication scroll, however only when the Scouter is active. This communication extends up to three landmarks in any direction and can easily be heard by the wielder due to the device being ear-mounted.
-Scouter can remain active so long as the user has the chakra reserves to do so.
-Scouter Tracking speeds do not stack with Doujutsu
-Can only be made/taught by Shinta and a max of 3 can be used.
-Full body lightning jutsu of B rank and higher will short-out the Scouter, making it unusable for five turns. S rank lightning will destroy the Scouter.

Chakra 1875
= 1845 remaining

Leaving LM.


Aug 17, 2010
The woman walked into the area from Takinomori she had a bag on her hip filled to the brim with basic medicines and salves. It was plain to anyone who saw her she was a young merchant trying to get a start in the world. However she had a new ware, something important a secret. Sado of the Golden Sabbath was dead. The whole world was whipped into a fervor since several bounties were placed and people were told the riches of the Hangurian Freehold were their's to take if only they culled the Golden Sabbath and raided their lands.
She knew she could sell this information, her medicines would pale in comparison to the profit she could make selling a simple line of information. By no means was she a well known information broker, but she didn't need to be to sell the story of Sado the Dead of the Golden Sabbath. She approached some of the abandoned buildings as she noticed that people lived in these cities. She began to call out to the people offering her wares and a story to anyone would paid for information. These people seemed roused by the news, and some were glad to be under the protection of the White Lotus.

I'm Lorelei form Mother's Touch tinctures. I have medicine, salves and natural remidies to barter and trade.

I also have information of the Mighty Golden Sabbath for those with coin.

Multiple people came up to the woman as they traded coin, food, and other goods for her natural remedies.

An old woman came up talking about stomach cramps passing over some fairly decent linen.

Mam I have just the thing for you. A tincture of mint, lemon, juniper and fennel.

Your cramps will be gone moments after drinking my patented Stomach Soothing Tea.

A rough man came up next, he looked dishevaled and dirty.

What can I help you with sir?

The woman said with a warm welcoming tone.

You said you know about the Golden Sabbath.

What do you know?

He passed her several coins in a hurried manner with his right hand as he brushed the hair out of his face with his right.

She began to whisper to him

That'll do. I saw with my own two eyes the big brute of a bastard Sado Yasutora viciously attack a frail woman. This woman, she tore through him like he was butter killed him and began to perform an autopsy in front of his own people! She's already claiming his bounty as we speak. The rest of the Golden Sabbath are destined for a similar fate. A dying breed Takauji Ashikaga, he's the man who will unite us a strong man who would NEVER harm a woman like Sado the Dead of the Golden Sabbath. But I guess he'll never be harming a woman again anyway.

The man whispered back.

Damn. I was really rooting for those Sabbath guys.

Lorelei packed her things and left to the next area. She was already profiting off of just a small bit of information.

NPC ELM from | LLM
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Dec 11, 2010

Quickly passing through, Fuu only had a brief moment to survey the village she recently made a connection with, noticing they had already begun to start the trade route with Takinomori.

Chakra 2100
=2090 remaining

Leaving LM


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Apr 14, 2012

Boit and Geets continue their movements with Vegeta scouting ahead with his byakugan, they adjust their direction south and head inland..



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Apr 29, 2009
Coming From

After a cup of coffee and an anti-inflammatory, Isako had more time to ponder the riddles. The journey to the blue flame would have been long, and the chances of him arriving first remained slim. A second riddle sounded more promising, and so he left the Graveyard of Sin and arrived north, passing through the remnant fortress in Warenaiwa.


Chakra: 1700

Pyro NB

Apr 22, 2015
Sado spent a few days making sure everything was in order. He sent out messages to explain what happened in the Motoi Drylands to his officials. He sent a message to Korra asking how the hospital was going and telling her to see about claiming new lands. He made sure all the messages included an explanation about what he had learned about Takauji and his escape to the eastern continent. The messages asked the officials and any villager who felt up to it, to meet in the Graveyard of Sin in the coming weeks to discuss how to move forward.
With messages sent he made sure the Uchiha were in order. He worked upon relations between the citizens of the Motoi Drylands and the Uchiha fostering a lasting peace for now. He told Nanako that he would be sending a representative from the Uchiha clan that he knew eventually to make sure peace was prosperous and lasting. Then he set out back toward the Graveyard of Sin.

After receiving a message from Sado Desmond for went returning to his land but he would send his council a message telling them that the forest is in their hand's atm. Deactivating his puppetry technique Desmond would place Melandru, Dwayna, and Balthazar inside coffins which he, Ilya, and Lyss would carry on their backs. He would look to Cynn and nod asking if she was ready to which she would nod back, as the group began to move a large black shadow overtook them. Looking up Desmond recognized the chakra anywhere it was Jecht.
Jecht! What are you doing here?
Was sent here to be a personal aid to you. Castiel trust you and wants people to know that you have the might of Thunderbirds behind you
Well if it isn't the giant chicken...
Ah I see Desmond still hangs with lowly rats...
The two summons stare at each other as if they are about to go to war right then and there but shortly after the two began to laugh. The Springhare and Thunderbirds had learned to work with each other through Desmond and such have become good friends. Desmond would smile as he looked at his new party and would wave them forward as he headed back towards the capital of sin. Just before reaching the border, however, a voice entered his mind dropping him to his knees, the pain evolving his eyes beyond what he could imagine. As it spoke toning the voice out Desmond looked towards Cynn and Jecht who had also heard it through their link with Desmond creating two clones they would set out. Desmond and his party heading north towards Aisu Bay, one clone towards GoS, and the other toward Taki.
Chakra: 2100/3-5=695
Clone 1: 700-5=695
Clone 2: 700-5=695

(Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) - Shadow Clone Technique
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20 (total chakra is divided by the final number of clones plus the user)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The Kage Bunshin distributes the ninja's chakra evenly among the clones and himself and creates a real copy with form and substance. The clones, a max number of 4, are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after hit by a strong enough force, returning 10% of its individual chakra to the user. Shadow clones can't be distinguished from the original with Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan or normal Chakra Sensing. The clone itself can also utilize any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clone finally disperses, any new knowledge it has gained is passed back to the original ninja and any additional clones.

~Coming from
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