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Mar 1, 2021
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Starting Kurotsuchi in this area.

Starting D rank mission explore and help some locals worth 1 point.

Kurotsuchi eagerly walked around the village with her kage attire, however the era of hidden villages long gone. She couldn't help but still stand up and help her people in the earth badlands. She went to a nearby fruit stand and purchased several fresh fruit which seemed to be most scarce in this area. She surveyed the area and noticed both people living well, and some people living not so well but all getting along and coming together. Legend has it that they still haven't recovered from the collision of the moon and few have adapted. Kurotsuchi started to hand out the fresh fruit to the starving individuals, especially the children. She had a whole bag full so there were plenty to go around. A lot of the citizens who were actually dong a little bit better than others came to help her hand them out and by the time they were finished, about eighty-five percent of people in the marketplace district were fed and replenished with the fresh fruits. Kurotsuchi made sure to go around and shake everyone's hands that she helped along with those who helped her give them out. With that being done, there was still more good to do, but Kurotsuchi was not fit for today's standards of battle. She had to train hard to get up to par and with this, she left the landmark to go train her taijutsu skills in a more secluded area...

Leaving the marketplace


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Feb 27, 2011
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Coming from here [x]

Masaki huffed as he was practically carried on the shoulders of some geologist riddled with anxiety after an attack from something he called "Arali". His name was Shindō, a researcher who claimed to have followed him for some time now, hoping to get his hands on the basalt that he had previously acquired. The pair were sat on a bench somewhere not too populated in the town.

There was an awkward silence between the two.

"Sorry..." Masaki said first. "I'm not usually so agitated."

"Ah, i-it's fine, really...!" Shindō replied. "I'm also sorry..."

"I could have died out there. You could have died out there." There was a tone in his voice that was solemn, yet condemning his actions simultaneously. Something inside of him had to remind the geologist that his life was protected thanks to someone else. Shindō hung his head in shame at the snide comment. Masaki was right, as much as he didn't want to admit it.

"What do we do now?"

"What you're going to do is fix my leg, and tell me what the hell that thing was." Masaki commanded. Shindō jumped to his knees and began channelling his chakra to his hands, like before, to heal his leg ever so slowly. "I need a fucking smoke..." He said as he set out to do exactly that.

"T-they're called Arali from what I understand. I've heard people call them angels or devils, depending on whether they come from the moon that shattered or underground. I don't know the specifics, but that one you fought looked like it was Asag." Shindō explained rather astutely.

"Asag? So there's different species of these things?" He exhaled a breath of smoke.

"Again, I don't know the specifics, but they're the most common, I think..."

Masaki sighed. "It's something at least."

Another brief silence. Shindō shifted his mystical palm to the man's body. "C-can I ask, what do you need the basalt for?" He inquired.

Masaki inhaled a deep breath of smoke. "If you must know, I'm working with a blacksmith to make a special tool."

Shindō let out an exacerbated sigh. He was disappointed that Masaki wouldn't be so kind as to share his basalt, but he understood the laws of "finders keepers" so to speak. "And I take it you were out there looking for more materials?" Masaki nodded in response.
Maybe there was a sign of guilt that ran through Shindō's head at this point. Indeed, Masaki had saved his life from the terrors of the Asag Arali, risking his own in the process. They were practically strangers, he had no reason to do that. Shindō needed an answer. "Hey, Nagakura... why did you save me back there?"

Masaki exhaled his smoke. "I couldn't bear to see you die." It was a simple response. In all truthfulness, he was only protecting himself from the Arali and Shindō just happened to be there. Indeed, he had no real reason to save the geologist, especially considering it was his fault that this happened in the first place. But there was no reason for him to not save him. It was a personal thing for him to save people if they could be saved. If someone's life was ended because of something that Masaki could have prevented, well, that was a good enough reason to fight.

Shindō's hands dimmed as his technique ceased to work. He hung his head in a mixture of shame and guilt, before reaching into his coat pocket for something. A piece of ore that shone a bright red in the light of the sun. He offered it to Masaki. "It's called cinnabar, an ore I've been doing some research on lately. It's pretty common north from here, but maybe it's better you have it. I mean, you need it, right...?"

Masaki's eyes lit up at his offer. "Are you sure?"

Shindō nodded reluctantly, before continuing. "C-can you at least tell me where you got your basalt...?" Much to Masaki's chagrin, there was something the geologist wanted out of this exchange.

"There's a deposit I located out in the Graveyard of Sin, near the maze of Eanna."

"The old Tsumigakure place?"

Masaki nodded. "You might be able to find what you're looking for deep underground." He took one final smoke before flicking the butt on the ground nearby.

It looked as if Shindō had been revitalised by the information. "Thanks, Nagakura."

"Maybe next time you should try asking, instead of following me like you did." He mused, a wry smile crept onto his face. Shindō's face went red at that comment, full knowing it was likely because of anxiety that he couldn't simply approach someone and ask for their things. With all things said and done, Shindō bowed towards Masaki for the first, and last time, and left back for Omashu where he'd likely prepare an expedition party to procure some of this special basalt he wanted.

Masaki flexed his right leg, feeling it was good enough to walk on for the time being. He had collected three ores that were required of Durmaz to forge this god-slaying tool. The first was noted to be a special mutation of basalt thanks to Eanna. The second was molybdenite, something common but seemingly had a special effect when used on the shards of the moon. Third was this lump of cinnabar he had obtained from Shindō as a thanks for saving his life. With the three ores safely tucked into his backpack, he'd make way westbound post-haste, to see Durmaz once again.

End mission.
Leaving landmark.