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Jan 8, 2009
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This post marks the beginning of my mission with the following storyboard element(s):
-Explore and Gather Ore for Marzan Part 1 (Canon B Rank)
Summary: Kisuke reaches Threshold to explore the ore and gather some.
Kisuke makes it to The Threshold. This land is filled with tall mountains. He did research on this land before but never travel to it. He gathered information on types of places that could be useful and would explore them to see what they offer to him and his new job. The mountains stand taller than anything he has seen before. He walks along the canyons that are formed from the tall mountains. The ground its self have trails that are made by from the look of them, wheels of some kind. So it could be true this area could be promise with some unknown ores. The trails are looking old so it hasn't been used for a while. Kisuke follows the trail and it leads him to a mountain.

The mountain has an opening which the tracks disappear into the darkness. There standing at the entrance but on the side is a wheel barrel. Kisuke grabs hold of the barrel and inside is three to five lanterns but all are broken but two of them. He grabs ahold of one of them. He takes it outside and grabs hold of two solid branches that's on the ground. He rubs them together with some dry leaves that are on the ground. It takes some time but the leaves start to burn. He blows on the it to make the fire burn quicker so it becomes bigger. He scoops the leaves into the lantern which has a wet string on the inside which is wet by lighter fluid. The lantern starts to light up and so Kisuke heads into the cave.

He moves left and right looking around at the sides of the mountain. He looks up and down and can see the tracks of the wheel barrel the miners were using. There on the left side of the cavern is ore. Kisuke puts the lantern down and grabs hold of the ore in finds on the ground. With his left hand that holds the ore he looks at it in the light.

Pretty shiny if I say so myself. Guess I'll be taken this with me.

He puts the ore in his bag. He grabs the lantern and walks some more and with a glint he notices a shiny object in the darkness. The light must have reach further enough to reflect off of the object. Kisuke walks into the direction and there are more ore. This one was the same color as the previous one. He takes out his sword putting down the lantern so he can still see the wall and swings at the wall which the object is surrounded by. Nothing happens the sword just bounces off the wall. He swings again and again and the results are the same. The wall only cracks a little bit but nothing to major. He puts away the sword and puts down his bag. He takes out his Hammer and Chisels. He puts his Chisels in between the cracks. He hammers the end of the Chisels. The wall starts to split more and more which causes pieces to fall on the ground. As pieces fall to the ground he can tell there are more ore between this wall.

He puts both of the instruments in his left hand and grabs the lantern and kicks his bag to the side. Kisuke holds his right hand up holding the lantern in it. He puts the lantern in his mouth with the handle. The right hand he sends out an explosion at that wall which detonates on the wall. He takes cover by moving to the right with his left arm covering his face. Rocks fly everywhere.

Well look at there. Tons of ore for me to take.

( Gereru Bakufū ) - Gelel Blast
Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: With a piece of the Stone of Gelel embedded in them, the user can blast objects without the need to make physical contact with it. This ability allows him to release powerful explosions similar to Blast release from his hand, detonating things he aims at within a short range radius. He can inversely create a stream of explosions from his hand towards ranged targets. Though this technique shares similarities with Blast Release, this technique is not considered a Ninjutsu.

Kisuke starts to gather the pieces of the ore that lay in the light of the lantern. He puts the lantern down that he was still holding in his mouth. He puts the ore in his bag which he had knocked over earlier. Kisuke starts taking things(supplies list) out of his bag that he didn't need at his point and noticed he had a flashlight in his bag the whole time.

God dang it.

He keeps the ore, flashlight, hammer, Shovel, test tube with the wolf piece in it, Swiss Army Knife, Canteen, and chisel. He puts the bag back on his back and using the lantern exits the cavern. He had to keep this place in mind so he could use it later on in his research. He leaves the landmark to continue his journey of finding the materials that Marzan is needed.

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