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Aug 17, 2010
Trait Points
Issued By: Concerned Citizens of Shaohai ( 25 )
Special Classifications: B-rank, PvE, Mercenary work

Name(s): Remnants of the Hangarian Black Ones Army previously conscripted by Takauji Ashikaga

Orders: Clear out five of the ruthless brigands and soldiers left behind after the defeat of Takauji Ashikaga.

Wanted For: Harassing locals, extorting ryo and food from local fisherman

Bounty: Concerned Citizens of Shaohai ( 25 ) are offering 1500 kumi and 2000 ryo to anyone who disposes of 5 brigands

Special Info: This is meant to be an Academy Student-Chunin level bounty meaning each brigand is chunin rank by default this can and should be shifted for higher or lower tier individuals that undergo the bounty. Each brigand has the appropriate health and speed for their rank. They have varying abilities including three elements up to S-rank, one advanced element, a mode, and an advanced ninjutsu. These are to be stated at the start of the fight and used throughout to create a narrative of pressure. Any individual who undergoes this bounty must fight off and dispose of five brigands in Shaohai if these brigands fight at once against an enemy they get five moves per turn. Alternatively, they can be fought individually in a mission like structure.

This bounty can be claimed four times and is performed similarly to a mission requiring no one to play the NPC.

Any battle related to the bounty must last four posts minimum.

It can only be claimed by each individual once.

Rendezvous: Shaohai ( 25 )
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Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points
Issued By: ??? Ōishi
Special Classifications: S-Class Bounty, PvP Bounty, Special Mission
Name(s): DIO, Daenerys, Hei, Medusa, Menma, Vayne, Sin, Nana, Hakuryuu, Astra, Hokusai, Sado, Vegeta, Desmond, Banri, Orochimaru (Solf), and Kotetsu. Also Severe Cases of Red Fever
Orders: Capture and Deliver Alive to Dark Tower
Wanted For: Spread of Red Fever
Bounty: The initial reward for delivering a live Severely Infected Ninja is 2,000 Ryo, including any who have traveled to Hokubu lately. Those who capture their targets and subdue them without battle are to be rewarded with an additional 1,500 Ryo. Named Targets will award an additional 1,000 Kumi.
Special Info: After several trained Scientists to the Hokubu ocean over the course of months following Tiamat'a defeat, traces of a rare strain of Red Fever was found within the Sea of Life flooded ocean. These samples taken suggested that perhaps the disease that crippled nations hundreds of years ago may not have been as simple as once expected. The scientists, all working for one named Oisha, have discovered the virus stemmed from the conflict with the Mother of Creation, Tiamat, and those who battled her with the first to show symptoms of it. With the information of who was there known to Oisha, he has determined these ninja to be a threat to the world's safety and called for them to be bought to him for questioning and more.

These Ninja, despite being infected, are considered very dangerous and as such, care should be taken to avoid direct contact with them. Becoming infected will only mean one more bounty to be collected - Yours.

This Bounty can be found out about from various Marketplaces in the Western World. Those who fought Tiamat are known amongst the Ninja World as saviors, these are the few Ninja universally known to all. In addition to this, all of those with Severe Cases have extremely reddened skin that is easily identifiable due to the deep red skin they will have.
Rendezvous: Dark Tower
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