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May 28, 2014
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Tempest Mount

Tempest Mount is a unnatural barrier erected by the Great Mother Cult to deter outsiders from unnecessarily wandering into their eastern territory. Using chakra, the cultists have produced an eternal storm which has raged above for months. The storm is akin to a stationary category five hurricane and shows no signs of weakening or abating in the near future. It has wrought untold destruction on the land, leaving the forest that the region once housed in an ecological disaster. The storm reduces movement speed by 60% for all those that enter the landmark and reduce visibility to short-range, regardless of Doujutsu or sensory used.


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Apr 14, 2012
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Coming from [X]

This post marks the beginning of my mission using this storyboard element:

  • Alter the terrain of a landmark to claim it for your village ( 3 )
  • Explore an abandoned site ( 2 )
Summary: Traveling abroad to explore and uninhabited lands, Vegeta and Boit find themselves on the outskirts of a terrible storm that seeming came out of no where. The high winds made advancing any further inland and Vegeta's eye's could not pierce the heavy chakra he was witnessing in the winds very far and the clouds above raged unnaturally. Vegeta devises a plan, to seal off this area until they had more time to figure a way to permanently stop the raging almost supernatural chakra enhanced hurricane, hopefully making future exploration possible and sealing out any outsiders who may try to enter. Claiming LM for Tsumigakure.

The trip thru these unknown lands had been quite the adventure so far. Boit had joined Vegeta not long ago but had already taken part in a huge mission on the village's and his masters behalf. He was a very loyal serpent, he was huge, giant horns and an ax shaped tail. Long, sharp quills covered him all the way to the tail and traces of fire could be seen all over him. Riding high up in between the horns holding onto the left one, Vegeta had a great view of the clouds raging above the area they were about to enter, massive amounts of chakra could be felt. However, he could not see into the actual area no matter how he tried. It was like it was whited out, or perhaps being blocked?

Either way, it seemed like bad news, and Geets throws on the brakes. The wind had been getting stronger and stronger, and Vegeta was not about to go into that place in it's current condition..

Hold it Boit, something is really off here. That's a hell of a storm and we'd best not get near it. The chakra levels are so high that not even my Byakugan can peer into that storm itself. Someone created that storm, the question is why? Keep your senses peeled my trusty warrior. Move back once I get down, at least 10 meters behind me and watch my back..

Boit nods his head slightly making Vegeta aware he understood.. Vegeta then jumps down to the ground landing next to Boit on his right side. Vegeta had no true idea of the landscape of this area, but what he could tell is this storm cover all of it. From what he could see of the cloud formations while on top of Boitata, Vegeta gathers and pretty decent mental picture of the size of the area. He pulls out a scroll and an ink brush, and draws a generic shaped landscape scaled as close as he could to it's true size. His main goal now was to separate this area from the storm, and a couple more side quests while he was at it.

Putting away the brush, Vegeta spreads the scrolls out on the ground and begins molding massive amounts of his chakra while he performs thirty handseals, adding extra chakra to supplement the powerful technique he was using. After the last seal which took forever with his speed slowed, the ground begins to rumble as four giant gates erupt to the north, south, east and west of the area, forming a barrier with extremely high durability and anything inside would find themselves with their chakra partially sealed away limiting their abilities. Since Vegeta could not see inside, who knew if their was someone in their that had created this storm, and this would affect them for sure. Would would also lead to his next decisions as the barrier finishes forming around the place separating the storm clouds from whatever was within.

Vegeta hustles back over to where Boitata was watching in awe of the ginormous barrier his master had created. On the ground hidden from normal view, Vegeta would place the seal of the Flying Thunder God so as to bring back someone to help them analyze what the hell was going on in the oddity of a landscape. With that done, Vegeta was just about to jump back on top of Boit and high tail it on out of there, but then his brain began to throw some more idea's out there after making the FTGeets seal, and there was one more piece of business left before they headed out.

Vegeta walks thru the harsh wind till he reaches 5 meters from the barrier, and once more molds his chakra as he begins to send it into the ground in front of him. A 5 meter radius in front of the barrier becomes center stage for a special technique his Kage had taught to him during special training. Next, he molds his Mūndasuton while making 2 seals, created a cloud of dust that appears almost like a gas floating above the ground. With one thing left to do, Vegeta performs a generic sealing jutsu, sealing the moondust into the ground ready to spring into action should the trap be triggered. Along with several other key benefits to Vegeta, but chances are he wouldn't be here to witness it first hand. That wouldn't stop him from knowing what had occured though, and that was what made this technique so special.

With everything wrapped up for now, Vegeta decides to walk back over and send a mass message to his Kage and the rest of his mates. After finishing sending it, he makes it to Boit thru the harsh winds and does not even climb back up onto Boit, he just touches Boit with one hand right hand molding his chakra, using the FTG technique to *swink* them on out of there with some dope sound effects, taking them back to the Lost Shores once more.

( Kekkaimon Gofūjutsu: Hachimon Heijō ) - Barrier Gate Five Seals Technique: Castle Closing Eight Gates
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 70
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The user performs thirty handseals, and takes out a scroll, on which the blueprint of the area must be mapped. When activated, four giant gates erupt to the north, south, east and west of the area, forming a barrier with extremely high durability. Any object that touches the barrier will be enveloped by violet flames. The only method of entering and exiting the barrier is with a special seal.
Note: The user is outside the barrier when the jutsu is first used; he cannot attack anyone who is inside unless he moves in as well.
(Fūinjutsu: Butsuri Kyōsaku) – Sealing Technique: Physical Arctation
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (+10 chakra cost to applied seal)
Damage: N/A
Description: This is a unique sealing technique in that it is not a standalone seal; it is actually a supplement to a seal, or an adjustment to sealing script, applied to other seals such as the generic Sealing Tag technique. Physical Arctation is based on the principles of Sealing Technique: Artifice and Revision. This technique is designed to slightly adjust their sealing script so to emulate the effects of the Living Barrier. Through an infusion of chakra the applied adjusted script will release an intangible barrier on its target, much like an armor. Those entrapped within will experience the disruptive effects of the Living Barrier, but to a lesser degree. The barrier creates a seal which effectively seals away 40% of the target’s maximum chakra reserves while also preventing the target from using techniques above S-Rank. Unlike the Living Barrier, Physical Arctation will remain active until the seal which it has adjusted is destroyed. Because of the nature of this technique it can be used within the same timeframe as the technique it is applied to. Physical Arctation can only be used two times per battle, with two turns in between each application. Its effects cannot be boosted to restrict the target further.
( Fūin Hirashin no Jutsu ) - Seal of The Flying Thunder God technique

Rank: A-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is the technique through which Senju Tobirama and Namikaze Minato apply the sealing formula, that will allow the use of their trademark space time techniques, to any desired object through physical contact and allowing him to teleport to that desired location through the Flying thunder God Technique and the use of its variations. While Minato carries with him multiple kunais marked with the seal (making the core aspect of his fighting style which revolves around the use of FTG Kunais), Tobirama doesn't. To use the Flying Thunder God technique on kunais, Tobirama has to apply the seal to them though through one use of the technique he can mark up to 5 kunais (this is valid only for kunais and other basic weapons, not enemies or other targets of the seal).
Note: Can only be used by Senju Tobirama and Namikaze Minato bios.
( Fuinjutsu: Sairentoarāmu ) - Sealing Arts: Silent Alarm

Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 ( +3 to the caster when broken )
Damage: N/A ( 60 if an element is sealed away )
Description: A seal that does exactly what the name suggests creating a silent alarm when triggered. The user is able to place a seal upon a surface such as a weapon, a door, a window, a tree, or a circular area within range on the ground that has a five meter radius. This seal has an intuitive link to the creator through their chakra signature and their chakra supply itself similar to a shadow clone, and when broken has similar effects to the dispersal of a shadow clone as explained further in the technique. Until the seal is broken an alarm alerts the caster whenever a creature touches or enters the warded area. This is similar to techniques like (Kyōkai Kekkai no Jutsu) - Boundary Barrier Technique but doesn't require the user remain inside the area of the barrier or seal to know when it detects something. This is a mental alarm alerting the creator when the seal is broken. When the seal breaks it will merely return ten percent of the chakra used to create the seal to the user along with all of the information of what has happened in the warded area including things that have entered the area or techniques that have been used. The seal breaks when the alarm is triggered to facilitate this action, and can even be accompanied by a barrage of sealed weapons or a substance such as ink, water, fire, or poison to combat the intruder. If done in this way the user must seal the substance with ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique beforehand, they can then create another link connecting the Kanji of that seal with the new Silent Alarm seal. What this means is when the alarm seal is triggered the released chakra will instantly activate the other seal as they become intertwined in a sort of "push" and "pull" relationship. Contrary to this if someone breaks the ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique seal to try and "disarm" the trap, the alarm seal is instantly triggered as well alerting the creator. The seal breaks when foreign chakra, natural energy from a person, or a touch should the alarm try to be nullified. This action is passive and is the seal itself activating the trap meaning if the person who created the seal is nearby they could attack in tandem to it. The aim of this is to give the seal creator time to react to the intruder or even produce an offensive should they have the time. Upon breaking the connected seal will release what was sealed inside of it in a large mass roughly the size of the Water Prison Technique in a forward torrent releasing an A ranks worth of the substance (follows S/W) upon the person who broke the seal.
Note: When initially using ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique to seal a substance a move is used, but the seal activates it passively afterward
Note: The user can place and have three alarm seals active but only two can be trap based
Note: The opponent will always have time to react to the sealed element/substance

Substance sealed:
( Mūndasuton: Runaāsenaru ) | Moondust: Lunar Arsenal
Type: Attack / Defense / Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Using Mūndasuton chakra, the user will be able to create objects, tools and other creations composed of the unique dust with two handseals. These can be created directly from the user's body, from already existing Mūndasuton, created from a source of earth. The creations can be created in the form similar to a gaseous state, but in reality it is simply an abundance of Mūndasuton on a microscopic level gathered into a form. This can be shaped, being used as free flowing waves and such, or more compacted to become a solid to create swords, spears, shields or anything else, limited to the creator's imagination; While also being able to be shifted between the two states at the user's will (dust-like/solid) while also keeping the "grinding" effects of the element. Of course, numerous creations can be made with a single use, though the power of each creation will be split accordingly. These objects can differ in size according to rank, ranging from being small as a senbon (C) to being as big as an incomplete susanoo (S). A unique feature to this is, once in physical contact with a target/Technology) it will passively attract miniscule amounts of Mūndasuton to said objects and will disrupt the technology altogether and making it unusable. This works on anything 1 rank stronger than the Mūndasuton and lower. Should the Moondust be purged from the technology, the device will resume function after one turn.

Note: S-rank variants can only be used 3x maximum with a two turn cool down between uses
Note: A-rank can only be used 4x max with a one turn cooldown
( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary , Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: N/A
Description: This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items or weapons that have been stored using Fūinjutsu,typically they are stored within scrolls. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Scrolls can also be used as ammunition for other weapons. The items themselves are unaffected by time. This Technique allows the user to seal any weapons they wish being their own or opponents.
Note: Cannot seal opponent's custom weapons, or the special weapons of a particular character ( example: Samehada or Kubikiribocho ).
Note: Can only seal corpses, and not injured people regardless of the extent of their injury.

End Mission, LLM


Aug 17, 2010
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Sado travels through still shaken by what had happened in the Ruined Temple.

He made his way back toward the Lost Shores, hoping to find his allies.
Sado's Chakra
2030 + 145 ( Chakra regen ) = 2175
Remaining chakra:
Senjutsu chakra:
600 - 5 ( Thunderwave ) = 595
595 - 40 ( Sage Mode maintain + Missed turn count ) = 535
535 - 70 ( Touch of the Sun ) = 465
465 - 100 ( Ring of Hell ) = 365
365 - 50 ( Style Seperates Man ) = 315
315 - 20 ( Booster Boost ) = 295
295 - 40 ( Added Weight ) = 255
Remaining Senjutsu chakra:
Sado's senjutsu chakra stored in Sage Release seal: 862
ELM from LM ( 235 ) | LLM