Tairadachi (123)


Oct 1, 2010

Tairadachi is composed of wide, if not tall, rock formations overgrown with trees. Along the slopes of the mountains on its eastern edges terraced rice fields have been constructed, providing foodstuff for the towns along the area’s rivers. It is also one of the few parts of Tairadachi relatively unaffected by the constant raids by and clashes between ninja clans roaming the area in droves.


Aug 17, 2010
Greg and the snake moved through Tairadachi. He noticed the rice, like the area before but had enough of it already.

He moved onward now almost completely back to Takinomori.

Greg and NPCs ELM from LM | LLM


Mar 2, 2012

This post marks the start of my mission containing the following storyboard elements:
-Rescue children that were captured by bandits while Trick or Treating (4)

While making her way through the land towards her next destination, Rhaenys spots a group of men with children walking through the forrest, looking suspiciously not like parents. Confronting them, Rhaenys frees the children and takes them back to town.

Rhaenys was walking along the path thinking to herself, was she right, was she starting to second guess herself with this riddle? Well there was only one way to be sure, and usually her instincts were on point, having followed them so far. As she kept walking along the path eventually coming to a forest, there was a shrill cry out from up ahead much like that of a small child, followed by sobbing. Strange the fact that children would be out this late especially in this part of the land where the nearest town was about a few hours walk. Deciding to investigate, Rhaenys went up ahead cautiously and was greeted by a sad sight. It looked like there were a bunch of kids, maybe about 4 of them, all dressed in Halloween costumes, a ghost, a pirate, a zombie and a vampire who were accompanied by 5 adults. However the way these adults were treating these kids made Rhaenys second guess about the relationship between them. The kids were all tied up with their hands, being lead one after another surrounded by these adults, rough looking men with ragged clothes, swords and knifes at their hips, roughly wearing nothing discernible. One of the children had fallen over, scraping his knee and started crying, explaining the sound Rhaenys had heard earlier on, with the other kids stopping and starting to cry as well, as if it had set of a chain one ticking the other like some domino effect. The bandit who looked like the leader growled at the one leading the kids holding the leash.

Shut them up! If they dont make it back to the hide out we wont be able to ransom them back to the town.

So it was a kidnapping? Rhaenys clicked her tongue from hidden view in the trees, anger coming to her heart that these men would prey on children. One of the bandits closest must have heard her as he looked over towards her location but couldnt see her.

What was that!? Who's there?

He called out towards Rhaeny's position, which gave her a wicked idea. Perhaps she could scare these men into abandoning these kids and she could collect them.
After figuring that there were no one there, he went back to the group as the kids began to quiet down after being threatened by the bandits that theyll have to cut fingers off if they keep screaming.
Casting a genjutsu on the group, Rhaenys used the false surrounding technique to change the look of the trees to begin to look decrepit and old to the bandits, leaving the kids out of her genjutsu. They didnt seem to notice at first but as they continued the trees began to look more horrible and decrepit and dead.

What happened to these trees? They were fine earlier today?

Ignore it, probably some shinobi or someone who went through here using their ninjutsu.

The leader brushed it off thinking someone else had done it, well he was half right. The next step was to make a fea of isolation. There were 5 of them walking in a group, and so using the hiding like a mole technique, Rhaenys went into the ground, moving underneath feeling the bandits and kids walk above her. She targeted the last man, and used the Double suicide decapitation technique to pull him under, while covering the earth back up, leaving no trace of him. Taking him aside with her and knocking him out with a swift punch as they rose back up above the ground, she used some rope to tie him up hidden from view.
They didnt notice till about a minute later, some fear now starting to sink in.

Hey!! Where did Tadashi go?

They called out trying to search for him and after 5 mins, they continued on, assuming that he had wandered off or got lost.

No loyalty among thieves then...

Thinking about how else she could mess with them, Rhaenys got another wicked idea, hopping up ahead of the path, Rhaenys took a couple smoke bombs from her pouch and activated them on the pass, and sure enough as they approached the path, they continued walking into it, coughing as they kept marching towards their destination.

Where did this smoke come from?

Stay on the path! Were almost there, we need to get back to the hide out.

Rhaenys could tell there was a shake in their voices, she was almost there. Sneaking through the smoke, Rhaenys one again took out another bandit at the back of the group, leaving 3 left now. She snuck up and placing one hand over his mouth and using a swift chop on the back of the neck, she knocked him out, and dragging him back to the side of the path and tying him up.

As they got out of the smoke it didn't take them long to realise something was going wrong, there was only 3 of them and things were getting creepy and strange. Rhaenys decided to make one last push to try and scare them away from the children. Making a earthen golem rise up infront of them, it towered above them, and using the empty cicada shell technique, she echo'd her best scary voice through its mouth to them.


It wasnt her best work, but it worked, unfortunately a little too well, the bandits dropped everything and ran back through the smoke, leaving the kids there who were paralysed with fear, and bursting out crying. Well time to end the charade, but also a chance to act a hero. Springing from behind the earthen golem, she landed down in front of it and punched right through its belly shattering it.


She went over to the kids to make sure that they were ok, undoing their bonds.

Are you kids alright? Did they hurt you?

They shook their heads and explained that they were trick or treating and when they went to the house on the hill, a couple of bandits took them and then said they were going to sell them!
Rhaenys reassured them that everything was ok, and that she was going to take them back to the town now. They managed to calm down long enough for them to tell her where their town was. They were tired and didnt want to walk anymore. Summoning forth one of the firelies, Rhaenys flew the kids back to the town, dropping them in the square, allowing them to all head home.

After this, Rhaenys continued onwards towards her next landmark destination.