Sandstone Oasis (072)


Oct 1, 2010
Sandstone Oasis

One of the few oases in the tremendous desert, the Sandstone Oasis is slightly elevated off the ground due to the vegetation growing around it. Its immediate surroundings sport a number of palm trees, some light vegetation and even a few small animals. For nomads or travelers wandering the otherwise barren area the oasis can truly be a life-saving stop. Some locals believe this oasis to be shrouded in an illusion that prevents unworthy people from seeing it as they pass, though this is likely just superstition.


Nov 24, 2017
Arriving from this post

This post marks the start of my mission using this story board element:
-do some meditation

Story: having arrived in a new land, Aang takes a break to meditate upon where his next adventure lies, to find a direction he should take.

It was an unfamiliar land that Aang had landed in, after getting off the caravan which stopped at a province called "Sandstone Oasis" in the Great Wind Desert. Apparently this was the borderline to the continent and where there was trouble brewing in the lands. Posters were stapled all over the small huts that crowded the Oasis about some Bounty Hunting games. Aang shivered at the thought of these cruel men who took delight in killing someone for money or treasure. Were all people of the lands like this? Aang pondered to himself, the men on the caravan were nice enough to give him a lift. Surely they aren't all bad. Aang decided that he needed a moment alone to his thoughts to figure out if this land were where he needed to be. The laughter and yelling at the Oasis from the merchants were too loud and distracting so Aang moved over to the other side of the watering hole to be alone.

Sitting in a meditative position, Aang reflected upon his early life that lead him to this land. There was lots of pain as his memory was filled with fire as his villages burned, the bandits that plundered his home, the innocent townsfolk slain just for their meagre possessions. Aang was lucky, his parents fucking him away under their clothes as they ran from the village, leaving their home behind with the flames licking his bed turning it from a warmth place of safety to a charred burning memory.

Aang winced at the pain the memory brought on, but was shortly soothed after by the teaching of his parents. They were peaceful monks that preached peace over violence. They bartered passage on the caravan to arrive in this new land, however due to a shortage of food, they had to remain at the town that the caravan started at to pay for passage. They agreed that the safety of Aang was far greater than their own, and left him in the charge of a friendly merchant they had met and gained the trust of. Aang new destiny was in this land, and he promised his parents that he would continue their teachings providing peace to this new land. Though he struggled internally how he would go about this, first impressions were already bad when all he saw around were the bounty hunting posters of these head hunter games.

Aang shook his head again. No. He would continue his parents teachings. Peace was the ultimate goal, and that he would spread it through these lands, and prove that there was greater good in mankind than there was greed or evil.

Aang let out a deep breath as he opened his eyes. The merchants were now setting up a campfire for the night, looking their resources and heartily talking to each other.
Yes, Aang was sure that there were good men here and that he would find friends to help him on his quest.
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