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Basic Information

Name: Ryuu Hyūga

Nickname: Ryuu-bou | Little Ryuu

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Clan: Hyūga


Typical of his clan, Ryuu has white eyes with a tinge of light blue in them. He has short, messy brown hair and usually wears baggy clothes suited for his age, with a jumper on top. Ryuu sports trousers which reach to below his knees and and a pair of long black socks which reach above his trousers. He also wears a pair of puffed boots. Ryuu is usually seen with a book in his hand. Any other clothing styles can be noted from images.


Ryuu has a mature, calm and apathetic demeanor. Possibly the most striking aspect about him is that he does not speak. Born with a defect in his vocal cords, Ryuu has never known the convenience of speech, and so he communicates through writing and sometimes sign language. This allowed Ryuu to become absorbed in books from a very early age, giving him the opportunity to think and ponder more than his peers. Due to his intelligence, others tend to treat him as an adult instead of a child, or be unsettled by him and not know how to treat him at all. In addition to that, Ryuu does not understand, or is unable to read people’s feelings at times and has difficulty empathising with others, probably due to his limited number of interactions with peers. He knows this about himself, which leads him to worry that he might offend people, making it even more difficult for him to socialise. Because of this seemingly cold personality, fueled by his mutism, many people are wary and unsettled around him. Ryuu is not very comfortable with everyone treating him like an adult, and it seems that he was not able to gain many friends due to this demeanor. For example, it is embarrassing for him if someone calls him by an honorific as he is still a child, so in his eyes, the respect is unwelcome. However, Ryuu is not emotionless. He feels an intense amount of love for those close to him, even if he does not outwardly show it. Sometimes, child-like qualities escape him, perhaps in the form of a childish scowl, but this is uncommon to come by. Ryuu is also a soft and gentle Hyūga, preferring to help others over fighting.

Village Info

Land of Birth: Land of Fire
WSE Clan: Kaizen

Rank/Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Jounin

Specialty: Single Handseal Specialist (Earth) | Sourceless Materialising Specialist (Water) | Artist | Apex Speed Resistance | Gentle Fighting | Apex Genjutsu Defense Specialist

Attribute Points: Mind: 5 | Body: 5 | Spirit: 5 | Agility: 5 | Dexterity: 5 | Vitality: 0

Chakra | Health: 1600 | 160

Summon: Barnacles

Elements: Water | Earth | Fire | Lightning | Wind

Ninjutsu: Jyūken | Ink Ninjutsu | Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Genjutsu | Kenjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Fūinjutsu | Leg Weights | Curse Mark | NB Taijutsu | Yang Release | Raikage Lightning Chakra Armour and Flicker Evasion

Custom Fighting Styles: Steel Ball Run

Nindo: Gentle Lion
Having the Gentle Lion Nindo means battle isn’t your forte. Preferring to avoid battle through whatever means you can is how you operate, often choosing not to speak loudly. Having this Nindo means your character is capable of escaping a battle in the Ninja World once per arc against a NPC or RPer. This allows the user to be able to leave a landmark or a battle if logical and be unable to be followed for 12 hours, though this does not prevent the target from attacking them should they return.

Background Info

Early Years
Born in an era of change in the Year 799, Ryuu was welcomed into the esteemed Hyūga clan. However, he was born with a defect; the inability to speak. This led to him being ignored a lot; not out of spite, but because he was hard to notice. Although he was very quiet, Ryuu observed everything and picked up language very fast. As the boy learnt to read and write at the young age of three, he started to communicate with others through writing, using a little book he carries around in his pocket.

At the time of his birth, many Hyūga clan members lived close to each other, mainly in the Land of Fire, but that all changed with the coming era. Ryuu grew up in a very sheltered environment in Chungsu, where both his parents worked for the government, and where many other Hyūga members also resided. Thus, he was born into a wealthy family and had a well-off childhood. Since his parents would often work long hours, the boy soon learned to keep himself busy. Sometimes this was in the form of playing with his older sister, or an Inuzuka seven years his superior, by the name of Obi, who was like an older brother for him. However, most times the boy enjoyed solitude, and so he would spend copious amounts of time in Fujiwara University's great library, located in Bulanshaat, which was close enough to his home. There, he read many books about medicine; something he was interested in. Also keen about plants, Ryuu started growing herbs in his little garden. By spending so much time in Bulanshaat, the young Hyūga became quite knowledgeable in many things, especially since he was around so many intellectual people. This really stirred the boy's thirst for knowledge, making him want more.

Training was also an important part of Ryuu's life. Whenever he wasn't playing or spending time in the library, the boy was trained by members of the Hyūga clan in the ways of the clan, as well as the elements and other ninjutsu. Since he was only a child when he started out, it took him a few years of training to get to where he is now.

A New Era
When he was five years old, the Kyūbi wreaked havoc upon the land where he lived, displacing many families, including his own. This spelled the end of the current era, starting a new one. However, since his parents had worked for the government, they began to be targeted by people who had loathed the freehold system. So over the next few years, Ryuu lived in a ruined area with his parents and a few survivors of the Hyūga, still learning the elemental ninjutsu. He also had to witness his parent getting attacked multiple times, although they were strong enough to defend themselves. Sometimes he himself was targeted by random ninja, as they thought he might be a threat if he grew up to follow in his parent's footsteps. Thanks to his sharp skills though, he always fended them off. However, when he was eleven years old, the attacks upon his family became relentless, and fearing for their son’s life, Ryuu’s parents pretended to die, going into hiding instead. To make it seem more realistic, they also sent their son away, telling him to go somewhere far where no one knew him. And so away the boy went.

Upon leaving his parents and his home, the boy wandered the world for a few months by himself. He would fend for himself and sleep in random places at night, a stark contrast to the easygoing life he had before the Kyūbi attacked his homeland. However, one day, he chanced upon a group of people with interesting eyes, who called themselves 'Astra'. After meeting them, the boy decided they would make good company for him; after all there was safety in numbers. Furthermore, they seemed like a strong bunch, one that could protect a young boy like him if he fell in danger. Thus, the Hyūga formed a new family with his newfound friends, calling themselves ‘Kaizen’. Although he kept wandering the world with his group, Ryuu occasionally wondered how his parents were doing, but he knew it was best not to meet them for now, or it could cause suspicion. He now had to live as someone different from his past life.

Arc 1: Settling
After some time spent traveling the world together, Kaizen decided to settle in a place called , where they were actually welcomed in by the residents, due to their role in defending the people from a threat. Ryuu had healed a little girl who had been injured in a pirate attack, whilst Astra had played a major part in rescuing the ship that was attacked. Although they both helped, they were unfortunately unable to punish the pirates as they took off too fast. The residents were so eager to have Kaizen in their village after this incident that they even helped them make a house for themselves. It was created rather uniquely with different colours and odd angles, distinguishing it from the surrounding houses, allowing villagers to easily identify them should trouble arise again.

Arc 2: A Strange Encounter
Shortly after settling in Kurikita, Kaizen's door was knocked upon one day, with the villagers hauling in an almost dead seeming body. A little annoyed at this interruption, Ryuu nevertheless healed the stranger. Upon the man awakening, Astra started to prod him discreetly for answers, which he seemed rather reluctant to give. However, in the end, the man told them some story, and he did entrust them with an envelope, as well as a key to deposit on Jiro Island. The man departed as suddenly as he had arrived, and Ryuu created an ink creation which carried the envelope and the key to its required destination.

Arc 3: Exploring
A few lazy days after the disappearance of the strange man, Ryuu headed off to the village inn, where he sat for some time before a Star walked in. He informed the boy that he wanted to explore the surrounding lands. Ryuu thought this was a good idea, and decided to take the opportunity to do some exploring himself as well. But before leaving, the boy had to babysit a younger child, as well as evade some more children the next day. He finally left for Yabuchi, and there he found a desperate trader in need of transporting his wares to the next village. Ryuu happily obliged, since he was going in that direction anyway.

Arc 4-5: Trick or treat - Empty-handed
Upon reaching Hashiwara, Ryuu bid farewell to the trader and went his own way. However, soon, he heard voices of alarm. Upon rushing to the scene of the commotion, Ryuu found a horde of zombies. He eventually fought them off, saving some children in the process, and thus earning the trust of the village. This allowed him to expand Kaizen's territory. As glad as he was about that, the encounter with the zombies left the boy shaken, and for the next few days, he went out in search of any information in regards to the event. In Chungsu, he found information regarding Cassander, and as he travelled along the way, he found many more zombies, and saved more people. Eventually, he reached one of the Cassanders, and he was given a riddle. Unfortunately, as he was completing the riddle, the zombies and the Cassanders all disappeared, leaving behind nothing. Confused, the boy headed back towards his home, knowing his villagers would worry otherwise. On his way back, he did notice the formation of some new villages though, and wondered why that was so.

Arc 6: Finding & Powering the Core
Some time after arriving back home, Ryuu looked for something to do, as he was growing bored. Luckily, he found a note on a pole detailing some stone thing. People were to search for stones and turn them in at marketplaces around the world. Little did he know that this was going to be quite an adventure, but for the moment, all he saw it as was a way to pass time and be free of the townspeople for a bit. Going into Yabuchi, right next to Kurikita, Ryuu entered the lighthouse, eventually finding one of the stones. Upon finding the ordinary looking stone, Ryuu set off for the ocean, aiming to reach one of the marketplaces. After reaching the marketplace, Ryuu was rather surprised at what he experienced. The sky above him darkened, and voices appeared in his head, and the strangest thing was that no one else seemed to notice anything. This was when he realised that there was something special about the stones.

The strange voice told him that he was to be a champion, and that he had to power what was called the core. Ryuu wasn't so sure about being a champion, but he was interested... A poster nearby let him know how to activate the core. Ryuu knew where his destination was going to be already, and he set off. On the way, he met Astra, who also appeared to have gained a core. His clan mate followed him to his location to see how he would go about powering his core. Arriving at Jiro Island, Ryuu gained the blood of 100 prisoners from the Blood Prison, notoriously known for keeping the worst criminals, under the guise of testing their blood. He them immersed the core in the blood, before retrieving a tear from a crying baby. This caused the core to be powered, evident as the core began to glow dimly. However, no voices appeared in his head this time, and he left to return to the Tea Peninsula, leaving the Star to power her core her own way.

Arc 7: Developing the Clan
With no further information about the core he held for the time being, Ryuu focused on expanding and developing the clan. First going to Yabuchi, Ryuu drove out a notorious gang who lived underground, gaining the trust of the people in this land. They welcomed him and his clan. However, the next day, trouble started brewing, as Ryuu learnt that some people disagreed with his clan being allowed in the land. After a lot of investigations though, Ryuu found that the commotion all boiled down to one man; a remnant of the gang he kicked out the previous night. Convincing the man to admit and apologise in front of everyone, the townspeople let go of their anger, and welcomed Kaizen wholeheartedly into the land.

Returning back to Kurikita, Ryuu thought that the children of the town had too much free time. And so, after consultation with many parents, Ryuu decided to go forward with his plan of making a ninja academy. With a lot of villagers to help, they all worked together over a few weeks before the academy was completed. The opening ceremony has not been conducted yet, and so the children are not attending yet.

After building the academy, Ryuu noticed that Star-3 was back from her mission. Upon seeing her, he felt mixed emotions, as the core played with his emotions. He heard voices in his head, as his friend described to him all that had happened. He was at a loss for what to do... Eventually, he found himself being influenced by the core to the point where he pretended to hate her, cutting off ties with Astra in order to progress the core. This went against his very nature, breaking him emotionally. Astra may not have handled it well either, leaving the land to go to the East. After her departure, Ryuu stayed in the clan's landmarks, helping the citizens fight off the Red Fever and defending them against zombies.

Unable to do much after Astra's departure due to the emotional toll it took on him, Ryuu stayed in Degarashan, oblivious to many major events happening in the world around him, until he finally decided to come out of his solitude. He would explore and interact with the world once again...

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Having a natural affinity to Doton, Ryuu can perform all earth techniques with just a single hand seal. He also specialises in Suiton, being able to materialise water without a source. As an Artist, the ink user can make his creations by simply drawing them in the air, instead of needing an object to draw it on.

Ryuu has the Apex Speed Resistance specialty, allowing him the ability to reduce his opponents speed by 2 base speed levels if they are within 8 metres of him. This is quite advantageous for the Hyūga, as coupled with his natural enhanced tracking and multiple methods to increase his speed, he makes a deadly foe.

As an Apex Genjutsu Defense Specialist, Ryuu has a Genjutsu immunity till A-Rank, and breaking free from Genjutsu above that rank requires 10 less damage than required to free himself.
As a Hyūga, Ryuu is also a specialist in Gentle Fighting, allowing for all his Taijutsu attacks to passively carry the effects of 8 Trigrams 16 Palms. His Freeform Taijutsu can reduce 5 chakra per hit.
Jyūken: Much loved by the Hyūga clan members he lived with, they taught Ryuu the ways of the clan. To their surprise, the boy grasped the Gentle Fist very fast, a testament to his superior intelligence. The other children who trained with him learned much slower, prompting Ryuu to help them sometimes. Although he was strong, this did not make the child arrogant at all. Like the rest of his clan, Ryuu also possesses the Byakugan.

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Medical Ninjutsu: From a very young age, Ryuu showed much interest in books, plants and experimentation. This of course was a perfect combination of requirements a medical student should have. In his visits to Bulanshaat, Ryuu would observe doctors treating patients. Surprised that a mere boy was interested, they soon took him under their wing and taught him to become a medical ninja at a very young age.

Ink Ninjutsu: Sometime after Ryuu left his home due to the attack, he came across a man drawing animals which came to life. Instantly intrigued, the boy requested for the man to teach him, which he did. The artistically talented boy picked it up pretty fast, becoming a proficient user of Ink Ninjutsu. This aided him a lot during his rogue travels, allowing for easier spying and escaping. Eventually, Ryuu even became a specialist in the field, gaining the ability to use Ink techniques without having to physically draw them; he could just do so in the air (Artist), which added a unique effect to the execution of his techniques.

Ryuu carries around scrolls with pre-drawn art on it to use in battle. He also carries many empty scrolls and brushes, found either in his backpack or ninja pouch. The Ink user's body has a set of three tattoos on it for a specific technique (third last in list), all of which are located in a triangular formation on his stomach. They can be moved around though. He also has a temporary water resistant tattoo with a water affinity placed on the underside of his left forearm, close to his wrist for another technique (second last in list). It has the kanji for 'clone' inscribed upon it. The last tattoo he has is placed on the top side of his right forearm, and is used to cast illusions (last in list).
(Inkupo: Chizu Sakusei) Ink Art: Cartography
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B- A Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique through the inspiration of Earth Style: Wheel Of Fortune, takes a similar twist in its formation in which the user will have pre drawn maps on scrolls in which they can through the use of their chakra bring these maps to life. What it does for the ink artist is allow for them to create 3D models of terrains they have been in before or created through imagination - allowing for them to create mazes, temples and all sorts of terrains through the pre drawn maps. To even further the beliefs of these creations, the user can use differing colors of ink in order to add more life to the creations. The larger the terrain, the bigger the scroll needed for the user to carry in order to draw. The created terrains are capable of being used as a source of the user’s ink creations if needed, thus removing the need for drawing them. This technique must be mentioned in the user’s biography or before battle, while each rank corresponds to how big the scale of the terrain can be. B Ranked scales up to short range, A ranks can scale up to mid range, with B ranks three times per battle and A rank twice per battle. Much like Ninja Art: Super Beast Imitation these creations are capable of existing outside the need of the user’s chakra, keeping an inanimate and realistic look. Lasts 3 turns.
(Inkupo: Batafurai Eisha) Ink Art: Butterfly Swimmer
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Rank: A - Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Having pre drawn on a scroll, the user will toss it into the air where the scroll will unwind and reveal the artwork. It is a lovely depicted river, drawn in colorful ink in order to mask the true nature of it secretly appearing as an water based technique. Through the methods of Ink Ninjutsu, the user will cause the 2D image to form into a 3D, flooding the area with ink. The amount of ink formed is enough to rival that of Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave in terms of the amount of end resulting water made, being enough to flood the entire battle ground. Due to the nature of this technique, it's near impossible for the enemy to adjust their chakra into the ink as it is laced with the user's own chakra (similar to how Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld is) and thus can’t stand on it causing them to sink down, potentially drowning while also restraining them, preventing them from moving properly. The amount of ink released only spans out enough leaving a two meter gap between the user in order to avoid self infliction, while being able to use this technique three times per battle with a two turn cool down. This technique carries the same s/w of regular Ink.
(Inkupo: Kyōkai no Kanata) Ink Arts: Beyond the Boundary
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B - Rank
Range: Short -Long
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: Through the use of a scroll the user will toss it into the sky about five meters in which it will poof open, while unwinding in order to allow a pre drawn work of art in the form of large amount of clouds to fly into the skies. Once the clouds fly up, they will deceptively blend in with the real ones and begin to downpour ink in the form of rain drops. Due to the unique coloring of the rain drops, it will be difficult to tell the difference between the real rain and the fake rain at first glance, but upon impact with the ground or person, it rapidly loses its colouring and turns black in colour like the original ink. The ink will continue to fall from the sky above, forming puddles of “water” while also soaking into other non sentient objects. The ink is connected to the user’s chakra, and thus can be used as a source to create their ink techniques, but the other use of it is that the user is mentally aware of when the ink touches something, acting as a unique form of sensory for the user. Can be used three times per battle, lasting four turns each.
(Inkupo: Kara no Waremono) Ink Art: Fragile and Empty
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S - Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique combines the aspects of Ink Clone and expanding upon the potential of it, through which the user will have either a drawing down beforehand on a scroll, by drawing it on the spot under a few seconds or through a temporary water resistant tattoo located on the body in order to create a “clone” of the user, but what makes this far more unique than its predecessor technique is the special ink used to form the technique, and through the infusion of elemental chakra. The ink that was used is a special chakra absorbing ink, that through which the ink takes on the elemental nature of the that was being channeled while creating the works of art. Once the creation comes to life, it can take the form of anything the user desires, ranging from looking like the artist to taking the form of an animal. The creation has the elemental affinity of the infused elemental nature capable of using it up to A rank elementals, while also retaining the ability of using Ink Ninjutsu up to A rank. Much like Ninja Art Beast Imitation, if the user uses an animal - it is capable of acting much like it’s real life counterpart. This can only be used twice per battle, with each creation lasting only for two turns before the ink falls and become unusable. After use the user is unable to use Ink Ninjutsu above A Rank in the same and next turn, while all jutsu coming from the creations counts towards the collective three jutsu usage per turn. Scrolls or tattoos must be mentioned in biography or before battle with each affinity mentioned. The creations however cannot be no more than twice the user’s size.
(Inkupo/Genjutsu/Raiton: Shuuru Fantazumu) Ink/Illusion/Lightning Technique: Surreal Phantasm
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: N/A (Same as Genjutsu; to which how far the flash will reach)
Chakra: X + 30 Infusion (X being the original illusions chakra cost)
Damage: N/A
Description: Through the use of some unique tattoos on the user’s body; the user will infuse their lightning chakra into the tattoos in order to cause them to begin to glow bright. This causes a flash of light to occur, which spans up to long range (depends on original technique's range) away from the user’s position – causing those who see the light to be inflicted into an illusion. This allows a new and unique way of casting techniques, utilizing the tattoos as a mean to cast an illusion; with the user being able to use any illusion they desire. This technique costs a move, but is use in tandem with the illusion, needing the same amount of hand seals, chakra etc for the original technique, though with minor infusion of chakra for the flash of light. This method can follow with any Genjutsu the user knows up to A-Rank but can only be used once every three turns. The tattoos must be posted before battle or within the user’s bio.

Fūinjutsu: During his travels around the world, Ryuu met an Uzumaki man who taught him in the ways of the Sealing Arts. He has a seal placed on his stomach, which is set to activate upon his death.
(Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Offensive
Range: Short – Mid
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: 80
Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.
Note: The placement of this seal must be stated on the user's biography.

Steel Ball Run: A custom fighting style taught to him by a man, Ryuu has the ability to emit sealing barriers that have a spin effect on them.

Leg Weights: Recently, Ryuu decided to train his legs to become stronger. And so, with the help of his fellow clan mates Astra, Ryuu was given leg weights which were placed around his ankles. He now wears them all the time, except if he takes them off in battle.

NB Taijutsu: As a Hyūga who is very interested in close quarter combat, Ryuu easily grasped the elemental Taijutsu techniques in a short amount of time.

Curse Mark: Also during his travels, Ryuu came across an interesting man who tried luring the boy with the temptation of power. Ryuu tried to resist, however, the man seemed to think he was a great test subject, and so before he knew it, he had been bitten on his neck. After a lot of pain and recovery, and escape, Ryuu begrudgingly accepted this new source of power. He possesses the Heaven's Cursed Mark, located on the left side of his neck.
(Ten no Juin: Ichi) - Heaven's Cursed Seal: Level 1
Type: Supplementary
Rank : A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 ( +100 chakra; -10 to user per turn )
Damage: N/A
Description: The user wills the opening of the cursed seal partially, giving him more chakra and more strength, as the Senjutsu Chakra contained within the seal is unleashed upon the users body in a reduced amount. Patterned red lines that extend from the Cursed Seal on the body of the user course through the user's body, covering it in a repetitive pattern as their body surges with chakra. When the state it done, the lines will become a solid black. While active, the seal actively consumes the users chakra in order to produce and fuel Senjutsu Chakra into his body. While in this stage, the user gains +15 damage to his elemental Ninjutsu and +10 to his Taijutsu. His physical strength is slightly improved as is his speed.

Note: Lasts for 5 turns.
Note: Can be deactivated at will.
Note: Usable twice.

(Ten no Juin: Ni) - Heaven's Cursed Seal: Level 2
Type: Supplementary
Rank : S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40 (+ 200 chakra; -15 to user per turn)
Damage: N/A (-10 to user per turn )
Description: After opening the first level of the seal, the user forcefully opens the seal completely, unleashing the full extent of Senjutsu Chakra contained in it which floods his body. Because this Senjutsu Chakra is raw and is fueled by the enzymes extracted from Jugo's DNA, the user will experience a physical transformation unique to him. As the seal opens, the previous black markings glow almost like fire and grow covering the user completely. As the transformation ends, his skin gains a grayish tone, his sclera becomes black and his eyes change in shape. The transformation is unique from user to user but always has some animalistic feature to it. While active, the seal actively consumes the users chakra in order to produce and fuel Senjutsu Chakra into his body.While in this stage the user gains +30 damage to his elemental Ninjutsu and +20 to his Taijutsu. His physical strength is improved as is his speed. Once it deactivates (regardless of being willed or timing out), it leaves the user drained of stamina for 2 turns as well as unable to mold chakra above A-Rank or use Taijutsu above B-Rank for 2 turns. His speed drops drastically (2 base ranks) as the damage and pain produced by the stress on his body overcomes the user. After those 2 turns, the user regains some of his ability to mold chakra, with each turn increasing by one the rank of chakra he can mold.

Note: Lasts for 6 turns.
Note: Must be in stage 1 to use.
Note: Can be deactivated at will.
Note: Can only be used twice.

Raikage Techniques: As part of an event, Ryuu was bestowed by a mysteriously strong person with the ability to activate the Raikage's Lightning Chakra Armour, as well as use the Flicker Evasion/Movement associated with the armour.
(Raiton Chakura Mōdo) - Lightning Chakra Armor
Type: Mode
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10/20/30 chakra per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra which, instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate their nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses reaction time, and pushes physical prowess to the absolute limit allowing for tremendous raw speed. The technique has different levels of activation each visibly depicted by the users hair which stands up when the technique is activated to the fullest. The higher the level, the higher the speed the user can achieve. This mode, combined with taijutsu, allows the users to utilize nintaijutsu. When using the armor at full power, it causes the tips of A's hair to spike up and his reflexes are said to be comparable to those of Konoha's Yellow Flash, making it difficult even for the Sharingan to keep up with him. Despite the large quantity of chakra it releases and uses up, the armor doesn't damage enemies who touch it, leaving the user able to interact with those around, allies or enemies as well as tools, weapons, etc.

Level One: The base activation of the mode, the user's speed doubles and he gains a x2 speed boost. His Taijutsu increases as well, by +20 damage.

Level Two: The most commonly used state and the one generally referred to, this activation causes the user's hair to slightly raise upwards as his speed increases x3 speed. This likewise increase his strength +10 more than level one. This state can only last 4 turns max each usage.

Level Three: The highest level of the Lightning Chakra Armor, the user uses this state to increase his reactions and speed to the max, gaining a x6 speed boost and a +40 damage boost to Taijutsu. The users speed increases to a point where only the highest Gates, Jinchuriki modes and instant techniques outstrip the user in terms of speed, appearing as a blur to most targets. This state however, only lasts 2 turns, after which the mode in it's entirety cannot be accessed for at least 3 turns.

Note: Level Two can only be used three times max each event and Level Three can only be used twice. During Level 3, only Taijutsu and Lightning may be used exclusively.

Note: Can only be used by the 3rd and 4th Raikages.

(Chiratsuki Kaihi/Undō) Flicker Evasion/Movement
Type: Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A ( +20 when used with a Taijutsu move )

Description: Using the amazing abilities of the Lightning Armor technique, both the 3rd and 4th Raikages are able to move at insanely high speeds to dodge or evade incoming attacks, even those that would normally be unavoidable such as Amaterasu. This fast movement can also be used in conjunction with a Taijutsu move, including their own signature Lightning based Nintaijutsu moves, to use the momentum one can gather and add even more damage if the move allows it. The technique also alows the user to move in more elaborate patterns that one would think, although following a more or less linear path. The only weakness of this technique is that, since its purely fast and enhanced movement, you cannot use it in all battle grounds but only those that would otherwise enable its use. Not only that but although the user moves fast, he is still trackable by high Doujutsu users, Sensors and EIG Masters. This doesn't mean the opponent can react ( that depends on his speed, mastery of Taijutsu and techniques used ) but rather that he can perceive the attack.

Note: Only useable once per turn by Third and Fourth Raikage bios with their Lightning Chakra Armor active.
Summoning Contract | Barnacles: Ryuu has the ability to summon Barnacles, after completing his training in it. The boy possesses a tattoo on the underside of his left arm, in between his wrist and elbow. He also has two Kōzui's attached to his body; one on each topside of the arm, just below the wrists. In his pockets, the boy keeps Gadget Barnacles too, about the size of a coin each. Lastly, he also possesses Barnacle Larvae underneath his skin to aid him in making outgrowths for weapons etc.
(Fujitsuboātsu : Gajettofujitsubo) - Barnacle Arts : Gadget Barnacle
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: N/A (+15 for summoning)
Damage Points: (+30 Spider-cle)(+30 Corrupt-cle)
The user will perform one handseal and summon what seems to be a generic Acorn Barnacle about they size of a coin in their hand, this isn't a summon and just a barnacle art that the user can use. The user can throw this Acorn Barnacle onto a target and it will permanently bind to it as long as it is solid (Person, Summon, Rock etc), the Gadget Barnacle has a number of effects and can only use one.
This Barnacle is used to bring up sources that may be needed depending on the user and their abilities. For example if the user is a water user then the source-cle will be thrown and it will release a puddle of water that will splash on the ground (can also be used as a C-rank water defence). Also creates an Ink Source if needed, (Puddle of Ink) or a source for Dark Release; The shell is gripped in the palm of the user's hand and the chakra is absorbed straight into the user capable of utilising one Dark Technique with it. Creates a Flame from the opening of the shell if that is a required source (Makeshift Lighter), can be used as a Mist Bomb which creates a small veil big enough to hide a couple of persons.
Six tendrils will act as legs from the Shell and be able to move around, capable of carrying an item like a Shuriken or Kunai, Scroll or a Message (For RP use in the Ninja World) in a couple of their tendrils whilst the other four are used to move around. The Spider however is also a Bomb, is basically an explosive device that can be exploded at any time, before sticking to a target or after it. It creates a C-Rank explosion with a radius of 2 meters, the explosion isn't enough to kill and only blow the opponent away and cause minor burns. It can either be a Flame Explosion, Wind, or Lightning. The spider-cle moves at the same as their user's base speed.
The Acorn Barnacle actually becomes a powerful transformation, taking the shape of a weapon of the user's choosing. They can withstand up to C-Rank Elements before breaking, the barnacle can transform into a pair of weapons splitting the rank into D-Rank each.
The Acorn Barnacle will be thrown at the ground where it will attach to it permanently with it's natural ability too, through this natural ability they have gained a knowledge and sort of affinity to earth of sorts. So the Earth is taken control by the barnacle and they will manipulate it into a 2 foot earth golem, it is capable of communication with the user and attacking with it's mouth and fists - like the Bomb-cle this acts like a C-Rank earth technique.
- These don't have to be summoned, they can already be on the user if stated in the bio.
- Body of the Thoracica and Legs of the Thoracica can be used through a Gadget Barnacle
- Barnacle Community Summons like "Oregon", "Barbaracle" can use Gadget Barnacles from their body.
- To use Varieties like Ink and Dark of the Source-cle then you have to be a user in that form of Ninjutsu
- Using One Gadget Barnacle costs a turn
- Must have signed the Barnacle Contract
- Can only use two different types of Gadget per turn
- Cannot use the same type more than once a turn
(Fujitsuboātsu : Uchinaru Akuma) - Barnacle Arts : Inner Demons
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage Points: N/A (-5 each time)
This technique is only accessible by those who have signed the Barnacle Contract and it utilises Barnacle Larvae that will live within the body, under the skin of the signer. These Larvae can do various things that modify and change the user's body but not to a significant degree, it is a way of adding things to create a variety of options and weapons it also allows for unique cosmetic looks that break certain human like boundaries but not to a huge degree. The Larvae can grow various tools from the user's body into their hand or can have it so the shell simply protrudes from their skin, for example they can grow a couple of calcite shell shuriken/shuriken into the palm of their hand or have Horns grow from their forehead as a new way to melee; or even grow claws from between their knuckles to assist with their punches. Tools created this way will be made out of Calcite Shell laced with Tendrils, meaning they can be the source of follow up Legs/Body of the Thoracica Jutsu however act as normal tools before these jutsu are used. The creation of normal tools like this is passive and counts as freeform, acting as a new way to use an arsenal of ninja tool. Because these Larvae are one with the user they change their skin so that is similar to Barnacle Flesh which allows them to reseal broken skin when tools are made from the user's body, it also allows the larvae to use "Legs of the Thoracica" from the user's very body, however creating extra hands does not allow the user to make hand seals with them. This in no way can be used to heal the user from incoming damage, it can be used to reseal cuts, but the internal damage is still done and is just a way to stop further bleeding, nerves, tendons. organs and everything within the body is still damaged except the skin. Larvae can use Gadget Barnacle from the user's body capable of launching it from a hand for example and even capable of infusing the user with Organs of the Thoracica.
Like with Zombies, the Restrictions of the Barnacle Arts when the Larvae use them apply to them separately as they can act alone with it's own abilities, their number of usages of an Art will not clash with the Users. Because of their limited amount of abilities the use-age of Legs of the Thoracica and Body of the Thoracica gain a rank, but only when the Larvae use them. Stated in the signer's bio there can be various cosmetic applications already active to change the appearance, like horns or spikes protruding off certain points of the body or elongated nails made from shell even a tail made of Barnacle Tendril flesh or tendrils intertwined within the hair, capped sharp teeth or a longer tongue and even if you so wish - pointy ears. Making modifications to the user's body is unranked (Unless Jutsu are used instead ofcourse) and can be done freeform and is limited to the user's creativity.
- Must have Signed the Barnacle Contract.
- Must be taught by LonelyAssassin
- Must be stated on your bio that you posses these.
- The Larvae can use Barnacle Arts independently from the user.
- The user suffers self-inflicted pain like they're being cut when they grow shell from their body.

Weaponry: Ryuu carries a katana on the left side of his body in a holder. He also has all the basic ninja tools in his ninja pouch. The boy has a number of scientific tools as well:
(Supuratto Bakudan) Splat Bomb
Type: Tool
Rank: A Rank
Range: Short - Long (Thrown), Short (Explosion)
Chakra: 30 (N/A When Thrown)
Damage: 60
Description: Created based on the blueprints originally made for the Kote, these small tools are crafted and intended to be used by those whom utilize ink ninjutsu. Within these triangular containment units are ink of various color, this color matching that of the element infused into the ink ahead of time. When thrown at the enemy, the user will weave a single hand seal - causing the capsule to burst open those releasing a violent burst of ink to those around the blast zone. The power of the blast depends on the amount of chakra and ink utilized for the this technique, while also dealing additional adverse affects depending on the element such as fire burning the enemy, water making the ink more vicious and sticky making it harder to move etc. It can also be used as a source for future ink techniques. A rank can only be used thrice per battle while the overall technique can only be used five times per battle. This is also akin to having works of art pre drawn thus various techniques can be used in conjunction to this due to the ink acting as a new source.

(Kemuri Senkōdama) - Smoke-Flash Bombs
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Similar in use to the smoke and flash bombs respectively, this tech dazes the senses by emitting a powerful sound and light. It was powerful enough to block even enhanced senses of sight and hearing, leaving those with vision and sound based sensing useless. It's major downside, however, is that due to affecting a wide area, allies could also be caught in the blast radius if not warned beforehand. Due to the mass amount of chakra released from the explosion, chakra based sensing dilate also left useless. These are also able to negate B rank and below technological sensing devices as well.
Note: Does not count as a move but only one can be used per turn.
Note: User can have up to 3 max while Cyborgs have up to 6.
Note: Cyborgs are also able to fire these up to Long range.

(Abusōbu Ude) - Absorption Arm
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( 40 chakra per use )
Damage: N/A
Description: A cyborg attachment to the user's body, the user has a robotic limb that allows for him to create spheres of energy that are capable of absorbing chakra up to S rank level. These spheres are capable of dealing brute force on impact as well, growing to large heights, up to 4 meters in radius. Starting at roughly rasengan size, these spheres grow proportionally to the size of the technique absorbed. Normal Ninja are able to make use of one of these devices via specialized gloves that allow them to absorb 1 Ninjutsu per turn up to S rank while Cyborgs have these attachments and are able to absorb up to Forbidden powered attacks and 1 from each arm per turn.
Note: Can be used a max of 3 times for Ninja and 6 for Cyborgs.
Note: Cyborg can have up to 2 Absorption Arms.

Journey to Sage

Academy Student: At the age of four, Ryuu's clan began to instruct him in some basic Ninjutsu, equivalent to that an Academy Student would learn.
Genin: Moving on quickly, at 6 years, the boy was soon elevated to the level of a Genin.
Chūnin: When he was around 8, Ryuu became increasingly proficient in using the elements, rising to the level of a Chūnin.
Jounin: Then at the age of 10, Ryuu became proficient enough to use all elements up to S-Rank. He also completed Medical Ninjutsu, gaining profound levels of knowledge in a short amount of time. By this point, the boy was far ahead of his peers in every measurable way, influencing the adults to favour him. After leaving his home, Ryuu wandered the ninja world for many months, learning Fūinjutsu, some Forbidden techniques, and acquiring a Curse Mark and Leg Weights. He began to wonder where the limit to his power would be. However, he never once became arrogant, even attempting to portray himself as weaker than he actually was.
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Won: Few

Lost: Many
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Nice bio, but we have one small issue. You've got 1 body seal, and 8 Ink techniques. Any technique that doesn't fall under another type of bio bound technique, like Items or Artifacts, share a collective limit of 7 now. As you don't have the Seal Caster specialty, you're currently 2 over the cap. You can learn more in this thread, but unless you increase your limit with the Seal Caster spec or something else, you'll need to drop 2 techniques from the aforementioned groups.

Also if you're unaware, since the last arc there has been a two year time skip.
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