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May 28, 2014
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Ruined Temple

The Ruined Temple is a singular religious site in Tobusekai located at the heart of an offshoot of the Strand of the Ancients. The temple is positioned along the rivers and is the only notable quality of the region, especially when compared with the sprawling religious complex that is the Strand to the North. It is noted that the temple here was destroyed by the Great Mother Cult recently, although for reasons that are not entirely clear. The amount of rubble that remains suggests that the temple was once one of the greatest structures throughout the land.


Aug 17, 2010
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This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:

Explore an abandoned site ( 2 )
Try to heal the spreading rot and destruction ( 4 )

Summary: Everywhere he goes in Tobusekai, Sado only finds the remains of the Mother Cult. What started as rumors, that he heard in the Lost Shores have all but been confirmed during his exploration. This land is just like the others he's seen, the Dead Marshes. Sentinel's Stand, Hagoromo's Last Hearth. Each devoid of life brought to the brink of destruction by an infestation. The cultists take and take and take and they never return anything to the land leaving them to fester and rot and fall apart. During his exploration, Sado will try yet again to stop this. Note, the "try" aspect of the second element. My bio is supposed to fail in doing so, to motivate him to continue what he's doing. I want to give him a reason to want to delve into Yin and Yang and to learn about them more. If he could change the world and overcome the Mother Cult that would be the power he needs. Yin, Yang and Yin-Yang seem to be the only abilities he can obtain that can mend the destruction and rot upon Tobusekai. The Mother Cult's abilities seem spiritual in nature something Sado is unfamiliar with.
It's just more of the same. I don't know why you claim these lands over and over.

They're broken, devoid of life, and rotten. Best to cut the poison from the body before the rot sprea

Salazzle was speaking her mind. She was being brutally honest as she remained atop Sado's shoulder. Sado frowned slightly as he and his salamander summon mad their way into yet another darkened, broken land. His eyes scanned the horizon as he noticed the damaged structures. The ground was sick with the same rot that he had seen everywhere else. The Dead Marshes, Sentinel's Stand, Hagoromo's Last Hearth. Each landmark he had been in the last few days had been rundown, destroyed, and crushed under the weight of the Mother Cult. This land, it was no different and Salazzle's words got to him. The best he could do for the Dead Marshes was hide the decay and hope that it would return to the soil. Why couldn't he fix this? He thought to himself his mind becoming more erratic and frustrated.
Sado moved forward entering into the land proper noticing how incredibly huge this place used to be. It was some kind of religious architecture, that was plain to see, however, the rubble told a different story. The corpses that littered the abandoned site of worship told a story of desperation, and fear. Numerous individuals tried to flee from here, and that bothered the kinder, more sympathetic parts of Sado's mind. His more sadistic tendencies had been sealed away for a long time bottled up behind the Resonance seal. Was it like Salazzle told him? Was this all for naught? Were his efforts useless? These thoughts rushed into and out of his mind as he made his way deeper into the complex.
Various bodies littered the ground, the temple, and the river, long rotten and decaying. Pitch darkness had overtaken the ground here. It was cold to the touch and perpetually dead or dying. No flora or fauna could be found anywhere. Sado actively looked but there weren't many places to hide signs of life. It got to him, well it wasn't just this place, it was all of the places he had been to. Each of them forcing their way out of his mind making him see the worst in these lands.

I feel-...

His voice was hollow for a moment, he couldn't even finish his sentence because he didn't know what he felt. For once in his life, he was at a loss for words. Salazzle made valid points he thought. He found himself partially agreeing with her. He continued to scan the horizon for life, it was pointless though if there was any his Sage Mode would be able to sense it.
The goliath reached over grabbing a portion of the rubble lifting it up and tossing it to the side allowing him access to the actual temple itself. Trapped behind it were more bodies, it seemed woman, and children had gotten trapped deep within the compound behind the rubble. Was this really any worse than what he did to Degarashan? Sado turned away, he didn't need to enter into that place to know what had happened. It wasn't that different from what he saw every day but maybe that thought was what brought him to his breaking point.
In silence, he took several steps forward toward the center of the barren land. Why did it have to be like this? Why couldn't he change it? Why did everything take so long!? It took him a year to build Tsumigakure, that was all the effort, sweat, blood, and time he could muster. Sado was a man of instant gratification. This showed in his use of Shadow Clones, with so many of them spread out throughout the world he could always have something being completed and something to be proud of that he could claim as his own work. Sado knelt down upon the ground tilting his upper body and resting his right hand on the ground.
He tried to funnel copious amounts of healing natured Yang energy into the ground like he had done to heal his allies, or how he had used it in that riddle in Hagoromo's Last Hearth. He knew this energy had the potential to do what he wanted it to. However, none of the things he had learned were what he needed.
With real anger and frustration, he filled the area around him a short-range area in the ground with Yang. He thought maybe like a poison acting on the body he could purge the decay, rot, and death from the land by overwhelming it with life-giving Yang energy.

(Yoton: Taiyōnomegumi) - Yang Release: Touch of the Sun
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra cost:70 per use
Damage points: N/A
Description: Through the infusion of Yang natured chakra into others, users can heal others to their original best physical form. It can be used to regrow missing body parts, heal wounds, purge poisons, etc. The target needs to be alive and the bigger the injury, the longer it takes to heal. The limits of the heal, however, are almost none as it can heal 150 damage per turn and can even heal the chakra system or other injuries that are otherwise not possible to be healed. The technique requires time and physical contact and as such isn't very suited to use in a battle when compared to regular Iryo Ninjutsu.
Note: Yang Release masters are able to use on themselves.
It was easy to see it had no effect, even if it did it wouldn't have the far-reaching effect he needed. ****, he thought. It was futile. He did know other Yang techniques though, he had used them before. One of them had to be the answer to his dilemma. The Yang energy immediately faded away rising from the ground as wisps of white-hot energy not clinging to the ground or having any tangible effect on the decay, rot, and ruin. He remembered that one technique that had allowed him to create a wave of Yang energy, maybe that could work?
He was obviously grasping at straws as Salazzle saw him gradually descend into a more manic state. He went deeper, and deeper losing himself, to himself. He was willing to try anything to get a result, well anything that would give him a fast result. He released a wave of Yang energy through his body and it radiated through the air, and the ground around him as he tried to force it to stay.
He wanted it to heal the scarred land, to aid the flora, and birth new-life from nothing. But that wasn't what it could do. It did, give his salamander summon a pair of wings though as she cocked her head to the side confused with what had just happened. Sado was growing madder and madder. Those were the techniques he thought might have an effect on the flora. They didn't do anything.

( Yoton: Jigoku no Enjin ) - Yang Release: Ring of Hell
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 80 for touch based version/100 for ranged version
Damage: N/A
Description: By channeling copious amounts of Yang energy, the user is able to infuse others with this, temporarily enhancing their physical attributes. This is achieved in two ways, either by direct touch or proximity. The first is more limited to a single person but has greater benefits; those channeled directly into will be able to reduce 35 damage from physical contact and gain physical alterations to their body that the Yang energy 'breathes' into life, such as twice the height or width of their body, additional arms or legs, etc as long as within reason and used solely for physical purposes. Should the user use the alternative release, then he is able to release Yang energy from his body up to Long range away, affecting all allies in the range. This variant allows the user to augment all allies with the same type of changes, ranging from all gaining wings to more. These changes only last a limited time, however; after 3 turns pass, the grown appendages or changes fall and revert back to normal. Depending on the alteration, one of a few benefits might be obtained.
Note: If additional arms, stronger arms or alterations related to the arm are made, then the target will gain an additional +20 to Taijutsu. If the changes target the head, the user is able to grant a 2x tracking. If leg based alterations are made, then the target will gain either +4 levels to his base speed or +20 damage to leg based tai. If changes target the torso, then an universal durability boost of B rank Ninjutsu immunity is obtained and if wings or similar is created, then the user is able to fly at thrice their speed.
Note: The damage and speed boosts are considered Passive and Base Speed increases. The values listed in the techniques are if the touch based variant is used. If the ranged variant is used, then these benefits are reduced by gained on a lesser scale ( +15 to Tai instead of +20, +2 Speed Levels, 1.5x Tracking, or -15 from all physical clashes).
Note: Touch based variant can only affect up to two people per event. Ranged variant creates a wave of Yang energy that affects up to 3 allies and lasts up to 4 turns.
Note: Can only be used three times in total.


Salazzle was actually taken aback by that pure flash of rage as she watched Sado lift his arm into the air. What she didn't see was in a fit of rage, like a child throwing a tantrum and breaking what wouldn't bend to his will Sado had channeled Yang energy through his right arm. As he lifted his arm high into the air his body underwent a Sage Transformation creating a booster upon his shoulder throwing all of his weight into one final strike of pure anger, and hatred. Both at the Mother Cult, and everything he couldn't fix. It pissed him off, and it sent him over his tipping point.
At the last second, he even increased the weight of his fist increasing the weight of his strike further blasting his hand against the ground with so much force that the shockwave shook the earth it struck. The tremor was immense as the building behind him shook and quacked more rubble tumbling from the top and landing around him scattered around. What was left, after the resounding thud of his fist against the rock hard ground was a huge crater larger than his own body by ten-fold.
So enormous in fact that water from the river began to spill into it creating a meager pond adjacent to the river that bisected the land into sections. It seemed to him that all he could do was destroy he worked so hard to build something, but breaking was so much easier. With everything he had he fervently build Tsumigakure, and with everything he had he bound the lands of the Badlands of Earth together, and with everything he had he tried to better the world around him.
From this landscape, and the others he was learning that all he could do was destroy. The Battle of Shinramoto, the Razing of Degarashan, he was nothing but a Demon that caused pain, turmoil, and strife. He didn't feel any better than the Mother Cult at that moment as he sat there looking at the destruction he had caused.

( Yoton: Sutairu wa otoko ) - Yang Release: Styles Separate Man
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 50
Damage points: 100 ( +30 to a physical technique ) ( +80 ) = 180
Description: Similar to Power of the Sun, Ring of Hell or Yang State this technique works on amplifying the strength of the body through the application of Yang energy however instead of doing that through a drawn out mode it aims to do it for an instant. The user sends a swell of Yang energy through their body to a specific area augmenting the strength and speed of that limb for a few brief moments allowing that area of the body to move faster and hit harder just at that moment. A simple example would be reinforcing the arm with Yang energy and landing a direct punch while under the momentary effects of the technique. The arm while affected by Yang energy would move at x3 the user's current speed and deal a significant amount of damage on the level of the EIGs or other similarly high-level taijutsu. This increases the usability of these properties much more than a mode because it doesn't require them to adhere to a set predictable style like Power of the Sun or Yang State which forces them into a set pattern of movement or restricts their abilities. Alternatively, the burst of Yang energy and subsequent strength can be used in the same timeframe as another taijutsu technique granting it +30 additional damage but removes the potential for the technique to do its own inherent damage.
Note: Can be used twice with a four-turn cool-down
(Senninka: Funsha Atooshi) - Sage Transformation: Jet Booster Boost
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A ( +40 to a physical move )
Description: The user will manifest jet like appendages from his body to boost the damage of a punch, kick or other taijutsu related move by triggering them in the right point and adding more power to his attack. It can also be used supplementary to, for example, increase his strength to throw an ally or a projectile or to help defend from a technique by putting more strength behind a defensive move. Beyond a damage boost, the speed of whichever move is used in conjunction with it is greatly increased.
(Doton: Chō Kajūgan no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Super Added Weight Rock Technique
Type: Offensive
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A (+40 if used to add damage)
Description: A more advanced version of the Earth Release: Added Weight Rock Technique, in which the user drastically increases the weight of any object in direct physical contact, but to a much greater extent than that of the original ability. This technique can increase the weight of a target up to 100 times. Under certain circumstances, the technique can be used to increase the force behind attacks.
Note: The weight change lasts 2 turns or until countered.
You feel powerless and broken and that confuses you.

You healed and helped your friends, binding them together in comradery.

You healed the Badlands of Earth, you're healing Tobusekai. Why can't you heal yourself?

The salamander said, in a forthright tone. It was obvious she believed every word she said.

It's what you've felt your entire life, Sado if you want to ask me. I've watched you over this year since you made me your personal summon, and I've learned about you. More than you realize actually. I can say with certainty you are, undoubtedly a wounded healer. I've seen it before in many shinobi, like you. Your heart aches for those things around you that are broken, be they people, be they, creatures, be they lands, or homes or families. It's because you so desperately want to heal yourself, but you no matter what seal you use, what technique you learn you just can't. So you heal everything, and everyone around you, until you're the only thing left that's broken. You've done it since I met you. Hoping from one project to the next, to the next leaving clones behind to clean up your messes. Take a break. Just for today.

As she said that Sado fell back his gaze ending up on the sky watching the clouds move and the darkness spread.

He stared at the sky for a long period of time his feet and legs sitting in the miniature pond he created in his rage.

I just want to be better than before.

Sado said as the clouds cleared slightly the sun shining down around him nearly blinding him.

You are.

The salamander replied as she pulled a modest flower from the ground around Sado's head dropping it on his forehead. It seemed in his desperation, no matter how futile it was, something did find the capacity to grow. It showed that Yang energy could be used for what he wanted, he just had to practice and work at it. When he finally found himself ready to leave he left a Tsumigakure banner.

Note: Claiming LM
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