Qindong (024)


Oct 1, 2010

Considered a prime retreat for the elite of the Hanguri Freehold, Qindong contains many country manors, that used to be overrun by refugees from the Razing of Chungsu, all of whom have since disappeared. Over the years a large slum had emerged, connecting many of the now crumbling manors. Qindong’s forests were once considered prime hunting ground, but the refugees had long since killed all game there in their desperate search for food after having been left to fend for themselves. Mysteriously and abruptly one day every single refugee simply vanished, having seemingly all just chosen to leave peacefully at once. The once overcrowded and populated slum is now empty and from it to the forests nothing but eerie silence falls over the land. No life at all, just a dense rolling fog that now covers much of the area. This fog is heavy, smokey and smog-like; pollution left over from the numerous refugees that had burned everything that could be burnt for warmth over the years.
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Aug 17, 2010
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
Choose between what is right and what is easy ( 3 )
In the darkest hour, overcome ( 5 )
Save a large community from danger ( 5 )
Custom: Heal some of the people from a large community ( 5 )

Summary: The clone and NPC have ventured into a land of despair, hunger and sickness. Hundreds of people clinging to life with no where to go, no one to turn to and living impoverished and in squalor. Can they really stand by and watch that? Can they just do the mission they were told to? Or will they have to deal with their own morality, put aside their mission and help in whatever way they can? It might stop them from going directly to their primary objective but who could see a child reach a hand out in sickness and not stop and help? Apparently Takauji Ashikaga, as these are lands belonging to his "Great and Mighty Hanguri Freehold" it is the world he lives in. In case you're wondering what I'm going off of with this narrative it's the description of the landmark. The "In the darkest hour, overcome" is meant to symbolism the clone coming to terms with being more then a clone. He is Sado, even if he's temporary. It's something he's been battling with since his formation, because all clones are a refection of their creator and Sado is a very broken and dark person.
The first thing they noticed was the stench. It was the scent of sickness, ash and dust and it clung to the air like a miasma growing out throughout the forest they were walking through. It was a horrendous, swelling odor of what seemed to be burning garbage, wood, coal, plastic anything that could be burnt smelled like it was burning. A thick dense smoke-like smog hung heavily a little above head height polluting the treetops with filth and grime a large portion of the leaves and trees were dead or dying. To Smith it smelled like poison, like one of the numerous sickly disgusting techniques he had learned to use.
The foggy atmosphere was intensified by the small flecks of ash and dust that seemed to move and sway through the forest creating a dense overcast. It was like a malicious miasma hanging over the land choking the life from the trees, the wild-life, the grass everything. It seemed like everything was either gone, dead or dying. It was a hellish scene at first with Lorelei seemingly scared by it and even Smith was off put by it. He was more used to mountains, the cold peaks felt like home. This place. It wasn't that.

Ugh what is tha-.. cough-... stench!?

Lorelei lifted her right hand and arm gripping the long sleeve of her linen over-cloak. She pulled the sleeve forward covering her right hand and placing the cloth over her nose and mouth like a make-shift mask to protect her from the stink and wafting breeze. As they progressed further into and through the woods the smell grew worse, harsher as it entered their noses it burned them along with their lungs and throats.
Together they realized something. There were no animals. None at all. No birds, no deer, no wolves or bears or hares or squirrels or snakes. The forest was empty, no noise just an eerie silence. and that god awful scent of death. As they moved further toward where they thought the Tea Peninsula to be they began to notice as the forest ended mounds of rubble and destruction began. Numerous piles of garbage, abandoned buildings, torn and sundered. Massive palaces and homes that seemed for the wealthy had been reduced to piles of rock and stone.
Once beautiful masonry reduced to crushed and teetering pillars of concrete, re-bar, dirt and filth. It was a gruesome and telling scene. It looked like a war-zone one that was abandoned and left to rot after some-kind of massive destructive force tore through the lands. Lorelei couldn't understand it, but Smith immediately knew. The rich fled the moment they had the chance leaving everything behind. This left whoever did this to their own devices to wreak havoc and sew carnage.

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The two walked in relative silence Lorelei trying to block out the smell from her nose and the scene from her eyes at times lifting her linen sleeve to cover her eyes leaning forward upon the back of Smith. She leaned into him at times resting upon his right shoulder. They tried to weave their way through the slums avoiding the garbage and insects that scattered across the ground with every step.
With one wrong step from Lorelei a jagged mass of fractured concrete fell scattering across the ground as Smith lightly pushed her out of the way. As that happened a few rats that were hidden in a heap of trash scattered and bolted in several directions squealing and chirping as one skittered over Lorelei's foot she yelled out. Smith placed his left hand over her mouth to stifle her abrupt and forcefully screech.

As he did that he heard a voice off in the distance a fair ways away.

Shhh Bram they'll hear you!

It sounded like a young child's voice a little girl as another could be heard grunting and cough unable to stop himself. It didn't sound like a grunt or cough that was controlled, it was horrible. A harsh, husky, hacking cough, Smith heard it and knew immediately the kid was extremely sick or hurt in some way. It was followed by heavy footsteps moving away that could be heard as the two children seemed to run away it sounded like one was nearly dragging the other as debris could be heard falling. A few heavy bricks landed on the ground then shattered into pieces. Neither Smith or Lorelei were fast enough to see them but they heard them. Lorelei lifted her left hand pushing Smith's hand away from her mouth in a forceful manner. What is this place?

Smith replied in a dry whisper-like tone it didn't give off any hint of emotion.

What's left.

Lorelei immediately replied obviously unsatisfied with that answer. Her tone was more assertive this time.

What's left of what!?

Smith replied again just as assertively, with a tone of authority.

I don't know. Let's find out.

Lorelei extended her right hand as Smith began to walk forward following the noise they had just heard. She grabbed out with her right hand gripping Smith's left hand trying to pull him back and weigh him down. "Lets find out!? What the hell was he thinking!?" This place seemed to her to be a dangerous hellhole but here this man was throwing himself head-long into danger at the mere cough of a child?
A child he didn't even know in a foreign land that he had no ties to what in the hell was wrong with him? What she didn't know is this entire scenario this entire land. It reminded him of himself a reflection of his own past. He himself was abandoned, by those who said they cared. He was exiled, left to fend for himself in a world he didn't understand left to his own devices to survive or die. He was beaten bruised and left for dead. He knew what these people must have been going through and felt an instant connection with them.
He could tell these people were in constant danger children in such wreckage sick and dying. It-... it instilled something in him. He was a clone, that's what he kept telling himself the entire time he was on his way here. But now, the spark in his chest had ignited a fire that roared throughout his body. HE WAS SADO! Clone or not. And he'd be damned if he was going to just stand around and watch people be taken advantage of. Their living conditions were more then enough to show that they were living in constant peril. They had little more than a few more years to live if they stayed here. He could provide them shelter in his lands. The Golden Sabbath's lands-... couldn't he? He could.
As Lorelei grabbed his hand trying to rend him back he pulled her forward. He was the stronger of the two as he pulled his hand from hers. The thing about Sado, and obviously Smith by extension was he was always looking for the next person to focus on. The next person to charm, to help, to manipulate. It was the core of his being. Even if he had trouble with who he was, that was who he was. This woman could come with him and work with him or she could be left behind.

Sado would forgive himself.

I need to see why these people are living like this.

And I need to save them. You can wait, or you can help. I don't care.

His tone was hard, for the first time it was sharp. It cut through her emotions like a knife. He was authoritative, this wasn't a request it was flat out what he was going to do. He controlled himself and made his own decision. She realized for the first time Smith, nor Jack the man who's clone this was would ever "love" her. Not truly in the way she wanted him to. He had told her the first moment he met her the person he was echoed in her mind once more. "You're like me. I'm never satisfied. I've never been satisfied."
How could she have missed that it was staring her in the face since the first moment she met him. "There's a million things I haven't done. Just you wait. Just you wait." She could either be another person he cared about and would protect, or she could be nothing. She paused as she held back tears at this realization. She lifted her left forearm and brushed her cheek tamping down her own emotions. She had a very tough choice to make in this moment. Either she worked with him, or she went her own way. Smith was already too lost to the possibilities ahead of him to focus on what was behind him.

Alright. We'll save them.

She spoke her four words with a somewhat dejected tone knowing the reality of the situation. She had made her choice. Just being by his side was enough. He promised her a shop, a comfortable life back near Takinomori. All she had to do was make it through all of this. She found out rather quickly there was no middle ground for Smith, or Jack or whoever this man was. There was manic an "on mode" where he was doing everything at once, or there was depressive an "off mode" where he was doing nothing but existing. It was a hard discernment to use and an even harder judgement to make from it. How didn't she see it earlier she thought? How could she have fallen this far, and not know the true person behind the facade.

Smith began to move forward at a quick pace. Lorelei held tightly to his hand and was nearly pulled along the way as Smith ducked and weaved them through the numerous piles of refuse, bricks and mortar, and dilapidated manors that were interconnected into one massive sprawling slum. One large community of poverty. Lorelei was having trouble keeping up, this determination, this fire. She wanted to say it appalled her, but really she found it seductive. They went this way.
Smith pushed aside a door and entered into a ramshackle dwelling that seemed to be falling apart like the rest of the slum. There were two large windows covered with large stained and dirtied bed sheets to blot out the light and to keep the sickly smoke-like fog out of the building. Smith entered into the home rather abruptly and the two children almost cried out in terror. Oi, where are your parents. Where is everyone else? What's going on here, why are you all living like this?
The one girl yelled out in fear for a moment as Lorelei pushed Smith to the side rather suddenly. He wasn't expecting this and let her do it once he realized what was happening. He was frightening them they were children. They didn't understand that all he wanted to do was to help. They saw an intruder a strange man asking a slew of questions in a hurried and erratic tone. Any child would be scared to death. We're sorry.

Immediately Lorelei began to take hold of the situation using her emotional intelligence.

She frowned momentarily at Smith then smiled so sweetly at the little girl.

We don't mean to intrude but we want to help. We saw how you and your-... She looked over to the young blonde child.

Brother have been living and we want to offer our help.

The little girl sniffled hard taking in three shallow, calming breaths. The boy took several steps forward and stood next to her, no he took a step further than that. He was standing slightly in front of the little girl in a rather protective manor. Then he coughed again hard. Like earlier as a few drops of blood splashed into his hand. The young girl grabbed him holding him up as the two stood there together. It was then that Lorelei and Smith noticed the condition these children were in. They were scarred, beaten and starving.
They both seemed to have taken severe wounds, how could children so young be in such condition? Both seemed at least partially blind, the girl's left eye was glazed over and glassy while the boy's right eye was completely missing. How could they have sustained such damage? Was it from living here? Or was it from something else?
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Finally the girl began to speak. To her it seemed like she had no other option. These people weren't going to just leave and she didn't want them to hurt her or her brother. Her voice was meek, scared and fractured. Though there was a strength to it. A voice that was wise beyond it's years due to the extreme conditions that she had to survive through. She spoke for herself and her brother who seemed like either he didn't want to speak or he was unable to.

Our-... our parents aren't here. They went out to scavenge for food and supplies sometimes they go all the way to Chungsu to find stuff. We did too, until we heard you. Mama says to always avoid people. Especially the Black Ones, they're the ones who left us here to-.. to fight for ourselves. We've always lived here. Well since Mama and Papa had to flee Chungsu when the Nine Tails attacked. We were just babies then. Mama said we were so quiet and good during the attack but Bram has always been quiet.

The girl began to fidget and tug at her dress. She seemed to just be remembering stories her parents told her.

We-... we really shouldn't be talking to strangers. Papa says we can't trust anyone, anymore. Not since the world left us behind. He says no one will help us so we hafta do it ourselves. Even if that means stealin' sometimes.

The blonde boy extended his right arm grabbing the side of his sisters dress yanking at it and shaking his head no. It was as if he was telling her that she was saying too much. He never spoke a single word though. He seemed to be mute. The young girl turned to him and brushed his hand away nodding her head.

My name is Lynn. Mama and Papa should be returning soon. They always return at mid day.

It was mid day Smith thought. How could she tell. The fog made it nearly impossible for him to tell what time it was, let alone if it were day or night. Smith took a step forward doing the first thing he could think of using the diagnosis skill upon the girl. She wasn't completely blind. Her eye was degrading fast and she would be completely blind in a year or two but she still had very poor vision in the eye but there was a chance to save it but he would have to act.

Hey. I know you're not supposed to talk to strangers.

Smith's voice was so much calmer and softer now. As if he had taken a sign from Lorelei.

So how about this. My name is Smith, and she is Lorelei. Now we're not strangers.

Can I take a look at your eye? I might be able to help I might not look it but I'm a doctor.

The girl recoiled a bit at the question and his claim to be a doctor. She had spent her entire life like this. How could anyone help her? Smith began to channel healing natured chakra into the palm of his right hand as he extended it forward lifting his arm slightly as he began to kneel down. His hand began to emanate a bright golden hue, that faded to a blue tint as he nodded as if asking permission. He took a knee leaning on his left leg as he waited for the girl to give him permission. She finally nodded in acceptance as she took a single step forward. Bram seemed to grab her again as if trying to pull her back his body language was still fearful, but he still didn't speak.
Smith took his right hand and placed it over the young girls left eye for a moment moving it up to her forehead and down to her cheek in a slow deliberate motion. He channeled the healing natured chakra into the eye, cheek, head and even deep into the eye socket as he began to heal the cells of the eye itself. It seemed the retina, cornea and lens had been severely damaged many years ago and with time the eye grew and shifted putting more pressure onto the optic nerve. The retina was almost completely degraded with the lens having a large scratch along it.
As the healing chakra began to do it's job the color began to very slowly return to the eye the grey hued film covering the eye began to deteriorate as the glassiness began to fade as well. Smith took a breath in and exhaled. Lynn was obviously visibly scared but she could tell her eye was getting better as she began to see more and more as the blurry left side of her peripheral vision began to clear up. She seemed to become more trusting and more happy as this happened. It was a long process that took like five minutes of active healing but eventually the color of the iris had returned completely and with a final diagnosis skill he found that there was no more damage to the eye itself meaning the young girl should have twenty/twenty vision once again. Lynn who was originally so shy and reserved seemed to brighten up.

BRAM BRAM hold up some fingers!

She closed her other eye relying completely on her previously nearly blind eye.

Bram her brother threw up his right hand with three fingers held up.

THREE! Do it again!

He did it again this time holding up his four fingers and his thumb.


Bram shook his head and gave her a thumbs down as if she were wrong.

Braaaaam! You know the thumb is a finger!

Bram smiled at her as he too now seemed to soften up a bit more to Smith and Lorelei.

Just then there was a loud and abrupt noise as the door to the home which had been left open slightly came flying open.

We're home!

Wait who are you. Get the hell out of our, Bram, Lynn get away from them.

A man burst through the door a rather tall burly man with a bushy beard and a well built frame. He rushed toward Smith in an offensive manner. Smith knew exactly why he was doing this. He wouldn't attack back or defend only evade. This man he had every right to attack this was his home and these were his children. He probably assumed they were in danger Smith ducked his head to the side to the right slightly as the man threw a winding hail mary toward his head aiming throwing his left hand wide. You have five seconds to get-..
Lynn began to yell at her father wanting to show him how this man Smith had healed her eye and made it as good as new. Smith remained silent. Anything he said right now would just seem like an excuse. It would only stoke the flames of anger and cause the father to lash out again. Smith didn't want to hurt anyone here he still wanted to save them all.



The father turned to face the daughter mid second strike as another person entered the home a woman. The man realized that it was true. Her glazed over glossy eye had now become a pristine brown. The man fell forward toward Lynn falling to his knees in front of her. He threw his arms around his daughter and scooped her into his arms swinging her back and forth in his grasp. He was so happy to see his daughter healed. He was so happy that she could see again that she wouldn't go blind. I don't. I don't know how to thankya.
The man was literally crying now tears falling down his cheeks as the woman bent over hugging both her daughter and extending her arms out around her son and husband. They stayed that way for a few seconds as Lorelei remained silent off in the corner and Smith remained the same standing in the middle of the room a few feet away from them.

Papa, Mama.

She tried to push out of her father's embrace so she could speak.

These people said they want to help us!

Smith said he'd help me and heal my eye and he did it!

After what felt like an eternity of hugs and tears the man stood back up. He looked at Smith lowering his eyes for a moment and then looking back up at him. He seemed so sorry for assuming the worst. It had been so many years since they had met a real honest to goodness, good person. They were used to fighting for scraps and defending what they had tooth and nail. It was unfathomable for them to believe someon wanted to help.

I don't got nothing to pay ya with.

Smith nodded.

Don't worry about it. I don't want payment. I just want to save you all.

The man burst out laughing like Smith had just told the funniest joke he had ever heard.

Save us!? You want to save US!?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Boy its been nearly eight long years since someone said they wanted to save us.

Are ya sure you're all there in the head boy?

Smith nodded again this time more firm.

I said what I meant. I want to save you and everyone in this land. I know some people who can help you and everyone here. They have resources. They have food. They have ryo. They have land. They have everything you could ever want or need and I know for a fact that they would be happy to take you all in not as refugees or scavengers-... but as family. It's a long journey away but I've been thinking about it.

The woman spoke up finally. She seemed more serious and sensible then everyone else.

How'ya goin' get nearly a hundred people to a far away land?

Your ideology is nice and all but we look out for ourselves here.

Smith nodded again this time he mimicked the serious tone and seemed just as sensible as the woman.

No, no I know how to get you there. Like I said I've been thinking about it in the back of my head since I entered this place. I can get all of you there safely and quickly. I just need you and your husband to gather up everyone who wants to go. I promise you if you trust me you won't regret it. I know how you feel trust me I know more than anyone else possibly could. You feel like outcasts, like the world left you behind. Why should you try to forge new bonds with new people when they're only going to break them and leave you for dead. I know because I was there before. You feel like exiles, abandoned and left to rot. I know because I've felt that way for years, many many years. Then I found these people. They showed me that I didn't have to be an exile. I didn't have to be a bastard, orphan, whoreson. I could have a family. I could have friends I could have everything I've ever wanted and all I'd have to do for it is protect it.

Smith spoke with conviction no it was more than just mere conviction it was outright honesty. This was a man that knew what he was saying was the honest truth. He knew he could find housing for these people. He could find a better life for them. No more scavenging no more living in destitution and poverty and squalor. All they needed to do was believe him and reach out and take his hand. He wanted this. He needed this. The next big thing to build.

Well assume I speak to the others. What makes you think they'll want to leave? This is our home.

Why do you think we've stayed for so long? This is all we know.

Smith began to speak from the heart once more. The tension and feelings were palpable.

A home-... a home is not a building it is much more than four walls and a roof. It isn't just a mere settlement. A home is made up of the people you surround yourself with. It's the love you create and share alongside the many other emotions and memories you build up with those people. Your children, your elderly, your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers those are your home. No matter where you and those people are that is your home. These lands are unsafe knowing the callous nature of shinobi they already have descended upon these lands like vultures picking clean any remains. Safety is not losing your life to a fool hearted cause complacency is exactly that. There you'll have food and fresh water, you'll have the ones you love near, a warm bed, and people to talk to and most of all you need not worry about losing your life in squalor and filth. I'm also not done healing your people. I said I wanted to save you all and I will.

Because when you’re living on your knees, you rise up. Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up! Tell your sister that she's gotta rise up! When are your people gonna rise up. We all need to wise up. Lift our eyes up. It's time to take a shot. Are we all bound to the same fate what’s the state of that fate? I’m past patiently waiting. I’m passionately smashing every expectation. Every action’s an act of creation and soon we'll be laughing in the face of the time we thought we could borrow. For the first time, I’m thinking past tomorrow. Your son why doesn't he speak?

Again the man, the father spoke up now.

His throat was slit when he was a babe. It was during the Razing of Chungsu. He hasn't been able to speak ever.

Smith looked to the man as he spoke then back to the woman as he formed his plan.

How about this. Mam, you go rally your people, sir you stay with me. I want to help your son.

The woman nodded and so did the man.

I'll try.

Smith took a step forward toward Bram and began to perform the diagnosis skill. His sister Lynn was fascinated. She was the first person he had healed. It was amazing someone so kind, so heroic so nice and caring. These people hadn't seen a person like that-... well ever. The last big event they dealt with was the Razing of Chungsu. Then they've lived here off the land since scavenging for food, objects to sell. The woman left abruptly she began to run about the wastelands gathering up anyone who would listen to her. She explained what was going on everything Smith had done up til this point and what he said he would do for them. It was hard to convince them but a lot of people just wanted something to believe in so they followed. She repeated to them what Smith told to her.
Smith was performing the diagnosis skill when he realized what was wrong. The vocal cords had been severed when he was a baby. So as he grew up the boy's vocal cords grew scar tissue to try and make up for the broken cords. They tried to mend themselves but they never could. So Smith would heal them. He extended his right hand out holding it in front of the boy's throat. The father stepped up next to his son as the light blue healing chakra began to emanate around Smith's hand.
As he gently touched the boy's throat there would be a warmth that radiated down the throat and toward the stomach and lungs as it also swelled upward toward the mouth and nose. It took about twenty minutes. This was the first time Smith had healed the vocal cords or anything relating to speech.

You said you could help him.

The man snipped toward Smith. I am.

As he said that the boy began to make a noise with his throat and mouth. It was low and harsh but it was audible.


Smith shook his head no as if telling the boy not to strain himself.

He tried to force the healing chakra deeper into the body.

After a few more moments Smith nodded as if signalling him to try again.


The boy said a word and his father had a similar reaction as he did when he learned his daughter was healed. By this point the woman had gathered a large group of people who were standing outside of the large manor. The crowd was ranting and raving about the promises the woman made. Smith, Lorelei, Bram, Lynn and the man walked outside to meet the woman again. The father, Bram and Lynn seemed to be the happiest they had ever been.

Well I brought them.

Smith grinned.

You're all here because you want something better. I can offer you that. A real home. A community that will welcome you with open arms. All you have to do is trust me. Now to transport you all is going to be a bit tricky. BUT! I'm a very tricky person. You see I can summon snakes, and a hut that's much bigger on the inside then the outside. What I'm going to do is summon a giant snake and place the hut upon his back. Everyone is going to climb inside and alongside a proxy you're going to go to my lands. There you'll be met by a man named Jack, a woman named Fu and another woman named Korra. They will handle everything from there.

There were about seventy five people. Smith could house them easily. He summoned a massive three headed snake like he said he was going to. Some people were surprised but he did explain flat out everything that was going to happen as to not overly frighten anyone. Then a moment after that he summoned a relatively normal sized hut. That was until a few of the people including the family he had been helping since he arrived took a look inside of it. It was massive on the inside. He didn't cause any damage to himself when doing this, his cloak like the one of his creator was already soaked in dried blood so he didn't need to provide a blood sacrifice for these summoning techniques it had already been done for him by his creator when he was formed with a
A large advanced laboratory that could house them all semi-comfortably. Smith quickly removed all the shit he didn't need in there sealing it away in his scroll leaving a vast open space with no equipment or herbs or medicines.. He then nodded and then the group and the family began to shuffle into the hut. He took a pill and then formed another shadow clone who jumped atop the massive snake directing it on where to go. Once everyone was in they took off in the direction of Takinomori at an incredibly rushed pace.

Everything I've used in this mission:

( Iryō Ninjutsu: Shōsen Jutsu ) - Medical Technique: Mystic Palm Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A (2x the amount of damage healed)
Damage: N/A
Description: This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by focusing chakra onto their hands, forming an aura of greenish chakra which he then sends into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it very useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury. This requires a great amount of chakra control. Because of this, only a few highly skilled medical-nin are able to use this technique. The limitation of the technique is that it cannot regrow missing body parts or remove with poisons or toxins, though it can heal damage by them. Additionally, perhaps its more severe drawback is the chakra cost, which is much higher than any other medical technique. For each damage point the user of the technique wishes to heal, he needs to spend twice as much chakra. Basically, for x amount of damage the user needs to spend 2x amount of chakra to repair/heal. The user can also use this technique on himself and it can be used with one hand or two and even in two targets at a time or while using another technique with the other hand. The speed of the healing is fast but not instant.
Note: Can be used on up to 2 targets.
Note: Can only be used by Medical Ninja.

(Kuchiyose no Jutsu: San Kashira Ebi) - Summoning Technique: Three Headed Snakes
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will summon a generic, 70 meter long Three Headed Giant Snake. These snakes vary in appearance and size and serve only as basic warriors, having only the normal characteristics of snakes. Although they are quite simple snakes, they are very enduring and resistant and they can take up to B-Rank damage.

Note: requires snake contract.
Note: can only be summoned once

( Kuchiyose No Jutsu: Eisei Yougu ) - Summoning Technique: Medical tools
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: N/A
Chakra cost: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: The medical shinobi bites his thumb and draws his Medical Kanji on the Medical scroll underneath the symbol of the tool he desires to summon.
Note: This can only be used by Medical Shinobi.:

研究所 - a small hut. Into the walls of that house, parts of Nexus' eyes DNA have been inserted, so now it mixes Time And Relative Dimensions In Space , creating an effect of being larger on the inside then it is on the outside. Inside is an advanced laboratory with everything needed to create antidotes and medicines.
(Heishi Piru) Soldier Pills
Type: Supplementary
Description and Background:Soldier pills are a more combat aimed variation of the military ration pill. Upon ingesting the pill, your chakra supply doubles, but burns at a greatly accelerated rate due to the "pressure" involved. Upon ingesting the pill, any ninjutsu you use gains +15 damage and any taijutsu gains +10 for 4 turns. Upon expiration of the effects you must use an extra 10 chakra for every technique afterwards for 5 turns with no enhanced effects due to the fatigue setting in meaning you have to force your techniques more, and thereby adding to the toll it takes on your body. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use in combat and are essentially black small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach, made off of various ingredients and medicinal herbs as well as stimulants. Can only be given out to up to 4 times, excluding the user's use.
Description of Side Effects:
-Upon using a second pill in a conflict the additional chakra cost after expiry rises to +30 until healed
-Upon taking a third pill, the medical ninja will suffer cardiac arrest upon expiry of the pill.
-Costs a move per turn to use.

(Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) - Shadow Clone Technique
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20 (total chakra is divided by the final number of clones plus the user)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The Kage Bunshin distributes the ninja's chakra evenly among the clones and himself and creates a real copy with form and substance. The clones, a max number of 4, are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after hit by a strong enough force, returning 10% of its individual chakra to the user. Shadow clones can't be distinguished from the original with Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan or normal Chakra Sensing. The clone itself can also utilize any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clone finally disperses, any new knowledge it has gained is passed back to the original ninja and any additional clones.

Smith's senjutsu chakra:
79 - 40 ( SM / Missed turns ) = 39
39 - 39 ( Mystic Palm ) = 0

Smith's regular chakra:
950 - 30 ( Three-Headed Snake ) = 920
920 - 20 ( Medical Tools ) = 900
900 x2 ( Soldier Pill ) = 1800
1800 - 20 ( Shadow Clone ) = 1780
1780 / 2 ( Shadow Clone ) = 890

Second clone's chakra:

Clone and NPC ELM from LM | Second clone and NPCs excluding Lorelei LLM
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Aug 17, 2010
After everything that happened and the fact that the people were sent off to safety Smith and Lorelei prepared to move on.

The walked through the nearly deserted slum now taking in the area one final time making their way deeper.

Clone and NPC LLM


Mar 2, 2012

This post marks the start of my mission involving the following storyboard elements:
- Sneak into the monastery without alerting any of the zombies (5)
- Investigate the necromancers inside the monastery (4)
- Fight your way out of the Ruins of Chungsu without using your Ninjutsu (S-Rank, 5)

After arriving in Qindong, Kazumi moves to investigate these rumours. As she heads to the edge of the landmark she feels an unease as something seems to turn the land cold, and all the animals have disappeared. Exploring through the Ruins of Chungsu, Kazumi spots a shambling wandering Zombie, one that seemed to be too far from the center of town. Gathering information about it, she tracks its footsteps back towards the location of where it was raised from. In that town, she finds a slightly open sarcophagus surrounded by many Zombies. Sneaking in, she finds that it leads to apssage below the ruins, and finds herself in a chamber confronted by the summoning ritual. Sketching down in a notepad, she accidentally alerts the zombies as they come chasing after her like a horde of dogs, and she has to make her escape.

Kazumi had reached the edge of the land, where she found a quiet secluded spot to look down on the Ruins of Chungsu in the distance. She could feel something strange in the air, there was something off about that place, as if there was something foul, something stirring in that place that should be kept to rest. Checking all her provisions she was startled by a flock of birds suddenly flapping upwards from a tree in front of her as the flew over her head. She almost dropped her ink brush but luckily caught it at the last second. This was starting to give her nerves. She could be fine fighting 100 men, and not even be scared. But facing the unknown, not knowing what might actually be going on, is what frightened her. Setting off leaping from tree to tree, she moved forwards into the Lands.



Jan 24, 2013
Arriving from Cheopo [SUP]( )[/SUP].​

Shayde sped through Qindong, from the luscious verdant fields to the slightly more alarming state of the upscale housing, and surrounding slums, and lack of inhabitants therein. Had the events of Chungsu already spread as far as here, forcing people to flee, or was there something else afoot here...? It didn't matter, for there was no enemy to fight here, despite the apparent mystery of everyone being absent. Still, Shayde kept hsi eye on the horizon, as he was about to reach his final destination; Chungsu.

Leaving Landmark, heading to the Ruins of Chungsu [SUP]( )[/SUP].​


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Jul 17, 2012

As Trunks enters the next land, he instantly begins looking for his phone so that he can get the information to his clanmates as quickly as possible. Searching frantically, it is no where to be seen. Rationalizing that it must have bounced out in the zombie infested land from before, Trunks doubles back to try and find it.



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Dec 14, 2011

Aurelius arrives and doubles down on his pace, moving towards one of the central areas of the mess.

LLM to Ruins of Chungsu (01)


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Apr 29, 2009
Coming from here.

Isoka kept it moving while playing a song from his Pip-Boy to keep himself motivated on the long journey.

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Aug 16, 2008
Arriving from: https://animebase.me/threads/shaohai-025.755842/#post-21888715

As Kurama entered the densely fogged forests of Qindong as she continued to head southwest, she started to get flashbacks of her home in the forest...but this was not that forest. To her this area...was a travesty, once inhabited by the lowest of men, and soon after....mysteriously disappearing. But this would not be the case for Kurama. She knew the mainland too well to disappear permanently unlike those unfortunate souls....she would reach her 'home' soon enough.

Leaving Landmark


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Mar 12, 2014
Coming from [x]

Moving into the next landmark, Ozymandias felt intense repugnance at the state of the land. As quickly as possible, he surged the Prana circulating throughout his body, entering the Throne in a flash of golden light, and leaving no trace of his presence. He felt as if he should immediately remove all his clothing, for it had been dirtied by the air's sour state. His expression now more stern, Ozymandias continues on his way.

Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: A-S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 30-40
Damage Points: N/A
Description: Considered the sibling of the Era of Gods and Dynasty of Kings, the Majesty of the Pendragon involves surging a large amount of Prana throughout the user’s body in order to enter the Throne. Their body, and everything on their person, will disappear instantly in a flash of light reflecting the color of their Prana. The user will then reappear amidst another flash of light at a location of their choosing; despite its nature, this process takes a few moments. Reappearing is accompanied by a crackling sound, creating both an audible and visual queue. This is enabled by the fact that the ethereal energy constantly exists within their chakra systems. Twice per battle the user can utilize a stronger version of this ability to prolong their stay in the Throne. This allows them to exist within the alternate dimension as Prana, which effectively places their body in a stasis. This halts blood loss, the propagation of poisons, the duration of active techniques/abilities, and any other aliments or conditions. This will happen for as long as the user is within the Throne. The user can only remain there for a maximum of four turns per usage. As long as the user re-appears on the battlefield on in the same landmark, then using this technique will not count toward escaping battle. If the user opts to re-appear in a different landmark then they will effectively forfeit the battle and the event. This only applies if the user utilizes Majesty while engaged in battle and not travel purposes. The first application, considered A-Rank, can only be used once every four turns. It can also only be used four times per battle. The second application, considered S-Rank, can only be used twice per battle and operates on the same cooldown as the A-Rank version. S-Rank applications render the user unable to use S-Rank or higher Prana for the next turn, if the user remains in the Throne for longer than a turn.