[Sign-Ups] Proud to host, Flavour: TBA #20


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May 15, 2019
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Host: @Rej
Coach/Mentor: @AL_sama
Type: Role Madness
Theme: TBA

Hello dear AB mafia community and welcome to my sign up thread. I am about to host my first game and I am excited for that one! I carefully drafted a setup that has been screened and hopefully fulfills your joy! Please respect that I am a new host (or about to be), but I will give my everything to be a fair and good host. So the better your activity and your motivation, the better for the game, motivated newer players will ofcourse get a good treatment in this game.

So guys, please fill up the sign ups, let's have a fun time! Subs are welcome too! Game will start shortly after filling the sign ups!

  1. @All_Red
  2. @SoulKiller
  3. @TheLukundo
  4. @Ansatsuken
  5. @Naomi_Rose
  6. @Kyte_
  7. @PaperBoiKonan
  8. @Michelle
  9. @Houtarou
  10. @Konno
  11. @Thestatusquo
  12. @Corazon
  13. @Alice in Noodleland
  1. @Sagebee
Rules and Game Information:
Cycle length: 72 hours! (48 hours day and 24 hours night)
Post requirement: 5 contributive posts per cycle!
Given Informations: No information beforehand (Closed Setup), BTSC (Behind the scenes chatting) is prohibited!
Ingame Informations: You are allowed to share informations regarding abilities and roles during the game! So claim wisely!
Lynchform: Plurality - The player with the most votes on them will be lynched!

Mafia is a game about an uninformed majority facing an opposing informed minority in a blood bath.
General Mafia Rules apply: https://animebase.me/threads/animebase-mafia-game-overview-and-rules-must-read.764463/
Stay friendly and respectful to each other, love and peace guys <3
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