Motoi Drylands (116)


Oct 1, 2010
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Motoi Drylands

Some forest can be found in the Motoi Drylands, but the temperate area is mostly dominated by rolling hills of dry grassland, with intermittent ridges and rock formations. The inhabitants of the Motoi Drylands are concentrated mostly small, rural communities. An abandoned Uchiha compound can be found here, much of it having been destroyed by fire. At the edge of the landmark is the shore line which consist of multiple houses and a large sea port made entirely of wood that was created for the inhabitants.
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Apr 25, 2011
Coming from here

After traveling for some time Korra and Serperior would arrive in the new land. They would be going through the forest before it stopped and they were in an almost endless grassland. Korra and Serperior stop to rest for a bit before exploring more. Korra would have Serperior unmerge from her body so that he could sense the land while they rest.

Serperior what are we looking at here?

Korra-sama most of this is grassland with hills, some small communities due to the movement I am detecting, an abandoned outpost and like Fu said the ocean line.

Alright, lets head to the shoreline and create a port ourselves and then Fu or someone else can deal with the other stuff.

Korra would than have Serperior merge again back into her body as they go straight to the shoreline as they skip through small communities. As they arrive they would see almost no ports of sorts. Korra knowing Fu said they needed a way to get more food and a port of sorts would think this would be a perfect time to use Woody again. Korra would than bit her thumb and weave some hand signs and slam her hands on the ground. She would summon her trusted Wood Snake on the shorline so that he could help build some ports as Serperior notice that some near by villagers would be watching them from a distance.

(Kuchiyose: Hiraishin Mokuton Hebi) ~ Flying Wood Snake
Type: Attack/Defence
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short/Mid/Long
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: N/A
Description: Orochimaru fused the cells of hashirama senju, as well as the dna of Pein's giant bird summon, into the genes of Manda. The snake is half the size of Manda with wood platelets for scales. It has the ability to use Wood jutsus. And it has wings allowing it to fly. Given its size, it is able to fly with the added weight of 3 people, of Orochimaru's build.
~Wood jutsus require the use of said jutsu, and count toward the maximum 3 jutsus per turn as per Rei's R&R
~Can only be summoned once per battle
~The snake flies at the speed of Pein's giant bird
~The snake can only stay on the field for 5 turns
~Can only be summoned by someone who knows wood, or Snakes

Hey Woody long time no see!

Korra-sama did you call me again to help build more stuff for the White Lotus.

Yes pretty please! If you do you can go into the ocean right here and get you some food!

Woody looks over to the ocean to see whales swimming by.

Alright looks like you are giving me a decent buffet. What do you need?

I need some houses and a few ports that's all!

Korra and Serpeior watch as Woody would uses his chakra and create ports for ships that run along the shoreline using wood release. The wood would form from the water and shore and create bridges that go along so multiple ships can be docked at once. Once those are finished Woody would than create multiple houses on the shoreling and on some bridges so that they can be used as shops.

(Mokuton: Kyousei Mokuzai No Jutsu) Wood Release: Greater Wood Technique
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user focuses and molds his chakra, using it to create Wood structures, Pillars, Trees, etc to defend, attack or support him. The Wood can be created from the users body or from earth sources and its limitations are only set by the users own imagination and the chakra put into the technique.

(Mokuton: Renchūka no Jutsu) - Wood Release: Serial Pillar Houses Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique is a larger scaled version of the Wood Release: Four Pillars House Technique. Instead of creating a single house, Yamato creates multiple houses at once. It appears to exhaust him rather quickly, and as a result the user may only perform B rank and below wood element the following turn. This technique can be used to for multiple homes or as a defence.

Will that work Korra-sama?

Yes it will go eat now Woody!

Woody would than slither into the ocean and create a giant slapsh as Serperior would sense some close by villagers start coming towards them. Korra watches as Woody binds and eats several whales before he gets full and disperses causing a giant poof of smoke in the ocean. After that happens Korra is approach by some villagers asking why did see creatte ports and sorts. Korra owuld explain to them that they are for her clan and that her clan would like to add this landmark to their terroirty. Some of the villagers started looking worried about some ninja clan taking over. Korra would assure them they will not doing anything to them and in return for the White Lotus taking this land they can have the port as long as they help provide food back to Taki. After a few of them discuss they would agree to her terms as which Korra mission would be finished as they now have a shoreline landmark. Korra would give them a map that leads them to Taki and explained to them about getting through the waterfall. Korra and Serperior would than start leaving as the villagers would start taking up houses and using the ports,

Lets go home now!

Leaving LM and heading to 117
Chakra: 2000 - 40 = 1960
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