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Oct 1, 2010
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Home to the westernmost of the Five Forts, Kokkyō also hosts a rather sizeable lake, is dominated by heavy forestation and populated by smaller villages, spread across the area in a decentralized fashion. A battle between an unknown number of ninja took place at the fort itself near the area’s northern edge not long after the Razing of Chungsu, one that reduced most of the large metal fortification to rubble. Only ruins remain, though a few of its towers and small sections of its walls still stand. Tunnels run beneath the fort, connecting it to its brother in the West, but most have collapsed under the weight of the crumbling fortress.
Aug 17, 2010
The two mercants continued toward Keishi.

They told their story and collected some gold. It was much less than last time.

We really need to make the story bigger.

How we're basically calling Takauji a god, and Sado a demon.

What do we have left?

The woman.

What do you mean?

She needs to be like an angel from heaven. A perfect soul.

A voice for her people and a savoir for Sado's.

Alright fine. We'll fix the story before we get to Keishi.

But I think making her perfect dehumanizes her.

And calling Takauji a god, and Sado a demon doesn't dehumanize them?

Well that's different. Sado is dead anyway.

The story continued to spread throughout the lands as more people began sharing the story.

NPCS ELM from 122 | LLM
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Nov 29, 2011
This post marks the beginning of my mission and narrative using these storyboard elements:
-Explore the village
-Help someone in need
-Figure out if there are any other Noldor still alive
-Restore the knowledge of Tirisfal the Library of the Guardian and the Noldor


It has been several years since the world had known of the ancient kingdom of Lothlorien and Gondolin, both kingdoms reigning over vast areas for decades. The Noldor had disappeared many years ago, the world having plunged into chaos. The trees of the forest were enormous, the branches covering the skies above, only allowing for few rays of sunlight to reach the ground, the tree trunks sometimes larger than houses. The leaves above allowed for natural cover from rain, heat and snow depending on the time of year. The people living in the trees had built their homes between them and made bridges and platforms allowing for them to stay off the ground. If someone was to pass through the forest without knowing of its people and never looking up, they would never be noticed.

It was on a cold autumn afternoon, when Medivh awoke from a deep slumber, he had stayed hidden in the trees, having made friends with many in the village. The people allowed him to stay there, as he had placed himself in exile after the events that had led to the fall of the Noldor.

Medivh sat up from the bed, made of twigs and covered in leaves and thick wool blankets. As his feet touched the wooden floor, he could feel it creaking beneath his toes. He heard the people outside working and running around doing their daily duties, he stood up walking over to a small bowl filled with water, washing his face and hair, looking into the mirror fixated on the wall, he could see the grey hairs slowing taking over his one’s thick brown hair, and his blue eyes had begun to fade, not retaining their strong sea blue color. He could feel his body had grown older, his muscles and joints were not as strong as they used to be.

He quickly got into his old attire, brown pants, an old leather belt with a fine golden piece in its center, his old worn out white shirt and his thick leather boots with fur covering the inside. Placing on his wrist guards and his old necklace given to him by his mother, he walked up to the door before taking on his cloak, covering him from top to bottom.

As he opened the door, the light shined down between the branches and onto the platform outside, the people cutting smaller branches and twigs to make baskets, and fences to make sure their kids wouldn’t fall off the edge. He could see the baker down the walkway making his daily route, handing out bread, baguettes, rolls and other delightful baked goods. As Medivh made his way down the walkway in the other direction, several kids ran past him, giggling and enjoying life, they were playing tag. He walked past the local hairdresser, he could see inside as the people were getting the newest fashion known to them. He could see the small pond nearby, and he could see the local fisherman sitting on the grass fishing. It was a small village filled with joy, and usually he would wake up together with the rest of the people, to the sound of the bells from the church. Below the walkways, the farmers were riding out with their carriages, filled with tools and equipment to begin continuing their work on the fields, and it was at this moment as he looked down while walking that he was completely oblivious to his surroundings.

He stumbled into another person rolling onto the walkway, he felt a pain in his chest as an elbow was pinning him down, and as he opened his eyes, he was met by a pair of leaf green eyes and blond hair. It was the local librarian, Abigail, she had helped Medivh before giving him many new and old books to read, passing his time, and they had shared many moments together with the local people. He had helped in the fields, he had fished with the fisherman and learned how to bake. During the local festival just a few weeks ago, he had been drinking quite a lot, danced line dance and slow dance with Abigail. She was an intriguing and intelligent woman. It was probably one of the first times in many years that he had felt happy.

Medivh quickly sat up, helping Abigail up as well, picking up the books and decided to help her bring them back to the library.

“I apologize for being so clumsy, I was just enjoying the view.”

“Don’t worry about it, I was just on my way back with the books, care to join me?”

“Of course, I will help you return them… so how has your day been so far?” Medivh responded, not quite sure how to make conversation with her now.

“Well, my day has been quite uneventful, just collecting books from the people, though I did have some trouble with old Arnall Swail… he claimed that he had borrowed the book for a longer time, had to get rough with him.” Abigail giggled, as she looked up at Medivh, walking together down the walkway towards the library.

“Ah… yea he is old and a bit senile. It’s good you put him in his place.” He responded with a smile.
They continued to walk together for a while longer in silence, he wasn’t sure exactly what to say or ask, but it wasn’t long before they reached the library.

“Thanks for helping me carry them here, it was nice having some company.” She smiled as she took the books from him.

“Your welcome Abigail, I hope you have an enjoyable day.” Medivh responded, as he turned around and began to walk away, his mind wandering, thinking to himself how stupid and unknowing he was. Though he knew he must leave the village today, he couldn’t stay in hiding forever, he had to find his people, he had to restore the kingdom and the lost knowledge of Tirisfal.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his arm, he turned around to find Abigail having grabbed him, she looked up at him with those stunning green eyes.

“Medivh… I was thinking… since the festival when we had such a good time, and… and we dance… perhaps you wanted to maybe come and eat dinner at my place tonight?”

She looked so lost, but hopeful as she looked up at him with her eyes filled with doubt. Medivh could feel his chest get heavy, he knew that he liked her, but at the same time he knew he couldn’t stay and make a life for himself, there were things to be done in this world, he did not want to break her heart, but it seemed to be the only way.

“Listen Abigail… I like you a lot, but… I can’t stay, I have to leave, I have to find my people and restore the library… you of anyone must understand how important that is to…”

She looked at him with her sad eyes, she had known about his plans to leave for a long time, she had just hoped that perhaps he would change his mind, but she would not stand in his way.

“I understand.”

She just stood still, looking at the ground not knowing what she should do, when Medivh lifted her chin with his fingers, looking at her with a smile.

“You will always have a special place in my heart, and I will write letters to you every chance I can, and when I have restored the library, you can come and see its glory for yourself and delve into its wonders together with me.”

She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“That sounds lovely, promise me you will write to me and keep me updated.”

“I promise.”

Medivh smiled as he hugged her for the last time, he could fell her warmth and her heart beating fast, this would be the last time they would see each other in a long time. As he let go, he took off his necklace and placed it in her hand, a token to remember him by.

He turned and jumped over the railing, landing gracefully on the ground below. He quickly jumped onto a wagon together with one of the farmers, catching a ride towards the fields. He waved back at her until he couldn’t see her anymore.

As they continued through the forest, he pulled out a map of the world, with markings of all the places he had been long ago, he had forgotten so much, but he had marked where all the ancient Noldor encampments were and the ancient citadel of Tirisfal, Gondolin and Lothlorien. He did not know where to start or what to do, he had so much to do and so much on his mind. He continued to travel on the wagon for a while. He noticed a small red cross placed on the map in this area, something he had forgotten, apparently there used to be a Noldor encampment long ago. Perhaps this could give him some answers to his questions.

It was nearby, he jumped off the wagon, thanking the farmer for the ride before venturing into the forest, the bushes and plants covering the area, making it difficult to move forward fast. However, within a short time he had reached a large clearing in the forest, a massive rock stood in its center, gigantic, larger than the trees and most likely had the circumference like 6 trees combined. Approaching it, he quickly found a massive opening in the rock, leading down into the ground below.

As he ventured down into he darkness, he even with his elvish eyes and hearing, he had trouble finding his way, this was older than any other place he had seen before. He managed to go down the stairs, picking up a torch, lighting it, allowing him to see more easily, and as he continued he found several torches on the way, lighting them on the way down.

Reaching the end of the stairs he found himself in a large hall, with four massive pillars holding up the ceiling above. On the sides of the walls there were old banners, banners symbolizing the different houses in the elvish kingdom, some of them he did not recognize, some of them he had known before their line ended. At the center of the hall, a massive round stone table stood, with ten stone chairs placed around it, each with a symbol of each their own family crest, except for two of them. One of them has the symbol of the guardian on it, while the other had the symbol of the king on it. This was not just an outpost, this most likely used to be a meeting place for the elvish high council back in the day. The entire table was a massive map of the world, except it was outdated, he could see some changes had to be made. He made his way around the hall, finding massive bookshelves, filled with old parchment and books, the dust covering them entirely. He found an ancient book, pulling it from its shelve, he placed it on the table and sat down in one of the stone chairs, opening it slowly, he found that it contained knowledge and the history of the clan, as well as many other useful information. He dug into it and continued to read for many hours onward.

After several hours of studying and reading in this dusty old book, he found an interesting page. The page in question, described how the elves had traveled throughout the world and made several small villages, encampments and towns. More specifically it explained some of the story that he had questioned, what had happened after he left into exile and what happened to the Noldor. This sanctum where they would normally meet, it had not been used in ages. However there was mention of an ancient Fortress known as Nargothrond. It explained how this fortress were similar to how the dwarves used to make their cities, building them underground. Nargothrond was said to have many miles of caves and tunnels of various shapes and sizes carved through the rock, which was possibly limestone. There were three Great Halls centered around the other tunnels and caves, where the Lord of the city no doubt sat. The deepest of the caves was the Innermost Chamber where the treasures of the Noldor were stored. More importantly this book, told Medivh exactly where to go, to find this ancient fortress long lost. He placed the book in his satchel, and as he left the place, he extinguished the torches and as he walked out of the underground sanctum, he placed a large rock in front of the entrance blocking the vision of it before leaving on his journey.

- Leaving Landmark towards landmark 43 -

- Coming from Landmark 122 -

Medivh had traversed the landscape, making his way through the forests, with little to no daylight coming through the branches above. The rocks, bushes and the thick forestation found on the bottom of the forest made it difficult for him to travel unnoticed. Having hidden his elven blades beneath his robes, and the satchel on his back as well as his hood hiding his presence, he continued on. Finding a wooden branch he could use as a walking stick, he continued onwards.

As he made his way through the lands, he witnessed the ruins of Kokkyō, the rubble and the metal were spread across the landscape, a vast battle had taken place here most likely. However Medivh had no memory of this. Continuing onward, paying no attention to the ruins of the fortress, he came across a large lake. Deciding to take a break, he walked down the hill to the lake and sat down by the side of it. Here he sat for an hour or so, just relaxing and eating some lembas bread, bread made in a unique elvish manner, quite delicious. After finishing his meal and waiting about an hour, he thought it would be refreshing to take a dive in the lake. Quickly undressing down to his trousers, he jumped into the water, and swam around cooling down, just floating around in it like a corpse. A rather odd thought came into his mind, so why not try it, he breathed in as much as he could and just dived straight down, he wanted to see if he could reach the bottom and return back without loosing his breath. Diving down into the dark depths of the lake, the light quickly faded into black, however his elvish eyes were able to see in the dark rather easily. He thought the darkness and the lake would be more pleasant, but the darkness and the unknown, and the nothing was actually creeping him out, not because of the cold water or him being afraid of the animals in the water really, it was all his imagination running wild, so rather than reaching the bottom his mind sort of panicked and before long he found himself reaching the surface of the water. Breathing in heavily he swam to the shore, to find his clothe and get dressed.

After a refreshing dive, he gathered his things and continued onwards into the forests towards his destination, there were really not much to see, he avoided the villages and anything man made, he wanted to go unnoticed.

- Leaving Landmark towards 41 -
Jan 24, 2013
Arriving from Saruhan [SUP](122)[/SUP].​

As Shayde came to the edge of the forest, and continued on foot in a more leisurely fashion, he soon came across a small Village, one that had cropped up in the years following the Razing of Chungsu, as the nearby Fort had fallen, leaving many homeless, much like the effect the Razing had on Chungsu itself, displacing countless people to the rest of the Freehold. As he passed through many hungry faces begged for food, or money, but Shayde had none to give. He explained that he was in the exact same position they were, that he had lost everything in the Razing, and had been suffering ever since because of it. One small, precocious child called out over the cries and throws of the veritable mob that was forming, insulting Shayde for his lack of, well, anything really in his pockets. No loose coins, no coin purse to cut from his belt, nor a wallet hidden well within his coat pockets, no little trinkets. Not even any lint. Shayde was, undeniably, a complete failure as a mark. The rest of the people that had gathered probably took the nimble fingered child's words as gospel, as they all comedically sighed aloud, and dispersed, though one man offered to share what little food he had. Shayde politely refused however, explaining he had quite a lot of "fiber" recently, so he was pretty full... The man asked again, but Shayde insisted that he was fine, and he should save it for the people who really needed it. With a polite nod, and a smile, Shayde continued on his way.

Passing past the former Fort of Kokkyō, Shayde was beginning to get a clearer picture of the ripple effects that occurred after the Razing. He had spent so long only concerned with his life, and his survival, and his problems that it never occurred to him that other people were hit just as hard. Then again, no one else, most likely, had a sentient mass of all-devouring flesh attached to them, so his selfishness was, at least partially, justifiable... Looking out over what lay ahead of him, Shayde realized that he wasn't too far from the city of Keishi. It seemed like as good a place as any to get back in sync with the beating heart of the hemorrhaging freehold. To catch up on the latest news, and maybe, just maybe, hear about any movements from the Uchiha or Uzumaki, or one Uchiha and Uzumaki in particular...

Leaving Landmark, heading to Zhouhua [SUP](41)[/SUP].
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Aug 28, 2018
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
Fight an individual of comparable strength (3)
Convince a assassin to give up their employer (3)
Defend your employer from the assassin (2)

Summary: Kenichi's next stop is the meet up with a man name Yanai Kiyonobu, a prestigious weapons artisan from the Land of Fire. Word has it that someone has put a bounty on his head after he agreed to supply weapons to an opposing Clan in the area. Stop the assassin should he show up and if you can, find out who put a bounty on Kiyonobu's head.

Coming from Gyerseong (040).
Having healed from the wound caused by the boar attack, Kenichi prepared himself for his next mission. He had fully rested from his travels and the campsite around him served as both his resting spot and rendezvous point to meet the man for his next mission. Yanai Kiyonobu, a name he recognized only through the etchings in display weaponry. Kiyonobu supplied fine shinobi weapons across the Land of Fire. His work was undoubtedly one of the best. An unbiased man with a pride for his work greater than his life, it was no surprise that he had run into trouble for making his weapons obtainable by anyone who came to him. Two small family Clans had been at each other's throats for some time, and being the man of pride that Yanai was, he had sold weapons to both houses. That decision was now turning to bite at his own throat.

Yanai had received several death threats over the past month, and one attempt that had luckily failed. It was assumed that the assassin would be tailing him again, trying to find a time and place where he might fulfill his duty. Kenichi's mission was to stop the assassin and find out which of the two houses had employed them. It was delicate. Any slip up and Yanai could be killed and Kenichi couldn't kill the assassin without first obtaining the information that he needed.

As the sun peeked in the sky, Kenichi heard the footsteps of a figure in the path beyond. Out of habit he reached for his kunai pouch, but the movements seem paced slowly and haphazard. A burly man walked through, swatting at the bushed that brushed his face. Annoyance colored through his thick beard. The Genin stood, his long hair flowing down. "Yanai Kiyonobu?" His voice called out to the rather robust man whose eyes shot up in response.

"Aye. Bit of a poor place to meet don't you think?" he paused, wrapping his oversized arms over his chest. His fingertips were muddied and scared from years of hard labor and he had the muscle to prove it. "Couldn't of met at a bar or something?" Yanai huffed, reaching for a flask and taking a large gulp.

Kenichi frowned. He didn't seem to be taking the death threats with much seriousness. "I will be following closely. Make your normal route to Xuanguan. Should the assassin show himself I'll be within range." Yanai shrugged, taking another sip of from his flask and then wiping the drops from his beard. The Hyuuga jumped to the trees, concealing himself far enough that he could see Yanai from the road but hidden well enough that he would not be spotted. Atop a branch he formed the necessary handseals, a small veil of wind chakra surrounding him and concealing his presence even further. Kenichi watched closely as Yanai began to trudge forward, following closely as they traveled through Kokkyō.

(Chakra Yokuatsu no Jutsu) - Chakra Suppression Technique
Rank: C
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 15 (-5 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This ability allows the user to suppress their chakra to the point that it is completely undetectable. This makes it impossible for chakra sensory-type ninja to track them via their chakra signal. However there is some downside to the technique, whilst suppressing their chakra they cannot use any of the ninja skills.
Note: Cannot prevent Doujutsu users from detecting them

Fuuton: Nioi yokusei [Wind Style: Smell Suppression]
Rank: D-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: 10
Damage: 0
Utilizing the Fuuton element the user performs the necessarily hand seals: Dog -> Ram -> Tiger -> Monkey -> Ram. After completing the seals, a pocket of air will surround the user extending up to a few inches outward from their body. The wind itself makes no noise but only creates an air-tight pocket keeping all smells within the barrier. Used most commonly during stealth missions or missions with possible nin-kin. The veil is uninterrupted by outside objects, simply reforming itself unless pierced with a chakra enhanced ninja tool or is interrupted by chakra from another jutsu. It does not protect the user in any way and does not suppress anything but the user's smell. The jutsu itself sustains itself for a full turn unless otherwise stopped by the user, or dispersed by the opponent.

Mission continued, heading for Xuanguan (044)
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Jun 22, 2012
Coming from Zhouhua, Lena flew over it's large lake. Everyone seemed to get restless and she thought it might be best to have a rest before continuing. Even though they hadn't been flying very long, travelling was still exhausting. Lena also needed to gather her thoughts before she met all these new people and made new relationships. Before it took a toll on her mentality.

-Leaving Landmark-
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