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Oct 1, 2010

Kiyorano encompasses two important river estuaries that flow further inlands both east- and westwards, diverging at multiple points along the way. This, along with the area’s many natural harbors, deep water bays and gentle weather makes it a prime location for shipping, something that clans, states and businesses have taken advantage of for centuries. Kiyorano is home to many sizeable port towns, along with a considerable number of shipyards. The city of Keishi, located not far to the North, transports many of its seagoing exports through Kiyorano.


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Nov 29, 2011
- Coming from Landmark 41 -

The toad had managed to move unseen through the landscape and was now moving near the road across the area. The grass was not as tall as before. However this was an unforseen event that would just happen right about now. Delaying his travels. All of a sudden, Medivh within the toad felt surprised, the toad had been spotted and had been captured by someone from the city. It was now being carried into the city and before he knew it into a restaurant, they planned to roast his toad, and with him within it. As the man put the toad on the counter preparing to slice its head off, without warning, Medivh blasted out of the toads mouth flying through the room, smashing into pots and pans and rolling across the ground to everyones surprise. The man holding the meat cleaver just stared back and forth not knowing what in the world to do. Medivh walked up to the man grabbing the toad, angrily staring at him as he walked out of the kitchen, through the restaurant and out into the street. There he quickly found a carriage willing to take him further on his journey, as he left the city after buying some food supplies and other needs for later.

- Leaving towards landmark 36 -
The carriage had taken him quite far, it was traveling along the road beside the river in the land. Medivh could smell the freshwater rushing down the river, he could see the waves hitting against the sides and the rocks in the water. It was a peaceful venture so far. They continued onwards, passing the river several times over bridges constructed of wood and bamboo sticks, the river making its way down the land like a slithering snake. The carriage took him far this way, he was witness to birds flying around and some peacocks attempting to impress their mate with their colorful feathers. As they continued onward, the birds would soon change from inland to seagulls flying around, and the fields around were being pillaged by these seagulls feasting in worms and other creatures from the earth.

Soon the carriage would pass over a small hill before the road would lead down towards the shores of the land. As it came over, Medivhs’ eyes laid rest on the city of Keishi, a marble in itself, a thriving city. Keishi is a port city like no other, home to whale-hunters, dock gangs, and smugglers from across the known world. Here, fortunes are made, and ambitions shattered in the blink of an eye. For those fleeing justice, debt, or persecution, Keishi can be a place of new beginnings, for no one on these twisted streets cared about your past. With each new dawn, careless travelers can always be found floating in the harbor, their purses empty and their throats slit. While Keishi is incredibly dangerous, it is ripe with opportunity, if you have the coin, almost anything can be purchased here, from simple food, escorts to the favor of local crime syndicates, pirates or smugglers. It was when Medivh found himself within these wretched streets, that he left the safety of his carriage to explore, to find a way across the sea.

He came across a small inn, the sign reading the Rotten Rat on the sign. The smell of dead fish sweat, and terrible alcohol breath was emanating from the place. Keeping his identity hidden, he opened the door, entering the place, walking across the wooden floors. The people sitting in the corners playing Liar’s of Dice, a game Medivh knew very well. Others were sitting in their chairs bubbling, as they had been drinking too much. People were walking across the floor, swaying from side to side as if they were present on a ship at high seas.

Medivh walked straight up to the bartender whom stood behind the bar, he had just served what seemed to be an long-bearded man wearing a black leather pants, black shirt, long coat both crimson red and black combined. His one arm seemed to have been torn off as he had an arm made of metal, it did not seem to work that well, but none the less it was made of metal and could be used for many things. His hat was lying on the table, as he downed another glass of what ever that liquor was. Medivh ordered a pint of beer before turning to the wretched old man.

“Seems like you have had a rough day…”

“That be nothing, my day have yet to start… have to go to work in about a moment…” The man responded to his remarks, seemed like he had some business to tend to. Perhaps it would be wise for Medivh to assist the man, so he would not be in trouble in his drunken state.

“Perhaps you would require some assistance with your errand sir?”

“Me and me boys have things under control… but… I think that I could find some use for you eh.” He smiled, placing his drink on the table, picking up his hat and gesturing for Medivh to follow him. It was at this time, Medivh noticed the blade on the mans hip.

The two of them would proceed to leave the bar rather fast, he did not even get to drink his beer. As they continued down the street, they entered the slaughter docks. This place was known for its terrifying smell, the streets would run red with the blood of fish, whales, squids and other creatures of the sea. The booths set around the sides of the streets, blades were dangling from the booths, some of them were lying on the tables, and you could see remnants of fish skeletons and intestines lying on the ground. Medivh had an urge to vomit, but he managed to control himself as they turned a corner leaving them to get down to the docks.

There on a vast ship was anchored. The hull of the ship seemed to dwarf even the largest of the surrounding houses. It was a ship painted black, the sails rolled up, but you could easily see the crimson red colors of the sails. There were holes in the side of the ship, seemed to have some sort of unique usage for the ship. There seemed to be no one on the ship at the time, but it was clear for Medivh that this was the man’s target.

“What exactly are we doing here?”

“We be acquiring me ship back, it has been taken by those bastards whom call themselves the government… and unrightfully so!” The man uttered beneath his bubbling voice.

Medivh looked at him, he could not quite see what this was all about, but he had heard rumors of the local government taking peoples property without cause. This of course seemed unfair and unreasonable, and without knowing further Medivh figured he would assist the man in his venture.

“Alright so what would you have me do?”

“Aight, you are goin ta go up to those three men up there and distract them while oi sneak up on the ship and get it out of the docks, then you can meet me over there.”

Medivh looked towards the area, a nearby shore, where he wanted to pick him up. He thought to himself, this could be his ticket across the sea, so he just nodded and walked towards the three men.

“Hey there good sirs, I seem to have gotten lost, perhaps you can assist me in finding my way, you see I need to get to the local inn, it shouldn’t be that far away.”

Medivh asked as he walked up to them, the three of them agreed to assist him, and began to explain to him the easiest way to get to the inn, however they continued to debate which route would be the fastest and easiest way to get there. The three of them were wearing a sort of unique samurai armor, regular guards, however the middle one was more heavily armored than the others. While debating, to no one’s suspicions, suddenly, the massive guard captain shuddered and dropped his blade as the man Medivh had previously met, rammed his cutlass deep into the man’s neck. Blood bubbled from the captain’s tattooed lips as he mouthed an unheard curse.

The man pulled his blade free with a sneer and shoved the dying man to the deck. He collapsed in a clatter of heavy armor, his blood mingling with the seawater sloshing across the dock. The black-painted hull of the ship loomed above. The mans black and gold teeth gritted in suppressed pain, he had a bad leg. However, he refused to show weakness in front of Medivh or his crew whom had snuck up on all of them.

“Thanks for ya help lad, if ya want, ya can get on me ship and sail across the sea.”

Medivh was absolutely shocked at what had happened, he just realized he helped someone murder two men and capture the last of them. Furthermore, he had helped take a ship that might not even have been his.

“Who are you…”

The man with his back to Medivh, looking over his shoulder with a smirk.

“The name is Pyke, the blood harbor ripper.”

Medivh had heard that name before, he was a renown pirate, one of the richest and most powerful men at sea. He was known for his brutality and for showing no mercy when it came to it. It was said that he plundered and raided sea coasts and sunk hundreds of ships. One of the tales that he had known best was the story of how Pyke had managed to not only defeat 4 galleons at once, but he had managed to kill an enormous octopus the size of two galleons. The man was truly a terrifying sight.

Medivh standing within approximately fifty pirates and their notorious pirate captain were unsure of what to do, so he decided to just go along with it. Before long, they were all aboard the ship known as the Royal Fortune. The pirates were incredibly effective, the men managed to get the ship to sea within a short time, Medivh standing on the deck watching out across the harbor, seeing the flickering lights, he was now leaving the mainland to continue his venture.

One of the young boys aboard the ship, his eyes were wide and panicked as he was led towards the captain’s quarters. Medivh followed behind the man and the boy, wanting to speak to the captain himself.

It was the agonized screams emanating from the door at the end of the passageway that gave him second thoughts. The cries echoing through the claustrophobic decks of the enormous black warship were heard by every crewman aboard the Royal Fortune.

The first mate, his face a web of scars, rested a reassuring hand on the boy’s shoulder. They came to a halt before the door. The child winced as another tortured wail issued from within.

“Steady,” said the first mate. “The captain’ll want to hear what you’ve got to say.”

With that, he rapped sharply on the door. It was opened a moment later by a hulking brute with facial tattoos and a broad, curved blade strapped across his back. The boy didn’t hear the words spoken between the two men; his gaze like Medivhs’ was locked on the heavyset figure seated with his back to him.

He was a big man, the captain, and of middling years. His neck and shoulders were thick and bullish. His sleeves were rolled up, and his forearms slick with blood. A red greatcoat hung from a peg nearby, alongside his black tricorne.

“Pyke,” breathed the boy, his voice thick with fear and awe. It was obviously the first time this boy was in front of Pyke.

“Captain, I figured you’d want to hear this.” Said the mate.

Pyke said nothing, nor did he turn, still intent as he was on his work. The scarred sailor nudged the boy forward. He stumbled before he caught his footing and shuffled closer. The child approached the captain of the Royal Fortune as he would a cliff’s edge. His breath quickened as he caught a full sight of the captain’s work.

Basins of bloody water sat upon Pyke’s desk, along with an array of knives, hooks, and gleaming surgical implements.
A man lay upon the captain’s workbench, bound tightly with leather straps, it was the guard from earlier. Only his head was free. He looks around in wild desperation, neck straining, his face covered with sweat.

The boy’s gaze was inexorably drawn to the man’s flayed left leg. The kid suddenly realized he couldn’t remember what he came her to do.

Pyke turned from his work to stare at the visitor. His eyes were as cold and as a shark’s. He held a slender blade in one hand, delicately poised between his fingers, like a fine paintbrush.

“It’s a dying art, scrimshaw,” said Pyke, his attention returning to his work. “Few have the patience for carving bone these days. It takes time. See? Every cut has a purpose.”

Somehow, the man was still alive, despite the ragged wound in his leg, the skin and flesh peeled back from his thighbone. Transfixed with horror, the lad saw the intricate designs the captain had carved upon that bone; coiling tentacles and waves. It was delicate work, beautiful even. That just made it even more terrible.

“It is a very effective way of getting the information you want, for example, I just gained the information that on the coast off the land of tea there is an interesting treasure, a pile of gold in a harbor ripe for the taking.”

The living canvas sobbed.

“Please… I… I told him long ago…” He moaned.

Pyke ignored the pathetic plea and set down his knife. He splashed a cup of cheap whiskey over his work, clearing it of blood. The man’s scream threatened to rip his own throat out, until he slumped into merciful unconsciousness, his eyes rolling back in his head.

“Remember this,” said Pyke. “Sometimes, even those who are just doing their job, need to be reminded of how fragile life is. Sometimes it’s necessary to remind them. Real power is all about how people see you. Look weak, even for a moment, and you’re done.”

Pyke looking intently at the kid in front of him.

“Now… what did you want to tell me?”

“A… a man,” said the boy, his words faltering. “A man on the docks.

“Go on,” said Pyke.

“He was tryin’ not to be seen by the Hooks. But I seen him.”

“mm-hmm,” Pyke muttered as he began to lose interest. The boy seemed to be blabbering on, perhaps he should be put in his place for wasting his time.

“Keep goin, lad,” the first mate urged.

“He was playing around with some fancy cards. They glowed funny.”

Pyke stood up from his chairt, like a colossus rising from the depths.

“Did he have anything on him… did you see where he went…”

The leather belt of his cutlass creaked in his tightening grip.

“He was by the warehoused, the big one near the sheds… he left the port by ship sailing west…”

Pyke’s face flushed an angry shade of crimson as he pulled on his greatcoat and claimed his hat from its peg. His eyes glinted rted in the lamplight. The child was not alone in taking wary steps back, so did Medivh.

“Give the boy a silver coin and a hot meal,” the captain ordered to his first mate as he strode purposefully toward the cabin door.

“And get everyone to get their arses working, we need full speed to the land of tea, we have a rat to catch.”

Medivh followed the captain to the front of the ship. He was unsure of what was going on, but if this continued he may require to reconsider his alliance with the pirate, but for now it seemed like it would be beneficial to keep his mouth shut and let him sail to the land of tea, it was at least the place where he needed to go, and it would be terrible to turn on the crew and have to do a terrible deed. Medivh deciding to keep quiet and let the captain go to work, he watched in awe as the captain commanded complete authority over his crew as they sailed onward.

- Leaving Landmark to landmark 12 -


Mar 18, 2013
Coming from .

On their way to the marketplace, the trio overlooks the landscape as they pass. The silence was eerie.



Mar 2, 2012

Hopping off the boat, Kazumi reached the shores of Kiyorano, making way through a lesser known port town on the coast, a small fishing one. Pulling up a cloak over her head, being careful to try avoid being seen, she heads towards the source of these strength rumours.



Aug 17, 2010
Sado flew overhead looking down upon the lands rushing toward Keishi.

ELM from LM ( ) | LLM


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Dec 14, 2011

Aurelius arrives and once more gathers intel then swiftly moves on.

LLM to Qindong (024)


Mar 18, 2013
Coming from here.

Nearing his destination, Tabris could see the smoke rising from the Marketplace in the distance. He maintained his height in the clouds and surveyed the landscape with a curious eye as he passes over it.

Leaving Landmark.