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Oct 22, 2009
Trait Points
Mukuro, Servant of Ferrus, The Order of Golden Amputation

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M u k u r o

The only way such a man could be described is devious. Mukuro was one of the finest agents of Ferrus Manus as he thrived when it came to secretive tasks. With the drive to recruit assets to establish a greater connection in the world, he was dispatched to the land of fire. Most of which was controlled by a group of humans from a fallen kingdom. Mukuro had no love for those clinging onto their existence. He very much believed that you should take what you want. He was adept in the art of deception, gathering information and evading detection. This allowed him to blend in where needed to assess potential allies or assets for the Golden Order.
He found his way through the market place, pretending to be one seeking refuge and needing supplies before making his way to the inn. It was time to put his charm and certain traits to use. He made his way to the bar ordering his drink, resting on a stool taking in his surroundings. He was usually pretty good at judging people based on how they carried themselves. Most here were either peasants or drunks. He scoured further, slowly looking around, none of the patrons caught his attention. It seemed he'd have to search elsewhere, though it was getting late. He turned on his stool picking up his drink taking a sip, his eyes making contact with a unique individual. He was captivated instantly. The eyes of this person full of mystery, hidden truths, determination and drive. A smirk crossed his face.
One thing unique about Mukuro was his eyes, one red, one blue, though this wasn't a result of a doujutsu, just a birth defect. He picked up his drink and made his way over to the woman who he was captivated by.

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A d a
She stood leaning against the bar wiping glasses, placing them on the shelf, looking around to see what kind of crowd had been attracted this evening. The usual drunkards occupying the same seats, night after night. Some peasants looking for a drink or food on their travels to escape war. A couple of known figures, but no trouble. She let out a sigh. She and her network sought information from various situations such as these. Alcohol loosening the tongues of weaker men, giving way to information that would usually be under lock and key. It was the ideal cover to adopt information. Her and her kin sought anything they could since the Cataclysm. The fall of the moon, the burnings of lands, the occupation of their *snap*... She looked down to the glass that broke in half in her hands as she polished it too hard. Throwing it in the bin she picked up the next to wipe, as she made eye contact with a new face.
The man before her stood around 6 feet tall, slim, longish purple hair and a smirk that she wouldn't mind removing from his face. Her eyes locked with his, something about this man was unique, those eyes. She couldn't look away, not from infatuation but from interest. He noticed her look and made his way over. She sighed, she had enough of drunk clowns trying their luck. She went to say she wasn't interested but it was his voice that came first.
"I'm afraid I'm sober, I'm not looking to ask you out and I have no interest in anything but the truth you have to offer." He said smoothly, his eyes still locked with hers. Who was he? She placed the glass on the shelf, picking the next but refused to speak. "I see." The man said. "Silence is honest as you can tell no lie. Though the chaos of the world speaks for itself, does it not?" He asked before finishing his drink. His words were educated, something about them intriguing. He turned to walk away.
"Order is formed from chaos, order can not exist without the chaos to demonstrate what order is." She said casually. She was a highly educated woman. "Truth is a perception, one man's truth is another man's lie. You can be honest, telling your truth and not see the lie that you have told. Truth is subjective." She spoke, knowing all too well the deviants of the world. The factions, the gods, the Arali, all of it was chaos.
"The truth is divinity is a plague on our world, like a cancer infecting every part of life. It creeps into the corners, sewing seeds of chaos that creates a divine order at the cost of the freedom of humanity." The man spoke, but he did not turn. His voice was soft this time, loud enough for only Ada to hear. "Fire reigned, homes burned, lives lost... chaos." With his last word his head turned enough to only show his right eye.
"Come with me." Ada said, walking towards the back room of the Inn.

The two remained talking in the back room for some time. What was said was only privy to the two. A deal struck, though what kind could not be said. After hours of talking, Mukuro retired to his room for the night as Ada locked up her Inn before dispatching certain messages....
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