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Keishi (007)


Oct 1, 2010

Named for the sprawling city that dominates its center, Keishi is a rather developed area, with fields replacing forests the closer one draws to the city. Keishi itself is big, chaotic and ancient; no one knows exactly when it was founded. The city has no walls and a weak tradition of central governing, so its urban layout has evolved organically and, over the centuries, ebbed and flowed as the city has periodically prospered and declined. The result is a mess of winding streets, blind alleys and narrow passages. Buildings constructed in countless shapes, sizes and architectures, built to no uniform standard. The city is ruled by everchanging factions and groups, but always with a very low degree of centralization. It is colloquially called ‘the city that never sleeps’.

Keishi is a designated Ninja World Marketplace and Independent Bank.
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Feb 4, 2012
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
- Explore a landmark (1)

Summary: Familiarize myself with the facilities of the city.

It has been approximately three weeks since left her childhood home, or thats what it had been before she lost count of the days. She had traveled across the land of water, over a massive ocean and trekked though the thickest forest she had ever seen. On her travels she has seen a multitude of things that she would of never seen back in her tiny village, but standing at the entrance to the city, rukia was awe struck at the sights and sounds of the sprawling city, it was almost too much for her senses.

Okay, okay. She says to herself as she slaps her cheeks. Now focused, rukia would look over the map of the city she had got from the man at entrance. Looking over the map she could see two major points of interest; the Market place and Bank. Along with two minor points of interest; the residence area and the mission board. Setting her sights on the market place she would make her way though the many narrow passages and after going down more blind alleys then she could count rukia finally made it to the market.

As noisy and busy as the entrance was the market was even more so. Hundred of people, vendors, and entertainers all littered the market square. The scent of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the food vendors all combined into a nauseating sickly sweet concoction. This assault on all senses was enough to cause sensory overload. Making her way around the market she would ohh and aww at all of the exotic items, from shiny jewelry that rukia could never afford for herself, to pelts of animals rukia could only imagine, to food items that rukia had never seen. Stopping at one such stall rukia would purchase a strange looking fruit. It kinda looked like a pear but with many strange red bumps. Taking a bite the flavor exploded her taste buds. The taste was somehow a cross between an apple and a pear. With fruit juice dripping from the corners of her mouth, she thanked the kind man and continued on her adventure. Chomping on her fruit, rukia would decided to check out the street performer side of things.

As one would expect most of the popular ones were all very crowded, making it hard for the small-statured girl to see anything. Moving past the most congregated area into a small corner of the market square she find a somewhat hidden alley way, it was extremely short, more of an alcove really. At the end was a small round table, behind said table was a woman, worn thin by time. As rukia approached, the lady flashed a sincere warm smile.

Welcome deary She said in a soft shaky kind of voice. Motioning for rukia to take a seat she spoke as she did. Come to entertain an old woman, eh?

I... ummm. Was all rukia could utter in reply

Still smiling the old woman would produce a deck of cards from somewhere under the table. Don't worry dear we'll just play a few hands of poker. You do know how to play, right? She asked as she began to shuffle. Finally, something rukia actually knew how to do, ragna had taught her how to play from a young age. Thinking back on it he might have had a gambling problem.

Y-yes, of course. Replied eagerly.

Before rukia had even finished her sentence the old woman had dealt each of them a five card hand. This had happened faster than rukia could see, she was amazed by the speed of what she had assumed was a frail old lady.

Okay now dear, place your bet.

Oh, this must be why this place was so tucked away, but since the city was lightly govern then gambling probably wasn't all that illegal. Fine, she thought a few hands couldn't hurt. Digging into her wallet rukia would place her bet. Picking up her hand, she examined them, making sure not to revel what she had by keeping a straight face. All she had was a pair, which was decent but easily beatable, thus she would ditch two cards so that she could be dealt two more, but these were off no use. With all bets placed and each person satisfied with their hand they would revel it to each other.

Oh my, seems I've taken this hand, dear. As she showed that she had a two pair over rukias one.

Barely beaten rukia was hopeful that she could win at least one hand, so she motion to deal again. But luck just wasn't on her side. With each hand she lost more and more of her money until she was broke. The old woman was unnatural. No matter the hand rukia was dealt the old woman would always have one higher. Rukia hated to think that the old woman would con her out of so much money, but even then it was rukias fault for no stopping before she lost it all.

Oh dear are you done? The old woman said in a sad tone. In response rukia could hold hold up her empty wallet. Oh my. I feel somewhat bad dear. I assume you have no place to stay, being that you aren't from around here.

Surprised that the old woman could tell that by just looking at her, but then again her outfit was somewhat strange. To answer the question rukia could only shake her head no in shame. Hmm. Theres an inn not to far from here they'll take you in, but know that they will might you work off any debt. It should be on the map, if you have one from the guy at the entrance. She said in a kindly tone as she packed up her earnings.

Thanking the woman for the knowledge at least, rukia would set off to her next target. Hoping that it would take her mind off the shame that she had brought unto herself, but if anything it would only make it worse.

Not even a stones throw away rukia found herself in front of her next investigation target. Looming before her was a super imposing building. The architecture was different than any other building in the city. A set of stairs, flanked on either side by two massive lion dog statues, extended up to meet six pillars. These pillars held up the entrances archway, which was heavily embellished with all kind of imagery, molding and script, so much so that it was border line gaudy. Inside wasn't much different, it was somehow even worse than the outside. The walls were adorned with many velvet tapestries. The floors were made of the whitest marble, and seemed to radiate with the strength of a thousand suns. As much as she hated to admitted it this probably wasn't the last time she would have to visit this god awful place. Rubbing her eyes rukia and hanging her head in shame took her leave of the place. At this time the sun had started it slow sink into the horizon. The two minor points would have to wait till later, but she figured that they would become front and center in the coming days.

Once more she would enlisted to help of her trusty map. She had to look over it twice before she could find it among the myriad of other buildings. What made it worse was that it clearly had the word inn printed over top of it, this was not rukias day. Making her way though the labyrinth of alleys ways rukia would finally make it to the inn, just before full dark. The inn was nothing special, just a normal two story building. The only difference from the surrounding buildings was that it had a sign hung from the door way that read inn. Entering the inn rukia could hardly believe her eyes. for behind the counter was the same old woman that had taken all of rukias savings. As she approached she must have had a look of disbelief as the old woman would let out a chuckle.

Oh dear I almost thought you wasn't gonna come, but I'm glad to see that you made it in one piece. She said as she handed rukia a room key. I setup a room just in case. Rukia couldn't even muster a thank you as she was exhausted from her excursion. Taking the key she would bow in thanks and head straight to her room. Just like the rest of the inn her room wasn't super fancy. It had a bed and dresser and that was about it, or that all that could really fit into the room. Taking off her clothes rukia would jump into bed, falling asleep before her head even hit the pillow.
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Aug 18, 2012
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:

-Save a large community from danger (5)

[Custom] Battle against a natural disaster using ninjutsu (4)

Summary: Bent on his quest of perfecting his secrete recipe of happiness, and also his favorite after lunch time dish lamb chop stew, Roo leaves the core of the city and traverses past the plains into the forest in pursuit of a rare spice said to bring extraordinary flavor. Determined, although faced with adverse weather from a bypassing rainstorm, Roo stumbles upon a town and foresees the event of a deadly disaster before it takes place prompting the Akimichi to rush in and save the town. Will he succeed!?

[RP begins here]

It was an extremely rainy day in the city of Keishi. A perfect day to remain cooped up in one's warm, dry place of residence protected from the outside weather. Residing in a tall building filled with compact apartments in dire need of space and privacy, Roo kept busy in his kitchen with all four stoves ablaze. The young Akimichi was draped up in his cleanest chef attire from head to toe while equipped with his weapon of choice, his trusty three in one spatulaspoonfork. Heat mixed with various aromas filled the air within the house as Roo bustled between his several pots of stew, cutting up his peepers, onions, adding seasoning, chunks of lamb meat, etc. as he worked to complete the perfect lamb chop stew. Tasting each of the individual soups Roo cringes as he fails to complete his goal. An extravagant award winning stew. If the current courses wasn't too sweet, then they were too spicy. If the broth was too thick, then the others weren't thick enough. After coming to the conclusion that his morning efforts were wasted the Akimichi raged and slammed his chef's hat on the floor as he knitted over his failed attempts. What did his recipe lack!? he ceaselessly wondered while making sure to discard the previous dishes in his seemingly bottomless stomach.

Dammit! What is my recipe lacking!!

Oh Rooooooooo!! Knock, knock, knock!!

Putting down the food to go open the front door of his all in one bedroom apartment, Roo sees his elderly neighbor Ms. Gatsson to his very surprise.

Oi! I thought you died two weeks ago. Congrats on another day granny, hahaha!

Ohohohhaha, I promise I won't croak before your high cholesterol butt tubby. Now can I come in or what? I'm quite tired of hearing you scream from next door over some food, jeesh.

Yeah, yeah, just try not to get your old woman funk on my furniture. I just bought those last week.

After their usual back and fourth Roo sits down with Ms.Gatsson and lets her try out his several failed attempts in which she critiques. She was a woman who had a very successful life as a chef in her younger days. A great woman he could trust and admired when it came to the creation of delicious delicacies. The perfect candidate for helping out the overwhelmed Akimichi.

Not too bad boy, but I think I know what it's missing. The grinded root of an aardvark tree!

The who, what, where when??

Boy you need to find an aardvark tree, uproot it from the ground, and grind it up into its powdered form. It carries a powerful taste of a mix of several various flavors that when added to foods and then consumed explodes with every bite with its very own unique flavor that has yet to be matched in the world of taste. It is quite rare to find in the land of fire sweety, but in my old days I loved a challenge and didn't take no for an answer.

What are you tryna say granny? You know where this weird tree is?

Yes dummy but your gonna owe me a big one! I mean bathe my seven kitties for a month type of owe me.

Yeah, yeah, whatever you dried mummy. Just give me the deets. the anxious Akimichi ordered, and so did the elderly woman do. Convenient enough the location of the mysterious aardvark tree lies a few miles outside of Keishi within the vast forest lying beyond. Roo was instructed to find a certain large town regarded for its secrecy but was only given a few pointers to where its location might possibly be, as the elder struggled with recalling her memory. In little to no time Roo was changed and ready to hit the rainy streets in search of his goal, but before leaving Ms. Gatsson cautioned Roo to be extremely careful especially in this weather due to the fact that the town was prone to mudslides and flash floods. But Roo wasn't worried, and next thing you know he was through the door and out of the city of Keishi.

Ridiculous!! the Akimichi thought as he walked through the pouring rain in his water boots and trench coat stomping throughout the puddle filled plains residing before the forest.

Hmmm, from the plains look for the jagged rocks then enter, listen for the river then go north, and last but not least look behind the tallest mountain...…. Roo says as he stokes his chin while looking left then right, and then left again. Exhaling stressfully Roo shakes his head in disapproval as he tries to think of a short cut to his problem, and that's when it hit him. Expansion for the win!! he says with excitement before spacing out his legs causing the nearby puddles of water to splash in the wake. Suddenly in the midst of the dark cloudy skies a huge tower of a man could be seen standing over the forest looking frantically for the largest mountain he could find in an attempt to cut through the pointers given. Moving through the forest ever so easily with his long strides that covered a lot of ground, after 10 minutes of walking in a continuous downpour the Akimichi eventually found the main clue he was looking for given to him by his good friend and neighbor. A super tall mountain that even dwarfed the Roo by several dozen meters with a peak that extended above the massive spread of dark rain clouds above. The mountain was high and wide with an odd figure that held several depressions that Roo could see that was large enough to collect enough rain water to produce its own rivers that flowed down each of its sides in many direction.

You see!! Idda got lost at the river, hahaha! Roo said enthusiastically as he drew nearer to his goal.
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: N/A ( + 30 damage to taijutsu moves; -10 to the user per turn)
Description: The Super Multi-Size Technique is the height of the Multi-Size Technique, which multiplies the user’s body to a size beyond belief. The attack method depends on the situation and the user’s inventiveness, but massive punches, kicks and body slamming is common. However, the abnormally extreme physical change also places a large burden on the user’s body. The clothes of the user also expand along with the body. Because of his massive size, the user's speed is slowed as well, moving at -1 base speed level though this is hardly significant as the scale of the user's body allows him to travel more distance with fewer strides.
Note: Only Akimichi Clan members can use this jutsu.

Using his wits Roo moved around the base of the mountain towards the side that would be considered facing Keishi to the north, and after a few hours of walking he eventually saw what looked to be parts of a civilization amongst the forest ahead. Hidden amongst a thicker part of the forest that held larger trees as well as a higher quantity of them laid the village said to be hidden in secrecy, Silent Hills. It was a vast town covered in numerous buildings with an old fashion design all about its boundary which happened to be nicely tucked between the forest of large trees and the base of the very large mountain. Roo would enter the village after returning to his normal size with such excitement that he began to skip as he came a few steps closer to the perfect stew, but to his surprise Roo walked into a village filled with panic, despair, and rising waters stemming from an overflow at the base of the mountain right beside the town.

Oh boi…. Expecting to be greeted with a warm welcome in the midst of this very cold, wet weather, Roo became instantly bummed at the current obstacle ahead. An obstacle he knew he would have to take care of in order to get what he wanted out of these townspeople. And that's when the schemer cooked up a plot.

We're going to die!!!! Ahhhhhhh!! a few random villagers screamed, agreeing to their pending demise by the rising waters, yet Roo remained nonchalant as he exhaled in a brief attempt to relief a little built up stress. It's showtime!!

No one FEAR!!! Because ROO, the BIG BONED MOUNTAIN is HERE!! the Akimichi yells after taking on a very stylish, heroic stance while remaining at the front entrance of the town. In a lowered stance Roo would then swiftly wave 6 hand seal before slamming his palms on the ground through the shin deep rising waters. Concentrating a big portion of his chakra into the earth as he yells for a dramatic affect, Roo manipulates the Dragon Veins flowing underground beneath the entire town up till before the forest to rise upwards hoisting the unevenly divided town several meters into the air on two separate sides of earth split in-between the middle. The aftermath result would be the town meters above the tall trees and safe out of harms way.
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C-A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15-30
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will first perform the required hand seals Rabbit → Boar → Rat → Horse → Tiger → Snake and slamming the hands on the ground, the user can, by flowing concentrated chakra into the Dragon Veins flowing underground, tear the earth apart, creating large chasms by raising the earth in two oposite sides in the desired location and then splitting that piece of earth through the center. The length, width, direction, and curve of the chasm are all up to the user. Manipulating the Dragon Veins requires fine chakra control, but if one has such skill, they can use this technique to divide the space between the enemy and their own team in two, destroy enemy camps or defences, and even to attack.
Note: This does not split the earth appart directly to cause opponents to fall in the fissure.

Even though it wasn't the most precise job Roo smiled at his works after successfully lifting the town above water level so that they would no longer have to worry about floods.

And that is how you save the day! Ha, don't worry folks save the thank yous for later and lets talk about compensation. Roo says to the crowd of uneasy people beginning to enclose the Akimichi in a circle.

Compensation!? You just split our town in half!?

Ouuuuu, well about that, hehe. You could just build a bridge. Common now, because of me you won't have to worry about floods again.

Because of you!? Because of you our town is exposed hoisted high above the trees where everyone in which we use to seek cover. I mean, how do we even get down from here??

What you talking bout bro!? This is way cooler just think of it. Yall can hang some ropes or something in-between the chasm and just slide down onto the lower land again......or how bout a pulley!?

Or how "bout" you have made the chasm with a slope, fat a-.

Wooow there guys. This is my first time here to the town and stuff so I don't really know the customs and the nature of your lifestyle but,..... I can feel a negative vibe coming from you all and I don't know why.

The already infuriated crowd would further become provoked at Roo's naïve nature and would no longer wait to take turns feeding him a piece of their minds and so they began to scream and shout at the Akimichi who seems to remain annoyed at the center of the whole situation. With the already darkened skies above it was almost hard to tell the impending danger about to befall everyone on top of the larger side of the chasm were the majority gathered to cuss out Roo. Although everyone's attention wasn't occupied at the time allowing a little girl to yell out as she gazed above in fright.


The several sources of rushing water raging off of the mountain loosened up a humongous boulder large enough to crush a majority of the town below if not stopped. Thinking this was the end the mass crowd of people split apart as some panicked, try to run with no routes of escape, pray to a higher power, while others sat there crying as they accepted what seemed to be their ill willed fate. Exhaling with exhaustion Roo bowed his head for a split second to think before clearing his throat as he realized what he must now do.

Didn't I tell ya'll that I'm here now?? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Yelling once again for a dramatic affect, Roo began to grow beyond proportions as he expanded upwards to meet the falling boulder head on. I won't let you destroy this city!! he yells as he cover his dominant fist in wind chakra making it glow a greenish hue as a result. Rising with an uppercut into the dead center of the boulder with all of his might and then some, the boulder instantaneously splits and fractures apart as dust and minor rubble that falls and bounces off the Akimichi standing tall with the town underneath his legs. Whew, this is way too much for some stew.... Roo says as he exhales once again. He would then return to his normal size to face the crowd that once hated him cheering for joy and was even moved to hoist up the Akimichi on their shoulders but quickly abandoned plan after realizing the grave mistake it would've been as they struggles to pick him up.

Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: N/A ( + 30 damage to taijutsu moves; -10 to the user per turn)
Description: The Super Multi-Size Technique is the height of the Multi-Size Technique, which multiplies the user’s body to a size beyond belief. The attack method depends on the situation and the user’s inventiveness, but massive punches, kicks and body slamming is common. However, the abnormally extreme physical change also places a large burden on the user’s body. The clothes of the user also expand along with the body. Because of his massive size, the user's speed is slowed as well, moving at -1 base speed level though this is hardly significant as the scale of the user's body allows him to travel more distance with fewer strides.
Note: Only Akimichi Clan members can use this jutsu.

Type: Offensive
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20
Damage: 40+30= 70
Description: By Covering their hand with wind-natured chakra, The user attacks the enemy with it. The power of this attack is capable of causing the ground to split and buckle around them which could be used to throw the enemy off balance.

Is there anything we can do for you Mr. Mountain?

Well....I did come all the way here hoping to get my hands an aardvark tree??

What in the who, where, when, why is that??

...…………..………………..Ms. GATSSON!!!!!!!

That boy is crazy talking about a perfect stew hahaha! *Gulp*Hmmmmm, this one taste zingy!!


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Aug 18, 2012
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:

-Help a local trader by transporting his wares (2)
-Defend your employer from bandits (3)

Summary: I need of money in order to sustain his daily day to days of life, Roo stresses and seeks advice from his dear friend and neighbor Ms. Gatsson who sets up a small job for him to do with one of her other friends who happens to be a trader. On his way to meet the man the Akimichi notices that the noticeboard is flooded with work and takes interest in the rewards for the current bounties at hand. Meeting the trader the two then embark on their journey to the next town over where they are then attacked by a group of minor league thugs who seek to take the goods of the trader before reaching the destination. But little did they know, the trader had hired the Human Mountain as his guard.

[RP begins here]
A beam of sunlight pierced through the curtains of a dim lit room brining out the full color only to a small portion of the room. A portion which held the face of the resting Akimichi who enjoyed his beauty sleep to the fullest. Waking up, Roo slowly arose out of his bed with his arms outstretched as he yawned ferociously before rubbing his eyes as he tried to regain his full consciousness. His stomach then rumbled prompting the youngin to dart towards his fridge, which he then did swiftly, only to open it up and see nothing but the cool air escaping its cubicle space. I gotta be dreaming!? Roo murmured with a screwed up face before rubbing his eyes once again making sure that his eyes where well. Closing the fridge and sucking his teeth the Akimichi then searched for the pants that he wore yesterday in an attempt to find his wallet in order to see if he had any money for groceries, but upon opening the wallet he realized that it looked similar to the fridge. Empty. Hearing the sound of his stomach roaring once more Roo did the only thing he could think of in such a dire time as this one.

*Knock. Knock. Knock...……...Door Opens.*

Oh, it's just your fat a** interrupting my breakfast. What do you want?

Well,.....I'm kinda broke and hungry....and was wondering if I could borrow some food or something? the shamed Akimichi murmured as he tried to swallow his pride when begging his frenemy.

So you plan to bring it back fat boy, because I doubt it!? Hahaha, hurry come inside boy your wasting my time.

The two then sat down after Ms. Gatsson had finished preparing their meal. Although she teased him the entire time they shared together about being a wannabe pirate/bounty hunter with no successful scores whatsoever, she did care about her young neighbor Roo and even went as far as helping the struggling adolescent find a job that same day.

*Loud Burping Noise* Thanks again Ms. Gatsson. You saved me today and I really appreciate that!

Yeah, yeah whatever. I'll be leaving in 10 minutes to go down to the marketplace so I can talk to my ol'pal Richie for yah. That lazy bastard always wants help even though his pay is trash, …...but it'll have to do for you for now since you have nothing else on the table. Make sure to be near the city's front by noon if your serious. I'll tell him what you look like so he'll find you. Now scram kid. You got about an hour to get ready.

Nodding his head with a blinding happiness strong enough to block out any form of rebuttal that came to mind, Roo then went back to his apartment to prepare himself for a journey before making his way towards the city's front after some time had passed. Draped in his battle attire and a few snacks for stamina the Akimichi made his way down the bustling streets of Keishi before passing a unusually loud crowd in front of the city's noticeboard. What's going one!? Roo thought as he made his way over. Using his heavy stature to easily move through the crowd Roo came closer to the board which reveled several new bounties for a group of people deemed criminal for whatever reasons Roo didn't entertain due to the fact that the reward was too captivating. Hmmm, their territory isn't too far from here either. This could be awesome for my rep as well, haha, maybe a score big enough to get that hag off my back too. the Akimichi said to himself as he convinced himself of the advantages of taking on such a set of bounties. Even if he could get one member out of the group then he would be better off in life, and so it was decided with a deviant smirk and nod of the head. The Akimichi then finished making his way towards the entrance of Keishi after being sidetracked. Standing at the utmost parts of the city before the vast fields a scrawny elderly man with a pile load of goods stuffed in bags upon bags which the guy all seemed to fit on his back came up from behind Roo, the shadow of his towering backpack beginning to engulf the Akimichi prompting him to turn around causing the two to face off.

Carrying that clan symbol on your back you must be this Roo boy? Hmmm, your not as fat as she says boy.......

You tryna get put to sleep ol'man!? I'm probably the phattest guy you've ever seen dammit!! Roo says while rising his shaking left fist upwards as a threatening gesture as he deals with the insult thrown.

……...right….. So boy i'll have you know that you won't be getting paid much for this little job, but i'll require your full services and beyond, understood?!

Roo sighs as a sign of approval.

Great! Now carry all these bags boy my back is starting to give!! Onward bound Lasse, destination, Kamisutari!!

Picking up the towering backpack of bags before securing them on his back, Roo sighs once more as he begins to feel the full stress of this soon to be journey although it had just started.

Leaving LM (007) to LM (049)


Aug 17, 2010
Tulio and Miguel entered the city after being chased by a wolf for at least a mile. The two were out of breath and almost keeled over the moment they made it into Keishi proper. It was a sprawling chaotic mass of city streets and buildings that created alleyways, roundabouts and hideaways. The two moved forward in unison looking for any signs of an official market or a Hangurian Black One.
They had a spectacular story they had built up over so much travel. They tested it numerous times, and changed it to better suit a large audience. It was an extraordinary tale of a strife and battle. Miguel and Tulio didn't know if it would be better to sell it to the Hangurian Black One or just flat out create a play based on it. It was in depth and well built with dialogue and character development.

Together they found a roundabout that seemed like a market. They pulled up a box and tossed down their empty bag. With it sitting at their feet Miguel began to tell the story. His voice was charismatic and loud, for each character he changed his voice to better suit them. A small crowd would start forming around them as if they were street performers. They didn't know why they tried the merchant business they couldn't sell water to a man dying of thirst, but they could tell a damn good story apparently.

This is a story from a land far away. A barren realm of rock and dust the Badlands of Earth where ruthless bandits and highwayman steal and rob the poor and rich alike. Where you can lose your life just by stepping on the wrong brute's toes. It's about the world renowned clan the one that is on the tip of everyone's tongues. The name burning your lips like a roaring fire full of mystery and intrigue. That's right it's the GOLDEN SABBATH!

By this point Tulio had pulled out a small lute and was playing it. Miguel looked at him and told him to stop it. It was ruining the ambiance and the way he played it was terrible. He was actually causing people to leave with the shrill notes he was playing. Each string he plucked made a loud wail until it broke the entire story causing a pause in the narrative.

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That's right I said it. The men with a bounty high enough to feed a village. A staggering twenty-two thousand ryo. Enough to live forever in comfort. But these men won't be living in comfort. Especially not one of their founders Sado Yasutora but first we have to warn the faint of heart this isn't a story for the weak or easily frightened. It's a story of Gods and Demons and an angel sent from heaven to save us all from ruin. It all starts with the Golden Sabbath and Sado Yasutora. He was a brute of a man standing at a staggering seven foot-five. A literal walking mountain of muscle a violent demon who sold his soul for power. He along with his compatriots began to slowly take over and rule over the Badlands of Earth pushing into even the Land of Fire stealing away the lands of the Freehold and our valiant knight, and hero Takauji. Sado told the people to follow him to rebel against the Freehold and to forsake their history.

"This looks like a job for me." He said.

"So everybody just follow me. Cause we need a little controversy. This world feels so empty without me! We're little hellions, just kids feeling rebellious! We're embarrassed, and jealous. We'll just keep going til someone comes along on a mission and yells "bitch." We're visionaries, but our vision is scary. We could start a revolution, just a bit of noise pollution. So let me just revel and bask in the fact that I got several lands kissing my ass. It's a disaster such a catastrophe for you to see so damn much of my ass you ask for me."

Tulio cut in his voice different. Miguel had opened the story and focused on how evil, vile, and boisterous Sado was.

Takauji Ashikaga saw the Golden Sabbath for what they were a group of children yelling at the air gathering together the dregs of society to fight an unwinnable war against the mighty Freehold. The behemoth of a man full of violence and instability Sado would be his first target. The first that needed to fall just a pawn on a chess board. Takauji was a master strategist and instead of doing it himself he contracted another. A beautiful woman with wings from the Badlands of Earth. A woman who would lay her life down for a just and fair man like Takauji if given the chance. As the bounties for these degenerates was placed, this woman got her chance. Her only hope to eventually meet the man behind the Freehold Takauji himself.

This angel of a woman tracked down the demon Sado Yasutora but our heroine wanted to take him alive she was a merciful woman who didn't like to hurt others. She wanted to spare him but with a feral gleam in his eyes and a frothing mouth he rushed at the woman swinging left and right fast and in a fervor. He wanted her to bleed he wanted to see her fall. Eventually the woman gave him one last chance to live, he refused and again struck out with viscous intent. Our heroine spoke out trying to persuade him.

"It is not a sin to fight for the right cause I see now there are those who words alone will not reach. You are such a being. I am a gentle woman I don't like to hurt and I don't like to see others in pain. I thought that you could learn these feelings too but it is because I cherish life that I must protect it. I have to drop my restraints. I have to protect the life I love. I know I have the strength, but killing-... I just have to let it go."

She flew around Sado attacking from multiple angles. The man was slow for all his height and weight.

Miguel cut in again the story was already deep into the second act of the story and the crowd had grown to a massive proportion. So many people had gathered surrounding the two merchants as they continued. More and more people continued to show up, and they were standing mere feet from the Hangurian Black One sent here by Takauji. They believed if they told their story and if he liked it he would tell his superior and in passing on the information he would arrange payment for their valiant story.

You see, this woman. It's as she said that day she didn't like to hurt others. But she saw the people that were suffering under Sado's heel. So she had to stand up for them and in his final moments Sado relented knowing his sins were many and terrible. However the blow had already landed, he was dead before he hit the ground. The woman being a bounty hunter by trade knew some healing so as the massive beast of a man fell to the ground she began to try and save his life. She knew he could be saved he could be an asset to her and to her eventual superior Takauji. It was all in vain the man was dead before he struck the ground a fallen mass of arrogance and pride. But fortunately our story doesn't end here. You see there was one last thing to do. Seek out Takauji and claim her reward. An angel in the presence of a God our warrior woman was asked but a single question.

He asked the angel. "How could you, such a small and frail woman take out such a behemoth?"

She told him the truth. "Sir Takauji it was because of you. You stood up and showed us where to strike."

"You showed us that we had to cut the gangrenous mass from the body before it killed us all."

And that my friends is how one lone woman and Takauji Ashikaga took on and overpowered a fledgling clan.

The crowd was awe struck as the two gathered their gold and went up to the Hangurian Black One.

So how much was that worth?

Tulio said in a cocky tone.

NPCs ELM from LM
Note: Just using this as a way to pass on misinformation to the NPC Takauji Ashikaga through his subordinates.
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Nov 29, 2011
Coming from the deep forests, he came into a less forestated area. He had not traveled for many moons, so his memory of this place was rather small. As he moved through the forest area, he tried to move unnoticed, and sometimes he thought his mind was playing games with him, he thought he heard footsteps, he thought he heard branches breaking and he was almost sure he was being followed. There was no need to fear anything, of course he thought everything would be fine as long as he continued onward. After walking for several hours he thought he could see the end of the forest and a more clear area filled with tall grass, but before he could reach the end of it he heard a howl coming from behind him, he knew it was a wolf.

Turning around to face the animal, he saw a large grey wolf. It was larger than he expected, way larger in fact. He was unsure of what to do against the animal, he couldn't walk away, neither could he just kill it, could he?. The situation was difficult, he knew nothing of the land, he did not know if there were more wolves in the area, and the blood of another wolf would definately draw their attention. He had to make a decision on what to do. He decided to avoid fighting, by quickly crawling up into a nearby tree, hiding between the leaves. The wolf would most likely lose interest after a while.

Medivh ended up sitting in the tree for several hours, the light of the sun was gone, the night sky was lit by the stars above, the moon was nowhere to be seen. He could not hear the wolf, in fact, he had not heard it for quite some time. To be safe, he decided stay in the tree over night. As he fell asleep he came into a dream. It was a terrible dream for him, a dream that was the kind that made you question your decisions. The dream was short, as he awoke quickly, after dreaming about his possible life in the village with Abigail. As he awoke, he sat up sweating.

Wiping away the sweat from his face, he bit his thumb and performed the summoning technique. This summoned a small diving toad in front of him. It just looked at him confused in the tree.

"Sorry to summon you, I just want to be safe that I am not being followed by wolves or any other prey, you can get me safely ton this area?"

The toad looked at the map Medivh was holding out, it simply nodded and opened its mouth. What came next would look absolutely comical. Medivh would be absorbed into the toads stomach through its mouth, and for any normal person that would definately freak them out. Afterwards, the toad quickly jumped and crawled down the tree and into the tall grass, where it would travel unseen through the terrain, a regular toad would definately not arise any suspicion.

(Gamagakure no Jutsu) - Hiding in a Toad technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short
Chakra: 15
Damage: N/A
Description: The user summons a special diving toad (moguri gama) from mount Myōboku and then the user will hide in its stomache. The frog is capable of diving very deep in fresh water. The frog's stomach has a special barrier which obstructs chakra, protecting the user from sensory-type ninja.

Note: Must know Toad summoning contract.

Chakra: 800 - 15 = 785
- Coming from Landmark 41 -

The toad had managed to move unseen through the landscape and was now moving near the road across the area. The grass was not as tall as before. However this was an unforseen event that would just happen right about now. Delaying his travels. All of a sudden, Medivh within the toad felt surprised, the toad had been spotted and had been captured by someone from the city. It was now being carried into the city and before he knew it into a restaurant, they planned to roast his toad, and with him within it. As the man put the toad on the counter preparing to slice its head off, without warning, Medivh blasted out of the toads mouth flying through the room, smashing into pots and pans and rolling across the ground to everyones surprise. The man holding the meat cleaver just stared back and forth not knowing what in the world to do. Medivh walked up to the man grabbing the toad, angrily staring at him as he walked out of the kitchen, through the restaurant and out into the street. There he quickly found a carriage willing to take him further on his journey, as he left the city after buying some food supplies and other needs for later.

- Leaving towards landmark 36 -


Aug 17, 2010
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
Spy on an important target and remain undetected ( 4 )
Convince an enemy to fight with you ( 4 )

Summary: The clone and NPC finally made it to Keishi where they know the two other NPCs they've been after are. I'm going to have the clone spy on them and then try and convince them through dialogue. I use "convince an enemy" because it's going to end up being more forceful then a mere discussion with the two initially seeing my clone and the NPC as enemies and "fight with you" is more along the lines of "spy for you." I plan on making it two posts one for each element to make it easier to parse them out and focus on them directly in each post.

Smith and Lorelei had spent the night on the edge of Keishi unsure on actually venturing into the city proper. It wasn't so much Lorelei who was worried but Smith. He was a clone of Sado, the man who was supposed to be dead. There would be at least one Hungarian Black One in the city proper if not more. He didn't want to stir up suspicion or cause problems so he began to suppress his own chakra to the level of a normal person. Smirth and Lorelei began their short trek into the city and began to look for signs of the two merchants they were told of. They heard the story of Sado spread around the area, children played together as if it was an elaborate game. Parents reprimanded them but as Lorelei and Smith made their way into the main marketplace they noticed the Hangurian Black One posted near the noticeboard.
The numerous bounties with a visage of Sado and information had been crossed out. Many of them were torn and ripped others crossed out with a large red x. It seemed like Sado's plan was working. His bounty had been claimed and now it was just up to Smith and Lorelei to continue their own mission. They asked an old couple about the merchants and they were directed to travel several streets over which they did only to find a slum. It obviously was the bad part of town, Smith made sure his pouches were close and watched Lorelei closely as the two walked down an alleyway.


A loud boisterous voice called out from a fair distance away followed by another one in a singsong voice.


The two voices were going back and forth as Smith and Lorelei began to approach.

Partner! Hehe!

The second voice literally began to sing at this point. It reminded Smith of the way his main body acted.

Tons of money for you, hey. Tons of money for me, hey!

Tons of money for we!

The commotion was toward the edge of the alleyway where a large group of men had amassed. Smith grabbed Lorelei's arm lightly and directed her to stand behind him in case there was danger. Then a much louder, sterner and gruffer voice called back to the two. The crowd fell silent as Smith and Lorelei made their way to the edge of the crowd getting a glimpse of the head of the blonde man. Tulio.
It was obviously one of the two men they were after. Beside him another man with dark hair. Miguel. The other man they were trailing. They had finally found them. They backed up a bit and shifted into the crowd remaining undetected.


Miguel yelled back rubbing his fingers together while leaning forward toward the biggest of the group.

Guys! You're broke! You've got nothing to bet with!

Smith and Lorelei remained far away from the pair and hidden enough in the group to just seem like two more people drawn in by the spectacle. The amassed group was slowly turning on the two as Smith realized the danger these two were in. They were stirring up trouble, but they lead the crowd so well that it was surprising. The two silently listened to everything that was happening as finally the bigger man revealed a map he had hidden away. He pulled it out of his shabby linen shirt holding it in front of the group and the two men.

Oh yeah? I got this.

Miguel seemed disappointed while Tulio seemed interested.

Pfftt a map?

A MAP!? We need that!

No we don't!

We so do!


The two whispered back and forth among themselves as Smith and Lorelei continued watching from the back.

Alright tiny. You're on.

Miguel began to shake a pair of dice in his hands as he approached the larger man as if getting ready to throw them. The bigger man lifted his hand upward and held it outward toward Miguel stopping him from advancing. He seemed to become much more serious as the crowd behind him fell in line as if backing him up and siding with him. during this Smith and Lorelei moved further back to avoid being seen. Miguel looked up as the husky, burly man pulled out his own set of dice shaking them and speaking.

Not with those, this time we use my dice. Got a problem with that?

Miguel looked back toward Tulio lifting his left hand and drawing it across his own throat while mouthing the words "I'm going to kill you." He turned around taking the dice and shook them in his hands rubbing them for luck and prolonging the time between grabbing the dice and throwing them. He was stuck, and Smith picked up on this by his body language and unwillingness to use new dice.
He seemed to be lying, the game was rigged, or the dice were loaded or something shifty was happening and Miguel was trying to figure out how to win. He continued shaking the dice for about twenty seconds until the crowd began to become annoyed and faint whispers could be heard.

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Show. Me. Seven.

He said as he tossed the dice upon the ground. Miraculously they came up as seven by some divine stroke of luck he had won. He fumbled down to scoop up his winnings and the map as the original dice he had been using fell to the ground. Seven. The burly man from earlier rushed to the ground hitting it hard throwing the dice into the air as they landed again. Seven. He smashed his fist against the ground again as the dice jumped into the air due to the momentum and landed again. Seven. Several more times he did this.
Seven. Seven. Seven. They always came up seven they were loaded dice and now the entire group knew. Without hesitation Miguel turned to Tulio and began to yell at him gathering up the attention of the crowd and trying to use subterfuge to distract and dissuade them. His tone was convincing but it was obvious to Smith that this man was lying to save his own skin. He hastily began stuffing all of the treasure and the map into his pockets and clothes as he yelled out like a man slighted or hurt.

He gave me LOADED DICE!?!?! Arrest him!

It seemed like Tulio quickly picked up on what Miguel was putting down.

You dare to impugn my honor!?

He was the one who was cheating! Arrest him! You better give the money back or!

Tulio threw his right hand forward striking Miguel right in the gut pushing him backward as the two fell over a box and into an adjacent alleyway. The group seemed to move with them as right when an opening was made the two men turned and began running down the alleyway away from the group. Tulio chased Miguel toward the edge of the city yelling at him as the two barely made their way out of the city they tripped numerous times moving just fast enough to avoid the group that was constantly following them trying to nab them.
It took a lot of ducking and weaving through the city but eventually the pair was able to lose the entire group excluding Smith and Lorelei who were able to remain hidden. They were always one alleyway or one street over so that the two merchants never knew they were being followed by them. Smith used his sensing afforded by Sage Mode to constantly keep track of the two as they made their way out of the city, Smith following them, and Lorelei following him.

(Chakra Yokuatsu no Jutsu) - Chakra Suppression Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 15 (-5 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This ability allows the user to suppress their chakra to the point that it is completely undetectable. This makes it impossible for chakra sensory-type ninja to track them via their chakra signal. However there is some downside to the technique, whilst suppressing their chakra they cannot use any of the ninja skills.
Note: Cannot prevent Doujutsu users from detecting them

Clone and NPC ELM from LM | LLM
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Mar 18, 2013
New bio. Spawning here. RIP all previous RP posts :( Introductory mission, too, with the following elements:
- Disperse a mob (4)

Summary: Discovering the world around him for somewhat the first time, Sigurd is thrown into acts of altruism he isn't ready to comprehend. However, it does pay off as the man he helps save from a mob lynching has provided him details for the journey of a lifetime...

had just arrived at his predetermined rest stop, the market village of called Keishi. He was on a journey West on a mission his master had given and it had been a few days since he took some time for himself. He needed water, food, and a place to stay for the night before making way to the harbor and paying a ridiculous fee to be shipped East. Though, money was never an issue, for his master was a wealthy one. But still...

"Fresh fish, fresh fish! Get your fish here!"

It was raw, he thought. The whole market was raw and musty with all sorts of smells. At one point he caught the rankness of a goat, or was it a cow? In fact, that may have been but a man who chose not to look after himself. He could also smell raw meat and petrichor on the stone walkways; rain had just fallen here. Though, it was hard to tell because it always looked damp in this place. He walked purposefully past the stalls and people swinging their wares but did glance occasionally at what they had. Who knows, maybe he could pick up a souvenir to bring back. He had just came in through the main gates and took a sharp right when he heard yelling and shouting in the distance. To think this chaotic place could get any worse!

He politely shoved his way through until he was in the middle of the marketplace staring at a tattered blue tent and a viscious crowd standing around it with torches and forks.

"You caused this! You brought that evil back here! First Billy Boy and now Rupert?! Who's next?!" yelled a chubby man with a mustache littered with crumbs and gravy. In his hand a note, or poster rather, showing a crudely drawn child.

He was waving it way too angrily, Sigurd could barely make out what was written on it. Around him the rest of the angry residents yelled slurs, insults, and threats on the rapid. Some even threw stones on the tent, making more holes. Someone must've been inside, Sigurd deduced, and that person just might be the most hated on this entire landmark. A distant yelling suddenly rolled in from behind him and then provided a lanky, tattoo'd fellow who had an improvised bomb in his hand. It was a liquor bottle with a piece of lit cloth hanging out. He shoved the people out of his way with too much effort, as if he enjoyed this sort of thing, and threw the bottle at the tent.

"Go to hell, ya fucka!" he yelled in a thick, seaman accent.

Sigurd wasn't sure why he interjected, maybe it was his programming, or maybe it was compassion. Either way, he formed a cold, hard kunai of his special chakra nature and flicked both fingers at the arcing molotov. The bottle fell short, shattered on the muddy ground and flared up in a brilliant red flame before dying out. Sigurd stared at the glass pieces then his own fingers. Why did I do that?

"Oi! The **** is ya problem, mate?! White haired, mainland-looking cunt, I'll wreck ya!" the wild-eyed arsonist spat.

Sigurd stared at him blankly from behind his face mask. He wasn't sure how to respond.

"That must be his partner, ye! He goes to that cursed church, start killing off our people, and then this strange fruit pops up to defend him. They in cahoots! Get him!" someone yelled. Sounded like a woman, due to how shrill it was.

Suddenly the crowd he had just shoved through to get where he was now started to shove at him from all sides. Their greasy, filthy hands even catching on to his ash white hair and pale skin. Then the true violence started. A boy with a pitchfork lunged for his abdomen area while a man attempted to put him in a headlock. Sighing deeply but not entirely overwhelmed, Sigurd formed a sword of his ice-like element and deflected the fork before morphing it into a gauntlet and delivering a swift strike to the side of his assailant's head. The man blinked wildly before letting go. He clearly had a concusion. Sigurd used this respite to grab him by the shirt, and slam him down on the muddy ground before him. He then clenched his fist to deliver the final blow when a buff man tackled him to the ground.

Both men rolled for ages, breaking down stalls and throwing all sorts of goods in the air. When Sigurd finally flashed the dizziness out of his head he saw the charger's face red with rage and fatty sides of his face jiggling as the hulk bristled. "You shoulda never 'ave come here, lad..." the man growled.

Sigurd tilted his head. "You misunderstand, I'm not sure what's happening--"

The man threw a basket of weird plum looking fruits as a distraction and Sigurd slapped it to the side only to find a fist big enough for his face... in his face. He focused ice to the skin on impact and both heard and felt when the man's fingers broke with the sound of chopsticks. The fat man recoiled immediately and howled for pain while Sigurd simply straightened up and fixed his hair. In the distance, the rest of the mob had started to torch the tent. Sigurd stared.

Am I going to... help?


He patted the screaming man's shoulder. "You've broken all five fingers, fractured the wrist, and torn several ligaments. Estimated time of inconvenience, fourteen days."

The man shook off Sigurd's palm like a stubborn mule and swung his other arm. Sigurd focused ice to his chest too and watched as bone and blood tore from the man's other hand. He stared at his arm, then Sigurd's face in absolute horror before erupting in a scream that wasn't quite manly.

"Severe damage to the metacarpal ligaments, fractured ulna, and multiple lacerations to the extensor digiti minimi. New estimate time of inconvenience, three months." Sigurd looked over his shoulder at the burning tent, then back at the writhing man. "Please desist, I am not here to harm, but observe."

In response the man spat at Sigurd, but in his pain the spittle didn't even leave his mouth but instead dribbled down his chin and onto the dirt. Sigurd looked away, disgusted. He then walked over to the tent and raised an arm. Immediately after a triangular shape of frozen earth rose around the tent, ousting the fires and protecting the structure. They stopped, dumbfounded at what they were looking at; their own reflections, then turned to Sigurd.

"You again?!"

This time Sigurd didn't want to be pounced on, he caused various spikes of frozen earth to erupt around the immediate region of the tent. Surely, some people got cut and hit, but none were killed. Sigurd wasn't that kind of person. And when they still refused to move he caused some of the spikes to explode into tiny shards. The once angry villagers dropped their weapons in fear and covered their faces as the ice raged at their skins like little knives. In no time the market square was empty.

Sigurd approached the ice tent, which made way for him like servants of a king. He then opened the real tent and was met with a tragic sight. Inside a battered man with only one functioning eye held up a rusty blade at him while curled into a fetal position.

"Stand back! Or... or I'll fuckin' cut ya! I'll do it, I swear"

Sigurd stooped inside as if no one had spoke. He then offered a hand and smiled. "Hi. I see you're in trouble, may I help?"

The man stared at Sigurd as if he were some illusion.

Sigurd took off his mouth mask to show the man his genuine face. "No tricks, I promise."

He didn't drop the blade. "What'you want then?"

"What is happening here? Why are they all out to get you?"

The man lowered the blade, and his one-eyed gaze. "Because..." he started. "I went up to that church looking for me mate, but I only cursed meself, and this place. It's all me fault."

"What church?"

"The monastary at Chungsu Ruins. Something foul is bubbling in that place, lad, I felt it the moment me docked the dingy!" He stared with the wild, desperate eyes of a man who had seen too much. "You mustn't go there, lad, you mustn't..."

"Why, what is there?"

The man leaned closer and grabbed on to Sigurd's collars. He let him. With a breath rancid of liquor and bad hygiene the man hoarsely whispered, "Dark, dark, magics, lad."

Arima peeled his hands. "Most unfortunate, I have business there. I must."

"Are you mad?! Didn't you hear a word I just said?!"

"I did. But as I said, I have matters to attend there." Sigurd turned to exit. "I will take precaution, though, if you're that worried for my safety."

"You're gonna get yaself killed. But at least search for my shipmate, Dabin, in there for me. It's been days now. I only hope he's safe."

"I'll see what I can do." He had peeped through one of the rips in the tent's fabric then looked back at the man. "You should probably leave. They're coming back, and they will kill you if you allow it."

With that Sigurd exited, disassembled his ice formations, and made way to the docks. Behind him, people slowly started to return to the market square now that no ice blocked their path. He watched as the man limped from under the tent toward the back of the market in the slowest escape attempt he'd ever seen. Nevertheless, it worked, and the man seemingly disappeared into a network of fishing nets and crates.

"Yes, I'd like to go to Chungsu Ruins?" he spoke to the nearest sailor.

The sailor spat. "We don't go there. No sir."

Sigurd sighed and brought up a lump of ryo in a black pouch. "Everyone has a price, captain. I only want to reach the island, you're free to run off if you like after that."

The sour-looking man whistled a sonorous tone of surprise before grabbing the pouch. "Okay get on, and make sure you don't have to shit cause there's no toilets on this thing, ye?"

(Hokkyoku āsurirīsu: Fuyu no Sasayaki)- Arctic Earth: Whispers of Winter
Type: Supplementary/Defensive/Offensive
Rank: C-S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra cost: 15-40
Damage: 30-80
Description: The most rudimentary technique of the release. By focusing Arctic Earth chakra throughout the body and/or surrounding earth the user is able to create tools and constructs made of permafrost. These can range from simple a kunai to a full length staff in terms of weaponry as well as walls, pillars, and other complex shapes. They can be formed from the earth up to mid ranged of the user and carry a certain malleable property in that, whenever the user comes in physical contact with his creations he can will them change shape and re-purpose (for example a kunai morphing into a tanto) but not rank (meaning the new tanto would remain the rank of the kunai). The size of these creatioms are directly proportional to the amount of chakra expended with S ranked variants ranging as big as the canon 'Destructive Earth Rising Pillars'. As per the properties of Arctic Earth, whenever these constructs come in contact with exposed skin it leaves it painfully frostbitten as the element is very frigid. With the seal of confrontation the user can manipulate said constructs up to long ranged of his person.
Note (s):
- S ranked version can only be used 4× per match.
- No S-Rank or above Arctic Earth techniques on the next turn (after the S-Rank version is used)
- Morphing of constructs cost 10 chakra each time done but doesn't take up a move slot.

C-Rank, 3 times

Chakra: 1600- (45)= 1,545
Mission end. LLM.
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Jan 24, 2013
Arriving from Zhouhua [SUP]( )[/SUP].​

As the sprawling farmlands slowly but surely gave way to simple fields of grass, Shayde eventually saw the city of Keishi on the horizon. He had been here a few times in the past, once as a family trip, and the rest being to take on commissions, so he was somewhat familiar with the city's erratic and chaotic design, and more than aware of it's seedy underbelly. It wouldn't take long for him to get back in touch with old informants, and hear the latest gossip and chatter. And he knew just the place... As he entered the city proper, Shayde expertly darted and weaved a sly silent path through the city, before stopping in a shady, decrepit back alley door. The door itself was covered in a dry, chipped paint, and been plastered with more flyers and postings than one could ever comprehensibly read in a day, many of which were tattered, torn, or barely hanging on to the door by a thread. Completing this unassuming facade was a sliding peep hole, which snapped open as Shayde tapped a simple rhythm on the door's front. A pair of shadowy eyes stared for a few seconds as smoke billowed forth from the hole, before the peep hole snapped shut, and the door was casually opened. Shayde casually strolled in, walking down a lengthy corridor, before coming face to face with another bulky figure, this one staring directly at him.

"Pass word?"

He grumbled, taking careful consideration to enunciate each word independently. For even a complete stranger, it was vividly clear that this mans strength didn't lie in his communicative skills. As he cracked his neck to each side, Shayde, unwilling to play party to the nonsense any longer, took a step forward, and casually remarked at the brute.

"Let me in Bruce before I crack that neck of yours for the last time."

The hulking mass of pure muscles casually bent forward, staring Shayde right in the eye, before laughing heartily, unable to keep a straight face. Shayde started to laugh along with him, but moments after the two were joined in mutual laughter, Bruce's fist found it's way to Shayde's face, with the latter responding in kind. As the two dug their fists into the other's faces, Bruce continued.

"Not s'posed to let anyone in without the pass word Shayde."

"Shit, can you even remember what the password's supposed to be, big guy?"

"That one's easy. It was... Um... Err... Oh!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!"

"Well there you go, one password. You gonna let me in now?"

"Oh... Yeah, okay."

Sage of Six Paths bless Bruce... He was a nice enough guy, when he wasn't a stickler for the rules, but damn, he was thicker than a bowl of oatmeal... But Shayde was in nonetheless. As the brute gingerly touched his cheek, sucking air between his teeth at the slow formation of a new bruise, he opened the door for Shayde. Immediately the smell of cheap booze, heavy smoke and deceit hit the nose, trying to dull ones senses. As Shayde entered the bar, a sign hung above the bartender; "The Rusty Kunai". A lair of thieves, murderers, scum and villainy, but hey, it was one of the best places to go if you wanted to find someone. All you had to do was keep your ears open, and your eyes trained on anyone and everyone. As the bartender slipped Shayde a drink, he pulled a small pouch out of his pocket. Bruce really needed to pay more attention when throwing a punch... As he dropped a few coins on the counter, and swiped the drink, Shayde lowered his head and closed his eyes. As he did his best to filter out the ambient sounds, he tried to listen in one each and every conversation, one by one. As he jumped from one conversation about a man confessing his feelings, to another about the rising and falling factions around the world, Shayde thought to himself the pickings were slim, but the night was young, and his glass was more than half full. As he listened some conversations change to other, just as pointless to him, discussions, and his drink slowly got more and more empty, Shayde got more and more discouraged by his choice in bar. As he finished his drink, and decided to leave, and pick back up somewhere else, a figure burst through the door and frantically scanned the room, before running to a table at the back of the bar. This was bound to be good, juicy gossip, but Shayde had no idea to what extent... As his friend chastised him for being late, and asking if he had anything for him, the nervous figure said he couldn't even get into Chungsu. Shayde's ears perked up, as he concentrated on this one conversation.

"What do you mean you couldn't get in? The bloody walls are rubble, and the people are easy targets!!"

"Th-that's not it... The... The city is filled with... With..."

As the shaken figures face was suddenly met with a swift strike from his company's hand, he was urged; "With what?! Idiots ripe for the picking?! A bunch of burnt and crushed building?! The fucking Nine Tailed Fox?! Spit it out!!"

"The dead!! The fucking dead are walking the streets!! They're crawling out of the rubble, chanting some garbage, and attacking anyone in sight!!"

The second Shayde heard these rantings about the dead rising in his former home, hr didn't wait a second longer to hear anything else the vagabond had to say. He flew out the door, almost knocking Bruce out flat as he did so, tossing the big guy's coin purse back at him, saying he dropped it, before rushing out the external door, and immediately out of the city. His destination was clear; He was going "home".

Leaving Landmark, heading to Cheopo [SUP]( )[/SUP].​


Aug 17, 2010
Miquel and Tulio made their way into Keishi trailed directly by an undead horde.

It seems they had been living it up lately until they crossed the wrong group of undead.

Note: NPCs have been in limbo for a while but bringing them back into a narrative.
NPCs ELM from LM ( )


Aug 17, 2010
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
Defend a marketplace from a horde of zombies (3)
Custom: Use your spy network to gather, and spread information ( 3 )

Summary: Sado has made his way to a marketplace, Keishi specifically to check in on the objects being sold as well as gather and spread information through the network of spies his clone placed here months ago. While entering Keishi he notices that even here the undead hordes have spread causing havoc and spreading terror. He's going to dispatch of these creatures and then seek out Miguel and Tulio the two spies he placed here as information brokers and local/doomed spies. He wants them to spread a story for him one crafted directly by himself.

Note: I think I mixed up the names of the NPCs a long time ago when I created them. Fixing it now.

Sado flew forward finally entering his destination with Salazzle clinging close to his neck now probably terrified of heights and flying, he landed content to continue forward on foot. He walked slowly and deliberately toward Keishi with a proper posture around the last few speckled trees that broke into a sprawling metropolis. He remembered his clone had come through here and met with two men to the south-east. Miguel and Tulio. The clone had also told them to hang around Keishi and wait to be contacted for more orders, the two were supposed to act as information brokers both for Smith and for others. However, they were only supposed to give correct information to Smith, the information they were supposed to give out to others would be fed directly to them through someone else.
It was at this time that Sado heard a commotion off in the distance as a group of humans close to where he was arriving from were yelling and screaming about danger and to move further into the marketplace for safety. Sado instead of listening to the warnings being yelled out by civilians made his way toward the commotion walking rather leisurely not rushing himself. He picked up a few phrases from the civilians that sounded familiar compared to the event he just came from in the Ruins of Chungsu. "The dead are rising." "They're chasing some people into the village." "What do we do? Where are the guards, find the Hangurian Black Ones they'll deal with it!" "Hurry to the marketplace that's where their outpost is!"
Sado couldn't help but grin slightly as the people called out for the Hangurian Black Ones, the same faction that he was in constant opposition to. He was glad that he had changed his appearance and wouldn't be able to be recognized as it made it so that he had very little to worry about should he encounter any Hangurian Black Ones. Anyway, he moved forward toward the border of the settlement to the south-east. It was strange this was the same area he remembered the clone following Miguel and Tulio.
Then off in the distance, he saw the shambling horde and roughly ten or so meters ahead of them-... the men he was actually looking for. He couldn't help but laugh slightly at the thought as he slipped a pill into his mouth using it to convert a large portion of his chakra into senjutsu chakra to keep his Sage Mode active as he could tell he was running low on senjutsu chakra by this point. His body was feeling a bit worn and tired after everything.

Healing Factor: Weapon X
Creator: Howard
Type: Healing
Description and Background: The pill at it's base is mostly a mass of mitogens suspended in a concentrated medium of senjutsu chakra and natural energy that when consumed begins to breakdown and move throughout the body activating and signaling proto-oncogenes to ramp up cell growth exponentially. The proto-onogenes along with the body itself begin using the senjutsu chakra and natural energy as a fuel source to expedite this process. It completely turns off tumor suppressors as every cell in the body begins to rapidly and nearly uncontrollably go through mitosis converting the new cells at the site of the wound, wounds, or missing appendages to blastema. Blastema are masses of cells capable of growth and regeneration into organs or body parts, these blastema begin to form all throughout the body almost like tumors which would usually impede natural function but through the senjutsu chakra and natural energy fuel they are quickly converted into new cells rebuilding the body at a rapid pace becoming whatever new cell the body needs. These blastema can replace organs, bones, blood, muscles, nerves and any other bodily form however they are unable to repair fatal damage such as spinal column destruction, as well as severe damage to the brain or heart. However limbs can be regrown and organs excluding the heart, brain, spinal column and central nervous system can be rebuilt. The healing effects of the pill only last a single turn and will heal the user back to one hundred percent of their health pool dependent upon the state of their body in that specific turn.

In essence they can become any form of tissue or structure for the body including muscle tissue, bone tissue, organ tissue, Endothelial cells, nerves, tendons, brain tissue etcetera, and form rapidly almost like a cancer spreading throughout the body causing the consumers skin to flake and tear as if sickly almost as if they were in the late stages of cancer. These proto-oncogenes eventually convert to oncogenes and ramp up the production of mutated cells even further creating some pain but this pain is a signal that allows the consumer to know the process is halfway complete as their body is now littered with masses of blastema that are breaking down and transforming into new cells rebuilding the body through a genetic sense memory like that of the Axolotl who can rebuild organs, limbs and even brain tissue multiple times throughout their life. After this pain sets in the body begins using the senjutsu chakra and natural energy to fuel histiocytes which are large somatic cells found in stationary form in the tissues or as a mobile white blood cell, especially at sites of infection. These begin to consume and dispose of any tissue that is no longer needed converting it back, excess flesh, bone, and sinew are disposed of as the last few stages of the process begin. These histiocytes work with anti-bodies like a clean-up crew after the healing has taken place. These anti-bodies and histiocytes actively seek out the oncogenes consuming them directly. This entire process takes place over the course of a single turn.

The senjutsu chakra and natural energy has it's own effect separate from the bodily reactions brought on by the mitogens. They allow the user to instantly enter any form of Sage Mode they know as their body is flooded with this foreign energy no longer needing to wait a full turn to gather the natural energy required. Due to the spike in foreign energy most genjutsu are broken after taking this excluding MS grade or above, upon activation the user is granted 10% of their chakra as senjutsu chakra through this method the rest is consumed by the mentioned processes. This includes everything from E to Forbidden rank as well as elemental genjutsu and other types lower than MS grade. If this pill is taken while already in Sage Mode it grants the user 30% of their chakra as senjutsu chakra per pill consumed. However only a single pill can be taken per turn, with a maximum of two per individual battle. They cannot be taken within a two turn period of each other. The senjutsu chakra and natural energy also has the added effect of overcharging the entire body on a cellular level pushing any foreign material from the body this includes poisons, toxins, pathogenic matter and any harmful substance. These substances will be nullified and excreted from the body as sweat rapidly. This is due in part to the natural energy and senjutsu chakra's natural healing and rejuvenative properties but also because the metabolism of the consumer is overcharged to a point where these things are unable to remain in the body.

Description of Side Effects: The side effects mainly revolve around the pain created by the process taijutsu falters as the consumers muscles feel sore, and tense. He takes an extra twenty damage from taijutsu techniques or blunt force trauma after the medicine has worn off this lasts for two turns. The consumer is unable to use a KG or HA the turn after consuming the medicine as the cells themselves go through a state of flux where old cells are replaced. Taking one pill doesn't cause too many problems outside of the pain but taking a second does. The body won't be able to handle the clean up and disposal of the excess cells created by the second pill so the body will heal but the cells will not be disposed of thus they are left riddled with small blastema that will need to be healed later. These blastema will not be life threatening and are mostly an annoyance but will cause the consumer to be very susceptible to taijutsu and blunt force trauma taking an additional thirty damage until the blastema are healed. At this point the blastema are pretty much just scar-tissue annoying but no where near harmful however due to these blastema the user is unable to use any KG abilities, or any advanced ninjutsu including, Rain Release, Fuuinjutsu, or Hidden Abilities for two turns or until healed.

The side effects of the natural energy and senjutsu chakra are separate from the above mentioned side effects. If used to instigate a form of Sage Mode the body will be exhausted upon the deactivation of Sage Mode unable to use any KG abilities, or any advanced ninjutsu including Rain Release, Fuuinjutsu, or Hidden Abilities for two turns after Sage Mode has ended. The user spends an additional 10 chakra points per turn to sustain Sage Mode if taken to activate Sage Mode. If the user takes a second pill this 10 chakra points is doubled to 20 additional chakra points to sustain Sage Mode if used to activate Sage Mode. If taken by someone who hasn't trained with Natural Energy it'll instantly and uncontrollably turn them to stone. This training doesn't require being trained in Sage Mode just a form of natural energy or senjutsu usage.
Miguel yelled outward as the two rushed toward the settlement.

Tulio look on the positive side at least things can't get-...

It started to rain lightly as Tulio replied.

Excuse me. Were you going to say worse?

Miguel replied, it seemed like a loud back and forth between the two as Sado walked slowly toward them and the undead.

You sure?
Abosultely not. I've revised that whole thing.

They continued back and forth.

Did you ever imagine it was going to end like this?
No. The guy walking toward us menacingly and the zombies chasing us is a surprise.
Oh you're right, that guy is a bit of a surprise. Who is he?
How could I know? We've never met him.
Well that's true, but I thought maybe you knew him.

Salazzle sighed heavily close to Sado's ear so that no one else could hear her.

Don't tell me these buffoons are your contacts? Please. They seem stupider than you can be at times.

Sado laughed a bit as the small grin deepened into a smile at Salazzle's criticism.

Miguel spoke again loud enough for Sado to hear them with Tulio replying immediately after.

Great now he's laughing at us. He thinks we're a joke. Just a plot device to amuse him.
Shut up and run. It doesn't matter what he's doing as long as we don't trip and die.
What's he doing now?
Hey, that rhymed!

Sado ruffled into his pouch with his right hand pulling out five kunai with tags attached to them as both Miguel, Tulio and the horde of zombies trailing them made it out of the area adjacent to Keishi and made their way toward the settlement proper. He quickly threw the five kunai forward high over Miguel and Tulio's heads as they landed inside the horde of zombies as the two, Miguel and began to argue once more. They continued running forward as the horde of undead followed closely behind grumbling and screeching reaching out for the two trying to grasp at them and pulled them back toward the group.
There was at least forty undead shambling forward. It seemed like they were popping up all over the world. It was strange for Sado, who assumed they were only in the Ruins of Chungsu. This completely threw a wrench into his plan of taking out the undead in Chungsu and thus saving Shinramoto from being pinned down. It seemed like this would only get worse and that annoyed Sado a bit.

He missed.
Obviously he wasn't aiming for us.

As the two continued talking back and forth Sado caused the tags to detonate releasing a source of empowered Red Sand that he could use. It slightly offset the horde and kept them tied up for a moment with the heat and force but it wasn't enough to stop them as they pushed through it with moderate burns some of their flesh sloughing off the bone as they moved forward.
With that Sado took hold of the source of Red Sand as it began to rush inward pulling up all the undead and sucking them into the eye of a moderately sized tornado of whipping wind and sand. The Red Sand tore at the undead as it was strengthened considerably both by the tags and by the fact that Sado was in Sage Mode still. It shredded apart a large portion of the undead as another group that was a bit slower than them came up from behind the Red Sand tornado being pulled into it.
This carried them all upward breaking apart due to the immense heat caused by the tornado and the shredding blades of Red Sand inside the tornado. Miguel and Tulio couldn't help but turn and stare in awe. Sado merely continued walking forward toward them. Sado didn't want to be here when the Hangurian Black Ones showed up even if his appearance was in a changed state he didn't want to appear like a threat to them right now as he was merely going about business.

(Akai Sabaku no Tagu) - Tags of the Red Desert
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A (-5 per tag)
Damage: N/A ( +20 to paper ninjutsu, tag based ninjutsu or Red Sand Techniques )
Description: These tags were created by Korra to use in conjunction with her Paper Ninjutsu and are a replacement for the explosive tags a shinobi usually carries thus making them passive. These tags are red in color with a desert/sand look with 漠 on the middle. The tags contain red sand in them and can be detonated by the user merely through thought. The sand in the tags help give the user a source of red sand throughout the battle field. Each single tag contains enough red sand to support a D rank Red Sand technique. The user can use the red sand from the tags for other Red Sand techniques but only if enough tags go off for example the remainders of a single tag can support a D rank technique. The remainder of two tags can support a C rank etc. If used alongside basic ninjutsu that summons Explosive Tags like Hidden Explosive Tags Technique, or that uses Explosive tags that technique is considered a Red Sand technique and will release Red Sand upon detonation. These tags can also be used alongside Red Sand techniques by funneling them into the formation of a technique empowering a Red Sand technique allowing it to overcome it's usual weaknesses as when it clashes with another technique the tags will detonate releasing more Red Sand and increasing the strength of that technique enough to overcome it's weakness.
Note: Must post this in the user bios to be able to use them or post them in the start of the battle and cannot be utilized alongside other seals to increase tag damage.
(Nirro Suna: Sunaarashi) Red Sand Release: Sabels
Type: Attack
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 40 (-20 for explosion)
Damage points: 80 (+20 for explosion)
Description: The user forms a small cyclone of Red Sand in his dominate hand and then releases it out towards the opponent or creates a normal sized storm from an already existing Red Sand source. The user performs a single hand seal (Tiger) and the sand storm grows much larger taking on the properties of a large sand storm throwing sand around and whipping the opponent around thrashing him about. The sand storm is enough to throw the opponent back and can cause severe damage to anyone caught inside of it or hit by it the sand is also heated to an immense temperature enough to create third degree burns to the opponent or anyone hit by it. It also creates lacerations along the body due to the grains of sand forming into a spinning vortex with sharpened properties. The sand storm repels any water jutsu that is thrown against it. If an opponent tries to counter using a water jutsu the Red Sand will over power it.
The user can perform two more hand seals after the vortex is created (Ram -> Boar) forcing it to compress upon itself before shooting outward in all directions. This creates an explosion-like effect of Red Sand that travels outward in all directions pelting anything and everything in a Mid Range area with a dense torrent of Red Sand that can burn to the touch and cause significant damage. The force of the sand is enough to send a person away knocking them aback roughly five meters but not dealing relative damage. The damage comes from the Red Sand itself which carries with it the brunt of the attack slashing, burning and tearing at the opponent.
Note: If the user is caught in the sand storm he is effected to.
Note:-Can only use Red Sand, Fire, Earth and Wind the turn this is used along with basic nin, gen and tai
-Usable 2 times a match, once every 3 turns
-Explosive-like ability counts as a move and costs 20 chakra points
Gentlemen. I have a job for you two. I'm your contact. Let's head back into the marketplace first.

I want to purchase some things and I'll buy you a round of ale at a tavern.

The Red Sand eventually fell back to the ground creating a mound of undead body parts and Red Sand on the outskirts of the marketplace as Miguel, Tulio and the undead had made it into the settlement breaking the treeline before Sado intercepted them with the Red Sand tornado. It seemed to him like the two would have drug the entire group of undead back to the marketplace in search of Hangurian Black Ones and he had to put a stop to that before it happened. Sado directed the men toward going deeper into the marketplace.
Seeing a gauntlet he liked for sell he placed a bid and then took the two men to a small hole in the wall tavern near the marketplace proper. Over a few drinks they began to talk, Sado plied the mean with alcohol and food explaining he was the contact they had been waiting for. Eventually, they got down to what they were here for. Sado asked to know everything about the holiday and the undead, he talked like he knew nothing-... because he did know nothing. Living outside of the civilized world for most of his life he never knew about holidays or

So tell me everything you've learned. I want to know everything.

Act like I know nothing at all about this holiday and the rising dead.

Salazzle whispered into his ear.

You don't know anything.

Sado shushed her as Miguel began to speak explaining what he knew.

His tone was playful and joking like someone remembering past revelries.

Well, the holiday is something that happens in remembrance of Alexandros Megas and his conquests over a century ago. It's called Conqueror's End and is a holiday where the entire world comes together to celebrate; a time where people pay respects for his conquests, and fear what could have been had the Freehold fallen. Throughout the month children Trick or Treat, traveling from home to home they ask for candy and treats in costumes of soldiers, generals, Black Ones, and even Alexandros and his generals. It mimics Alexandros's tributary philosophy, to "pay or be conquered." Many families and communities arrange decorations, host feasts all for them to celebrate the last days of the Conqueror's journey and remember what could have been should he not have fallen. You've probably noticed since we were just there but the market also likes to sell an abundance of candy, and Conqueror's End themed items to draw in the eye of the tourists and locals alike.

Sado nodded and waited politely listening to the story and the traditions. It was interesting and slightly drew in his immaturity. He thought back to Tetsuo. Maybe he'd send an order for his clone to take the teen out to gather treats, and candies as he knew Tetsuo wouldn't be willing to go out alone and be around people.
Sado thought the child might be too old for an event like that but it could still be fun for him to finally have someone to go with him and act immature for a day or two. Sado remembered the training and hell he put Tetsuo through so he could grow to be strong and thought this "Trick or Treat" tradition could draw his mind from the actions that scarred him in the past.

Go on, about the undead. What have you learned or what do you know?

Tulio took over his voice was a bit more serious. He explained everything they knew about it. Information was spreading fast and while Sado was off-putting in a bid for some kind of item the two checked the noticeboard inspecting about anything that could learn. If this man was their contact, they thought he would want information and would pay a high price for it. They had run dry the Ryo the first man had given them so they were glad another was here to pay them more.

So, apparently it all started in the Ruins of Chungsu. Those undead-... things. They began to crawl out from their graves and harass others biting thrashing and tearing at anyone foolish enough to venture into the Ruins. Soon after they began to travel outward from the ruins entering other areas close to the ruins. But here's the confusing part, now undead are rising outside of Chungsu. Villages are reporting that their dead are rising and attacking lashing out with dull, stupidity. They're drawn to sound, hurt by fire, and can kill others as they travel in large swarms like the one you saw chasing us.

Miguel cut in interrupting Tulio.

Tell him about the headless men.

Tulio would stare daggers at Miguel he was holding that back to sell for a higher price.

His head turned toward him as his eyes widened and a frown showed upon his face his voice gravely and hushed.

Yeah Miguel-... I was getting to that. There have been reports about two headless beings.

They've been roaming the lands in the Dead Plains and Giant's Lance.

Sado nodded toward the two as he produced a small purse of coin for the two. It was enough to last a few months.

Sado spoke to them in a hushed tone as he leaned forward directing the two to do the same.

I want you two to spread information for me. Interesting stories that draw the ears, and minds of the people during this time of celebration and remembrance. Your pay is there as well as more for explaining things to me. The stories I want you to spread are of a land called Shinramoto. There was a story that circulated about monsters there fighting against Takauji Ashikaga and his Hangurian Black Ones. I want you to say that the monsters of Shinramoto have been taking down these undead cretins. They've been saving villages, bandits anyone who needs their aid and they've been doing so out of the kindness of their hearts no strings attached. Tell the world that Shinramoto won't bend the knee to Takauji Ashikaga, nor deadmen. They're a proud, strong people, who help the world around them and they want to bring the world together to fight against the things killing this world be they warlords or be they deadmen. I want you to really sell the story. If you can make it rhyme and make it catchy I'll pay you extra.

Salazzle interrupted Sado speaking for the first time in front of these men in a way they could hear.

Make sure the story reaches Jinshui and the ears of their people.

Make Shinramoto sound strong, a force that protects.

Sado nodded. He didn't know why Salazzle wanted the story spread there, but it had to be something important. He remembered back to that conversation she had with Lena. It could have been dealing with that, but Sado wouldn't pry. Even with Salazzle being his personal summon he wouldn't force a secret out of her is Lena had confided in her then that was a sacred bond and he would besmirch such a thing.

As for Takauji, he's been trying to destroy Shinramoto because he wants to snuff out hope in the world. Tell the world that one day, around midday an army showed up at the border of Shinramoto. That the monsters of Shinramoto were provoked by violence against their people and that without mercy, without fear they took that army and they showed it, its place in this world. They snuffed out the strongest men in that army and defended their lands. They won't give them away to anyone. Do you think you can do that? I want you to seriously sell the story with everything you have. Do we have a deal?

Sado tossed down another pouch of coin the same size as the first.

Miguel and Tulio began to speak back and forth.

We'll make it happen-... boss.
But you know, Takauji won't like this right? I hear he's a proud man.

Miguel winked at Sado agreeing to the deal. Then the two scooped up their pay and exited the tavern to go about their business as Sado stayed for a while. The two made their way to the marketplace while Sado stayed at the tavern. They remained in earshot of the tavern though as it was mid-day and the sun was shining brightly. Even with the staggering cold winds that were picking up due to the time of year the door remained open to ventilate the tavern and keep the air from stagnating.

Guess who's back!?

Tulio said rather loudly before Miguel cut in abruptly.

Your favorite bards, back again with a new story.

Tulio began by interrupting as the two went back and forth building off of one another.

Shinramoto. The monsters we've all been hearing about. It seems they've got a message for the world. We picked it up during our travel in the Tea Peninsula. Seems the group has been tending to the world in a time when WE'RE ALL struggling against something bigger than all of us. They've been going around and saving people! WHAT MONSTERS! Saving people from undead hordes in Chungsu!? What kind of monster saves those in need-... wait.

It can't be.

I mean if the monsters of the world are saving and healing people, regardless of their standing as shinobi, bandits, or peasants. What does that make Takauji the Mighty and Powerful God? The man sitting idly in his stronghold far away from the dangers of the world.

Miguel cut in confirming what Tulio was saying as he used his charisma to gather up the crowd as more people began to gather up. A large portion of the village now hearing whispers about the group of undead taken out on the outskirts of the village earlier in the day and how Hangurian Black Ones were dispatched only to find the problem dealt with and a large pile of red dust, flesh and bones.
The group was obviously curious about it. They thought these men had a point. What kind of monsters would save people? Obviously, their perception was being skewered by someone they began to think.

You didn't hear it from me but I heard the only reason Shinramoto lashed out, was because they were attacked by an army that wanted to take what was theirs. I heard it was ordered by Takauji Ashikaga himself, that Shinramoto needed to be wiped off the map. I even heard the army killed many, and hurt, even more, trying to destroy these "monsters" who merely wanted to keep their own home safe from.

Miguel began again as he played a melody on his ukelele-like lute.

Sado was inside the tavern listening to everything.

He couldn't help but use his Thunderwave technology to amplify music for the two.

It sounds like Shinramoto has got a notion and it's one I think I can understand
They're setting the world in motion by reaching out for each other's hand.
Maybe they'll discover. What we should have known all along.
One way or another, together's where we all belong!

If we listen to each other's heart.
We'll find we're never too far apart.
And maybe love is a reason why.
For the first time ever, we're seein' it eye to eye!

And if a wall should come between us.
Too high to climb, too hard to break through.
It looks like they know that love'll lead us.
And find a way to bring them to you.
So don't be in a hurry.
Think before you count them out.
The world won't have to worry.
They won't ever let you drown.

The crowd was unsure what they were watching. It sounded like a song, but it was about another village? As it came to a close the music cut out and Miguel and Tulio gathered up any coin given for the performance and bolted into the nearby alleyways trying to evade and avoid an incoming Hangurain Black One.
It seemed he had tried to force his way into the crowd. They quickly scurried away to hide long enough to live another day. Sado would probably seek them out again they were pretty good at this.

Sado's chakra is back to the maximum due to chakra regen and being in SM thus using senjutsu chakra.
1900 - 570 ( Weapon X ) = 1330

Senjutsu chakra:
516 - 450 ( Everything up til this post including previous mission and travel ) = 66
066 + 570 ( Weapon X ) = 636
636 - 25 ( Tags ) = 611
611 - 40 ( Sabels ) = 571
571 - 10 ( Sage Mode / Maintain ) =561
561 - 5 ( Thunderwave ) = 556

ELM from LM ( )
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Jul 17, 2012

When Trunks enters the Market, all around him are murmurs of the events taking place making his trip all around pointless. Or so Trunks thinks as he begins to hear tales of a wandering headless shinobi decimating the inncocent, and driving sane men otherwise. Processing this information with all that he already knows, Trunks begins to think of explanations as he looks ahead and sees the familiar form of Sado yet again, this time around two bards giving a show. At the end, Trunks calls out to Sado Any new word of the incidents at hand?


Aug 17, 2010
Sado spoke to Trunks as he began to walk back toward the Ruins of Chungsu.

We can speak when we get back. I don't think it's smart to discuss things here.

If you want to explore the marketplace feel free but I think I should go. I don't want to be connected to this.

Sado nodded his head toward the two men evading a Hangurain Black One an alley or two away as he walked. He didn't know if his allies had already left the Ruins but if they did he'd just move on to Shinramoto. As he walked through the marketplace one final time he passed by the auction house where he found the gauntlet he had bid on.
He gently ran his index finger over a brick next to the door of the auction house. He created a Silent Alarm seal next to the door. If someone with a high chakra supply entered this landmark's marketplace and walked within five meters of the auction the seal would break sending all of the information it had gathered back to Sado.
It wouldn't be activated by any member of the Golden Sabbath or people with small chakra reserves meaning average individuals wouldn't set it off. It wasn't a trapped seal, merely an information gathering seal allowing him to know if anyone else should bid on the item from this specific marketplace.

( Fuinjutsu: Sairentoarāmu ) - Sealing Arts: Silent Alarm
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 ( +3 to the caster when broken )
Damage: N/A ( 60 if an element is sealed away )
Description: A seal that does exactly what the name suggests creating a silent alarm when triggered. The user is able to place a seal upon a surface such as a weapon, a door, a window, a tree, or a circular area within range on the ground that has a five meter radius. This seal has an intuitive link to the creator through their chakra signature and their chakra supply itself similar to a shadow clone, and when broken has similar effects to the dispersal of a shadow clone as explained further in the technique. Until the seal is broken an alarm alerts the caster whenever a creature touches or enters the warded area. This is similar to techniques like (Kyōkai Kekkai no Jutsu) - Boundary Barrier Technique but doesn't require the user remain inside the area of the barrier or seal to know when it detects something. This is a mental alarm alerting the creator when the seal is broken. When the seal breaks it will merely return ten percent of the chakra used to create the seal to the user along with all of the information of what has happened in the warded area including things that have entered the area or techniques that have been used. The seal breaks when the alarm is triggered to facilitate this action, and can even be accompanied by a barrage of sealed weapons or a substance such as ink, water, fire, or poison to combat the intruder. If done in this way the user must seal the substance with ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique beforehand, they can then create another link connecting the Kanji of that seal with the new Silent Alarm seal. What this means is when the alarm seal is triggered the released chakra will instantly activate the other seal as they become intertwined in a sort of "push" and "pull" relationship. Contrary to this if someone breaks the ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique seal to try and "disarm" the trap, the alarm seal is instantly triggered as well alerting the creator. The seal breaks when foreign chakra, natural energy from a person, or a touch should the alarm try to be nullified. This action is passive and is the seal itself activating the trap meaning if the person who created the seal is nearby they could attack in tandem to it. The aim of this is to give the seal creator time to react to the intruder or even produce an offensive should they have the time. Upon breaking the connected seal will release what was sealed inside of it in a large mass roughly the size of the Water Prison Technique in a forward torrent releasing an A ranks worth of the substance (follows S/W) upon the person who broke the seal.
Note: When initially using ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique to seal a substance a move is used, but the seal activates it passively afterward
Note: The user can place and have three alarm seals active but only two can be trap based
Note: The opponent will always have time to react to the sealed element/substance

556 - 30 ( Silent Alarm ) = 526
526 - 10 ( Sage Mode / Maintain ) = 516

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As Sado leaves, Trunks decides that it may be best for them to pursue different leads after all. Gathering what he can understand about one of the beings, one that apparently drives his victims mad, Trunks sets out to find the anomoly of the beings, believing this may be the string that needs tugged to unravel the mystery of the Necromancers and their entire plot.



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Dec 14, 2011

Arriving Aurelius would hang around for a while, gathering intel from the various people in the area. The wide array of travelers and merchants allow for a lot of information, although some was gathered under thread and bribery.

LLM to Kiyorano (036)


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Apr 29, 2009
Coming from here.

The city was more a maze than a proper settlement, enough so that Isoka got lost while passing through. He stopped for a drink here and there, but his mission pushed him onward.

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Oct 14, 2009
Aragorn would sit under a tree, waiting for his two squad members..

"Where are these guys at, we're supposed to be starting this mission already.."

As he finished his sentence he would grab his Gunbai, and place it on his leg, and slide his hand over it, admiring the craft of his weapon..

"So beautiful.... So beautiful..."
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Oct 29, 2018
Sora would sit next to Aragorn and wait for the other squad member
"I can't wait for our new mission"
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