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Oct 1, 2010
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Kamisutari is a large farming center, one of the biggest in the region and the terrain is thus dominated by fields and pastures. A permanent marketplace is located here, for farmers and traders to swap and sell their goods commercially. Every year they have the Bountiful Harvest festival, celebrating the fertility of the land and thanking their deities for a bountiful harvest.


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Aug 18, 2012
Coming From LM: (007)
This post is the continuation of my mission using these storyboard elements:

-Help a local trader by transporting his wares (2)
-Defend your employer from bandits (3)

Summary: I need of money in order to sustain his daily day to days of life, Roo stresses and seeks advice from his dear friend and neighbor Ms. Gatsson who sets up a small job for him to do with one of her other friends who happens to be a trader. On his way to meet the man the Akimichi notices that the noticeboard is flooded with work and takes interest in the rewards for the current bounties at hand. Meeting the trader the two then embark on their journey to the next town over where they are then attacked by a group of minor league thugs who seek to take the goods of the trader before reaching the destination. But little did they know, the trader had hired the Human Mountain as his guard.

[Part 2 of 2]
Travelling for some time now the duo had finally made it through the thick forests surrounding the pastures around Keishi after setting off towards the West. Roo was hot, tired, and overworked as he lugged around the traders goods on his back, the Akimichi wiping the sweat off of his face ever so often. Looking over to his employer who seemed to tread the path with a little pep in his step, Roo's agitation grew as the feelings of being used and abused flowed through his head, but being the man that he was, he pushed all those feelings aside as he exhaled greatly, knowing that business always came first.

Hey ol'man!? How would you manage this trek without me huh?

First off youngin I'm not ah "ol'man" like you presume!! My names Ginseng and I, your employer, demands your utmost respect during this journey which I've done for years before you, and which I'll do for the years to come. You are nothing but a much needed break and a favor to the love of my life, Ms. Gatsson.

Stopping to gag as he leaned over Roo suddenly spat up some baby barf as he held his knees trying to catch his breath.

Yooooo, you're sick pops. Ms. Gatsson is nothing but an old h-

Watch your mouth sunny, your job is on the line!! Ginseng said interrupting the Akimichi with a flame of aggression that burned in his eyes.

Not wanting to cross any lines after having came so far with all of the trader's goods, Roo dropped the subject and just continued on the path before the two. The two were now a ways into the depths of the Kamisutari's territory surrounded by numerous farmer fields and animal grazing pastures passing several farmers tending to their crops and/or animals along the way. This territory seemed nice, chill, cool, and most of all satisfying to Roo who loved the laid back things of life, but the chill of the environment was soon interrupted by a commotion coming from a group of several peoples up ahead. Getting a little closer the group revealed to be four bandits making trouble with a few farmers in the area through means of extortion. The type of bullying that grinded Roo's gears.

You dummy farmers had more than enough time to get my monthly tides together, hmph, now I want blood. One of the four thuggish brutes commanded. This one seemed different from the other three in terms of the clothing he wore, being more lavish and clean, leading Roo to believe that he may be the leader of the bandits before them. Smirking in response to his assumption, Roo then began to laugh aloud at the man's appearance making it obvious to the group who his target of laughter was and thus gaining their attention.

Dammit boy!! We could've just sneaked around unnoticed.... Ginseng whispered in Roo's ears before he began to back up slowly behind his employee.

Then what fun would that be ol'man!?

Hahahaha! You dare to tell me the joke fat a**!? the leader of the gang said as he walked up closer to Roo, but not close enough to be in arms reach. Hehehe, you know what, save it and do yourself a favor and drop all those bags off your back and just turn around. I don't care what business you have up at the marketplace ahead, hahaha infact, I'll take care of all dat for you. the boss says as he signals his goons to come up besides him, thus opening an opportunity for the several farmers to run away and escape extortion.

Roo then immediately dropped all the traders bags of goods off of his back before stretching his neck and upper limbs from the tension of the bags which had been a burden for so long.

That's what I thought chap! Ha! You ain't so big now are yah!?

Then suddenly a cool eerie breeze flowed through the center of everyone while Roo clenched his fists tight with his head lowered before murmuring to the group of thugs before him.

S-Say that a-again!?

Yeah no problem cupcake. You. Are. Not. As. Big. As. You. Th-

Then suddenly before the leader could finish his broken sentences Roo's abdomen expands becoming more rounded and bloated thus increasing the Akimichi's size as well as pushing Ginseng backwards in the aftermath due to his previous proximity behind Roo. Retracting his limbs into his expanded torso like a turtle, Roo then begins to violently bounce in place several times gaining his maximum speed, power, and height before moving above the group of bandits and dropping down like a ton of guided bricks which then rises back upwards before continuing the onslaught for several seconds.

Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20
Damage Points: N/A ( + 25 to Taijutsu )
Description: This is a secret technique passed down in the Akimichi clan that increases the user's body size by converting their calories into chakra. The user can freely alter their size at will when using this technique and can use it for an extensive period of time. A common application of the techniques gives the user a very round appearance by mostly increasing the size of the abdominal section, which was done in order to use the Human Bullet Tank technique. Other, more common applications increase the size of the entire body, turning the user into a giant. This jutsu lasts for 4 turns.
Note: Only Akimichi Clan members can use this jutsu.

Type: Offensive
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: 40+25= 65
Description: The user performs Human Bullet Tank and begins bouncing until brutally bouncing on the enemy two times while driving them into the ground on the third.
Note: Can only be used by a member of the Akimichi Clan

Rooo! Stop or you'll kill them all!! Ginseng yelled after climbing back to his feet.

Snapping out of his emotions Roo then comes too and bounces off the group of four one last time before landing several meters before the small crater he had made before reducing back to his normal size. Rubbing his head as he anxiously laughed while looking into the crater beside him to see the broken group he had left for dead in their current state.

My bad Ginseng but they'll be alright, hehe, I hope. How bout we get going before anyone else sees us here hehehe...... and so the two did with a speedy haste.

Sooner than later the two then made it to Kamisutari's grand market place where Roo was lead by Ginseng to his personal selling stall in the midst of the bustling area. Amazed by the many food choices put around him by the numerous vendors of choice, Roo's mouth begins to water as the temptation of his stomach called out to him although the wisdom of his pockets knew better.

This is it boy. Thank you for all your help, haha, I wouldn't have gotten past those thugs without you!!

Yeah it's nothing pops, my pleasure, hehe.

Here is your pay and my card Roo. I like how you move big guy. Hit me up whenever you need some work. the elderly man said with a warming smile on his face showing Roo that his attempts were indeed genuine and from the heart even though his pay was only a meal and a half for the food fighter that he was. The Akimichi didn't mind though because he liked Ginseng's vibes. After the two finished their goodbyes Roo left and made his way to the next territory over in pursuit of his true goal.

Time to get some real bands!!

Story Ends Here
Leaving LM (049) to LM (055)


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Apr 14, 2012

The duo continue onwards, and on top the Mighty Boitata, Vegeta adjusts the scouter and his armor so he's more comfortable. He also unstraps his eights on each leg, dropping them falling all the way to the ground causing the earth around them to rumble as smoke and debris shoot upwards below them. Boit was happy to have that additional weight off him, now they would both move a little faster on their journey..

Sukautā - Scouter
Type: Tools
Rank: A-rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30 activation 10 per turn thereafter
Damage: N/A
Description: A Scouter is a scanning piece of Ninja technology, contained in a unit that fits over the users left ear, with a semi-transparent coloured monocle that serves as a display, covering the left eye. The colours can vary depending on the users preference but it has no bearing on the usage of the Scouter. The primary function of the scouter is to Scan the Chakra level of an opponent or groups of opponents, displaying a numerical value as well as an arrow to indicate the direction of the chakra source, if they happened to be outside the display-screens field of view. The Scouter is able to pick up Chakra Signals at a vast range, up to a single landmark away; though if multiple Chakra Sources are in the same landmark, it is only able to show the number of individual signals, instead of each Chakra Level. The Scouter will not detect Chakra if the target is using a chakra suppressing ability.
Upon initial activation, it will only show the current level of targets within Long-range of the user, requiring an additional activation cost to scan into the next landmark. Once a targets Chakra has been scanned, it will not constantly update the chakra level as it depletes, instead requiring another activation cost (30 chakra) to update the reading to the targets new chakra level. So long as the user spends the chakra, they are able to constantly track up to five targets at all times, so long as they remain or enter mid-range, unless they use a chakra suppressing ability. The scouter can only track up to two targets if they are long-range away from the wielder, and any targets within an adjacent landmark, will appear as one reading with their combined chakra level displayed on the screen. The scouter is able to track any source of chakra, from projectiles, to clones, to summons and animal companions; anything with a readable chakra source present. This ability to detect targets does grant a small boost to the users tracking speed, granting an equivalent to a 2T Sharingan.
Scouter's are able to provide a direct line of communication with other Scouter's and communication devices, via implementation of a modified script from a communication scroll, however only when the Scouter is active. This communication extends up to three landmarks in any direction and can easily be heard by the wielder due to the device being ear-mounted.
-Scouter can remain active so long as the user has the chakra reserves to do so.
-Scouter Tracking speeds do not stack with Doujutsu
-Can only be made/taught by Shinta and a max of 3 can be used.
-Full body lightning jutsu of B rank and higher will short-out the Scouter, making it unusable for five turns. S rank lightning will destroy the Scouter.
(Saiyajin Jakketo)-Saiyan Armor
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short-mid
Chakra: 40
Description: The Saiyan Armor is fabled to comprised of both ninja wire and chakra metal which is the reason for being very light stretchy as the wire through out is in layers which give it manouvorability, yet, at the same time really durable. Because of the armor’s unique characteristics it makes the wearer Immune to C-rank taijutsu and immune to D-rank ninjutsu. The armour when forged was inlaid with doton chakra similar to the cannon light weight technique making it so it doesn't hinder the users speed while granting Another ability the Armor grants the user is that the armor can release an instant surge of S rank earth chakra into the users body for a split second similar to the (Doton: Chōkeijūgan no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Earth Release: Ultra Light-Weight Rock Technique, allowing the users speed to increase for a sudden movement in a linear direction up to mid range (2x speed), where their speed returns to normal. This ability activates instantly, lasting for one movement, and can be used only twice per battle. Another aspect of the armor is the user can release their chakra into it using it to harden the armor similar to the cannon B rank earth Hardening technique, increasing the defensive powers of the armor to that of A rank earth following the s/w of earth release.
Note: Reducing the weight costs a move, can be used twice, with two turns between uses and can only move up to mid range.
Note: Hardening the armor can be used 3 times, is A ranked, can be used once per turn, protecting the users body where the armor covers.
(Katai Omori: Doroppu) Leg Weights: Drop
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A (+20 to Kicks, 2x Running Speed)
The user stops, bends over to reach his legs and unstraps his leg weights, dropping them to the ground. As a result the user gains a drastic boost to his running speed (doubles) and +20 to all his Strong Fist Kick-related moves. However, this boost in strength and speed is completely nulified when releasing the EIG or when using any kind of movement speed enhancement technique or weight manipulation technique; they don't add up on eachother.



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Dec 14, 2011

Logix would pass through the marketplace and gather rumours similar to before. With new intel, he would have a fixed direction to head towards.
LLM to The Northern Mire (053)


Mar 18, 2013
Coming from here. This post also marks my Candidates 2 mission line, with the following prompt/mission element:

What you hold is nothing less than a gift from Us. But it is powerless. A husk of something once so bright and dark. It must be powered. In order to do this, you must undertake Our arduous task. Seek out the blood of the guilty, one hundred offerings should suffice. Then purify its essence in the tears of an innocent soul, unharmed by you. " (S-Rank)

Finally leaving the Marketplace behind, Tabris rested a while in the lush countryside of Kamisutari under a now evening Sun. It had been quite the eventful day, he thought, more so than most of his other days on the planet so far. He found some weird gem, traveled miles across the open country, and "met" with something powerful all in the space of a few hours. He took the black gem, the Weapon Core from his robe and stared at it in the sunlight. How strange, he thought.

"What you hold is the heart of an ancient weapon, a weapon core. But it is powerless now. The winds of time have emptied it of all its potency."
The strange thing's words echoed in his head as he stared through its stained sides at a some farm downhill to the east. But then he noticed something strange in the image. Smoke billowed from one of the barns, and fire unfurled from some creature's mouth as it flew over. At first he thought it an illusion of the gem--it was so otherworldly after all, why not?--but when he took it from his eyes and could still see the smoke rising he immediately got up. This was a peaceful state, full of subsistence farmers and barterers. There were no warriors here, so why was there fighting. Unless...

"It's a raid," XVII said out loud as he got to his feet in a rush and begin sprinting downhill.

It was at least three minutes away, but XVII made it there in one. Along the way he had activated his signature Byakugan and was able to scope the farm with telescopic precision. There a lot of men, probably sixty, mostly likely more. And they were torching this farm to the ground, all while dragging the family out of their home and tying them to one another in the middle of a cornfield. Savages, really. Just how much money could a mere farmer have? He walked directly into the clearing beside the bound and gagged family. There was a man, young girl, and a woman all alive but battered. And directly on the ground beside them was the face down corpse of a young man. Probably their eldest son. This saddened Tabris.

"Why do you do this? Are these people not like you?" he asked softly while also making his presence known.

The men, all covered in black rags that hid their faces, turned to face the intruder, the Outsider. He could feel at least a hundred eyes on him.

"What? Have you got a death wish, fool? This is Mijimena territory now," said a high-and-mighty voice from above and behind. With his Byakugan Tabris could clearly see it was a man riding atop a large bat without even turning his head. "And you're trespassing..."

The crew rustled in anticipation while Tabris lifted both hands and tried to diffuse the situation. "I don't wish to fight. But you can't stay here any longer robbing, killing, and subjugating these innocent people."

The crowd became hushed now as they waited for the leader's rebuttal. "You got some fucking nerve..." the middle aged man growled as the Giant Bat's mouth began a red glow followed by cinders dribbling from its lip like spittle.

So, it uses fire to attack...

Fearing for the family's life before his own, Tabris instantly formed a dome of frozen earth around himself and them. The fire would slam into and roll over the ice with ease until the Bat stopped. And when it did Tabris placed a palm to the frigid element and had it morph into spear. The action was quick and surreal: a broad dome suddenly condensing and twisting until it became a six foot long spear. Without a hitch in the sequence Tabris would then have the spear blur forward to impale both man and beast. But the makeshift weapon would not strike true. The Bat managed a half-ass'd barrel roll to dodge at the last minute and instead the spear took its right wing clean off and left a nasty gash on the side of its rider's face. Both tumbled out of the sky and fell into a painful heap.

And then his cronies went wild, attacking at all once. Tabris' eyes narrowed, and the veins to the sides of his face bulged even more. He was in combat mode. It was then that he actually took to counting and calculating his odds. There were exactly 100 men, including the leader, and each was armed with with either kunai, their fists, or short swords. They appeared inexperienced, but what they lacked in power they made up for in sheer numbers. Tabris knew he had to play this perfectly on his first go. There would be no second chances. His ghostly white hair would seemingly gain life and grow into everlasting bands that dug into the soil at his feet. In that same moment the hair would erupt all around him with frightening strength to send tremors throughout the earth. All at once, his attackers would be impaled, maimed, and crushed as the hair rose in bands of varying density and strength. Their roaring quickly turned to yelps of pain and then... silence. Of course his aim was to protect the family and that he did, having the hair grow around them.

Someone coughed and gurgled in the distance followed by incessant swearing. Tabris looked at the family, but mostly at the little girl that sat between her parents. He stooped and removed the gag at her mouth. "It's okay, you're safe now," he said with a brilliant smile.

Her eyes were red and swollen from crying but also curious. She stared for some time before responding. "Your eyes. What are you?"

Suddenly reminded that he wasn't human like them, but rather an Outsider, Tabris stood quickly and turned away to untie the family. He was still aware of the only survivor of his attack who laid some meters to his right, seemingly trapped under his Bat companion's huge body. Tabris figured he'd deal with that male later, for now he had to get these people to safety.

"You're a good man for doing what you did. Those lowlifes had it coming!" the father kicked a nearby corpse out of anger and then spat at it. His wife was suddenly at his side pulling him back.

"Thank you," Tabris responded. He looked at the burning farmland with a certain sadness in his eyes. "If only I came sooner. We could have saved this place."

"Ahh bullocks. You arrived precisely when you needed to. Everything's for a reason," the weighty man replied, helping his daughter to her feet.

This sunk deep. What an.. optimistic way of thinking, Tabris thought. No, it was a rather wonderful way of viewing the world. Even in his sadness and loss, this man could somehow still see a light. Is this what separated humans from the Otsutsuki? "'When I wanted to...'"

The gem in his clothes began a soft glow as he stood there staring at the flames. When he brought it to light it glowed even brighter. He wondered what this meant before remembering the rest of the note he saw at the Noticeboard some days ago;

“What you hold is nothing less than a gift from Us. But it is powerless. A husk of something once so bright and dark. It must be powered. In order to do this, you must undertake Our arduous task. Seek out the blood of the guilty, one hundred offerings should suffice. Then purify its essence in the tears of an innocent soul, unharmed by you."

What a coincidence, he had just dispatched what, 100 men? "I arrived precisely when I wanted to, or when the universe wanted me to?" he whispered to himself. Then to the family he said, "Go now, take your son and get to safety. I'll tie up things here." But they didn't seem to like that plan.

"No, we can rebuild here, the threat is gone now."

"Aren't you worried they'll return?"

"Look around you er..."


"Look around you Tabris, this was all of them. I don't think anyone is returning."

There was no point arguing that. A few things needed more of his attention than the stubborn father anyway, such as the Weapon Core that has kept its steady glow even now. The weirdest part was, it wasn't a luminous glow but rather a dark one. It was as if the light being emitted was a dark one. Dark light? Tabris fiddled with it as he sought answers.

Suddenly, an agonized cry rang out behind them. The leader, finally able to move the bat carcass off himself, was now throwing kunai at Tabris and the family. "My men! My pride! DIE!"

They were horribly off target, but one ventured a little too close to the little girl. Tabris snatched it from the air and then turned toward the man. "You should probably look away now, little one."

The leader was busy reading another kunai when Tabris slammed his arm to the ground with a foot. He stared down at the bushy beard, vulgar man with an indifferent face and readied his own kunai. "Do it," the man spat, "you freak."

Without hesitation Tabris let fly the kunai straight through his skull and with a sigh of what seemed relief his corpse slumped back. Eyes wide open. Now the gem really picked up in intensity. Its 'glow' was now unbearable, as if this was the kill it was waiting for, the 100th kill. Tabris was definitely frightened by its brightness now, and dropped it onto the blood soaked ground, where it only grew even more intense.

"Everything okay there, Tabris? What's that you got?"

But he was too busy analyzing the Core with his doujutsu to answer. Something was happening to it, but what? Could this be the 'power' it needed? It was once something that could level a city... Could it go critical now and level this farm?! Fearing the worse Tabris began forming three hand seals when the little one called out to him. As he stared blankly at her over the dark glow of the Core he could tell she saw something else in it than himself.

She walked over to the glowing Core and picked it up in her little hands. Her crying had stopped now, but the tears still ran down her cheeks, and when a single drop hit the gem it dimmed greatly. With each drop that touched the Core it lessened in its intense glow until it kept a brilliant white shine in the hands of this little girl. Tabris was lost for words. Never in all his days on both Earth and his home planet had he encountered something like this. "What did you do?"

She shrugged and handed it to him. "I don't know, it just looked pretty. Here."

Tabris took and twirled it in the sunlight. Its core was a steady white glow while its walls were black. Could this be some form of ritual he was unaware of? If so, what was next? He half expected the mysterious figure ( @Drackos ) that appeared to him in the Item Shop back at the Marketplace to show up and again and shed some light on the matter.

Techs Used:
Tsubaki no Hayashita Sennin: Bainzu | Dance of the Bearded Sage: Vines
Rank: C-S (S)
Type: Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15-40
Damage: 30-80
Description: This technique can be seen as the basic manpulation technique in this ''branch''. By manipulation one's hair the user is capable of growing it as it pleases. Make it as sharp, hard, soft, long, short. This technique can be used in many possible ways, such as causing one's hair to go underground and erupt from the ground beneath the opponent. Vines may also be used to create pre-existing hair sources.
Note: S-ranke version can only be used 3 times, with a 2 turn cooldown period in between usages while the ranks below are unlimited.
(Hokkyoku āsurirīsu: Fuyu no Sasayaki)- Arctic Earth: Whispers of Winter
Type: Supplementary/Defensive/Offensive
Rank: C-S (B)
Range: Short-Long
Chakra cost: 15-40
Damage: 30-80
Description: The most rudimentary technique of the release. By focusing Arctic Earth chakra throughout the body and/or surrounding earth the user is able to create tools and constructs made of permafrost. These can range from simple a kunai to a full length staff in terms of weaponry as well as walls, pillars, and other complex shapes. They can be formed from the earth up to mid ranged of the user and carry a certain malleable property in that, whenever the user comes in physical contact with his creations he can will them change shape and re-purpose (for example a kunai morphing into a tanto) but not rank (meaning the new tanto would remain the rank of the kunai). The size of these creatioms are directly proportional to the amount of chakra expended with S ranked variants ranging as big as the canon 'Destructive Earth Rising Pillars'. As per the properties of Arctic Earth, whenever these constructs come in contact with exposed skin it leaves it painfully frostbitten as the element is very frigid. With the seal of confrontation the user can manipulate said constructs up to long ranged of his person.
Note (s):
- S ranked version can only be used 4× per match.
- No S-Rank or above Arctic Earth techniques on the next turn (after the S-Rank version is used)
- Morphing of constructs cost 10 chakra each time done but doesn't take up a move slot.
(Dōjutsu: Byakugan) Eye Technique: The All Seeing White Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15 (+5 per turn to keep active)
Damage: N/A
Description: The kekkei genkai intrinsic to both the Hyūga and Ōtsutsuki clans—descendants of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Those who possess this dōjutsu have it manifested as eyes with featureless white irides and no visible pupils. And when activated, the pupils become more distinct and the veins near their temples bulge. To activate the dōjutsu, Hyuga but not Ōtsutsuki clan members are initially obliged to use a rather long and specific sequence of handseals: Horse → Tiger → Boar → Hare → Rat → Dog → Horse → Dog → Hare → Rat → Boar → Snake. But once activated, the dōjutsu user is endowed with a range of skills.

To start, an activated Byakugan gives the user a near 360º diameter field of vision bar one blind spot at the back of the neck, above the first thoracic vertebra. Its vision can penetrate through any solid objects or obstructions, and likewise remains unaffected by blinding interferences. But that being said, certain barriers and the like may distort its perception. In addition, it is able to follow high-speed movements, which enables those with this dōjutsu to analyze their foes' actions and better react to them. The Byakugan is also able to see chakra to a higher degree than the Sharingan and ergo, identify where a person's chakra signature originates from. Beyond that, it can discern certain types of clones from the real person. And its ability to see chakra is in fact so acute that those who possess this dōjutsu are even able to see the chakra pathway system and the 361 tenketsu that comprise it. The Hyūga clan has gone so far as to develop their unique Gentle Fist style in order to capitalize on this particular ability.

Note: Hyuga clan bios of at least Sannin rank become able to passively activate their dōjutsu upon one month having passed since Gentle Fist training concluded. Ōtsutsuki bios never need to expend a move in order to activate it.
Note: While traversing the NW, bios with activated Byakugan are able to see up to two 2 adjacent landmarks away while those of sage rank can see as far as three away, but this doesn't extend beyond an ocean landmark.
Chakra: 2100 - (30 [Flight Technique] +15 [Byakugan] + 20 [Whispers of Winter] + 40 [Vines]) = 1,995
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Mar 18, 2013
Starting a new mission with the following elements:
  • Terrorize a large community (A-Rank)

After waiting sometime for the figure Tabris figured he'd make do some productive work in the meantime. He first started with putting out the fires that were slowing tearing down the farm place. Then, he got to burying the bandits in a large ditch to the back of the plot. As he was "taking out the trash" he noticed a piece of paper had slipped from the gang leader's pocket. As he read its contents he saw it was a note, seemingly from a higher up, that read;

"That old bag and his shriveled wife owes me money, Han. Do anything you want to them and their farm, but just make sure I get my money."

The writing was done properly too, as if by someone of great penmanship and probably even intelligence. Already Tabris could tell whoever made this note was obviously someone of power. This meant these were just expendable cronies. If he truly wanted to put an end to the terrorism it would be wise to take down this entire clan from the head. Crush your enemy completely. But how would he find this "Big Boss"? He turned to the farmer who was praying over his son's grave next to the mass pit.

"Say, where do these guys from? Do you have any clue?"

The farmer stopped and rested the shovel's handle under his chin while he leaned against it. Sweat trickled down his forehead and onto his nose. "Hmm. Well they always seem to come from the..." He turned and tried to orient according to memory. "That way. they always come barging in through the treeline over there. North, I guess."

Tabris stared at the bloodied note, then the treeline, and then the note again. He knew what must be done, he just didn't know how to get started. Moving was the first bet, of course. He started off toward the tall, coniferous trees to the north. As he moved something bumped into his legs from behind followed by a soft and shallow breath. He turned and looked to see the little girl who's name is Ana, as he had come to know, holding on to his robes. "Don't go. Bad, bad, bad, bad guys over there," she said with a firm shake of the head.

Tabris smiled. "Don't worry, I can take care of myself, you know. I'll be back before dinner time."

The girl looked around to the burned barn and dead livestock strewn across the fields. "What dinner?"

Tabris was laughing now. "I never said dinner. I said dinner time. I'll be right back."

At this she pouted. "Just don't die, okay?"

How did she even know about death--right. She just saw a hundred men and her brother die. Her eyes were no longer innocent now, and Tabris could only hope her heart would remain untainted by the violence. He ruffled her dusty blonde hair then made off toward the trees. Crush your enemy completely, he thought to himself again. This was the most sensible and righteous thing to do. He was sure of it.

Leaving Landmark.


May 28, 2014
Tabris's intuition proved correct; the once hollow crystalline gemstone that constituted the weapon core would, as the innocent tear was absorbed into it, begin a gentle glow. The glow would slowly turn dark as a black cloud of energy manifested within it and swirled in place. The man, however, would not appear. It seemed that, at least for the time being, Tabris would have to wait for the next sign in order to proceed with the mission.

Mission Passed.
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