Jiro Island (004)


Oct 1, 2010
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Jiro Island

An otherwise lush island, Jiro is home to the austere fortress that is the Blood Prison. The prison itself is a huge building complex, with some of its parts in a better condition than others. The prison was abandoned by its guards after the Razing of Chungsu, but the security measures and features built into the prison’s foundations remain, caging the bodies of new inmates and the bones of old ones. The prison buildings themselves are made of grey and black metal inscribed with formulae and various scenes of humans being judged and punished for the crimes.
Mar 21, 2012
https://narutobase.net/forums/showthread.php?t=756204”]Coming from here[/URL]

This post marks the beginning of my (our) mission using these storyboard elements:
- Explore an Abandoned site (2)
- Defend yourself from wild Beasts (2)
- Win a fight without my Ninjutsu (5)
- Survive a near death situation (5)

Summary: Uta hears about the abandoned blood prison and goes to explore before continuing his travels. During this he runs into some life threatening complications.

“Damn it...” Was all Uta could think as he was leaning over the side of the boat throwing his guts up - Well technically he was probably throwing up the guts of the civilization he feasted on within Theodoro. Seemed like Uta had caught some sort of ocean sickness during the extended sailing between Taro and Jiro islands. With this in mind, Uta had his hired crew stop at Jiro so that they could spend some time there and let him recover. Funny that Uta was immune to illnesses, so he must’ve really stuffed himself to the point he had to throw some of it up. Either way he wanted to be off the boat.

Once they docked the ship, Uta and Momo gather a few things and head out to do a little exploring. Mostly to get some fresh air, but also because Uta always wanted to see something new. The two found themselves carelessly walking through a lush forest, filled with massive trees and lots of small wild life. It was an enjoyable surrounding to say the least, and it immediately took Uta’s mind off of his upset stomach. Using this time to relax, Uta found a nearby tree, leaned up against it and closed his eyes. Not even noticing, Uta had fell into a small nap, with Momo dosing off too. They were sleeping peacefully until Momo was woken up by the sound of other people not too far away. She’d quickly wake Uta up to give him a warning.

”Uta-sama!! There is a group of people over that way...”

Uta blinked himself into consciousness and looked where Momo was directing him. Of course he didn’t see anything so needed to get up and actually go see.

”Welp, let’s see who they are..”

Uta would get up, dust the fallen leaves off of him and head over in the direction of the noise. Peeking from behind one of the massive trees, Uta sees a group of what seemed like teenagers fucking about around a huge metal fencing. Behind the fence was a massive building. A place that was definitely meant to be hidden by the surrounding forests. Uta’s curiosity would get the best of him and he’d reveal himself to the group with positive vibes.

”Yoho!!! Thought I was the only one in the forest. Guess I was wrong. I wanna know what this place is though. Looks cool.”

The teens were whispering amongst one another before they finally decided to approach Uta as a group. Most of the kids stayed a decent distance back, but one kid, the obvious pack leader, stepped up a few feet ahead of them and spoke for the group as a whole.

”You aren’t from around here huh? This is a prison! Not just a normal prison though. Are you a shinobi?”

Uta was impressed by the kids bravery. Suspecting Uta was a shinobi yet still approaching him with such confidence. He liked it.

”Yes, I am. But what do you mean not a normal prison? What makes it so extraordinary?”

”Well, it was originally known as the blood prison. It was home to the most vile of criminals once they were apprehended. It’s said that inside -”

The teens sentence was cut off by some loud cracking noise from over the gates that echoed into the deep forest. The group would look at each other and begin moving into the forest with quite the haste.

”Sorry, but we’ve gotta go, sir. Good luck.”

The last teen ran off behind the others and they soon disappeared into the horizon. Uta was curious about the damned place of course , so he immediately scaled the gate and was ready to enter the building. From the looks of it, Uta could tell that the prison had at least 3 levels/stories to it.

”So Momo. I’ma have you stay out here and be my eyes. Can’t risk getting ambushed or anything. You can explore all you want on the outside, just make sure you keep me tapped in mentally.”

”No Problemo, Uta-Sama. I might go take a cat nap if you take too long. Been a long journey. ”

”Hmm, I guess that’s ok also. Give me about 30 minutes or so. After that you can nap, but I’ll still look through the place. We may be here a while, this place is huge. ”

With that said, Uta grabs Momo and places her on the ground before giving her nod. He’d then flicker away to find an entrance he can use. The entrance was a pretty big ass door. If Uta didn’t possess the natural inhuman strength of the Aegis Core, he’d most likely be unable to open it. But due to his abnormal strength levels, Uta found himself pushing the door open after a few minutes of pushing. Mold and dust and old build up had made the door nearly stuck in place, but once it was open a massive creaking sound was heard and a wall of dust was brought into existence.

” *cough* Holy Hell. This place really hasn’t been touched in forever. ”

Uta walked in only for the doors to automatically shut behind him and clamp up with numerous locks. Following this, a bunch of seals began to glow around the building, and Uta felt a sort of pressure on his body. Readying himself to defend against something, he soon found out that he wasn’t being attacked or harmed in any way. Guess it was some old broken defensive mechanism. The place didn’t seem to have any lights either, but the seals gave the place a well dimmed lighting so he could see. As he walked around, Uta saw that this level of the building was probably the main population area. It had lots of rooms or “cells” that didn’t seem too secure, so Uta deduced maybe the more non violent criminals were allowed here. Uta took this time to actually explore a bit. He’d immediately find a stair way at the end of a hall of cells, which seemed to lead either upwards or downwards. Reading the directions on the wall, which were nearly faded away, Uta saw that going down would lead him to the lower levels of the prison. With that in mind, he simply trotted down the stair cases until he made it to the next level.

As Uta is at the steel doors to go to the floor he reached, he could hear a distinct growl or rumble echo through the stair ways. He wasn’t sure where exactly it came from but it was pretty close. Either the floor below or the floor above where he came from. Or it could be directly behind the door he was standing at. Prepared for the worst, Uta clutched his fist and swung the door open. At this point, a very familiar smell hit Uta. It was the smelll of rotted, old, decayed corpses. Clearly everything, or mostly everything here had died off a long time ago. Uta took this time to quickly yet cautiously peep out what was around. Uta started going Cell by Cell, simply searching through things as if it was an open lost and found.

The first Cell he entered was about a quarter of the way down the first hall he decided to go down. He had peeled into plenty that he passed beforehand but this one seemed to interest him. There was a dead man on the upper bunk, his skeleton and clothes being the only real remains that were noticeable. Uta was disappointed because he was low key hungry and even old remains taste pretty good; But this guy had no flesh left.

”That’s too bad...”

Uta thought to himself as he ravaged through the little belongings within the cell. In a small brown backpack near the bottom bunk, Uta found a few items. There was an old school chain linked watch that Uta decided to keep. A cool little cantina thingy. And a cool set of electronic ear buds that looked interesting. After going through most of the stuff and pocketing the specific things, Uta left to the next Cell. He continued the same process in every cell that looked interesting until he got to a cell that stood out more than the rest. The Cell had a rusted, chrome “V” on the front of the Cell doors; Which were much larger than the other cells easily. Uta approached it and rubbed his finger tips across the V. He’d open the door and enter a cell that was very comfortable looking; Whoever lived there was surely getting special treatment. There was no bunk in sight. Instead there was a massive bed directly in the center with a crystal chandelier hanging above it. Well it used to be crystal at some point, but in this point of time it was old and broken away. Uta decided he’d sit on the bed as he went through a pile of rubble and accessories that were spread across the giant bed. Most of it was worn out books, fake jewels, and shattered glass from the chandelier. Uta thought there would be more but seems not. Around the time he was going through the things on the bed, rumbling and clattering sounds could be heard from a distance but Uta chalked it up to the old building making noises again. He’d get up and finish going through the Cell, soon finding out what the V stood for. Or at least he thought. Within some of the papers on the bed and a few on the floor he found, the name “Vlad” appeared quite often. Uta assumed off of this that the prisoners name was Vlad or was obsessed with a Vlad. After finding out the name, Uta exited the Cell mostly with disappointment from his findings.

”Geez, the only cool thing I found in there was this damned glove....”

The “glove” was more of a gauntlet if anything. It was chrome but rusted like the V on the Cell door, making it blackish gray in color. It had unique tribal markings all over it and these markings were white. Uta simply put the gauntlet on and was on his way.


The feeling of furry flesh slamming against Uta sent him flying into a nearby wall the moment he exited the cell with the Gauntlet on. Hitting against the wall he had blacked out a split second but immediately was seeing white fuzzy stars in his vision. Once his vision was starting to clear he instantly tried to call forth his Kurochi in order to fend off any opposition, but came up short. The walls were glowing and Uta seemed to had lost all ability to use his chakra. At this point he felt a sharp pain on the left side of his body, thus prompting him to give attention to it. In that second, Uta could see that his entire left arm had been ripped off when he failed to properly use ninjutsu; With a massive cat-like creature devouring it as he looked over. In front of him was another one about the same size, but this one was lunging at him. The slight shock from the loss of a limb was easily overcome by instinct as Uta went into an evasive maneuver. He was able to duck off into the cell to his right side, being Vlad’s cell. He’d quickly shut the gated door to keep an obstacle between him and the beasts while he healed. As he failed to heal, Uta looked around again and realized that this prison was most like built to stop ninjutsu altogether. Would make sense in a place that held high threat criminals.

”Fuck it.....”

Uta immediately ran to the cell door and did a spartan kick on it, using his naturally inhuman strength (check bio in claymore section) to kick the cell door off the hinges, sending it flying into the beasts and slamming them against the wall. This gave Uta a slight opening to exit the cell again and begins sprinting down the corridor at high speeds. As he did this he took out a couple of his swords and threw them at the beasts, stabbing each one randomly. These tactics were mere distractions for Uta to get some room and distance. He was bleeding heavily from his wound but he continued on anyway. He quickly reached the stair case he previously took, and was running up the stairs when the beasts caught up to him, roughly slamming their way through the doors and into the stairway. They’d scramble over each other as they chased Uta down, with one of them actually reaching up and smacking him across the back. The claws dug deep into his flesh, leaving welts that were bleeding at a high rate. This didn’t stop him though. His adrenaline was rushing like never before knowing that he couldn’t heal and was nigh fatally injured.

Finally making it to the main floor, Uta began to head for the exit but is tackled from behind by one of the beasts. The beast had its fangs sinking deep into the shoulder of Uta, on the same side the arm was ripped off on. Uta stayed calm during this time and took the moment to place a few explosive tags on to a sword. Taking that same sword, he pushed it into the belly of the beast and kicked it off of him with his raw strength. This sent the beast back a few meters but Uta let go of his sword, allowing it to stay plunged into the beast as it is sent back. At this point the explosive tags are detonated, blowing the beast up from the inside. This explosion was effective at killing the beast, But Uta was still in trouble. Knowing there was still one more beast, he headed to the exit that wasn’t too far now, steady looking back to see if he was being trailed. Seemingly he wasn’t though, maybe one of the swords from before hit a major area and killed one of them in the stair way? Uta didn’t know and didn’t care since he was right at the exit and was home set.



Flesh hit against Uta once again, this time sending him into the steel door along with the beast. The weight and momentum of them both hit the door and knocked it off of its hinges, breaking every bone on both of their bodies as they tumble outside. The beast lied there and bled to death as Uta was doing the Same. As Uta is laying next to the beast dying, something would suddenly happen. His body would instinctively begin to mend his wounds that he had received with haste. His bones would all begin to re-place themselves and come back together as if they were never shattered. His claw wounds and stabs would close up and disappear near instantly while his entire left arm had Regrown also.

Blinking back into consciousness, Uta looked around and saw that he was outside of the prison doors with the beast right next to him dead.

”Man am I lucky. Smh. I could have legitimately died in that place. ...... Wait a minute.”

Uta would then contact Momo mentally and have her return to his side. He’d instantly begin to scold her as they left the prison so they can leave the Island altogether.

”Why the hell didn’t you just reverse summon me? I could’ve been saved instantly geez.”

”I was napping.....”

II: Kagirinai no Sonzai ♎ Life Eternal
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost:-(25/50/150)
Description: The second half to the Kureimoas' creed to survival, Kagirinai no Sonzai is based on their ability to heal from wounds without the use of medical ninjutsu or machinery. At a cost of 50 chakra for major wounds, a Kureimoa is able to recover from grueling injuries and keep fighting longer; Effectively recovering up to 90 damage. Each human body is divided into six (6) sections to the Kureimoa (head(1), feet (2), hands (2), and torso (1)), and this includes for themselves. This model specifically allows them to target and heal important areas of the body that are deemed too crucial to lose as quickly as possible, seeing as their resistance to pain may sometimes leave them feeling invulnerable. Coming from inside the clansman's body and pouring outward with Kurochi, the healing process is extensive enough to mend deep/shallow cuts, singed, frostbitten, and even necrotic/rotting skin, flush toxins and poisons from the body, and even regerate entire limbs if necessary. When dealing with superficial injuries like the aforementioned singed skin or shallow cuts, setting bones, etc the Kureimoa is able to only spend half of the maximum amount required (25 chakra points and only recovering up to 50 damage) to heal said injuries. Or, at the same time, if chakra proves to be too precious such as when the Kureimoa is in an intensive fight, he can spend half the chakra to cover extensive wounds but not fully heal them. An example of this would be like stitching a massive cut shut with Kurochi, covering an amputated limb to stop bleeding, or hold removed limbs together with Kurochi. Although very flexible, the healing only applies to physical injuries and not mental ones like Genjutsu damage. During the regeration of major parts such as a hand or leg, it takes a move of the three alotted (including this technique's activation). Which means when major healing is performed the Kureimoa is able to renengerate one limb already, and only two more limbs can be regrown with in thst same turn and the obvious downside would sacrificing the ability perform any more techniques until the next turn. The ultimate healing process of the Kureimoa however, is the secret technique dubbed only as "Dying Light" where once per match/event, the body is flooded with copious amounts of chakra and Kurochi as a terrifyingly fast healing process grips the Kureimoa's body. This ultimate healing can mend even the most gruesome of injuries in seconds and bring the Kureimoa back to pristine health. Doing this requires the Kureimoa to be alive and have his head still be attached to his spine/body while it costs a whopping 150 chakra and takes 2 of the 3 allotted slots per turn.The dying light can be mentally “programmed” into the claymore to heal them completely if they aren’t conscious or able to think for themselves to do it. This is a simple survival instinct that has been adapted into the claymores but has to be mentioned within the bio.

Note: Must be at least Ghoul rank to perform
Note: Minor healing (costing 25 chakra) can only be done once every 3 turns
Note: Major healing (costing 50 chakra) can only be done once every 5 turns
Note: Only one version of healing can be performed in the same turn. That is, the major and minor healing processes cannot take place at the same time
Note: Only Claymores of Heartless rank and above are able to use "Dying Light"


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Coming from here

Arriving on Jiro Island, the hawk circled the area a few times, before spotting the place where it was supposed to land. A rather dull and creepy place, the bird hastily stood in front of the Blood Prison's door, biting the string with its beak to break it. The envelope became free, and the hawk placed it at the door. It's job done, the bird took off back to the skies, where it would disintegrate by itself shortly.

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Start of the mission post for Ushijima Wakatoshi. Following are the storyboard elements included:

Infiltrate an enemy's organization (4)
Terrorize a large community (4)

Summary: Ushijima infiltrates the blood prison to disrupt a major illegal organization and uses both his clan jutsu and strategy to terrorize the entire system.

Somewhere between Northern Formosa (194) and Jiro Island (004)

The lunar phase reached to it's pinnacle for a synodic month as the large celestial body reflected the land and sea alike. Somewhere in the middle of the ocean about half a dozen of ships sailed towards the fortress of Blood Prison. The island itself symbolizing inescapable pits of hell, the now abandoned complex acted as a hub for illegal trade for pirates all over the world. It was quite effective really, an entire island unmoderated by any form of legal bodies and an abundance of strong walls. It was a castle for all of vermin-kind; rats, roaches and people alike.

Within one of the ships at the front, a guard goes in to check the lower decks. The decks were modified to have iron cages installed in them to hold goods as well as slaves from smaller areas. As the guard raises his torch, a half-naked female figure gets illuminated in the one of the cages; with both hands tied to the chain on the walls. Letting off a gun, the guard unlocks the door and enters the cage. He makes the torch was extinguished as well, it would be quite the problem if captain finds out he's been misbehaving again. The second the light goes out, he turns to find a pair of bright olive eyes looking at him. It was then, an immense bloodlust hits him, rendering him paralyzed. For a non-shinobi the Sakki being even more brutal, there was only Death in the guard's mind. With snake like agility a single tentacle of Rinkaku emerge from the lady and pierces the guard through the cheek, shocking him out of the paralysis into excruciating pain. With brute force, the lady breaks the chains and through cloud of smoke to reveal the true form. Ushijima's frame stands over the already half-dead pirate and eats him alive; all while he's rendered mute and petrified.

Being careful of not leaving a single bone behind, Ushijima now transforms into the pirate and places nearby containers onto the cage. Grabbing the dropped torch, he climbs up the dock; with memories of the person he just ate, ready to start the second phase of infiltration.

Jutsu Used
(Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
Range: Short
Chakra: 5
Damage: N/A
Description: A Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

(Sakki) - Killing Intent
Rank: D - S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: N/A
Damage points: N/A
Description: Killing Intent pertains to the ability of the user giving off their pure killing intention and having it affect their opponent and others around them up to the point of paralyzing them. When the Killing Intent is particularly strong, it can even give the victim visions of their own gruesome death, nausea, pain, etc. This can cause the Killing Intent to be confused with a genjutsu, despite not being a genjutsu at all; simply a showcase of intention and power. The target will feel as if facing an overwhelming enemy and, even if not a sensor, will suddenly feel the pressure of the users chakra and its magnitude, making the effect that much more dramatic. To effectively be used, the user needs to focus on his target and concentrate on the killing intent towards it, meaning that one must see the target and be focused on it. The strength of the Killing Intent is dependent on many factors and go through several levels. If a difference in rank smaller than 2 ranks exist, the enemy will feel only the pressure and the ominous presence of their dark intentions. Its enough to lose your grasp on a weapon or stay clinched to it (depending on the situation) or even to hesitate in an attack, stumble or mess up a handseal, all depending on the situation and proximity. The effect is small and normally not that significant but can be effectively used to pressure enemies into making a mistake. If a difference of 2 ranks or more exist, the enemy will be frozen, almost unable to move as the overwhelming killing intent dominates their own conscious and riddles them with nightmarish versions of death. The paralyzation gradually weakens as time passes and can only be maintained while the user is focused on the target. The further away the target, the weaker it is and it can only fully paralyze a target within short range. Similarly, the more targets one focuses on, the weaker the effect is in each one (divinding the effects equally between the number of targets). Lastly, the stronger the user is in relation to the target, the stronger the effect will be. The target can counter Killing Intent directed at it through pain, "mind cleansing" techniques or their own Killing Intent.
Note: Intensity of technique depends on the rank of the user, distance to target and number of targets one is focusing on
Note: Can only be used once
Note: Lasts only while the user is focusing on it and while focusing on it the user can't mold chakra

(Ukaku || 羽赫) Shining Feather
The first type of the kagune which will be implemented in the cervical vertebrae. This location allows the user to, upon its activation, project wing, similar to a butterfly like form which does not give the user any flying abilities but the weapon itself is highly flexible, able to bend in various ways and move according to the users will like another secondary limb, but along with that insane resistance and resilience. This limb can only reach up to short-range in length. Another thing which the user gains would be an improved projectile offensive mechanism, where the organism hard in different parts of their body, releasing shards of the strengthened material which only reach till Mid range. These shards are C-Rank in power and inflict 30 damage. Releasing them counts towards the user's jutsu per turn limit.

(Kōkaku || 甲赫) Shining Shell
The second type is activated upon having the parasitic creature implemented in the thoracic vertebrae. This shape will mostly be used along with the arm where another secondary layer will be directed over it, allowing you to have a protected limb, but including that of an extension beyond the arm,giving you a sword like weapon which is mostly in it’s very solid shape, giving an idea of a very tough material. Being very fast at yielding and swinging, it can be a lot more advantageous than a sword. It can only reach up to short-range in length.

(Rinkaku || 鱗赫) Shining Scales
The third type is created with the implementation of the parasitic creature in the Lumbar vertebrae which gives the user the ability to call forth tentacles from the spine. Up to 4 in number and fairly thick, they can be still remain insanely flexible along with the fact that they are very resilient, as they can’t be cut or broken by normal means. The main advantage is the ability to pierce through even the toughest materials, while having an insane physical power itself, able to lift body’s which the user wouldn't be able to do normally. It can reach up to mid-range in length.

(Bikaku || 尾赫) Shining Tail
The last kind, which is created from having the organism implanted in your sacrum, it will project itself out from the skin in form of a tail. Being the most resilient of all, the maximum number is only one, but halfway there it could be split apart once (similar to a Whale's tail). This form comes with the disadvantage of being shorter, and less flexible and so it can only reach up to short-range in length.

The docks of Jiro Island(004)

Two days later, Ushijima steps into the murky docks of the island. The appearance of the island was no shock to him at all, he had heard enough about the infinite gray walls and dark iron windows. It was all but expected. He suddenly feels hard pushes on his back, "Raiz, move the fuck ahead", one of the pirates shouted. Turning around, he could see the scum collecting in one ship. It was Vernon and the gang of robbers. Moving out the way, he could feel a feel a few more boxes being bumped into his body. But he paid no heed yet. Not yet. Grabbing his share of the box containing stolen goods, he scans the perimeter all the while. He needed to remember every corner of this hell and he needed to make sure everything came to use. There were not alot of things different to the way Bloodd Prison always was. The same walls and fortress architecture was easy to study for Ushijima who had seen the map for the island before his entrance to the pirate ship.

"It's quite scary isn't it? This was were criminals were left to be judged. Now everyone here is either a -", one of the newer pirate boys said while talking to another group of pirates. He was instantly laughed at by his colleagues and hit in the head. "The only thing anyone needs to be scared about here is your boss, not anyone else.", Icarus, leader of the thieves laughed. It was obvious this was a haven for delinquents and people with no where to go. There are just boys in here too, Ushijima thought. Now entering the inner rooms, he knew he could shed off this disgusting transformation and begin to investigate the people who needed to be killed.

At one of the rooms in the far end of the prison hall, the storage room, there were 4 guards patrolling the perimeter. The other two adjacent rooms had no guards on them same as the rest of the rooms. Each of the generals that lead the gang of thieves, robbers and traffickers stayed in the floor below with their own personal guards. That was all the information needed. Dropping off the boxes into the designated room, he quietly rescans the fortress from inside out and waits for nightfall.

I'm not locked in here with you, You're locked in here with me.

The moon had started it's journey to darkness once again, as the foxes cried constantly to the pirates's annoyance. The giant fortress was sleeping and was dead silent apart from the usual chatter of half-asleep guards. With his eyes glowing bright, like that of a predator in the dark halls, he puts on one of the clean black kimonos from the storage room for stolen goods. Hoping to find a way to cover his face, he rummages some more in absolute discretion only to be rewarded with a half mask. The mask covers below his eyes while the rest remains exposed.

"Who's there? Are you one of Vernon's people? They're on guard for the night. Rest of you lot fuck off somewhere else"

"It's probably these drunken fools stumbling around. Let's go throw that idiot out"

Two of the guards from nearby the room walked upto the now open door of the storage room Ushijima was in, at the far end of the halls. With a torch on one of the guard's hands, he failed to light the wood as the other guard spews out a small burst of flame enough to burn the tip.

"Told you it's a neat trick"

It was then, the two guards realized what they saw infront of them wasn't human. With black kurochi leaking out from his entire body, in the form of a deathly aura, Ushijima manipulates the vile chakra into the form of a bind that restricts both the movements of the guards while simultaneously eating away the flesh and chakra. The binds encasing the entire bodies of the two opponents also covers their mouths, letting them silently feel being eaten away from all sides. After a while, with the hollow corpses in his arms, he binds both of the bodies by the arms and ties them at the top of the gate entering the fortress. That ought getting them notice. Knowing this time the majority of the pirates would be sleeping, he decides to place explosive tags at the either sides of the gate so that upon explosion, the ceiling would cave in to exit. He needed to do that. He only knew one way to get across a message.

Jutsu Used
Kurochi ♎ Vile Chakra
Type: Offensive/Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: C/S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra cost: 15/40
Damage: 30/80
Description: The special chakra nature only found in Claymores, Kurochi is like the physical manifestation of their hunger and agony. The energy itself is pitch black in appearance and appears and behaves almost like water with its amorphous shape shifting and flexibility. This malleability isn't to be underestimated though, as the energy is both capable of being dense and hard enough to shatter bones and restrict targets and also precise and thin enough to remove a strand of hair. Claymores can manifest Kurochi directly within their bodies, where it can be seen dripping from their pores and eyes, as well as directly from it, or even the area short ranged around them. They are also able to manipulate this energy up to long range with chakra control and may sustain pre-existing constructs with -10 chakra per turn, for up to three turns. When creating constructs to attack Kurochi cannot be formed within 5 meters of the opponent. When in contact with living things, Kurochi's effects can be described as "warm" to the touch, not with heat but rather the effect it has where it gradually degrades the objects it touch in a parasitic manner, feeding on both the chakra and physical aspects of its target(s) until nothing is left. The Claymore can control what things the Kurochi feeds on and what it doesn't. Should the Claymore desire, this special chakra can be used to perform one of the core techniques of the clan; Primeval Gluttony. From the lowest to the highest rank of the release, the energy is able to feed on raw chakra and bodies and take the chakra into the Claymore's body like a proxy. In terms of S/W all elements one rank weak to Kurochi (raw and Senjutsu chakra) are devoured near immediately when interacting with it while neutral elements (elemental and other hyper natures like Bijuu chakra) are degraded at normal pace. Kurochi manifestations can range from as small as kunai (C ranked) to as large as the Doton technique Mountain Smash (S ranked).

Note: The S ranked version can only be performed 4x a match.
Note: If the S ranked variant is used then no other forms of Kurochi manipulation above A ranked can be used in the following turn.

Genshi Ōkui ♎ Primeval Gluttony
Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: (+50 chakra per limb)
Damage: N/A
Description: The basis of the Kureimoas' lust for flesh is firmly rooted in their curse of perpetual hunger. Despite this never ending agony, they are capable of feeding ever so often and being satisfied even if for for a moment. Through feeding, a Kureimoa gains a slight euphoria, like someone eating their favorite food prepared just perfectly, along with the pent up chakra stored within the flesh of their victims. This chakra can be ingested by the Kureimoa and added to their own chakra reserves or use it to fuel various chakra intensive techniques of the clan such as healing. The human body is divided into six (6) sections when being the main course of a Kureimoa's meal; both hands, feet, and the head as well as torso. Each of these sections contain 50 points of chakra and are able to be harvested by the Kureimoa clansman through feeding. When added up this means every person consumed by the Kureimoa provides but 300 chakra points, less than 50% of their original reserves. However their Hunger doesn't end there, Claymores also possess a hunger for knowledge where they are able to access the thoughts, sentiments, memories, or even emptions of their victims through simple touch--even if the target is dead. With their ability to digest almost all forms of chakra (such as neutral, elemental, Raw Senjutsu, as well as Bijuu chakra) they are able to devour not just flesh but actual energies when presented the opportunity. This chakra eating habit can only apply to raw, unmolded chakra and not actual techniques. Meaning, they must wait until said technique has been broken down to a point where it becomes simply raw, un-molded chakra. Whenever Kurochi overpowers an opponent's technique and the physical and chakra properties of said technique have been degraded, the Claymores are able to harvest that lingering, unmolded chakra through either eating it manually or using the Kurochi as a proxy to take it into their bodies. When metabolizing the raw chakra of a deteriorated technique a Kureimoa gains 50% of the cost of said technique as chakra to their reserves. This means, an A ranked technique (30/60) reduced to chakra or a simple burst of raw chakra gives the Kureimoa only 15 chakra should it be eaten/absorbed. Due to the fact that traditional medicine and medical procedures are wasted on a Kureimoa this technique is the first of the two core CCJ that provide them their only source of sustenance and as such can be performed as many times as needed by with a lengthy cool down between uses. Accessing sentiments and absorbing lingering chakra has no cool down nor does it take a move-slot of the three allotted (this technique will still need to be referenced however).

Note: Must be of at least Ghoul rank to perform.
Note: Can only be performed every 5 turns whether in part (eating only a few limbs) or in full (eating an entire body).
Note: Can also be performed through the Kagune organ or Kurochi constructs.

The explosion caused quite the noise. The collapsing of the ceiling, some parts of the dead body flying around. Ushijima quietly hid in the shadows as the hoards of confused and terrified pirates filled the halls with lights and men, everyone weary of one another.

"Someone's blocked off the exit"

"There's- there's bodies hanging"

Amidst the chaos, Ushijima awaits the perfect opportunity. He waits till everyone he knew was worth something gathered there. He waited. And he was rewarded soon enough. With a small army of their own, with torches and weapons the three wretched leaders of the gang collected. Little did they know, The Hungry King was already in their homes. Biting into the right palm, Ushijima creates a cut to draw blood as he channels chakra onto the ground to summon the leader of all snakes. Manda.

Ushijim had taken the calculations for the attack. He was the strongest and there was no one in between to cause chaos. It was a long-awaited journey but result was foreseeable. The tales of the wicked had come to an end. Afterall, they had avoided their judgement from a long time. He was there to hunt. As he sat on top of Manda's head, looking out in the night skies in the final second of bliss Ushijima let's lose. The strength possessed by the King of Snakes and the Hungry King himself was far too unmatched. The blood and bones all smudged into one red blur for the night. Targeting the heads of the leading tree, he begins with assaulting the generals, taking them out as easy as picking snacks for Manda as the rest prepared to fight or flee. It was not the first time Manda was called into aid and both of them realized the control they possessed. As the final of the rotten heads fell, he let Manda go back to the Ryuchi Cave. His work was done for now.

Tired and terrified, the remaining soldiers attempted to fight back with a few fire blasts here and there, with abundance of slow, little weapons. Now what? Ushijima for the first time let a second of sigh at the pitiful demeanor of the broken pirates. He had just annihilated their most influential leaders without a drop of sweat and yet their terror fueled their futile attempts. The sun now barely advancing it's shape towards visibility, Ushijima finishes off the few strugglers before completely ignoring those who desperately attempted to flee. Calmly walking up through the door, he uses his Kurochi to break the obstacles he created himself quite easily as he knew his reward was somewhere here soon. Soon enough, he reaches the main office and collects the now dirty envelope.

Jutsu Used:
(Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Manda) - Summoning Technique: Manda
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: F
Range: Short
Chakra: 50
Damage: N/A (-10 to user upon summoning)
Description: Manda is a gigantic, 100 meter long snake who serves as the "leader" of all snakes. Fierce and aggressive, Manda is a shrewd warrior. To summon Manda, the user takes a big gamble, as he can easily turn on its summoner if he so deems it. Not only that, but the sacrifice and the amount of chakra needed damages the user, making summoning Manda a forbidden act. Manda has some unique abilities. Extremely fast and strong, his tail acts as a sharp mace that he can fling at the enemies with ease, speed and tremendous power (capable of overcoming even A-Rank defenses). Manda is also capable of using his chakra for 2 unique techniques: he can borrow underground (even if its affected by up to A-Rank techniques), tunneling through the earth at enormous speed or shed his skin, using a sort of substitution technique, where he trades places with his shed skin. While underground, Manda can sense the vibrations through the earth and pinpoint the location of his enemy. While completely immune to techniques A-Rank and below, Manda can take one S-Rank attack and survive by shedding his skins afterwards, although this can only be done once.

Note: requires snake contract
Note: can only be summoned once

Reading the letter, he realizes his friend had been successful in his own mission and that all this effort was not wasted. Reaching the docks, he uses one of the corpses on the ground as a pain bucket to pain the words "Beware" on top of the front wall before getting into a boat to row himself to Kurikita

Mission Ends
Leaving Land Mark
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Mission: The Candidates (1.5)
Summary: Led by a riddle, a stray Star searches for a rumored gem. What value it held or purpose it served she would have to find out

Star-3 stopped in front of the looming fortress before her much resembling another fortress they've come across recently. This had to be the place. She recited the riddle again.

Remnants not lost of a time once gold.
The freedom to lose freedom
Chained and shackled, wrought by justice.
The black diamond lost within the black walls.

A prison. This particular riddle struck a chord within her. She was already quite familiar with the freedom, or denial of it, this place represented. Even now, without the Freehold's control, its black walls still gave off an oppressive feeling. She continued walk. Best to get it over with. The Star ventured alone through the prison's cold hallways in search of the '"black diamond", tuning out the wails of despair creeping up from below. Jewels have no value here, neither do the lives of those doomed to rot in the depths. Deeper and deeper she dove, toting a small lantern picked up along the way. She didn't think she'd willingly step foot in there again and be reminded of one of many possibilities laid out before her. Gnarled hands withered with age reached out through iron bars. They longed for what she had, what everyone else had, but lacked the strength to get it. Her pace quickened. She could see how one would get lost here, nothing stood out, everything was dark and monotone. At least she still had the layout memorized.

After many twists and turns she arrived at a corridor leading into darkness. With caution she followed it until a sparkle caught her eye. An object gleaming in the light lay in the middle of a cell where the stark white bones of a skeleton hung loosely behind it, chained to the back wall. The cell door was locked tight, as expected. Loosening her tie, she formed a ring with it it an attached a length of wire to that. She tossed the tie through the bars and with a slight tug got it to land squarely around the treasure. All she had to do then was drag the tie to her and with it the treasure. After retrieving what she came for she rushed out of the prison, thrilled to leave it behind her.

~Leaving LM
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