Hokurikudō Island (133)


Oct 1, 2010
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Hokurikudō Island

Located not far from the main island of Kinai, Hokurikudō is rather rocky, covered in sand and mostly abandoned with a few small settlements based on the coast. Some fishermen come here seasonally to take advantage of schools of fish that spawn nearby. The island is, unbeknownst to most, a haven for stolen goods; these having been buried in one of the many hidden cellars that have been dug here over the years. The Negative Knight, a fearsome pirate lord known only by this alias, is said to have hidden his treasure somewhere on the island. Like most of the archipelago the area is almost perpetually covered by mist.


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There was a calmness to the ocean as Gwen sat on the edge of the ship. The fisherman who had taken the job of getting her to Hokurikudo Island was also playing the part of tour guide as he casually recounted to Gwen the many years he had spent traveling to and from these waters of Kaizoku Sea. The sun shining high above them illuminated the clear blue water, revealing the many schools of fish that were traveling alongside the ship.

"Have you ever heard the legend of the Ushi-Oni that rages around these parts?" the fisherman asked. "I've seen him one time in this life, and let me tell ya, he ain't the best singer."

Gwen was puzzled by the man's words, she had never heard of such a creature.

"It sings?"

"Oh yeah, big time. Wait, I think he called it something else... Rapping? Sounded a lot more like bad nursery rhymes if you ask me. The thing even gave me an autograph!"

Gwen wasn't buying it. The story was way too far-fetched, and her annoyance levels were rising. How come she could never get the quiet old guys? The fisherman could tell Gwen wasn't showing any real interest in his story and from inside a pocket in his jacket, he pulled out a small black notebook. He had already bookmarked the page as he quickly flipped it open. Gwen could barely make out the smeared ink that looks like someone had used their finger to inscribe a single letter. B.

Gwen couldn't believe she wasted time looking at the book. She scoffed and turned away waiting for the island to come in view.

A few hours had passed, and Gwen had fallen asleep due to the steady waves. The fisherman woke her as he yelled out to her.

"Wake up missy! We've arrived, I hope you plan on keeping your end of the bargain. This place ain't the place women like yourself come
to often. This area was once apart of a famous pirate's named Negative Knight's domain. If you find any treasure, bring me back a few things would ya? Oh and if you didn't know this is the Water Country, just Southeast of this here island is North-West Kinai Island, a big trading hub. If you haven't been, I suggest you check it out. The marketplace usually keeps a healthy stock of items if they haven't all been bought up and a bank to hold your belongings. I'll be here for when you get back."

Gwen acknowledged this and as she looked around she saw nothing but the mist that filled the area. Using her Byakugan could see that they had, in fact, made it to the area. As the ship made it to the small dock, that the fishers used to go inland Gwen did her part, ensuring the fisher was able to dock safely without being harassed. Gwen couldn't help but notice the area was largely abandoned. She traveled inland, taking a look at the numerous cellars she could find along the way hoping to come across something she could use.

After searching the area Gwen came up empty handed, she knew she was still missing something. However, if she didn't make it to her destination soon, someone else may already have claimed the area the Shogun wanted. Gwen rose into the air using her flight ability heading southeast to see exactly what was so amazing about North-West Kinai Island.

( Furaito no Jutsu ) - Flight Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 ( -10 per turn )
Damage: N/A
Description: Through the use of their chakra, the user gains the ability of unsupported flight and levitation. The user moves and maneuvers at his running speed. This can be used upon activation as a means of dodging attacks but after this, cannot be utilized like such unless specifically noted.
Note: This can be used by Otsutsuki clan bios and canon Otsutsuki noted to have flight, Juubi Jinchuriki bios.

LLM -> 144


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With how much Kurama had been traveling by sea, one would become sick of seeing the ocean, but she knew she would soon be on the mainland once more...back on what she considered home. The wild landscapes of Terra Firma; it was annoying to have to travel by sea, but it would be well worth the wait...

Not much longer now....then I'll be with you in the wild once more....Tigrerra... She bore a fanged grin.

Leaving Landmark
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