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Apr 10, 2014
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yo im being bullied out of the art contest! i drew a picture when it was halfway done, i sent it as proof in the beginning of November. i got a response about “evidence” and i was offered the chance to challenge it. same thing happened last month and i proved it wrong. this time i get the option to go over the evidence and provide proof thats against it. i picked that and then weeks go by without any kind of evidence ever showing up or contact from the host. now i log on and it says im banned for the duration of the art submission is happening. even though i have proof and was offered to challenge it fairly

here is the original drawing

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now look, im erasing part of the drawing i submitted

this before is another picture before i start erasing
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here is video of me erasing the name

here is the picture after its erased like i did in the video
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here is video of me erasing more of the drawing

here is the drawing after that video
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so the whole point is “i didnt draw that” and i needed to provide proof that it was drawn. i offered to do that then i was dodged for weeks now im banned till the contest submissions are over. this is clearly bs as shown above, if you dont want me in the art contest just say it. dont try to secretly cheat me out till submissions are over. i should be unbanned and im blasting this shady behavior
As someone who draws with pencils/charcoal, I think this actually seems kinda legit (and I'm sure there are those who also draw with this medium who don't think it's legit). He places a book over the paper as to not smudge the art, and is erasing a part of the art with the proper tool. If he just printed the piece of art, I doubt he'd think to place something over it as to not smudge it with his hand. Obviously he isn't going to want to erase any detailed portions. However, if it WAS just a printed piece, he could just reprint it, right? So then he probably would've erased the face or something with a "chemical" for the ink, as he could just reprint it later. But, I don't know who would go to the extent of printing a piece of art and removing the 'ink' with a certain chemicals over such a small forum contest. I know this is probably already resolved and his ban is over, but I'm just putting in my two cents.

And I notice people saying that the details match nearly exact. And to be honest, they really do. Exactly. And if I'm playing devils advocate, I'd like to say that there are many artistic ways to get this done. He could've projected the reference photo onto the paper with a projector and traced/used guidelines. He could've used a lightbox, which illuminates the reference photo through the drawing paper, and you can trace over it. Many professional artists use these methods and is not considered cheating at all. I'd say it's very possible to match the details to a T by doing such things— but only with a lotttt of time and patience and precession. You see professional artists match every detail all the time. Sure, he's not professional I'm assuming, but maybe the guy does have a gift. Doing such a detailed piece would indeed take time, and maybe it was a previous work of art he entered into the competition.

And because it was quick to do and I'm bored, I overlapped the drawn image with the reference I found on google in photoshop. Like others have said, it matches pretty much exactly... but, there actually are inconsistency's with the shading. I see groups of highlights on her shirt that are not in the original image. Could that just be a photoshop filter doing it's work? Potentially I suppose. 🤷‍♀️ Who knows.
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I do see what people mean by it looks like a photoshop filter. The same pencil strokes are used over the entire piece of art. Every artist has their own styles though, so who knows. The strokes do seem really consistent and perfect though, I will say...

The more I think about it, it lowkey does seem a little too good to be true. But, the mannerism he did to cover the art as to not smudge it is enough for me to feel like he actually drew it. But who knows maybe I'm running on an IQ of 2 and he's got an IQ of 9,000.

Dunno. Just bringing in my opinion cause I'm bored. :p
I know it's already solved and swept away but I just was feeling interested into brining my thoughts.