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Oct 1, 2010
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Home to one of the Five Fort; the one East of center, Hayakami is characterized by its open expanses of fertile fields that grow all manners of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries. Many of the Akimichi Clan once made their home here in small hill compounds, most of which were destroyed or repurposed by the Freehold. Recently, however, some Akimichi have returned to the area. The fort itself, though abandoned, is situated near Hayakami’s northern edge; a huge fortification of metal walls and towers. Tunnels run beneath the fort, connecting it to its brothers in the East and West.


Aug 17, 2010
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This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:
Gather resources from the land ( 1 )
Custom: Make negations on behalf of your clan or their people's welfare. ( 3 )

Summary: Greg, a clone was tasked with delivering these people, the from a far away land to the White Lotus or the Golden Sabbath's land but he sees the potential this place holds. The numerous resources, abundant and plenty. These people are going to need sustainable foodstuffs for their future that starts with the first set of crops and natural resources. The Golden's Sabbath lands include the Graveyard and Sin a barren land of rock and sand, Urin a tropical forest of constant rain, Kushasogen a land of duality bamboo and mushrooms, and Forskellig a land that relies heavily on trade. None produce such luscious and fertile supplies as this land. So Greg plans to obtain a massive amount of starter crops, enough for multiple landmarks and what better place to do that then such a lush and prosperous place. Might end up being a bit long iunno. And no-... I didn't just look in the food pantry for food names >_> that would be weird. What do you mean?

Greg made the snake stop and wait on top of a medium sized hill high above the fertile fields as he looked out over them. This place it was fertile land, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries. Everything a farmland would need. His mission was to deliver these people to Takinomori, but how could he pass up this opportunity to obtain such wondrous supplies. He opened the door to the hut and began to explain where they were and what he was going to do. Bram and Lynn rushed to the front to see Greg, who had the same exact appearance that Smith had earlier. Smith are we there yet?
Lynn spoke with apprehension in her voice, her parents tried to pull her back. They put so much faith into this man. What if that faith was misplaced. The apprehension and worry was plain to see on every single one of their dirtied and sullen faces. They just wanted a home and they believed the first person who said they could give it to them.
They weren't sure if he could actually provide what he promised but they wanted to so bad that they were interested enough to shove their fears and thoughts down into the deepest part of their souls for just a chance at it.

Don't worry Lynn. We're just stopping for a moment. I'm going to gather supplies. I promised you farmlands, and food. Well look around all we have to do is obtain it. When you first told me about your troubles you said stealing was okay sometimes, but lets be better than that. I'll be back in an hour, you all can stretch your legs and get some fresh air until I return. However if anything happens make your way to Takinomori the snake will protect you if you have to flee.

One of the snake heads turned around almost completely as it lowered it's head down to it's back looking at Lynn. She seemed terrified as the snake flicked it's tongue forward toward her brushing past her left side brushing her hair to the side and out of her face. He likes you.
Lynn lifted her hand closing her eyes and patted it on the head. It lifted it's head up back into place and returned to watching diligently. It listened to Greg compliantly and knew if it did wrong by these people it would be the last thing it ever did. It knew the type of person Sado was even if this was just a clone. Greg began to walk away as some of the more vocal individuals decided to speak up. How do we know he's taking us somewhere safe!? It could be nothing but false promises.
The disheveled and dirtied group began to funnel out of the hut and stretch their legs. They had been traveling for hours and this was the first actual rest they got. Even if they weren't walking or moving themselves it was a toll on the mind. The worry, the anxiety, fear and tension weighed heavily on them. Lynns stepped forward in front of her he looked the man directly in the eye square, face to face. His presence was intimidating with his large stature and presence. He doesn't make false promises. He does what he says he will, plain and simple. He said he was going to make my daughter see again. He did. He said he'd heal my son's voice, and he did. This man, I trust him with my life I owe him my children's sight and voice. You want to leave then go ahead. He never said you had to come, he offered you a warm bed, a home. If you don't want that go back. See how much longer you can survive picking over the ruins of Chungsu.
The way he spoke, the way he was so determined and forthright. He was becoming the leader here. Either the people could fall in line behind him, and behind the man he believed in. Or they could go, they were already taken to such fertile and luscious lands. The man swung his arms around showing the numerous fields. He's already brought us from such destruction to a place like this. Think of what lies beyond.
The man who was trying to stir up controversy immediately shut his mouth and slunk away working himself into the crowd to hide. He didn't want to make this man his enemy, obviously he was taking hold of the welfare of his family and the group. A defacto leader of these downtrodden and hopeless people who finally had something to look forward to, someone to believe in and to put their trust into. Someone to shoulder their burden for them the one that had been weighing them down for so long breaking their bodies and minds.
Lynn's mother lifted her right arm high into the air to her towering husband who stood over the smaller and weaker man and she tried to calm him. Her voice was warm and gentle, motherly. However it was serious and forceful Sig might be directing their people, but she was the one directing him. She was the woman behind the man. Sig, let him be. He's worried he hasn't seen what Smith has done for us yet. But I'm sure he'll know in time the kind of man he is.

Insert shopping montage

Greg walked down from the massive hill, he wasn't close enough to hear any of the stuff that was going on back at the three headed snake. He was busy trying to figure out how best to convince these farmers, plantation owners, berry pickers and Akimichi to sell him their crops and foodstuffs. He wanted to do this in a civil and mutually beneficial way. He definitely didn't want to be making enemies on top of the bounties and the raiding events taking place at home.
He wanted to be above all of that he didn't mind that his allies were destructive that was their prerogative as long as it wasn't effecting the people of the Golden Sabbath's or their allies lands he was alright with them. He walked slowly adjusting everything he had his pouch, his equipment, everything. He wanted to be less threatening. He walked onto a street the first street he found. It was coarse, rough and irri-.. dusty and sandy.
Like a makeshift road built by the working folk through foot travel and usage. He came up to the first farm it. Was a wheat farm with acres and acres of wheat, oats, barley and hops. Greg walked up to the farmhouse with a sense of determination and confidence.

He knocked upon the door lightly and was met by an older man. He was rotund and heavy, a mass of fat with a bulging belly and several chins. Greg smiled politely as the man swung the door open. He motioned out toward the numerous fields strewn about the man's land. He bowed his head slightly, in a polite manner never taking his eyes off of the man. He never did this ever he was never this polite before, but he wanted access to these crops, well their predecessor the seeds and foodstuffs used to grow them. He rose his head back up and began to speak at the fat man who stood before him.

I want to purchase some of your crops.

The man spoke with a confused tone.

I don't usually sell them to individual people. I whole sale them at the market.

Greg looked out over the fertile crops again. This time he was more forwards and direct.

I should rephrase I want to buy some of your grain.

The man sucked in air with a deep labored breath.

I do have about thirty extra bags of seeds from last season. I think I have ten bags of grain, ten of barley, and ten of oats. I won't part with hops. They sell extremely well at market since everyone around here loves ale to drown their sorrows.

The man laughed heavily as he slapped his own stomach as if he believed himself to be telling a joke or being funny.

Greg smiled and nodded pausing long enough to let the man explain.

Would you be willing to sell them all to me?

The fat man became serious now realizing the boy was serious.

Hmm, I guess. But you'll have to pay double the price I'd get at market.

You'll be taking my leftover sharecrop from last season. The Akimichi have been providing the foodstuffs lately.

I can't complain, they pay well, they eat well, and they play well.

The man laughed again as if he was telling a joke.

I think I have a little Akimichi in me.

Again he laughed slapping his belly.

They're in the barn. Follow me, it'll cost ya.

The two walked out toward a small barn. To say it was a barn would be overplaying what it really was. It was more like a large silo with a small shack attached to it. As the man fiddled with some keys Greg followed in silence. He was all for paying for the crops, it felt more genuine to do it this way. He would try to negotiate the price but he needed these supplies. The fat man began to speak again as they approached the barn. He was making an introduction.

My name's Digsby, short for Digsbert. Me mates call me Digs. I haven't seen you around these parts. A traveler? Or-...

He looked down to Greg's ninja pouch.

Are you something more sinister.

Greg laughed nonchalantly as Digsby laughed too, again slapping his belly.

No, No, I hail from a land where crops like yours aren't grown. I was amazed to see this place. I knew I needed to bring some of these wondrous supplies home. They could be an asset there.

Digsby pulled out a single key and opened the grain storage shed to show thirty bags of grain/barley/oats. These were sharecrop sized bags, not for individual sale. Each were half the size of Greg's body. Large enough for two or three bags to sustain a small family farm. This man's farm was much much more than that it was an industrial farm large and swollen it ran for acres upon acres.

He pointed to them and then toward Greg.

So, double market price would be forty ryo per ten bags.

One hundred-twenty ryo in total. You good with that price?

He was. It was a trivial price a minuscule price. He expected the man to want a fortune. He had paid nearly twenty times that just for the armor he wore. He was more than happy with that price as he extended his hand in a firm handshake grabbing Digsby's right arm with his left. He shook his hand so appreciatively and abruptly that Digsby didn't know what was happening.
The way he shook his arm was forceful and strange. Greg was putting in work for his creator, and Smith. Sado would be fucking proud as **** when this clone returned home not just with more people, but all the resources needed to set them straight. Hell he was proud of himself. But he knew he wasn't done here. He needed more.

So you buying them? Or just want a hug?

He laughed again pulling the hand away from Greg and slapped his stomach again.

Of course!

Greg pulled out the coin and passed it over to the man. He then pulled out a scroll and sealed them all away. The kanji for the word "grain" appeared on the scroll as Digsby smiled. He was glad to sell some old crops, stuff that would have been thrown away if he didn't vendor it to someone unsuspecting. Greg was just glad to have made a deal so quickly and for a reasonable-... well at least to him. Price. He slipped the scroll into his pouch as Digsy spoke again.

I knew ya were a shinobi I could tell from the pouch. You seem like a fair man I'd watch out.

Around here the Akimichi are growing in power. I wouldn't let them see you do that trick. Might get you attacked.

The man laughed again as he and Greg talked about other crops. The man explained the best way to grow them, and how to sow the grain and where other crops could be bought. He was a reasonable and chill person. He locked his shed as the pair began to walk back toward the main house they had come from. Greg asked where other crops could be bought, the best farmers to buy from and what prices were fair. Digsby explained most farmers would be asking for double, or even triple market value since Greg wasn't buying wholesale.
Mostly they just wanted to sell off their entire crop at once to make the most profit for their time and effort. He explained that there was a berry plantation ran by an older woman and her husband. He told her he didn't know their first name but everyone called the old woman "Old Lady Smucker." and that around these parts she sold jellies and jams wholesale. It was really really popular with the Akimichi, and paired really well with another spread locally grown by a peanut, walnut, treenut, plant owned by her own son "Jif." Greg decided berries would be the next thing he set out to obtain then as well as fruits. He asked about fruits and learned that there was an apple orchard to the east, owned by a "Granny Smith" as well as a few vegetable farms to the west owned by a younger woman named "Libby"
Greg would nod in appreciation and head toward the berry grower he heard about. After about fifteen minutes of running jumping from hilltop to hilltop he started to see numerous berry bushes, they were massive bushes. They all surrounded two larger buildings a massive plantation style house and an even larger barn. Greg made his way up the stairs approaching the double doors of the ivory homestead. He dusted himself off and began to knock. Nothing. He knocked again this time a little louder. No answer. He began to pound upon the door rather loudly now only to be met with a loud shrill voice in return.

I'mma commin. Calm yourself these legs don't work like they used to.

A woman opened one of the large doors just slightly.

Old Lady Smucker?

She frowned and closed the door in his face.

I hate that name!

She said as it sounded like she was turning to walk away.

NO! He said rather loudly.

I'm sorry. I was looking to buy some berries, jams and jellies in a large quantity.

She called back in a harsh tone.

Fine! But my name is Laura. If you call me Old Lady Smucker again you won't be getting anything.

She opened the latch of a door opening the door completely.

She stepped out onto the porch of the massive plantation and began to walk toward the barn-like building.

It took like five minutes for her to make it to the building as she stood waiting for Greg to open the door.

So what's your name and what do you want to buy?

Greg stood tall as he opened the barn door for the woman.

Greg and anything you're willing to sell me.

The woman smiled at that as the laugh lines on her face expanded.

Good, great, lets see what we have.

She walked into the massive barn. To say it was large would be an understatement it was larger than the plantation house. It was full to the brim with shelves, and a processing station. Jars as far as the eye could see, crates of numerous berries, jellies and jams. Everything a person with a sweet tooth could want. It was a sight to see. It was amazing, the land was so fruitful and prosperous. Nothing like the Graveyard of Sin, or Urin, or Forskellg.
These lands could be what his were if he put in the work. Well if Sado put in the work and directed the people. He asked her for berry growing advice and she gave it to him along with numerous anecdotes and stories from her childhood after she began to talk to him about the products she had for sale.

We have jams and jellies of all kinds. Also we have fresh berries for sale. Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries. You name it we have it. I've been growing these since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Though it's going to cost you. You brought a woman like myself out of her house, to sell you goods. You came on our day off so there's no workers so transportation is all up to you. How much you want to spend, you said you wanted to buy a large quantity so you're not leaving without at least ten crates of each and obviously you'll be paying extra.

Greg agreed and he passed over the final tally of money owed. The woman was surprised at how much he actually bought. It was a marketplace value about the same she made from selling her goods wholesale. She was more than happy to give her goods over but now came what she was interested in. How would the boy move everything. She did tell him it was up to him to handle transportation she grinned waiting to see what dumb scheme this boy had.

That was until he merely sealed away all of the products he had bought into a scroll. A kanji for the word "berry" appeared next to the one for "grain" as he looked down to the woman finally ready to set out. She laughed at him and his ingenuity.
She didn't know what he needed twenty crates of strawberries, twenty crates of blueberries, twenty crates of blackberries and twenty crates of each type of jam and jelly for but she didn't really care. He paid what was owed and that was enough. These were large industiral sized crates each roughly one third the size of Greg's own body up to about knee height.

Hey, my son owns a nut plantation. He hated berries so much he had to do something different. If you're buying so many crops pay him a visit. Tell him his mama sent you and to give you anything you want for half price. Don't be afraid to come back. I don't mind selling to such a young and handsome man.

She laughed covering her mouth with the back of her hand as she went back home.

Greg set out to the nut plantation he was told about. Once there he explained to a young man named Jif, with a handlebar mustache what Old Lady Smucker told him and got a variety of nuts for rather cheap. He walked away with seventy five crates of peanuts, treenuts, walnuts and various other nuts. His only reply to Gregs explaining was. "That old crone is going to be the death of me yet." Greg sealed them into the scroll as a kanji for "nuts' appeared next to the ones for "grain" and "berries."
Finally he made his way to the apple orchard where he procured a hundred crates of farm fresh apples. He made a quick trip to the vegetable farm and bought from there as well several varieties of vegetable, corn, peas, carrots, potatoes. His scroll was becoming so full with so many kanji on it; "grain," "berries," "nuts," "fruit," and finally "vegetables."
He made his way back to the three headed snake and explained everything to these people. He unsealed some of the food and allowed them to eat their fill before they returned to the hut and they began traveling once more. He kept the scroll with all the sealed crops close to him in a place of safety.

( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary , Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: N/A
Description: This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items or weapons that have been stored using Fūinjutsu,typically they are stored within scrolls. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Scrolls can also be used as ammunition for other weapons. The items themselves are unaffected by time. This Technique allows the user to seal any weapons they wish being their own or opponents.
Note: Cannot seal opponent's custom weapons, or the special weapons of a particular character ( example: Samehada or Kubikiribocho ).
Note: Can only seal corpses, and not injured people regardless of the extent of their injury.

Greg's chakra:

890 - 20 ( Generic Sealing ) - 10 ( ) = 860

Greg and NPCs ELM from | LLM
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Genji and Jesse meet up with one another, making eye contact each taking a deep breath.. "So did you manage to defeat the enemy?" Jesse would ask, Genji would quickly respond with a simple nod. "She is currently absent from this world, however I am capable of restoring her body should I please. I have not yet decided what to do with her..." Genji would say. "If I recall, there was a bounty on that lil missy's head.. you could cash it in." Jesse said in response. "Hmm.. I'm somewhat low on funds at the moment so that sounds like a good idea, but where would we go to cash it in?" Genji would ask. The gunslinger would smirk, pulling a poster from his pocket that he had taken from the tavern.. "Midnight Island.. alright lets hit the road!!!" Jesse would say as he walked off.. Genji following behind him.



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Coming from here: https://animebase.me/threads/jamihoro-031.755848/post-21933018

Upon arriving in Hakayami the young warrior would soon notice that the townspeople were evacuating. They had heard the stories of the young shinobi rampaging on the coastline of what aspired to be a great shinobi village. It had to be done.. to achieve his dream Genji was willing to forsake everything.. the man that had saved him and the village that had become his home. He was willing to throw it all away for a chance at redemption.

Ironically enough, as he did so he knew that there would be no redemption for what he was doing now.. There was no turning back.

The voices still echoed in his head as he channeled his Wujin yet again, he had destroyed one of the five forts back at Jamihoro, and now he was here to destroy yet another Tanigakure stronghold. He would lay waste to the land, leaving nothing behind, not even ruins or rumble, just the dirt and earth between the surface.

The black void in the form of a colossal wave would crash onto the land erasing everything it came in contact with.. the blackness would seem into everything, the fields, the market place, the fort itself everything would be gone..

In order to power the Core you hold you must use the emotions and sensations that Betrayal invokes. The Village Hidden in the Valley must be your catalyst; using whatever means you find necessary bring about destruction upon these lands. The grief, anger, sadness, and hatred which is birthed from these events will fuel the Betrayal necessary for this strengthening.

(Neidan: Wuji Dao) Internal Alchemy: Way of Nothingness
Type: Supplementary
Rank: D - S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: 10 - 70 40
Damage: N/A
Description: This is one of the fundamental Neidan techniques within the Hayabusa clan and the first one learned. This technique returns existence to nothingness/erases from existence. Using one of the three Dantian Hayabusa ninja render existence to nothingness. Depending on the Dantian that is used the user can manipulate physical, vital, or spiritual existence. Regardless of which application is used there are two components that can be utilized: internal or external. These two components describe the technique’s application to one’s self and outside themselves respectively. A Hayabusa ninja who utilizes the internal component with this technique manipulates their own physical, vital, and/or spiritual existence. One who utilizes external component does the same but with any entity other than themselves. Only one of the components can be used for any given application of this technique. As for the applications, only one can be used at a given time. Upon reaching higher jounin ranks (Dragon/Head Ninja and Master Ninja), Hayabusa ninja can utilize all three of the Dantian simultaneously to completely erase their own existence (internal) or that of another entity (external). When erasing one’s own existence with this technique the user can only maintain a state of non-existence for no more than one turn with and must re-appear within 10 meters of their original point. Once the user has gone to nothingness they cannot use any techniques until after they return to reality. Through the external component the user can erase the existence of another life such as summons or other shinobi though it requires prolonged contact with the target (3 turns). After contact is made the victim will begin to vanish from the ground up.

Lower Dantian: The Lower Dantian deals with physical existence. Entities such as solids and liquids, physical entities, and corporeal matter are within this Dantian’s scope. When using the internal component of this application the user is capable of erasing parts of their body as small as: bits of flesh and bone to whole limbs, organs, etc. This ability extends to physical afflictions such as poisons, toxins, pathogens and generally any other thing that integrates itself within the user’s physical being. When using this technique on the body to take off flesh and bone the user will feel as though their flesh and bone have been ripped apart and their body will suffer accordingly. For example: if the user erases their right index finger, they will feel their finger ripped off their body and will bleed profusely until stopped. The external component of this technique takes the form of transparent visual distortions similar in nature and appearance to the voids of kamui though with the ability to vary in shape and size. The shape and size are dependent on the rank of the technique. As well as the amount of matter in which one can erase is also dependent on the rank. Lower ranks means smaller areas of effect and less matter that can be erased. This technique has the ability to combat against techniques of equivalent rank or chakra input. With the external component, if anybody other than the user makes contact with the technique, they will suffer just as the user would if they used the internal component of this application. The external component of this application can be made within short range of the user but not the target unless both parties are in close range. Even then, the user cannot manifest this technique directly on their opponent without physical contact.

Middle Dantian: The Middle Dantian deals with vital existence; the existence of energy. Non-solid/liquid entities like plasmas, fire, lightning, raw chakra forms, and otherwise ethereal entities fall within this Dantian’s scope. The internal component of this application is rather simple, the user erases chakra/energy that exists within them either their own or that of another’s that is connected to the user. The amount of chakra the user can erase is proportional to the rank they use for this application. As for the external component, similar to the Lower Dantian, voids of various shapes are created which erase the chakra/energy, ethereal, and/or vital nature of entities. Again, like with the Lower Dantian, the user cannot directly manifest a chakra erasing void upon their opponents; contact with the void or between the user and the target must be established to directly affect the target.

Upper: The Upper Dantian deals with the spiritual existence of an entity. Spiritual techniques, consciousness, mental capability, and spirits are all within this Dantian’s control. The internal component of this application controls the existence of illusions, consciousness, sentience, within the user. Enemy techniques that deal with mind control or that inject their consciousness within the Hayabusa can be defended against with the internal component. Likewise, the stability and power of illusions and other spiritual techniques attached to the user can be cut down according to the rank/chakra of this technique. The external component of this application is a little different than the others. Unlike the Lower and Middle Dantian which cannot effect an opponent directly, this Dantian’s application can. With the external component the user can cause the spiritual energy of a sentient being dwindle to nothingness as long as the user has sensory perception of their target and is within range. The result of erasing the spiritual being comes in the form of fatigue and a lack of focus which prevents the target from using higher ranked techniques and progressively dims their consciousness. For example: C-ranked usage will prevent use of Forbidden rank techniques and B-rank usage would prevent S-rank and above and so on. The constraints are as follows: Only chunin level Hayabusa and above can use this technique (as it starts at C-rank) and the user must be within and maintain mid-range of the target to use C and B-rank. A-rank requires short range and S-rank direct physical contact. While using this application only two techniques can be used per turn. If the victim gets out of range of the user they will become capable of using their full power in the following turn.

Note: This technique is learned at genin level and follows similar rules for each rank. Genin can only use D-rank applications, chunin = C-rank, jounin = B-rank (upper) A-rank (lower and middle), Dragon/Head Ninja = A-rank (upper) S-rank (lower and middle), Master Ninja = All ranks.
Note: Genin and Chunin are required to use 5 to 3 hand seals respectively for any application’s external component. Jounin require one hand seal, Dragon/Head, and Master Ninja can use up to B-rank with no hand seals. Contact between user and opponent requires no hand seals.
Note: When using the external component of the Upper Dantian, using the A-ranked and above will render an opponent comatose after two turns. C and B-ranks will simply render one unconscious after 4 turns. Each turn of maintaining drains half the original chakra cost. While maintaining no other application of this technique can be used.
Note: Upper Dantian usages, regardless of the component can only be used once every other turn. A-ranked and above usage requires a two turn cool down.
Note: S-rank applications of this technique requires a one turn cool down for the Middle and Lower Dantian.
Note: To erase completely the existence of oneself or of another the user must use 70 chakra. Unlike the external component where it takes three turns to erase another, the internal component is instantaneous in its nature due to a lack of resistance from the user applying it to themselves. Upon using this advanced application either internally or externally the user will be unable to use any Neidan technique for the next two turns. Dragon Ninja and Head Ninja can use this application twice per battle and Master Ninja 3 times per battle.



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Arriving from: https://animebase.me/threads/sasau-124.756137/post-21989967

Jonathan and Enma continued their journey, the weather was getting warmer slowly as they travelled, the two of them discussed what they had been doing during the virus outbreak, sharing notes on what each of them had seen in their travels. Jonathan found it quite enjoyable to have someone to talk to on his quest for a change.

LLM Jonathan and Enma