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Oct 1, 2010
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Gurēpurēn is home to tall mountain formations surrounded by endless, frozen wastes. Beneath one of the largest mountains , in a huge canyon, a large, underground volcano slumbers. Every few days the volcano ‘snores’ spitting out thick clouds of ash that are transported into the open through small, natural vents and dispersed across the landscape, giving the area a unique, grey hue. Little exists here in the way of human settlements, but a species of penguin frequents the coastland.
Mar 2, 2012

This mission marks the start of our (Rexii and myself) mission containing the following storyboard mission:

- Internal Investigation (4) (village mission)

As Nana moves to the nearby Marketplace, she bumps into Noctis who is currently starting and investigation about rumours of a cult coming into the Land of Snow trying to overthrow the Korikage. Following the trail, they come to the lair deep under the marketplace taking out the leader together.

It was a frosty chilly morning as her breath turned to fog in front of her face, Nana entered the Marketplace to do her usual weekly walk through to ensure that everyone knew she was there to protect the people. People smiled and waved at her while she strolled through, taking in the scene of people talking and laughing, the smell of food in the air wafting around. There was a familiar blue haired ninja that was in the distance looking at one of the weapon stands, weighing up the two knives he was testing. It was good to see her fellow ninja entering the market and making sure that they felt valued by the village, not just protectors or bodyguards. Nana approached the ninja from behind whispering;

I thought you always had more than enough weapons on you?

Without missing a beat, immediately recognising her voice without jumping he replies

Well, I need to study these weapons, because if we are ever attacked by some of these weapons, I want to know where they're from...

Ever the vigilant ninja, she didnt expect anything less from one of her top ninja.

Has there been any reports of criminal activity or disturbances here lately?

She was wondering after seeing him here if there was any issues in the marketplace, as Noctis was one of the best ninja at countering espionage. He had a real nose for detective work, his intelligence one of the top in the village.

Well, its not much of a lead right now, but someone has been placing up these anti village propaganda posters asking villagers to rise up against us. While no one here seems to take them seriously, the posters havent been taken down. I dont suspect anyone to join them immediately, left unattended, they could pose a potential threat later on if they build up a big enough base.

Excellent work Noctis, lets find out whats going on here and stomp this out right now. I dont want to be finding a cult growing in our lands before we cant turn them back. Any idea where to start?

He pointed down towards a small back alley they ended near the wall of the marketplace, seemingly that turns around a corner.

I've been seeing a couple shifty looking people move into that area but taking a while to come back. There shouldnt be anything down there according to the other merchants except a dead end.

Lets go check it out?

Nearing the edge of the alley, they took up a position on either side of the entrance, making sure not to appear suspicious as they slid into the narrow corridor. As Noctis drew one of his tagged kunai, Nana made sure that her fists were ready should there be a problem. They could see the end of the alley the further they walked in, a large brick wall with nothing but a few crates and pots discarded around.



There was something fishy about the alley, something was off. The crates were too new to be laying around like this, as if placed there jsut for show, nothing actually in them. As Noctis pushed two fingers down onto the ground, he used his pressure sensing, detecting a tunnel that led underground in the corner.

Tunnel, right there.

With a swift nod, Nana moved over and raising her fist, struck the earth, collapsing the roof that was hiding some stairs leading back around to the market.

Ill take point, watch our backs.

Noctis nodded, preparing his kunai in his left hand getting ready for any surprise attacks. Nana went down, some lanterns strung up along the walls dimly illuminating the corridor that was descending deeper underground and towards the marketplace. After a minute of walking, they reached a large wooden door with a strange symbol on it, a Snake that was coming back on itself, swallowing itself.

In a low voice Nana motioned towards the door;

Ever seen that before?

They were always on the back of the paper. It was hidden from everyone else, unless you took it down to look at it. Im guessing the symbol of this cult.

Nana pressed her ear up against the door, listening intently.

We have had several people stop to look at these flyers but none have joined our cause yet brothers. Whats worse, I believe that one of the village ninja are starting to get suspicious, the one with the yellow hair. What do we know of him?

There was a shuffling of some papers then another voice.

Noctis, one of the council members. Extremely fast, extremely intelligent. Seemingly can teleport it says from the reports.

There was a murmur amongst the cult members. This was bad, they had information on the village as well as what seemed like spies also inside the village. Taking them out wasn't the goal here, they needed information, they had to be caught alive. Turning back to Noctis, Nana informed him of her plan.

They have information on our village, we need to know how and where they got it. We need to take them alive.

Ill watch the exits if you can pin them down.

Nana gave a nod, it was good in theory, there would be minimal casualties, but she had to be careful, she couldnt risk creating a cave in.

Taking one step back, she readied herself and nodded towards Noctis.


She booted in the door, startling the men inside, quickly scanning the room. There were 4 men sitting at a table all in brown robes, two of them already scrambling to their feet towards the rear, which had 2 doors.

Noctis, doors!

Noctis threw two of his marked kunai towards the doors, dropping another at his feet as they both raced into the room. Nana jumped over the table as the kunai slammed into each door with a thud. Nana kicked one of the empty chairs towards the left as one of the members reached for the knob, slamming it shut with a crash, with is a swift flash, Noctis appeared at the other door, slamming it shut as he kicked off it, booting the other man in the chest. Grabbing one of the men at the table who was cowering in his chair, she stormed over towards the broken chair door slamming the other man who was helplessly trying to unjam it. He was thrown into the wall by her brute force knocking him unconscious. With one look towards Noctis she saw that he had subdued the other man and turned towards the last sitting at the table.

Ha, ha, haaaa. We knew you were coming. We knew we would draw the attention of you.... You fell right into our trap. These others were jsut dummies. Lambs to the slaughter to reel you in. NOW WE CAN TAKE YOU OUT AHAHAHA!!

The man started cackling as he threw his hood and robes down, his bare chest exposed with marking for the Reverse 4 seals. Nana's eyes grew wide, she wasn't going to get to him in time to stop it, when she felt a hand on her wrist. With a blink, they were standing at the edge of the Kage Mansion, the unconscious man in her right hand with Noctis holding her wrist on her right.

Im sorry Kage-dono. I should have stopped him...

Nana let out a breath of relief she had been holding since she saw the seal on the man. It raised infront of her as a cloud of fog and drifted away.

No, Thank you Noctis, we managed to slow them down, and escape with a prisoner for information. I would have been lost if it weren't for you down there.
Hopefully even though this one is a grunt, he may be able to give us a lead.

The called over one of the Anbu, and gave the limp body to the ninja to take down to the prison for interrogation. It was time for Nana to go write up a report.

Thank you for your help today Noctis. Thank you for looking out for our villagers too. Im sure they will need more help soon.

With a bow, Noctis teleported away, disappearing before her eyes as she turned into the mansion to begin her write up.
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Mar 2, 2012
Moving towards the intel division, Nana knocked on the door.

Noctis, I havent heard from Mer in a while. Lets go see if there were any problems initiating contact with the other villages.

The two collect their things and head off

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