[Tier] Grade these characters- Big MOM PIRATES


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Apr 12, 2012
In whatever grading system you like but base on how you like them (out of 10, A/B/C, great/good/bad, blah blah) with consideration to character design, writing, and stuffs. Just do the characters you have an opinion on, don't have to do them all. Put some words if you feel strongly about a character one way or another.

Listing based on plot relevant:

1) Big Mom
2) Pudding
3) Katakuri
4) Brulee
5) Pekoms
6) Perospero
7) Chiffon
8) Mont-d Or
9) Oven
10) Tamago
11) Smoothie
12) Zeus
13) Prometheus
14) Daifuku
15) King Baum
16) Cracker
17) Napoleon
18) Opera
19) Galette
20) Amande
21) Diesel
22) Streusen
23) Randolph
24) Praline
25) Bobbin
25) Compote


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Jun 24, 2017
1) big mom is a 10 for me. Not that I like her that much, just absolutely couldn't stand her... Until she hit that Prometheus / Zeus form next to Sunny . Damn
2) pudding is annoying imho don't care for her.
3) katakuri is a beast, he makes big mom's crew so much more dangerous , I can see him being the strongest first mate
4)brulee is annoying but I love her power. Does wano not have mirrors?
5) pekoms "let's go sulong" oven shuts that down. Biggest let down lol
6)perospero is weird but love his power to. Mr 3 on steroids
7)chiffon lol
8) mont d another overpowered ability, basically genjutsu in one piece. Can he loose a 1v1 to someone slower than his books?
9)oven "the difference between ministers and other yonkos non commanders" he really shows how much more stronger big mom's crew is.
10)tomago eh your listing to plot relevance is retarded if I must say
11) smoothie if she only changes size and has crocodiles ability than well we need to see her fight more lol. How can you drain people and yet not have any fight
12)Zeus is awesome. The different colored lighting too. I think Zeus > enel. People bring up enel all the time like big mom was walking around with a stronger enel the. Whole time
13) Prometheus... Refer to 12 .. just a stronger ace dead ass lmao
14) daifuku is the same as oven. Dudes a beast, full body haki genie and isn't even a commander
15) cracker is the big difference with big mom's crew and others I think. His biscuits are as strong as Luffy post ts without g4
16) king Baum ... Lol
17) napaloen I don't like.. too magically for me. Doesn't make since. Unless he always has that blade and can just change it's size. But if he can magically create that blade. Wack that makes no sense lol
18) don't really care for the rest but let's just point out she already has the strong of people and than there's still people like amande who can solo crocodile no problem



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Oct 19, 2014
1. Big mom - should i grade her big meme . Hardly saw anything from her other than rage shit okay 7 tbh.

2.Pudding - 6/10 i think she surprised hell out of me when she made that poker face turning out to be evil persona. I really thought she loved sanji . Man i think it would be great if she was evil till the end untill oda brought all past flashback .

3.katakuri - 10 /10 best character oda created since timeskip wci arc would have sucked without him.

4. Brulee - 4/10 dont like her .

5. Pekoms - 3/10 sulong form failed no contribution.

6. Perosperdo - 2/10 - evil willy wonka

7. Chiffon - 1/10 lola s another twin .

8. Mont dor - 5/10 for his unique character design

9. Oven - 8.5/10 personally my second fav after katakuri he didnt et me disappoint after he tred cake carriage . Ruthless fighter

10 tomago - 6/10

11. Smoothie -0/10 - did abs nothing.

12. The rest below on the list i would give 1 or 2 star basically they virtually did nothing in this arc.

Galette , amande have designs but not potrayed well for me.

Daifuku -ya he is ok pushed sanji to his limit. If sanji had time pretty sure daifuku s ass would have been whopped.

Rest dont care much
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Aug 30, 2010
just my fav 5ish:
1. big mom, my fav chafacter of her crew. love her design and her power. most of all i love a different take on depicting strong will, a child like stubbornness to never give up and always get what you want or throw an earthshaking tantrum. in OP will is power and BM is the most raw, simple, childlike representation of it. 10/10

2. Katakuri, loved his character but not as big a fan of his original design as most ppl, though i started liking him better after his face was revealed. also the fight was awesome. 9/10

3. Zeus, i love BMs power and i think the main trio of spcial homiesbit creates is awesome it makes for so many possibilities and it makes the powers of a yonko have their own personalies 8/10

4. pekoms, is awesome :) 7/10

5. Prometheus and Napoleon, same as Zeus but i like Zeus more cuz on Nami :p 7/10
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