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have the scans of the Hokages been translated fully guys?
Hashirama Senju

Page 162

Village: Hidden Leaf
Rank: Hokage


Chakra Nature: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Yang
Characteristic: Summoning, Kekkei Genkai, Sage
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Page 163

Heading: Hero Of An Age Building The Cornerstone Of Ninja

→ The leader of shadow ninjas protecting the nation of conflagration.

Never entrusting his dream to the distant future, Hashirama Senju, the famed “Ninja God”, had a dream. A dream that one day, a world where young ninjas could live peacefully would come about. Overcoming the piles of victims and corpses, Hashirama founds a village of ninjas for the first time. But the prize of his eye was much farther in the future. A day when ninjas unified, helping each other and cooperating regardless of nation. Although he knew it wouldn’t be achieved during the age in which he lived, his unshakable burning “fiery will” was inherited from parent to child, child to grandchild. And now, reborn into the world, he attempts to bring it to fruition. He normally has a warm personality, but if he gets serious, he can subdue the surroundings with only the sharp look in his eyes.

↑ A carefree and easy-going personality. An appropriate vessel for Hokage.

↑ Hashirama was also the one who named the ninja leader “Hokage”. The history of the village hidden in the shade of trees began here.


Ninja ID:
Birthday: October, 23[SUP]rd[/SUP] (age of death unknown, Libra)
Height: 185.1 cm, Weight: 74 kg, Blood type: B
Personality: Warm, considerate, carefree and easy-going
Favourite: Hashirama, who had mastered hermit sorcery and the ninjutsu using the Wood element, has always loved nature. Appreciating bonsai is one of his secret pleasures.
Approximatly 5 Years Ago

Heading: First “reincarnation into the world of impurity”.

↑ His last “reincarnation into the world of impurity” was imprecise, and Hashirama wasn’t able to exhibit his true power.
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Page 164

Heading: He Who Is Most Valiant, Known As “Ninja God”

Wood Release Ninjutsu

The power that caused Hashirama to be called “The Strongest Ninja” was called “Wood Release”. There are bloodline limitations to Earth Release and Water Release simultaneously activating the chakras’ fundamental abilities, but even among the Senju Clan, it is a unique secret ability only Hashirama is able to use.

↑ The ability can even silence “Tailed Beasts”. While continuing “Shiseki-youjin” and “Myoujinmon” arts, six wooden other selves appear! Chakra reserves know no bottom!

Sage Art

In addition to the rare Mokuton Ninja Art, Hashirama mastered “Sage Art”, which raised the bar for all ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu. Although it is normally extremely difficult to exercise chakras for hermit sorcery in battle, Hashirama has the abitily to instantly enter “Sage Mode”.

↑ Madara’s eternal rival from previous incarnations.

Healing Ability

Further worthy of admiration is his recovery ability. Commanding high-level ninja healing arts, he can heal wounds even without making hand gestures. His body itself brimming with vitality, those with Hashirama's cells have heightened healing ability. To this day, there is no ninja existing who surpasses this power.

Overflowing Charisma

When Hashirama projects his voice, everyone turns to look… And it isn't simply because he’s the legendary Hokage. It’s because each of his words exudes his feelings for the village’s ninjas, and in them resides the weight of the truth. The “fiery will” behind Hashirama's words stirs the hearts of all.

→ Hashirama’s “thundering yell” lights the fire of ambition in the hearts of all.
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Page 165

Heading: Hashirama's Sought-After Cells. . . in Madara. . . in Orochimaru

Hashirama's Artificial Body Of Madara's Creation

The unparalleled recovery ability of Hashirama’s body could even exhibit that ability in the bodies of others. Madara lived on by transplanting into a wound Hashirama’s cells that he obtained in the Battle of the Valley of the End.

In addition, by using the Demon Statue as a catalyst, he cultivated living cells to create an artificial body of Hashirama. Even the critically wounded Obito healed his injuries by transplanting half of an artificial body.

←↑ Hashirama's face appears wherever his cells have been implanted. The cells are alive, but have no awareness.

As A Result Of Orochimaru's Human Experiments…

For Orochimaru, who had an insatiable desire for immortality, Hashirama's regenerative abilities were a critical target of research.

In order to make the power hidden in the cells his, he repeated experiments and misused them for the development of forbidden arts. Yamato, the founder's clone, was an unfortunate product of this. That unrivaled characteristic was one of the substantiating factors for Hashirama being the strongest Ninja.

↑→ Thirsty for Senju's power, Danzou buries Hashirama's cells deep into his own body.

↓ The current reborn Orochimaru. Most of his body is made up of cells from Hashirama.
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Page 166

Heading: Senju And Uchiha ― The Edge Of Unstoppable Destiny

Dreams Discussed

The warring states period of valiant Ninja. . . Hashirama and Madara had a fateful chance meeting. Hashirama and Madara, having recently seen the deaths of some young boys, became aware of the wrongs in the world and unified their wills. The two used to be friends who trusted each other, but. . .

→ Not knowing they are long-standing rivals, the two communicated their thoughts. The time they spent together was their only relaxation.

↑ His single hope was for a place that would become a village hidden in the shade of trees, and he told Madara about this dream. The future was full of hope.

The Clan Of The Sage Of Six Path's Lineage

Tracing back to the genesis of Ninja, Senju and Uchiha;s thread of connection. Both Clans take the Sage of Six Path as their founder, and strongly inherit that power.

↑ Moreover, Hashirama and Madara are the reincarnations of the the Sage of Six Paths's sons Ashura and Indra, respectively.

The rivalry between Hashirama and Madara may be unavoidable destiny. Hashirama is Ashura; Madara is Indra. The karma of Indra, the genius older brother, and Ashura, the younger brother who inherited his father's will, was to go beyond their generation and start a war.

↑ The Hidden Leaf's Senju Clan and the Hidden Whirlpool's Uzumaki Clan are Ninja of distant blood relation. . . The Uzumaki Clan, a distant relative of the Senju Clan, could also be said to be a lineage of the Sage of Six Paths.
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Page 167

Fate That Starts To Come Apart At The Seams

Hashirama and Madara's fate suddenly starts to come apart at the seams. Senju and Uchiha. . . When their true forms were revealed, Hashirama and Madara's “friend” relationship fleetingly announced its end. The two would both soon become the leaders of their respective Clans, and the cold fate of the two Clans to be at odds would only intensify. . .

→ Right after he announced the split to Hashirama, Madara’s Sharingan awoke.

↓ You know, the next time we meet will be on the battlefield, Senju Hashirama. . .

Bringing Their Shared Dream To Life―

Amidst the seemingly never-ending battle, Hashirama persistently continued to send the Uchiha Clan offers of a truce. Hashirama's unwavering will to create a future for Ninja finally melted Madara's cold heart. The two Clans shook hands, and the dream they had dreamt in their younger days of creating a peaceful village began to take shape. . .

↑ This is how the Ninja Clan Federation Village System was born.

The Sad Time Of Parting Ways

However, the cycle of reincarnation would accelerate. Madara, who once again parted ways with Hashirama, launched an assault on the Hidden Leaf. The only thing that was in Hashirama's heart after ending the battle ― was one resolve. It was a resolve he had to bear as a Ninja, not for looking to the future, but for watching over the present. No matter if it's a friend, a sibling, or a child. . .those who do wrong to the village won’t be forgiven.

↓ At the end of a valiant landscape-altering battle, Hashirama dealt a finishing blow to his former friend Madara.
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Tobirama Senju

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Page 176

Village: Hidden Leaf
Rank: Hokage

Quote: "I'll protect this village no matter what. . . I swear on the name of Hokage!"

Chakra Nature: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Yang
Characteristic: Summoning
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Page 177


↑ Although she has zero gambling skill, she never loses when she bets it all.

↑ Never losing her trusting heart, Tsunade juices up her advisors.

Born as a grandchild to the First Hokage Senju Hashirama called the God of Ninja, before long she came to display unparalleled medical Ninjutsu skills. Formerly she amassed a great deal of legendary valour together with Jiraiya and Orochimaru (referred to as Sannin), and eventually Tsunade rose to take the seat of Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village. She, having inherited grandfather Hashirama's Will of Fire along with his lineage, is now in the role of Chief of Staff in the Big Five Ninja Alliance, and crosses the borders of the land to bear the responsibility of commanding Ninjas. It can certainly be said that she has brought Hashirama's longstanding desire into fruition.

↑ You won't have to settle for your rank. Let us rejoice upon your developement and stand on the front lines side by side...!!


Ninja ID: 002302
Birthday: August, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] (55 years old, Leo)
Height: 163.1 cm, Weight: 48.9 kg, Blood type: B
Personality: Quick-tempered, enjoys gambling.
Favourite: She was treasured as a favourite by Hashirama, and learned to gamble during her childhood days. Her rarely-scored jackpots are ill omens.
Approximatly 31 Years Ago

Heading: Tsunade's will contains the dream of her loved ones.

I'll become Hokage, and protect everyone. . . She took as her ambition the wish of Dan, who lost his life.
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Has Sai's scan been translated?
Nope, nothing on Sai yet. :hmm:

Can someone find or translate the databook entries on Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku and Katon: Katon: Gōka Messhitsu?
No, both of them are still not translated.
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A more complete translation of Six Paths Sage Mode:

In acquiring this technique, the user obtains a distinct level of understanding about the nature of chakra that is only equalled by a well-trained master; it is only bestowed to the gutsy - those who have a will of steel, and the inability to give up. Thus, only those guided by fate who have these traits receive this power from the Sage of the Six Paths. The jutsu triggers enlightenment about the nature of life itself, bringing about philosophical view of the world; enabling the user to find a way to change the world for the better, and to actually do it. Yes, this technique is [can't work this last line out, feel like I'm missing something obvious... something about mastery, to choose, experience/knack and shinobi]

(It's basically saying Six Paths Sage Mode grants the user the power to change the world.)