Feodosia (203)


Oct 1, 2010

Feodosia is fertile, lush with flora and the home of many villages and towns. It constitutes the northwestern quarter of Nagi Island and is most famously known for one of its landmarks; the thousand graves of Inojin Yamanaka, each of whose thousand, evenly spaced gravestones represent a body that he occupied with his mind and essence.


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Jan 5, 2012
Arriving from .

Being afforded some respite from the verdant jungle behind him, Jack leisurely strides past Feodosia, feeling at home amongst the endless sea of headstones. Onward.

Leaving landmark.


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Apr 14, 2012

The Dynamic Duo continue on past the endless tombstones..

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Travelling across the water, Geets and Boit make it to land again and head back towards the Ruins..

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Geets does his thing collecting more NE as Boit keeps moving..

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Geets and Boit pass thru..

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Jul 4, 2012
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Mission: Defend yourself from wild beasts
Summary: Arriving in Feodosia, Grimmjow wastes no time heading towards the coast to cross into the land of fire. However, on the way, he stumbles onto a rather strange animal, that has the ability to use basic ninjutsu.

The rest of the trip with Theo was uneventual. Huna vanished into the forest twice to kill some stragglers, but Grimmjow didn't have to do much more than that. As the sun rose, the group crossed the border into Feodosia, however, the twins, at their limit, vanished before stepping foot into the new land. It was to be expected, they had been out for multiple days, and it was time for them to recuperate their energy in the jaguar forest. For now, Grimmjow wouldn't need them, so he was happy to let them vanish back to their land. Pulling into the main city on the border, Theo explained to Grimmjow how he had to head south, towards another village for his delivery. However, Grimmjow was going due west, and the two parted ways, with Theo paying Grimmjow what he was promised. From his pouch, Grimmjow produced a communication scroll, giving it to Theo. If the merchant ever needed help, Grimmjow was willing to help, the pay was good, and Theo was an honest merchant. The man happily took the scroll, adding it to his little collection, before the two parted ways. Stopping off quickly at another tavern, Grimmjow got some quick food, using the money Theo gave him, before leaving the town. Grimmjow had no reason to hang around in the town, he had to make his way to The Hinterlands, as every day he wasted was another day the girl might flee, or worse, her bounty be claimed by another.

Using the tree tops, Grimmjow leapt through the forest, sticking just off the main roads, but close enough so that he wouldn't get lost along the way. Before leaving, Grimmjow was given basic directions towards another small port that could get him to the land of fire, however, if the weather was good, Grimmjow was hoping to run across the ocean this time, as it was one of his most favorite things to do, crossing large bodies of water on foot. As he rushed through the forest, it was peaceful. Grimmjow could hear birds chirping, and the forest generally being alive, and it was a nice relaxing run through the forest, however, as Grimmjow was moving through the forest, he felt a surge of chakra to the slight south. The surge was significant enough that Grimmjow stopped dead in his tracks. Grimmjow was, above all else, curious. Maybe someone was out in the forest training, maybe someone strong. Grimmjow was getting sick of weak opponents and would love a challenge. Changing his route, Grimmjow jumped through the forest, making a B line for the chakra signature.

Arriving a few minutes later, Grimmjow was, perplexed. Before him, was the chakra signature he had sensed, however, it wasn't a human. In front of Grimmjow, stood a massive brown bear. The bear had to be at least 10ft tall on its hind legs, nearly 7ft tall on all fours. The signature from the bear was slowly fading away, to that of a normal animal, and Grimmjow was confused. Taking a step forward, the grass beneath Grimmjows feet rustled, grabbing the bears attention as it turned and walked towards him. Standing up on its hind legs, it was easily 10ft tall now, at it looked angry. With one of its paws, it swiped at Grimmjow. However, as its paw moved closed, it was suddenly coated in solid rock. This change in nature shocked Grimmjow enough that he took the full brunt of the hit to the left shoulder, sending him skidding along the ground to the right and into a tree. On impact, Grimmjow heard one of his ribs crack against the tree. Pain flushed through his body, as the bear dropped to all fours and charged, this time, earth chakra coating its head like armor. The bear was aiming to smash Grimmjow into the tree like a bug. Shocked, Grimmjow managed to painfully roll out of the way as the bear ran headfirst into the tree, busting the trunk up and sending it crashing to the ground. This bear had strength and earth ninjutsu on it's side. On the other hand, Grimmjow had a possible dislocated shoulder and a cracked rib or two, all because of the shock of a colossal bear using earth ninjutsu against him. Stumbling to his feet, Grimmjow watched the bear eagerly, seeing what it would do next as it turned around, facing Grimmjow once more. The earthen helmet faded away as the bear stood up on its hind legs, and stomped back down. As this happened, the earth below Grimmjow rumbled. As it did, Grimmjow jumped backwards, not a moment too soon, as 3 spikes of earth erupted from the ground.

This was not natural, clearly, this had to be some kind of summoning that had been trapped in this forest. Either that, or it was some kind of sick experiment that had gone wrong, or right, Grimmjow couldnt tell. With his left hand out of commission, Grimmjow was unable to use his handseals, as moving his arm was a null point right now, and the bear wasn't going to give him time to relocate his arm back into his shoulder. Drawing Muramasa from its sheath, Grimmjow went to channel lightning into it, however the bear charged once again, diverting his attention away as it reared up again, bringing its claws down, aiming to drag its claws through Grimmjows chest. Raising Muramasa up, Grimmjow blocked the paws, but the bear was so heavy, it brought Grimmjow down to one knee upon impact. The bear was using its full weight to push down on Grimmjow, and with only one hand on Muramasa, the bear was winning this war of strength. Thinking on his feet, Grimmjow quickly locked the bear in his most Powerful Illusion, Butterfly affect. From Grimmjows body, the bear would see a bunch of butterflies emerge, calming the beast. As the genjutsu took affect, the weight of the bear began to rear backwards, as the beast sad on its behind, trapped in the illusion. Regaining his footing, Grimmjow took a few steps backwards to position himself, thinking it would now be easy to behead the bear, however, he was wrong. Suddenly, the bear shook its head from side to side, rage filling its eyes, as through his chakra sensory, Grimmjow realized the bear broke the illusion with ease. Once again, shocked, Grimmjow focussed his sensory on the bear, as it fell forwards, slamming its paws on the ground once more. This time, however, as Grimmjow jumped back from the rumbling ground beneath him, only a single spike erupted, and as Grimmjow landed, the spot his foot touched rumbled too. Jumping back again, a second spike, then a third, following Grimmjows position until he was at mid range from the bear, where the spikes stopped forming. It seemed, from observation, the bears max range was just before mid range. Which made things slightly easier. What also helped, was Muramasa was a blade of lightning, and this bear used earth ninjutsu, giving Grimmjow the advantage. Also with this distance advantage, Grimmjow was able to channel Lightning into Muramasa, sending the red blade ablaze with red lightning cackling around it. However, Grimmjow was not going to let the beast close the distance again. Placing the ball of his left foot in front of him, Grimmjow brought Muramasa up near his left shoulder, ready to swing the sword. As he did, the bear charged, however, it wasn't fast enough to close the distance before Grimmjow could strike. Swinging Muramasa full force, Grimmjow raised his right foot, allowing him to spin on the ball of his left foot, while releasing the lightning chakra. From the bear, Grimmjow sensed the earth chakra build up, but it was apparent the bear had no idea's about chakra weakness', as the lightning ring ripped clean through its armor, bisecting the bear in 2 and also cleaving all the tree's around them up to mid range. The bear roared loudly, before slumping to the ground in a bloody heap.

Sheathing Muramasa, Grimmjow slumped to the ground himself. The bear wasnt overly strong, but the sheer shock levels of what it could do put Grimmjow in a bad position. Grabbing his left arm, Grimmjow tried for a minute or so to put the joint back in the socket, until it finally popped and pain radiated through his body. With his arm back in place, Grimmjow summoned his water chakra, creating a suit of healing water around him, healing his cracked rib and any damage in his left arm to perfection. This took well over an hour to finish, and once done, Grimmjow stood up. With a small spark, Grimmjow lit the bear on fire, walking away from its corpse. It was best to make sure nothing remained of such a strange wild animal, and the fact that his attack actually cut the beast in two instead of dispelling it, meant it wasn't a summon, likely an experiment. When Grimmjow was finished with the Hinterlands, he decided he would come back here, and try to find out what was going on with the wild life. With this, Grimmjow made his way to the coast. It was nightfall now, and Grimmjow sheltered up in an Inn, getting a good night sleep before leaving at the crack of dawn, using Walking on Water to run across the ocean, heading towards the Noodle Panhandle.

(Sono Chou Tegotae )Illussion technique: The butterfly effect
Description:The user casts an illusion on his/her foe,of rare beautiful coloured butterflies scattered around the battlefield.once the targets eye comes incontact with the pretty creatures,he is stunned and pleased at what he/she is seeing,stoping him/she from thinking about anything else but the creatures therefore completely restricting the movement of their whole body. -

-last for a turn and useable twice per battle.
-No A-rank genjutsu next turn
-can only be taught by Magic..

(Raiton: Raiton Ringu) Lightning Release: Lightning Ring
Rank:S rank
Description: A Kenjutsu based jutsu created to take down fast ninja that can't be perceived with the users own eye sight. The user will begin by channeling large amounts of Raiton into their blade to prepare for the attack. The user will then take a low stance, both arms will be crossed with the right arm over the left arm with the blade tip pointing towards the users left. Bending the knee's the user will put their right foot forward and slightly twist his back and hips towards the left. When positioned the user will then spin on his ball of his right foot, at the same time the user will swing their right arm across their body while pushing off with their left foot to creating a spinning motion. As the blade is swung the user will release the Raiton in the sword causing it to begin being release in an arc. As the user spins a full 360 degree turn he will unleash all the Raiton causing a ring of lightning to spread out from the users original position up to mid range. Anything cause inside the ring will be cut in half with ease due to the momentum of the swing and the cutting power of Raiton giving it the power to slice through almost any armor or defense(Within Reason).

Can only be used twice per battle.
No S rank or above Raiton jutsu for the next turn
Can only be taught by Delta.

Suiton: o-dobi (Suiton: water of life)
Rank: B
Type: supplymentary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 100
Damage Points: N/A
Description the user creates a suit of water that cover the body, that can heal the user or anyone 1 inside it (must be in the suit of water for 4 turns to heal | chakra: 100)


-Word count 1573[/hr]


Jul 25, 2017

Her voyage led her to Feodosia. The country owed its notoriety to the thousand graves of Inojin Yamanaka. When Lana looked far into the distance, sure enough, she could see a vast field filled with graves placed incrementally from one another. Not having the luxury of time to count and double check just how many there were, she headed south-east to visit an old friend.
Anxiously stood in front of the door, I knocked once. Then twice. I didn't know why I was nervous. Maybe it was because I hadn't seen her for 6 years. Before I made the third knock, the door creaked open and immediately I was greeted by the signature smell of old people. Then I was greeted by the old person it clung to.
“Oh my, if it isn’t Lana,” a familiar voice I hadn’t heard for years reverberated from the darkness. The light then flicked on to reveal a short woman, no taller than 5'0, clad in rags, with her face barely recognizable as they drapped in heavy wrinkles. Certainly unfitting of a 40 year old.
In the only living room, once the formalities were out of the way, we got down to business. As if sensing this, the old woman took the initiative and spoke first.
“So, you need me for something”, she said matter-of-factly, putting down her mug as she put on a serious face.
“How-, “ I began.
“Because, you never visit if it isn't this big. You'd usually resort to those pesky, message-carrying birds” she said disapprovingly. For as long as I could remember, she has never liked them. But there's only so much I can do since she also refuses to have a mobile phone. I was about to dispute that too when she cut me off again.
“Tell me what you need, 'for I die of old age”. I paused for a moment, thinking of how best to phrase what I was going to say next, then giving in knowing that I’d sound crazy either way.
“I’m in need of your yamanaka abilities, ma. To make sure one hundred prisoners are guilty before I take their blood". She immediately frowned at that.
"Are you going to kill them?"
“Yes” I tried to say with a serious face, but I gave concession to a tiny smirk. Verily she picked up on this and smiled too.
"Fair enough then. I guess the only question now is where?"