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Oct 1, 2010
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The terrain in Edo is barren and infertile, contested by rocky terrain and seasonal snow, but its strategic location overlooking Aisu Bay has made it home to many. A city has been built here, in metal and stone, surrounded by a few hamlets built in the same manner. Even the city’s great harbor is built mostly of these materials and the ships as well. The city is an avid trade power, importing ore and minerals from all corners of the world while exporting fine, manufactured goods of the selfsame components.


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Apr 14, 2012

Majin and Nappa make their way to a secluded area at the northern most tip of the LM, and Majin once more places another seal just outside the coast line, before flying back off continuing to execute Evil Plan Z..

( Fūin Hirashin no Jutsu ) - Seal of The Flying Thunder God technique
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is the technique through which Senju Tobirama and Namikaze Minato apply the sealing formula, that will allow the use of their trademark space time techniques, to any desired object through physical contact and allowing him to teleport to that desired location through the Flying thunder God Technique and the use of its variations. While Minato carries with him multiple kunais marked with the seal (making the core aspect of his fighting style which revolves around the use of FTG Kunais), Tobirama doesn't. To use the Flying Thunder God technique on kunais, Tobirama has to apply the seal to them though through one use of the technique he can mark up to 5 kunais (this is valid only for kunais and other basic weapons, not enemies or other targets of the seal).
Note: Can only be used by Senju Tobirama and Namikaze Minato bios.



Apr 29, 2009
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Isako made his way through the bustling trade town and arrived at the docks where a ship was soon to depart across the bay. He strongly disliked traveling by sea, but there was little choice in the matter. Isako bargained his way aboard the vessel and they set sail.


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Apr 22, 2015
This post marks the beginning of my (our) mission using these storyboard elements:
-Terrorize a large community(4)

Summary: Not in his normal mindset due to hearing the news of what happened to his home in his absence, Desmond decides to not conquer this land by normal means of negotiating and instead tricks the leader of said land into thinking he needs Tsumigakure.
Desmond entered the land of Edo upon first glance he saw a large city, several smaller towns, several ships, and a harbor all of which seem to have a heavy metal and stone foundation. Remembering the main goal of Tsumi at the moment Desmond though about how to claim this land, however, he wasn't in the best of moods at the moment and knew that if he tried to negotiate as he was he would just come off as hostile and oppressive. Camping out on the outskirts of the territory for a few days time Desmond drew up some plans to systematically sabotage the land and have himself swoop in and fix everything in exchange for loyalty to Tsumi.

Part one of the plan was sending the twins into the city in Organization XIII(Kingdom Hearts) styled clothes. Their goal was to weaken the main military might by using their looks or via force, with this goal twins set out and started a red light after-hours club. At first, it was only the twins working the club and making money, their looks lured in both men and women but what was clever about this front was that they never actually did anything with the clients. Night after night people would come in and be exposed to hallucinogenic drugs while the twins drained their chakra causing them to feel fatigued and blackout. These patrons would wake up the next morning in a recovery room not knowing what exactly happened but knowing that it was a great time. Soon after other propositioned the twins to hire them, some down on their luck, others leaving rival clubs, and some who were just nympho's. They accepted all but those who were doing this just for the money and had no other means of making it they offered them an antidote to the hallucinogenics and a pill that would cause the clients to pass out, everyone else could just enjoy themselves. After awhile rival clubs started to lose not only workers but customers as well and thus lost profit, they soon sent some cronies to intimidate the twins and their workers and threatened to burn down their business. Not taking to a liking to this killed some of their rivals outright and bought their clubs while the others were forced to leave the land of Edo and seal their businesses due to new political clients. Pretty soon a good number of influential people and security were weakened on a daily but the vast majority of the cities security forces seemed unable to be tempted by the desires of the flesh. for those in question ever so often the twins would dawn their cloaks and go out abduct, drug, and over some time release some into the dark alleys ruining their reputation and forcing them to lower themselves. Other would remain imprisoned in underground sewers until the plan was complete.

Part two of the plan would occur simultaneously with the twins leaving for the city would be sending Dwayna from town to town in an Organization XIII cloak and weaken their forces. She first went from town to town slowly contaminating their water and food supplies and after about a week each town became gravely ill. Upon hearing this Dwayna would remove her cloak and revisit each town treating the sick and injured but not fulling healing them in order to make the people solely reliant on her. Soldiers would frequent her for medical pills to help boost their capabilities in order to still perform their duties but over time the side effects of said pills would catch up to them and they would be placed on permanent medical leave. This drove the military leaders to issue a decree banning the drugs which in turn lead to forces going awol to save themselves or satisfy an itch elsewhere.

Part three of the plan was ment to place further stress upon the towns via small skirmishes with bandit groups which would in turn place more stress on the city and it's leadership. Balthazar was selected for this task to which adorned in his cloak he proceeded to seek out the leader's of various highwaymen, bandits, and cult leaders before killing them and taking over their groups. The culmination of degenerates would travel around attacking several villages over and over as well as attack patrols for no other reason than boredom. The commanders of each towns military would over time petition each other for assistance and eventually the city but to their dismay, the help never arrived. They would learn of the cities infighting between club owners, soldiers feeling weak, and soldiers simply turning up missing. Their hands were tied at the moment and so the towns were left to themselves.

Part four of the plan was trade sabotage which was assigned to Melandru, though due to her ability to camouflage herself she didn't need a cloak. While everything else was going on Melandru would spend her days placing several explosive tags around the city at various key locations. She would first start off by targeting structural weaknesses in the city walls, then she moved on to various support beams in the harbors, sewer locations under main roads, and the list could continue. Next Cynn would use her earth style jutsu to build a massive wall along the coast of the land of Edo and specifically the harbor. This would prevent any outside help from coming to assist the people of Edo while also forcing trade market to plummet and the wealth of the nation and it's leaders to drop, increasing the nations crime rate, and placing them into a state of disarray.

Finally, after some time has past Desmond made his move. Entering the city he made his way to the leader's office, not waiting for an appointment he walked right in and began to speak. You, I'm only going to say this once. I am a member of Tsumigakure, we as you must know have grown and currently occupy several lands in this nation. We... Desmond had detonated the explosive tags placed by Melandru throughout the city and the people including the man before him went into a panic. Calm yourself! You are supposed to be their leader and as such you need to stay focused! I will help fix this mess that you have let you land fall into if agree to pledge loyalty to Tsumigakure afterward. The man would shake his head, yes and with that Desmond left. He first went to Dwayna and accompanied her from town to town pretending to make a cure for what plagued the people when in fact he had it all along. Once done with that he would leave Dwayna to do her job while he sought out the Balthazar. Finding him the bandits would surround him preparing to murder him when Desmond looked towards Balthazar and gave a simple nod. Seeing this Balthazar would remove his cloak and begin to slaughter the bandits, Cynn would come out of hiding and assist in the process, and Melandru would snipe any potential witnesses that tried to escape.

Desmond and co. would then return to the city, Balthazar would enter it's underground and run through finding the soldiers who had been held captive by the twins and set them free. Dwayna went through the slums of the city finding the soldiers that had lost their way and cured them of any illnesses and nursed them back to health. Desmond, Cynn, and Melandru took to the wall barricading the land from help and systematically destroyed it reopening the land to trade and assistance from other nations. Once Destroyed Desmond took charge of the reconstruction efforts rebuilding the harbors, repairing structural damage to their walls/streets/building and in general getting the city back to the point it used to be. As far as trade went Desmond told merchants about the harbor in Culufan and how they could sail there and recover goods faster than they could from overseas. He also told them that Culufan was the sole provider of minerals, ore, and goods from the mining nation of Darkcloud Peaks. On top of that, he mentioned that travelers could travel south of the forest to visit the monastery within Suijin Lake. After the work was complete Desmond would tell his crew to head to the border and that he would meet them there after he talked to the man in charge. The twins would sign over the club to two young girls that they adored before leaving.

It took several months, but your towns are cured of illness, the troops stationed there are healthy again, and the bandits that raided them are gone. The cities soldiers are healthy once more, the ones that have been missing are found and back up to fighting shape, the lower districts are safe now that majority of the gangs have been either run out by your own people or dealt with by some unknown group. You now have a very nice after-hours club that many seem to enjoy, your city is repaired and your harbor returned back to full functionality with new trade associates closer than before. I believe I have kept up my end of the bargain and now it's time to keep yours. Desmond would pull out a scroll saying the signing party agrees to pledge loyalty to Tsumigakure and follow their laws and decrees unless otherwise notified. Once the leader of Edo City signed it Desmond grabbed a messenger bird attached the document and sent it to the Graveyard of Sin. With that done Desmond would shake the man's hand and meet up with his crew before leaving the nation.
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