Earthen Temple (216)


May 28, 2014
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Earthen Temple

A landmark that borders the Port of Innovus and the Fist of the First Men. The land is marred by scattered trees and forest, with almost no remarkable traits on its surface. Hundreds of meters below the surface, however, is a great complex tunnel system which comprises what is rumored to be known as the Earthen Temple. The temple seems to be connected, by hidden tunnels, to the Port of Innovus and the Fist of the First Men. The temple seems to have been a hiding space for many humans thousands of years ago, taking sanctuary from some ancient war. There are hundreds of skeletons littered throughout it, with a mysterious hardened mud-like material splattered along the inner walls throughout the entire temple.


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May 1, 2017
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Coming from x

  • Explore and survive a dangerous landmark site
  • Destroy an unholy shrine

Alucard and Akemi arrived in the next land. The sign said Earthen Temple which was kinda weird but they carried onwards.
Having arrived at a small town, they checked in at the local inn and made themselves comfortable like the heroic travelers they had become. Trying to get more information about the lands and its mysterious title, Alucard decided to press himself into the bar inbetween two ladies. He would immediately put on his charm-face.


The two women looked at eachother and then towards Alucards expansive weaponry that he carried on his back. His two swords, the ninja weaponry and the seals he had on his body. They then looked towards eachother again and seemed to only move their moves to form silent words. It looked like they said something like "We could ask him right?". One of the ladies then coughed awkwardly and proceeded to look Alucard in the eyes while the other one ordered her and Alucard a drink.

So, are you bounty hunter or something? Ain't no shinobi up here just roaming around and not belonging anywhere without being a bounty hunter.

Pfft gurl, ofc i am. But i actually am part of a clan.
Oh yeah? which one?
We're called the Hellsing Organisation.
Never heard of it..
It's just me

... z_z

Alucard turned around and towards the drink he was given. It was looking real damn good and as a result he took a sip. Turns out it was the local brew. He had a long nice chat with the ladies until it was time for bed. The next morning, Alucard woke up to the glorious dawn. He had come across very interesting information about something hidden beneath the ground under this land. Apparently it was crowded by god forsaken tunnels and remnants of an ancient battle that nobody had explored fully or even gradually. Alucard therefore went on a bit of a side-quest after having dragged his truly; Akemi with him from their rooms bed. Upon taking a slight detour, Alucard and Akemi reached what seemed to be a pit a bit east of the road. Having engulfed himself in high spirits and decided to open the hornets nest by making a high jump and channel his body with earth chakra to make himself very heavy. This caused the already brittle soil to break into shards as Alucard landed on the ground and excavated one of the many tunnels that were scattered underneath the land.

(Doton: Kajūgan no Jutsu) - Earth Style: Added Weight Rock Technique
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A ( +20 if used to add damage)
Description: The user will perform the Snake handseal and touch a given target (he needs to use his hands in most cases but can release the technique through his whole body if needed) for a small time frame. Upon doing so, he'll use the earth chakra to increase the weight of the target drastically. The technique can increase the targets weight up to 10 times. One interesting side effect of the technique is that when its used on wood based techniques (such as Zetsu's spore clones or normal wood), the infusion of large amounts of earth chakra into it will actually petrify the target in addition to increasing its weight. A similar effect can be achieved in other earthen materials such as mud. The user can also add weight to a given attack (if feasible) to increase both momentum and impact force, effectively adding damage to it.
Note: The weight change lasts 2 turns or until countered.

The small hole that penetrated the tunnel that Alucards body had created as he slammed through it wasnt illuminating much in the dank and mysterious place. Akemi joined soon after, creating a somewhat bigger hole. The light source got bigger thanks to that and revealed more strange things. A strange hardened substance was splatter across the walls, roof and floor of the tunnel. There were a few skeletons around too. Alucard would use Akemis natural bio luminescence to guide the way. After just a few hundred meters, it felt like they were going even deeper underground as the tunnel sloped downwards. Not sure what to make of the sensation, they carried onwards but after a few minutes of further walking they could start to hear things. The skeletons were piled into a scarcer degree but when in larger piles. Whatever that meant.. The psychological stress was all part of the game for whoever lurked in the darkness. Soon enough, there was a distance noice something that sounded like an ice cold gasp. Alucard wasn't sure at this point that he wanted to continue but with a warm pat on the back from one of Akemis tentacles, he felt better. The further they went through the tunnels, the louder the more present the sounds became and suddenly they saw what seemed to be the shape of a giant centipede with biolouminescent spots, not too unfamilliar with Akemis spots. The centipede went straight for Akemi, who would a swift blow bashed its fangs to the wall which caused a huge tremor in the tunnel system. If more beasts wasn't awake before, they certainly where now. Nevertheless, the beast was k'o-d with the blow and Alucard went for a finishing head-cutter move with his bismuth sword. Now there were one thousand screams heading towards them both front and back. Alucard and Akemi swapped places, having Alucard in the lead. It was time he finally used the metal foam to its full potential. He started to turn himself into palladium foam which gave him a speed boost as well as the ability to basially become a razor sharp sponge, cleaning out the sewer system of this forsaken tunnel. Akemi would try and keep up and use her tentacles against enemies that came from behind them.

Parajiumufōmu: Inshiriko | Palladium Foam release: InSilico)
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: S-rank
Range: Short-mid
Chakra: 40(-20/turn)
Damage: 80(on touch)
Description: InSilico is an advanced application of the palladium foam release and lets the user take the form of the initial release to benefit from its S/W upon facing a jutsu or otherwise. The user will transform themselves into the metal foam while still maintaining their original size they become quite light and flexible but also very sharp. This is an extremely good counter for taijutsu, kenjutsu and any sort of elemental interaction that is weak towards the metal foam. The user will become faster than before and become very flexible as they are very spongy. A speed boost of 1.5x is granted as well as good evasive manouvers since the user can flex into forms that a metal foam can be compressed/stretched to. In this form, the user can only utilise elements that palladium foam is made out of. This includes fūton/katon/doton. The user can compress themselves to maintain an exremely sharp surface at certain areas or decompress and be able to take on huge kinetic damage as the air spores in the metal foam will absorb and constraint on impact. The user may reform to normal at any time after taking this form.

Note: Usable twice per battle, lasting up to three turns per use.
Note: No A rank and above parajiumufōmu and no S rank and above Fire/Earth techniques after usage for one turn.
Note: Can only be taught by Skorm.

They started sprinting. Alucard put on a huge grin as he saw the bioluminescence of hundreds of creatures coming at them. Effortlessely and gracefully(for being a sponge), he would cut through every single beast he came across and the ones he didn't cut through himself, would simply cut themselves to pieces as they rammed into his metal foam body. Akemi kept pushing back the contraband that kept coming from behind them.

This shit is why i love being a ninja, RIGHT HERE
We're not out of this yet you imbecile.

Alucard and Akemi had now rushed through the tunnel, smashing and slashing through countless mediocre beasts. This would finally take them to a door frame that ended the tunnel from the direction they came from. They stopped briefly and had a breather. There were no more enemies behind them except a few stranglers which Alucard tore to shreds with his form. Soon as they were disposed of, he would de-activate his InSilico mode and revert back to his regular composure. Akemi tried to smash the end of the tunnel in with his might tentacles but nothing happened as much as a small tremor was felt everywhere else through the floor and roof of the tunnel. He then tried using his lightning release which just caused a burning spark on impact with the tough surface.

What the..?
Move aside Akemi, i've.. got this i think

Alucard gathered up his chakra and used his particle style after having performed a short sequence of seals. He would spawn a small cube from his palms and expand it rapidly as it left his hands. The cube was big enough to fit both him and Akemi through it while also small enough not to destroy the entire frame in case it was a holding structure for the ceiling of the tunnel. A cave in here would be game over afterall.

Jinton, genkai hakuri no jutsu!

(Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu) - Detachment of the Primitive World Technique
Type: Offensive
Rank: C-S(C)
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15-40(35)
Damage: 30-80(90)
Description: The user first performs a short sequence of handseals: Rat → Boar → Snake, then creates a basic 3D-shaped construct via Dust Release between the palms of their hands. A small sphere is located at its centre. The structure expands rapidly in size when being propelled towards the designated target and traps them inside its confines. The sphere then seems to explode with a tremendous amount of force, while the exterior walls of the structure effectively restrict the size of the blast radius. This results in the destruction of everything and anyone caught within, as they are pulverised into minute particles of dust. The technique isn't limited to just affecting physical matter; it can also affect chakra-based defenses. But the resulting damage that this technique can produce varies considerably, depending on the initial shape of the created structure..

Cuboid Structure: A form manipulating the Dust Release structure into a very generic three-dimensional cube. While the cube's surface area is rank-dependent, its shape also enables localized destruction and entrapment. Unlike the other shape alternatives, this form is always limited to just short-range when used.

Conical Structure: A form manipulating the Dust Release structure into a simplistic three-dimensional cone. While the cone's base diameter is rank-dependent, its base is always located in front of the user's hands with the pointed end poised at the desired target. It has an intermediary reach, extending up to mid-range.

Cylindrical Structure: A form manipulating the Dust Release structure into a basic three-dimensional cylinder. While the cylinder's diameter is rank-dependent, it is unique amongst shapes in extending up to long-range.

Note: The surface area of the cube form is 1m² at C-rank, 3m² at B-rank, 5m² at A-rank, 15m² at S-rank.
Note: The diameter of the cone and the cylinder is 1m at C-rank, 2m at B-rank, 4m at A-rank, 8m at S-rank.
Note: Only useable by Mū and Ōnoki bios. Clones are unable to use it.

The door was defeated and left a 5x5 hole, enough for Alucard and Akemi to just walk through. Whatever material it was made out if, it was very sturdy as its cut though edges didnt even budge or crumble.

Must've been some sort of enchanted alloy perhaps.. Whatever it is, i cannot destroy it.
Can only mean that whoever made this place did not want us to come this way..

They pressed onwards, being on their guard every secound. It felt like anything could happen at this point for the both of them. The tunnels started to feel like the descended even more rapidly at this point but after another hour of silent walking it leveled out. The walls now started to shine of bioluminescent red light and shifted in tone and color as you came closer to them, revealing golden glyphs on the sides. This place looked to be ancient for sure. The walls themselves were now also looking to consist of the same ultra sturdy material as the doorway they had to use Alucards particle style to get through. That meant that if they ran into a cave-in there would be very little they could do.. Upon reaching what seemed to be the end of the vast tunnel system, a large structure that reminded them of a temple, would come before them. A sealed door was infront of them, illuminating with light and covered with glyphs. Wasting no time either admiring it or even trying to decipher its messages, Alucard would perform a single seal and form an outgoing field of particle chakra and disintigrated anything that was in its vicinity, including the door.

(Jinton: Rasutaraizu | Dust Release: Rasterize)
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: B-S(B)
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 20-40(30)
Damage: 40-80(80)
Description: The user will expand a 3D field using their own body as a base for the expansion of the technique. This means the 3D shape expands around the user in all directions. Depending on the rank of the technique it will reach short(B rank, up to 5 meters around the user), mid(A rank, up to 8 meters around the user) and long(S rank, up to 15 meters around the user). Everything that is captured in the field(that has a cubic formation at the edge) will be disintigrated which will essentially rasterize the user away from their surroundings and leave them intact while everything around them is disintigrated. B rank can be used at all times, requiring a single seal. A rank can be used three times, once every secound turn and requires two seals. S rank can be used twice, requiring a cooldown of three turns and requires three handseals.

Note: Can only be taught by Skorm.

This time, the particle style did the job once again but what was revealed behind the door was rather unsettling. Three levatating humanoids with shrugged green cloaks were circling a pedestal with a red glowing bronze head. They spotted Alucard and Akemi and turned their faces towards them. Resembling nothing what Alucard had ever seen before, the humanoid aliens started to scream in a high tremor, so hard that you could almost see the shockwave of each soundwave coming.. Was in chakra infused.. sound? Alucard directed his dark marks towards the shockwaves of sound and manifested the dark nature of the marks to vacuum the area and remove the medium of the soundwaves; air. One of the humanoids would unleash a shockwave water towards Alucard and Akemi. The third one would launch a lightning attack at the same time, travelling through the water. Alucards only defense to such a high end combo was..


Alucard's converted dark chakra covered a fortress of bones that would be covered in dark chakra, making it able to withstand the water because of the bones and the lightning because of the dark element infused into it.
(Shikotsumyaku/Meiton: Puran C | Plan C)
Type: Supplementary/Defensive/Offensive
Rank: A/S
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60-80
Description: Plan C is a technique that combines dark release and dead bone pulse. The user absorbs either an A or S rank technique through their marks, whichever rank the absorption is is directly translated to the rank this technique will become. If A rank chakra is absorbed, this technique becomes A rank for example. They will then channel that dark chakra towards their dormant leg. The user will then stomp with the leg and channel a massive amount of bones in a 360 degree circle around them. The bones will excavate into razor sharp claws all lines up without any space in-between them. This stretches up to short range for A-rank usage but mid range for S-rank. As these bones form, the user channels the converted dark chakra through their feet and into the claws, coating them in dark chakra. The claws can get up to 5 meters tall for A-rank and 10 meters for S-rank. The dead bone pulse and dark chakra is divided 50/50 in this technique. B+B rank, A+A rank respectively. A rank can be used 3 times with a single turn cool down, S rank can be used twice with a two turn cooldown.

Note: Can only be taught by Skorm

This fortress would expand outwards and cut the humanoids in half, leaving them shrieking before turning into dust. This caused the pedestal and bronze figure to let out a shockwave that slammed Alucard and Akemi into the wall and pressed them towards it with magnificent power. It also seemed like their chakra was getting drained rapidly as they were pinned on the spot against the walls of the shrine. Alucard looked towards Akemi, who was unconscious and looked back towards the screaming head in the middle of the room. He could then feel the tunnels and rocks around them starting to rumble. Was this the end?


Alucard could not perform handseals or let alone move fully in the current situation. Facing the inner circle and the idol of what he assumed to be an accursed piece depicting Molag Bal, he would start feeling his skin being pushed off his bones and starting to get ripped apart as well. With his palms facing the walls of the room, Alucard would channel his bones through it and circle around the room, turning into shrapnels of steel-hardened bones that would fiercly shoot towards the idol.

( Hone Kiba ) - Bone Fangs
Type: Attack
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra Cost: 35
Damage Points: 60
Description: The user places both hands on the ground and sends a frenzy of bone spikes racing towards the target above the ground surface.
It seemed like it was effective, and thus Alucard kept at it while looking towards Akemi and making sure she was okey, which by the looks of it wasn't going to be a fact for long if it continued like this. Raised with spite and anger, Alucard would combine his bones with an electric charge that he released from his entire body, hoping to disable the idol from its powers. Lucky for him it worked and as a result, the statue shattered into a thousand pieces that spread out throughout the room in the temple.

(Raiton: Chidori Nagashi) - Lightning Release: One Thousand Birds Current
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short (Mid if channeled through a medium)
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A (+10 if used to boost weapon damage)
Description: This jutsu allows the user to generate non-focused electricity from their body. It can be used as an omnidirectional attack or be channeled through weapons, the ground or other conductive mediums. Because the electricity isn't focused, it doesn't kill on contact, instead it has great numbing and paralyzing effects. To channel Nagashi through a medium, the user needs to focus the technique into one of his hands which will then be put in contact with the medium and can only choose to either do a widespread attack throughout his whole body or to channel it into something; he cannot achieve both usages at the same time. Despite not having much destructive or damaging properties, Nagashi can be used to destroy low rank earthen and wooden structures and even negate chakra on the ground to stop high ranked earth and wood techniques. It has also been noted that Lightning Specialists that have mastered Lightning to the highest degree can resist total paralyzation, although they still feel the pain and numbing effects.
Note: Paralyzation lasts 1 turn if sucessful but is ineffective against bios who have a primary Lightning Specialty

Alucard was back on his feet again with a battered Akemi, still unconscious lying on the floor. They were definitely in a bad spot still as the destruction of the idol meant the entire cave and tunnel system had started to take crumble. Alucard had at this point lost 50% of his skin and was not very mobile but he didn't let himself die in such a manner. Especially not Akemi. Alucard slammed both of his hands on the ground, one of which were basically just skeletal, and channeled a massive amount of doton chakra into the floor. He then raised their current position like a pedestal and took them the surface in a rocketing speed.

(Doton: Kaido Shōkutsu) - Earth Style: Opening Earth Rising Excavation
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Mid-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: With the technique, the user can bring up something from deep within the ground by slamming his hands on the ground and manipulating it to forcefully make whatever is contained in it to be expelled upwards. The result of this technique has the appearance of an erupting volcano and can vary in size depending on the users needs.

The end result looked like something of an opening of a volcano with him and Akemi in its crater. They were safe from the tunnels now, not that there were any of them left but still.

Well, lesson learned, if i see anymore of those fucking things i will not hesitate to blow it up instantly..

Alucard grabbed the body of Akemi and sunk her body mass through his earth release to carry her and him quicker through ought the land so that they could get to a nearby village much faster and get medical help and rest.

(Doton: Keijūgan no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Light Weight Rock Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A (-20 if used to boost speed of a physical attack)
Description: Contrary to its counterpart (the Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique), instead of making the target heavier, this technique makes it much lighter, though still using the same principle and mechanics. The user will make direct contact with the given target (through his hands), infusing them with earth chakra and lowering their weight drastically. The technique can lower a targets weight up to 10 times less than it originally had. This allows freer manipulation of the affected objects, which would normally carry considerably more weight and as such, require a greater amount of exertion to move. The technique can be used on the user or other shinobi to increase their speed, but as a consequence of using it this way, it results in the decrease of the physical force of their blows. The same principle applies if used on a physical attack wich will be faster but will carry less momentum and as such, less physical damage. It doesn't change the "strength" of binding techniques (like Sand Release), where the user is manipulating a dynamic element but will decrease the impact damage of techniques that rely on it.
Note: The initial effects last for 2 turns or until countered.

Well rested up and letting Alucards kekkei genkai heal his wounds, they stayed at a village over the night and after that would leave for the eastern landmarks of Tobusekai willing to extinguish the plauge of darkness that had been created by this heathen of a sorcerer.