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Takeno would look back. He didn't like the idea of being inside this birds tallons, but he knew it would be faster. He agrees to the proposition and would prepare to get hoisted up by the bird


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Coming From Here

Hospital: Devil's Ravine
Rank: B
Description: There are rumors of a land far to the north-west of the Graveyard of Sin and almost directly west of the Haunted Forest named the Devil's Ravine. From the rumors, it seems the land is filled to the brim with a poison produced from the center of the land with an unknown source to this naturally occurring poison. The council is interested in this naturally occurring substance so seek out the source of the poison and report back to a medical shinobi on what you find. If you are able to, return with a sample of the poison. If anyone tries to stop you from your mission you are to dispatch them and continue on with your mission. Explore the lands thoroughly taking in information about any people, animals or creatures living there, it's geological structure as well as any other information that might be useful including the direct source of the poison. If you seek out a medical shinobi they can provide you a gas mask, however, if you wish to go it alone you realize that we know very little about the poison and you risk your own life by taking on this mission.

Solf finally makes it to the Devil's Ravine holding his breath as he gets here and puts on his mask because based on the information he was given suppose to be some kind of poison running wild here. He had to first find out about this poison. He can see the air isn't as normal looking as it should be. There is a blue fog like substance in the air. One thing for sure the poison isn't bothering his skin at all. That is one good thing about this. He walks around the landmark trying to find the source. Some areas the blue fog is thicker and more noticeable.

"What is this? I need to figure out what this is."

Solf looks around at the sky and noticed something. There was no birds flying nor sounds.

Where are the birds at? I know I haven't been in prison to long that birds doesn't exist anymore.

This was something very strange to have no more birds at all. This had to be a very strong poison that goes through the airways. There wasn't any birds on the ground so is it destroying from the inside to outside. If this is causing instant or near instant death and decaying the body to nothing its best for Solf not to use himself as a guinea pig to test out this theory. He continues walking and the fog is so thick he can't see up to mid range.

I can't see far. It's starting to get real thick. I guess I am getting close and on the right path.

The fog is thicker and Solf starts to itch a little bit. It is the poison effects starting to take effect. It is through the skin since it is thick and can lot of it is in the air can get through the pores. If it was earlier this poison wouldn't have take effect since it's less in the air. He continues walking and scratching more and more to the point his skin starts to bleed but heals quick thanks to the DNA he stole in the past. He stops

What is this? Is this an effect to this poison?

After realizing this but his healing is kicking in he still is standing still trying to figure this out. He takes out a tube and holds his left arm up. He takes out the top off the tube and moves it through the air capturing the poison into the tube. He places it in the medical gauntlet and it scans the poison so he can figure out what it is. The gauntlet shows the details of the poison but some facts are missing. This poison is something else that the gauntlet can't figure it out. As he is reading the gauntlet he hears someone coming up behind him. He turns around while activating his sharingan and transition to the eternal mangekyou sharingan and grabbing his gunbai with his right hand and brings it in front of him with his eyes just showing and his hat. What he heard was the wood bark breaking. His gunbai is a katana and his eyes meet a lady in a full body suit. He puts the lady in a genjutsu and one of the strongest genjutsus known to the Uchihas'. The time and space of this genjutsu is controlled by him.

In the illusion Solf has multiple explosions blowing up different parts of the ladies body. These explosions continue on and isn't all that big but still cause pain in this illusion like a stab. It is felt as this happens for six hours. The lady is tied up a cage.
This illusion is only happened for two seconds and he stopped. The lady is left unconscious laying on the ground. Solf takes her whole suit off and puts it on. The suit has a system of an umbrella. It rips a little bit but is perfect still. He walks on and can't see up to short range and puts the gunbai back on his back as he was still dragging it since he put the lady in the Tsukuyomi. He can see on the ground multiple skins and most likely snakes and snakes body starting to decay as he was walking. he leaps down and takes another tube out and takes a piece of the snake that is decaying and puts it in the tube and puts it away.

Seem like snakes ability to shed is keeping them alive longer then any other animal. But seems in this area its stronger. I should take this also.

He takes another tube out and takes more poison and puts it away instead of putting it in the gauntlet since its int he suit and didn't want to take anymore damage. Once he gets back to the capital he can analysis it in a safe environment. Solf takes another step and hears a hissing sound.


He circles around with his sharingan and can't see anything but noticed multiple large containers with gas coming out of it and at larger rate and thicker rate. The containers has the same symbol as the suit. Could these two be connected. This is something has to be reported to the Kage also. He tries to pick up one of the containers but struggles. These containers are at less 2 and half times larger than he is. Solf quickly lifts up the suit on the back side quickly since its a three piece(head, torso, and legs) and pulls out a scroll. The poison seeps through a little bit but still his healing kicks in and makes it fine but if more would have got in then he would be in trouble but he didn't know this. He takes out a scroll and seals the container and rolls back up the scroll and puts it away quickly again and takes more damage but heals it again with the passive healing.

The damage he was receiving now is different the the scratching he had before. This time it is burns and rashes. This poison could effect different animals different ways but one thing is noticed that plant life isn't effected at all. He has yet to see any humans besides the lady he left which by now she is probably completely dead.

Alright got it. I think I should analysis this or should have the person who runs the hospital do this. I need to get out of here. I wonder how this would do a full expose human. Maybe I should check for my research.

He takes his self back to the lady. It was like someone had burned her but this is at a faster rate then normal. Solf take note of this and how fast rate the body is decaying/burning. He thought it could be something from the inside out but really is different then he thought. Whatever this is, it has to have a cure for it? Could it be another threat that is starting to move? Solf takes all this information and heads back home and let the Kage know what he found out and let the head of the hospital know of this also.

(Saisei Noryoku) - Regeneration Ability
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra: Varies (lvl 1: +20 chakra per turn / lvl 2: +60 chakra per turn / lvl 3: +120 chakra per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: Those with the cells of Hashirama are able to use the immense regeneration ability to heal injuries afflicted on them in mere moments. Anyone who has these cells in their bodies are able to naturally use this. This allows the user to heal minor injuries such as cuts,gashes, broken fingers or wrist/ankle and other small bruises.

Level 1: Done passively, this allows the user to heal small to moderate injuries. These include things like small cuts to broken digits and bruises as well as bleeding. These involve injuries that result from taijutsu attacks to minor wounds such as stabs in limbs, some broken bones as well as internal bleeding, slight organ tears. This is for none life threatening wounds and heals up to 30 damage

Level 2: Taking the place of a jutsu per turn, the user is able to make use of the healing abilities of Hashirama's cells and apply them at a greater level, employing the cells to heal large injuries, such as shattered bones, ruptured organs, even regeneration of missing limbs. This requires a large amount of chakra, and can only be done up to 3 times a battle. This can only be used once every 2 turns of Wood SM and heals up to 60 ( or A rank ) damage.

Level 3: Deemed the ultimate regeneration at the cost of a jutsu per turn, the user is able to regenerate even the most deadly of injuries, such as a completely blown away chest or fully regrowing his body after bifurcation. After using, the user can only use one other jutsu the same turn. This can only be used a total of 3 times and once every 4 turns. As long as their head is attached/they have consciousness, this jutsu can be used. After using, the user can only use two other jutsu that turn and the next.

Note: Level 1 can only be used by bios with Hashirama DNA and access to Wood Release. Level 2 requires Wood SM to be active and Level 3 can only be utilized by the Juubi Jinchuriki.

( Doujutsu: Sharingan ) Eye Technique: Copy Wheel Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C - A Rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15 - 30 ( -5 per turn for 1T and 2T, 10 per turn to keep active for 3T )
Damage: N/A
One of the Three Great Dōjutsu (San Daidōjutsu), the Sharingan is the kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan. Unlike the other Dōjutsu, not all members of the Uchiha Clan possess the Sharingan. This great Dōjutsu seems to awaken only on exceptional Uchiha members and only in times of great stress. Once awaken, the pupil turns red and a single tomoe (巴) seal appears around the center pupil. As the user masters and evolves their eyes, the tomoe (巴) seals increase, topping 3 per eye. The main ability of the Sharingan, like any other Dōjutsu, is to enable the user to see the flow of chakra. This ability is further improved as the Sharingan gives color to chakra, enabling the user to differentiate chakras from different people or from different sources. Although the user can see chakra through matter, he cannot see beyond dense matter or in long distances. Coupled with the ability to see chakra, Sharingan users gain acess to an incredible clarity of perception that enables them to read insanely fast movements or minor details, enabling them the ability to foresee in an easier way, traps, incoming attacks, etc. This clarity of perception is so great that a Sharingan user can sometimes start performing a counter to an attack that is still being performed, enabling the counter to be launched only a split a second after the attack. This clarity of perception leaves Sharingan users able to track high speed movement easily as well as to read through handseals. This last ability enables them to learn techniques much faster and sometimes copy them directly from the enemy, as long as the user has the necessary chakra affinities and requirements to perform it. Finally, the Sharingan is often linked to Genjutsu and mind-manipulating illusions, mostly because the user can, mostly through Eye Contact, directly and precisely use his chakra to manipulate the enemy's chakra flow. In return, the users clarity of perception gives him the ability to more easily decipher visual illusions cast upon him and see past them. The Sharingan has a great cost to the user though. The chakra consumption disables its use for long periods of time and, even when the user grows stronger, it's still hard to keep it active for long periods of time.
Note: The user, if he hasn't gained full mastery over his Sharingan, will need to spend a move to activate it, although as long as he has chakra and enough stamina he'll be able to keep it active until the end of the match. If the user is Sannin Rank or above and has gained his 3 Tomoe Sharingan and held it for one month, he becomes able to passively activate it, meaning he'll no longer spend a move of his 3 per turn.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill
Note: C rank usage is for 1T Sharingan, B rank usage is reserved for 2T Sharingan. A Rank usage is reserved for 3T Sharingan.
Note: Predicting the nature of a technique or what it exactly is requires the user to either know the technique or that its a cannon technique.
Note: Danzo and Kakashi bios activate the Sharingan by removing the covers in their respective eyes and suffer a +10 chakra consumption per turn penalty
Note: The user is bound by the abilities and limits of the stage of sharingan he possesses, stated in the rules of the KG.

( Doujutsu: Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan ) - Eye Technique: Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 70 ( -20 per turn to keep active )
Damage: N/A
Description: The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan literally meaning " Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye", is the final step in the evolutionary state of the Sharingan. While Mangekyo Sharingan is but an imperfect Dojutsu, unable to sustain and keep its own power, weakening with each use, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan brings control and balance to the power wielded. By merging the users own MS with that of his sibling, the use is able to awaken the EMS. The EMS grants the user the same abilities granted by MS but to unsurpassed levels. While granting the user the ability to perceive the world with increadible insight, it also grants the user the ability to see through S-Rank visual illusions and track the movement speed of almost anything, perfecting the already amazing abilities of the standard MS, like casting Genjutsu without the need for handseals as long as a line of sight to the target is available. A unique feat however, is that once the user awakens EMS, he loses access to his normal MS, transitioning from 3T form to EMS directly. While MS damages the user as time passes and severely tires and drains the user as its used, the EMS doesn't. The user can keep it active without losing his eyesight or damaging himself and can use the normal MS techniques with no activation reduction or drawbacks. Its true that the chakra cost is higher, but the user will feel little to no effect in his stamina and energy. Through his EMS, Madara gained the ability to control Tailed Beasts by forcefully using his sharingan genjutsu/mind manipulation abilities to take control of the Bijuu and temporarily sever its connection to the host. If the Jinchuriki is in normal form or entering one of the transformations, it's blocked from transforming for 3 turns. If it's in incomplete form, it's forced back into normal form and left unable to access his bijuu for 3 turns and if its in complete form, the user gains control over the bijuu, manipulating its movements/actions completely for 2 turns or until the complete form ends (whatever comes first), leaving the host unable to acess his bijuu for 3 turns.
Note: Only usable by bios with EMS after meeting the necessary requirements.
Note: User needs to have activated his 3T Sharingan beforehand
Note: Once activated, lasts 10 turns per use and once the user has held the ability for 4 months, can be done passively, with no move cost.
Note: Using MS techniques don't reduce the activation time.
Note: Controlling a Bijuu is an exclusive ability of Madara Uchiha and can only be done once per battle. Once the control ends, the EMS reverts back to a 3T Sharingan. If the control is done on a complete form Jinchuriki, then the user can't do any other technique while controlling the enemy.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill.
Note: Predicting the nature of a technique or what it exactly is requires the user to either know the technique or that its a cannon technique.
Note: While active, as long as a clear line of sight and the range is respected, the user can cast normal non-Doujutsu Genjutsu without the need for handseals. However, Doujutsu illusions still require eye contact (if feasible) or their own requirements; this ability only affects regular Genjutsu.

( Doujutsu: Tsukuyomi ) - Eye Technique: Nightmare Realm
Type: Offensive
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra Cost: 70
Damage Points: 120 (-20 to user per use)
Description: One of the basic techniques awoken with MS, this illusion renders the victim at the total mercy of the user. The user has full control over space and time in the jutsu and can place the one affected through any hell they desire for any length desired. The only limitation of the technique is the users own imagination and skill, a fact proven by Itachi Uchiha who was must more masterful with its use than any other Uchiha before him. The technique itself only lasts for but a mere second in reality, but the one affected could have suffered through the equivalent of several weeks of torture which will manifest in severe mental damage and physical fatigue.
Note: Requires direct Eye Contact and the user to have MS active
Note: Each use reduces the duration of MS by 2 turns
Note: Its unblockable and unreleasable
Note: If the target doesn't possess at least a 3 Tomoe Sharingan, he is left unconscious and unable to fight regardless of body's physical condition
Note: Doesn't work on enemies who have MS/EMS active and use their own Tsukuyomi to counter

( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary , Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: N/A
Description: This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items or weapons that have been stored using Fūinjutsu,typically they are stored within scrolls. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Scrolls can also be used as ammunition for other weapons. The items themselves are unaffected by time. This Technique allows the user to seal any weapons they wish being their own or opponents.
Note: Cannot seal opponent's custom weapons, or the special weapons of a particular character ( example: Samehada or Kubikiribocho ).
Note: Can only seal corpses, and not injured people regardless of the extent of their injury.

1145 -20 -30 -10 -70 -20 -70 -20 -20 -20 =865 Chakra Points
160 Health Points

95: 12:50 AM
102: 1:50 AM
103: 2:50 AM
110: 3:50 AM
115: 4:50 AM
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Coming from hereō-095.755913/#post-22021542

Players involved: Korra
Mission Rank: D
Story elements chosen: - Claim barren land (1)
Summary: With the land being not habitable, Skarlet would still claim this land.

Skarlet would arrive at the land and be at the border when she notices the poisonous gases and stops before getting close to it. Skarlet would equip a gas mask on and look around the area. She would activate her Blood eyes to allow her to survey the area.

( Dōjutsu Ketsuryūgan ) - Eye Technique: Blood Dragon Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 15 ( -10 per turn to keep active )
Damage: N/A
Description: The Ketsuryūgan (血龍眼, Literally meaning: Blood Dragon Eye) is a dōjutsu, which appears in certain individuals of the Chinoike clan. The Ketsuryūgan is recognised by its reddish colour, giving a special appearance for the users of this dōjutsu, characterised as holders of eyes as red as blood. A notable ability of the Ketsuryūgan is it's ability to cast genjutsu, either by making physical skin contact with the target or meeting each other's gaze, on a level of comparable strength to the Sharingan as well as be able to follow high-speed movements. One of its main abilities is their ability to manipulate iron, or more accurately, any liquid with a high iron concentration which allows them the ability to manipulate the blood within themselves for Ninjutsu use. Much like any other Dōjutsu, the Ketsuryugan is to enable the user to see the flow of chakra to differentiate chakras from different people or from different sources. Similar to the Byakugan, the user can see chakra through matter and beyond dense matter or in long distances. This ability also allows the wielder to see one's "life force", or their physical energy and sense and see any living object within range.
Note: The user, if he hasn't gained full mastery over his doujutsu, will need to spend a move to activate it, although as long as he has chakra and enough stamina, he'll be able to keep it active until the end of the match. If the user is Jounin Rank or above and has held the Doujutsu for a month, he becomes able to passively activate it.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill.
Note: While traveling the NW, bios with an activated Ketsuryugan are able to see up to two 2 adjacent landmarks away though this does not beyond an ocean landmark.
Note: In order to utilize any of the blood based abilities, the user must be at least Jounin rank.


As Skarlet says this, she would see that the entire area is covered in a never-ending poisonous gas. She would see that in the middle of the land is a forest that is untouched by the gas but that the gas is coming from the forest itself. This area could make a good bunker area for Tsumigakure. Skarlet would also probably get some of the poisonous gas, later on, to study it and perhaps use it as a weapon in the future. Skarlet would write out the land's layout and send it to her main body using the med gauntlet. She would also send a message to Sado and Vegeta about this new land claim.

Skarlet would use her earth chakra to make a small pillar of the earth rise up and engrave it stating this new land is part of Tsumigakure and their territory. After this Skarlet would continue on North to go see what new lands lie. As she moves she deactivates her blood eyes.

(Doton no Jutsu) - Earth Release Technique
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: D
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 10
Damage: 20
Descripton: Creates small pillars of earth, small tools, and small shields of earth

Chakra: 1000 - 15 - 10 = 975

Mission Ends


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Arriving from:

Starting mission with elements

B-rank: Investigate the history of a landmark
B-rank: Explore a dangerous site
B-rank: Missing, gathering raw materials for the smith Marzan x2

It was high noon, and it had been a most treacherous travel here. The earthern badlands, sure had seen a time, much nicer and quieter once. Alas, it was all long gone at this point. “You know, I was born in the Upper Barrens, not long from here?” Amaimon spoke, alas the Amidamaru while trying to polite, he also admitted to already knowing the history of his master - Afterall, they had merged on several occassions.

The two entered the landmark, and canyon, vast and unfathomable was before them. A heavy mist laid waste to the area, and it was tucked as a blanket, heavy and dense, making it hard to make out the area. Only a few places high jagged spikes of stone would protrude out from the mist.

”I sense little life, Amidamaru. Only a few life forms scour this area, a few more centered together, at perhaps the middle - Please investigate a mile ahead, while I acquint myself with the area’s layout.”

Amidamaru promptly followed orders, and zoomed into the mist, only to vanish from sight.
Meanwhile the Katsuryoku would enlighten himself and murmur, while closing his eyes “I am the incarnation of the earth. I am the soil, the ridged stones, steadfast and durable.” His palms would open wide, as a small noticeable gust expelled itself from his bodice. Within the same instant, Amaimon would immediately gain knowledge about the land, every bow, bent, up and down in the land would be known. From the narrow trail that would lead him safely through the canyon and into the forest, from the creaking minor ravines within the canyon, which would dwelve even further down than man would ever have dared. He would become aware of distinct footprints, both animal and human.

Type: Supplementary
Rank: D
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 10
Damage: N/A
Description: Dirtborn is a technique made for tracking purposes, and overall view of the field, above and underground. After unleashing a pulse of chakra throughout the earth, the user is capable of creating a visual overview of the field, mapping it out in his head in a 3D perspective per say. All will become visible to the user, pressure marks, ridges, highs and lows of the ground, allowing him to manually examine certain areas in order to 'read' the nature's tracks. The method however has been adapted into means of warfare as well as to track escaped prisoners, intruders etc. A user of this technique is capable of tracking other ninjas equalling his own rank. This is a low-effect technique much akin to the Inner Sonar skill, therefore costs +5 extra chakra per turn and doesn't hinder the user in any sort of way other than the expenses of chakra.

The complexity of the area was quite fulfilling. He felt comfortable about the situation. He had been seeking a deep cavern, a deep abysmal creek, which could be found here - Alas he would visit the middle first.

Before venturing further, his companion made its return. The Genki was quite distressed. “Oi, oi, Amai-dono! This mist is poisonous, its filled with bones of many and many beings!”

”Poisonous - That explains the various traces of bone alike structures that are affecting the soils structure. I know the path from here, but it seems like I will have to summon a second travelling companion. Do you remember Chocobo?” Amidamaru retreated with a grimace upon the mention of Chocobo. “That stupid bird...?!” Amaimon snickered. “Hes a Basilisk.” The Katsuryoku proceeded by drawing blood, followed by undoing one of his sleeve, to reveal a Basilisk tattoo. Immiently a plume of smoke emerged, followed by the revealment of Chocobo. He stood proud, spread wings and protruding crest. “Chiryoku - You’re still alive? I was sure, you had died long ago. I guess I will have to return some money in regards to some bet, that you clearly ruined for me now.” His voice was hoarse and rasp, and Amaimon immediately accused his summoning “You bet on the death of me?!”

With a small dialogue, or trialogue back and forth between the three companions, Chocobo transformed into a tribal harness which enveloped its Master. The visor of the harness shut down, allowing Amaimon to go unhindered through the mist.

Type: Summoning
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: Chocobo is a basilisk the size of a good sized stallion, with four-toed feet, scaled legs and large webbed wings, and a scaled neck long neck. It carries a long and sharp beak, and beautiful crest head. At every joint, the back side of the legs and the chest, feathers emerge in dull yet calm colours. Running down from head to tail, webbed spikes emit. On the back in between the wings of the beastie, a saddle is designed for the summoner to sit in, along with riding harness. Chocobo is fast and versatile, capable of both high speeds running and flight. With its inherited ability, it's able to spread a venomous poison, however unlike its other family members, Chocobo is capable of unleashing a plume of poison from the pores of each webbed wing. Inhalation of the poison would kick in after two turns, making the affected, incapable of using their maximum power thus restricting affected targets to two jutsus per turn for the rest of the battle. Explusion of venom however can only be used thrice a battle, and stays on the field for two turns(C-rank). While Chocobo carries a poison, its main feat lies in his swiftness, quick on feet and in air(x1.5 the average Kage ranked ninja's base speed on land and twice as fast as the average kage ranked ninja while flying[/B]), easily able to out-maneuvering incoming techniques and projectiles either through quick dashes, or heavy flaps of its large wings. Of course, using this ability would count towards the 3 turns per move. Chocobo stays 4 turns

Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 30 (-10 per turn transformed)
Damage points: N/A
Description: Chocobo, Amaimon's personal basilisk summoning, will by its own chakra transform into a battle harness, charatertized by the durability given by Chocobo's scales, and its feathery look, accompanied with a headdress looking almost alike to a tribal armour. The headdress itself is like any other traditional native-cultured head wear, aside from the fact that beneath is a scaled helmet formed as a bird head, which the headwear is simply attached to. As the battle harness is consisting of flexible scales and feathers, it allows to cover the entirety of Amaimon's body giving an overall defense corresponding to Chocobo's own restrictions and limitiations. While under the influence of the Henge, Chocobo's duration on the field is suspended untill damaged properly to reverse summon itself, or simply transform back, where it will continue as it was left. While using the transformation technique, Chocobo still retains the ability to exude mists of toxic from it's bodice, also corresponding to the restrictions and limitations of Chocobo's summoning technique. While this mist could prove harmful to the user, the beak given from the helmet can be shut down as a visor, working as a functional gas mask. Lastly, but not least, Chocobo's transformation allows for manipulation of feathers running along the arms, back, etc. of the user. Essentially hardening them and stirring them in desired location as functional thrown daggers, however small and thinner yet capable of being proven lethal. This Henge transformation, can of course, only be used by Chocobo itself.
Note: Can only be used twice per battle

Despite being equipped with Chocobo as a harness, the moist and damp of the mist was clear. He felt quite comfortable with his Basilisk. He could but see 5-8 meters ahead, but he kept tabs on all the living beings that moved in the inbetween the cracks and rigdes of the mountain canyon. He suspected these living beings was either salamanders or similar, which could’ve adjusted to the harzardous enviroment. After five miles of travelling, the sun was starting to set. The path that started broad, had narrowed down, and turned further into a trail. It was clear, the way was getting more uneasy as they progressed. But for now, he allocated himself within an enclave on the road. He spent the evening meditating, before calling it. He was not quite used to be sleeping with Chocobo equipped, but it was deemed necessary.

Dawn was breaking - Not that it was visible within the dense fog, but Amaimon, or the Genki atleast, had an inherient sense of time. They continued their travel. There were periods of time where he had to slow down in order to traverse the path more securely, or getting past gaps in the trail that would otherwise lead into a fall which could prove fatal for lesser beings. They were closing in on the center of the canyon - Or atleast he felt so, as the souls was getting closer. Alas he could also sense that these souls merely travelled around within that area alone, some had been pacing the same path as the day before, and they were definitely shaped as a human feet.

As they neared the middle, patches of grass was becoming more and more natural occurance, and soon enough the mist also started to clear. This was all soon followed by thicker patches, to whole clearings along with trees. As soon as the mist cleared entirely, Amaimon undid his visor, allowing for fresh air. It was quite breezy in comparison to the area outside of the canyon. They passed a gateway that arched across and above the trail, and right after a two huts along with a wooden like house on stills came into sight. This was the area that Amaimon had sensed, and two humans quickly retreated into their homes, while a third approached the Katsuryoku. He was clad in a long robe, equipped with a belt and a mace hanging by his side.

”Who goes there!” He exclaimed whilst gesturing at them with an open palm - The other resting upon the hilt of his mace. He was on guard. “I mean no harm - Man of the village hidden in the poisonous cloud. My curiousity did but peak, as we arrived to this land. I originally was to seek materials for a divine tool, to aid my own quest. But now I wish to know why this land is enveloped in clouds of death..”

The man was hesitant at first, but he himself did not seek conflict. Despite not being comfortable with a stranger, clad in what could only be a war-like tribal harness, he decided to not to try and fuel what could’ve been a conflict. He introduced himself as Karstal, he later introduced the remaining two villagers as his wife and kid. They owned this small estate, but it wasn’t anything in comparison the village further up the road. Amaimon settled there for the evening.

They’ve had previous travellers roam the area as well. They sought however for the source of the poison, or samples to bring back home. Understandable, as the villagers themselves wasn’t quite sure why and how the poison came to be. Most of them was equipped with gas masks they either produced themselves or had bought from outside the area. They have managed to keep to themselves, as the road was rather treacherous, and had brought many of their kin to their demise. They had managed to creata an eco system, and thereby lived off the forest fruits and the land itself, and only rarely had to leave their oasis.
Myths of old, said that the poisnous cloud was the natural occurance of one of the deities that had helped shape the land, when badlands of earth had come into existence. They say, that the deity Ibiki-ju, was said to be asleep below the ravine, and with every inhale the gusts caused the area to be clear, and with every exhale his poisnous breath would fill the canyon - A constant circulation, but would freeze the poison cloud in time and forever the land as well.

As creative as that was, Amaimon was doubious, and he could read the same on Karstors face. He seemed a man of science as well - Alas, who was it now, he went about talking with spirits and otherworldly items again…?

Inquiring for the source of origin, Karstor would draw out a map for Amaimon. It clearly wasn’t as finetuned as his own technique, but alas he wouldn’t bother to correct the man. He could clearly determine from the mans scribbles and compare it to his own mapping. It was evident that according to the man, the poison did indeed spread from the most deep cavern out there. Quite fitting, after being told the story of the land - He would go investigate for good measure. “What would you be doing there…?” Karstor imposed his question with worry. “I am but to find the root of the canyon - One of its many roots shall define backbone of my tool. Do not fret, I do not seek to change the lay of your land.” He tried to assure the man, that his visit would bring no change to their way of living. Before leaving Amaimon inquired further about the land, and how the oasis had come to be.

The story continued, it was however not as fable like, as the first, but it was much more mysterious as well. Karstor and many of the elders of the village had a no real explanation, other than the place itself was excuding with energy, which caused the life to flourish. When they break apart or cut down wood, it took only weeks for the trees to be their full height again. Amaimon eyed one of the bigger trees within the yard of the huts. “Perhaps, upon my return, I can have a sample of that with me, as well?” Karstor shrugged. He was quite indifferent. But merely said “We will see when you get back.”

Amaimon and his companions departed soon enough to investigate the creek also known as Ibiki’s nostril. He thanked Karstor, and hoped to see him soon. Visor down, he entered the poisonous cloud, and with his own mapping, toggled together with the map drawn by Karstor, he traversed part of the oasis, and onto the rocky barren waste of spiked ridges again. Soon he came to a clearing, or should he would’ve been, as the creak filled the entirety. Cladding his feet with chakra he descended into the creak. He did a joke about the smell, but neither Chocobo or Genki was in the mood…

The wall was steep, and the visibility dropped down to 2 meters. The creak narrowed in sizes, and so the walls started closing in on him, but it was only brief, as after half a mile down it started opening up again, and the mist started to clear up.

”Its time to clear this out.” With a gestre of his hand, the mist started to get dispersed. It started being blown uncontrollable to the sides, and being scattered.

Rank: S
Type: Supplmentary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra cost: 40 (+10 per turn.)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user will release a quite big amount of wind chakra out in the air which will cover the entire field. He then by using the wind chakra he will make it accelerate and fly around in an un-controlled matter creating disruption in the air/wind, this will cause wind jutsus to get canceled out the moment they will get performed as the disruptions in the air/wind will splitter it apart.
~ Useable twice.

Soon the visibility heighten, and the look was astounding. While he had it mapped out, already, the view was made him stand in awe. A cavern unfolded itself it was shaped ovally, and the walls pinned with different variety of shining rocks. Plastered along the ground it was ponds of acid green water - Which seemed expell small gloubes of acid once in a while, which exploded into mists. Within and around the ponds, was scaled salamanders, both bathing and playing. These were similar to the ones outside of the cavern, only slightly bigger. Within the middle of the cavern a white suspended humanoid like creature was hanging, envopled and tangled in roots, which penetrated the ceiling of the cavern. It was unconcious by the look of it. “This must be the cause of the Oasis..” Amaimon muttered. Chocobo enjoyed the view of his brethen, and Amidamaru was busy explaining that this could be an offspring or a misfailed experiment of a wood user. He was quite certain of himself, and of that he would claim he had debunked the mystery of the land.

Amaimon would descend onto the cavern floor, while observing the humanoid creature. He did wish to wake him - He had to uphold the promise he made Karstor. As well, as he wouldn’t want to ruin the synergi that was evident in the village hidden in the poison mist…

He would force out a two pieces of raw material from the cavern side. A rock of red, depicting Strength, and one of amber, representing endurance - As befit his Sage title. Both was of these was put in his satchel. “Roots of the earth.”

Without much further ado, he left the cavern - He climbed the wall, without bothering both salamander and perhaps a comatosed zetsu clone… It had only been a few hours, since his departure, before Amaimon returned to Karstor. He presented Karstor with the roots of the earth, and claimed not to have had seen anything within Ibikis Nostril, naught but poison clouds atleast.

”Now, about that tree…” Amaimon started, and so Karstor decided that he would give two slices of bark from the evergrowining trees. One for each stone. Amaimon thanked the villager, and was quite content with the overall experience that he have had. If anything should ever concur, or they would need his aid, Amaimon pinpointed Mt. Katsuryoku on a world map.

Not long after, Amaimon and his companions left the isolated oasis, and traversed back across the harzardous land, along the trail that would later turn into a path, and at long last they would arrive at the top of the otherwise labyrinth like canyon.

End of missions.

Leaving LM.

Starting Travel itinerary:
Starting point: 096
096, 05:05 PM - 095, 06:05 PM
095, 06:05 PM - 094, 07:05 PM
094, 07:05 PM - 086, 08:05 PM
086, 08:05 PM - 087, 09:05 PM

Travel end: 087, 09:05 PM


Jul 7, 2011
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[Coming from Here]

Sin continued along his path, avoiding all contact where possible. So far, so good. He'd managed to go unnoticed down these narrow paths as he headed west towards the ocean. He figured if he could at leach set sail into the out lands, he would be free of the burden hunting him for years on end. He continued on his journey, hiding who he was and his purpose.



Mar 18, 2013
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Arjuna passes through the icy ravines alone, though he sticks to the treetops when going through the forest, as he noticed a strange miasma surrounding the place--not to mention the giant piece of celestial debris that dominated the horizon. He quickly passes through, haven gotten the proper creeps.