[VS] Current Luffy vs Old Rayleigh

OG sama

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Oct 26, 2014
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We can’t use Luffy vs Fujitora, that is just Luffy wank. We all Know Fujitora didn’t want luffy to be hurt or captured. He respects Luffy and knows he is a good man. He let Luffy go and simply did what he did so that no one could say he wasn’t attempting to do his job
Lol what???

So basically what you’re telling me is that everybody else that had a fight against an Admiral the Admiral was serious with????

If what you say is the case then I’m taking out Sabos feat of holding Fujitora back as well because Fuji wasn’t serious with him either.

And then you say it’s Luffy wank but Luffy wasn’t using G4 or even half the arsenal that he now currently has in his possession.

^And he wasn’t serious either mind you, as he was naming all his attacks out loud for Fuji because he didn’t want to fight him cause he said he liked him.

I like how you ignore that though to conveniently swing the argument in your favor, that in itself is bias and flat out wanking in Fuji’s favor.