Cacti Oasis (071)


Oct 1, 2010
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Cacti Oasis

The Cacti Oasis is one of the few areas of the Great Wind Desert that is not entirely barren; it contains some of the largest cactuses imaginable. Countless in number they litter the area almost like a forest. Nobody knows exactly why the cactuses here have grown to such a tremendous size, but it is certainly a marvel to behold. A number of animals have made a home here, free of human contact, notably several large species of scorpions.
Nov 24, 2017
This post marks the start of my mission containing the following storyboard elements;
-Set up a secure camp

Story: As Aang and the caravan make it to the next Oasis, merchants share stories of being atracked by bandits at this campsite. Determined to protext them, Aang sets up a fortification and campsite for the merchants.

As the caravan and merchants along with Aang arrived at the next campsite, it was a sparkling Oasis again surrounded by abnormally large cacti. The merchants and guards started unpacking the wagons as Aang gave them a helping hand. It was interesting to help them and hear their stories. Some of them told stories of far off exotic lands and some told stories of adventurers that saved them and fought off bandits. This inspired Aang as he had the drive and desire to be like them, to help and become known as someone who would help and protect those in need. Aang started asking around if there were any stories about the area they're currently in. Aang had never seen such strange plants before. He came from a mountainous region that was far from this type of fauna.

There weren't much in the way of stories around these parts, though then again not many of the merchants went through this path often. However there was one merchant who was a native of the Great Sand desert who was acting as their guide through this area. He spoke of sand bandits that took advantage of the terrain shifting to cover their tracks making it almost impossible to determine their numbers. He shared concerns with Aang about their safety and if they should set up a guard overnight. Aang paused thinking to himself about if he could help set up the campsite any better. Looking around at the terrain they had Aang suddenly had an idea. Shifting most of the wagons with the help if the merchants to one side of the oasis, they covered one bank with their wagons. This would ensure that the bandits wouldn't be able to come from the side the oasis was on, at least without making a loud splashing sound and giving themselves away.
Next, Aang used his abilities to knock down the huge Cacti surrounding the camp to fall over, he then pushed them along the sand dunes with more blasts of wind from his hands. Using them like blockades, they provided natural defence like dug in spikes that would funnel them into certain hotspots. Conferring with the guard sargent about the positions and shifts, Aang made sure to volunteer for the guard duty as well.

Thankfully, during the night there was no issues during the night, one of the guard saw a large scorpion along the dune, but with one swift sword strike from him and it was swiftly dealt with. Morning came and the merchants and guards had breakfast exchanging more stories of their lives and adventures. Aang was happy, even though it wasn't needed, the secure campsite was kept safe and the Merchants thanked Aang for his efforts.
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