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Oct 1, 2010
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Bhandao is cold and rocky, but it is less mountainous than most of its neighbours and sees a number of rivers, big and small, running through it. The area is covered in ice and snow for most of the year and oftimes enough ice forms that Bhandao becomes physically linked to Yume Island due North of it.

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Mar 21, 2012
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Now entering a snow-like terrain, Banri could tell that he was closing in on where he was supposed to be. At this point, he'd go into his back pack and grab a large black-furred coat. This was simply to keep him warm during the upcoming travel through the landmarks moving forward. Koto though, being undead, needed no warmth so just watched irritated before we moved on.

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Sep 10, 2008
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Claiming Landmark

Coming from here: [173]

Storyboard Elements Chosen:
Defend yourself from wild beasts (2)
Gather Resources from the land (1)
Capture a rare of exotic animal (2)

Custom Storyboard Element:

Forge a summoning contract with the beasts/animals you defended yourself from or captured. ( Mythical ) (3)

Mission Rank: C

Walking along the bank of the river was a pretty relaxing thing to do. The crystal clear water was almost like a mirror as Menma bent down and removed his mask to allow the cool water to brush across his face. He planned to make this area the place where he could simply relax and take the worries of forging a village off his shoulder's for a change. He stared at his reflection in the water for a moment, his jet black hair standing in stark contrast to his icey blue eyes. The reflection of himself stared back and as he pondered his features for a moment, he was suddenly brought back to reality by the grumbling of his stomach. Luckily for his stomach, this river was filled with fish that waded through the currents of the water. With all the walking he had done to get to this area, he had wworked up a deep appetite and so Menma set off to work on fashioning three kunai knives with wire attached to the end, a most appropriate tool for fishing for any ninja on the go.

With his makeshift fishing lines in tow, Menma waited for the right moment to have a bit of target practice. He studied the movements of the fish, which he identified to be trout inside the waters. A fine meal waiting to be ingested by the hungry shinobi. He took his arm and readied it to throw the kunai and counted down as he steadied his aim.

"5, 4, 3, 2, ...."

"Oh just throw the damn things already" Kurama interjected breaking the concentration of his jinchuuriki right as he was getting ready to throw, the kunai hit the water, but missed its mark thanks to the lapse in concentration from the Tailed Beast inside him.

" You just shut the hell up, you bastard!" Menma mentally chimed back. Kurama snickered and closed his eyes as he went to sleep. Composing himself, Menma readied himself once more and this time, he wouldn't count down but this time acted immediately reluctantly taking the advice of his companion. His lack of hesitation paid off, as he hit one of the fish squarely in the body and with a quick pull of the wire, reeled it in. After a few more attempts, Menma had three fish all ready to be cooked and eaten.

Setting up a small campsite, Menma created a fire by striking two kunai together so that they created a spark for the neat bundle of tinder he created and a few pieces of spare wood that laid about the river bank. Luckily, for him the wood was usable to fashion a good fire and so he placed the fish on stick and set them around the fire to be cooked. As he waited for his meal to be prepared, Menma laid back and looked at the clear sky, and as he watched the clouds go by, he drifted off into an unintended slumber.

A loud growl awoke Menma with a start, the first thing he saw as he opened his eyes was lion esque creature with three eyes staring back at him baring its fangs. Drool dripping from its mouth in huge globs that would easily drown a infant. The creature suddenly spoke with a deep rumbling anger.


A large paw came striking down as Menma quickly moved out of the way, the claws of the beast smacking right into the fire he had set up and prepared destroying the hard work he had done to go through the trouble of catching the fish he planned to eat. Menma jumped backwards several feet to place some distance between himself an the unique creature in front of him. He had never seen such an animal before, its three eyes stared at him and the lion like creature soon began to circle around him stepping it showed its flank and on it was another three eyes.

"What in the hell are you!?" Menma yelled out at the creature preparing himself for a fight for his life.

"The Hakutaku, a creature whose species is said to be even older than myself. I haven't seen one in quite a while, we must have entered its territory, by some chance. A land it sees a holy. With my chakra, there's no doubt it sought to kill you and me..." Kurama chimed in.

Now that Menma had some idea of exactly what the beast was, he was fully interested in seeing just how powerful it was in action. He was going to capture it and make it divulge its reason for seeking out the Kyuubi. The lion closed in and soon, pounced towards Menma who, took his kunai and wire and threw it directly towards the third eye in the middle of the beast head. The Hakutaku suddenly smacked the kunai away with a horn and Menma hurriedly jumped up while it was distracted jumping atop its head and grabbing hold to its horns as he did, the beast bucked and trashed as it attempted to knock Menma off of itself. Menma created his a Rasengan in his free hand and slammed it directly into the back of the beast head, and in doing so, the force caused the beast to be plunged straight into the ground knocked out cold from the impact of the technique and collision with the ground below.

With the Hakutaku out cold, Menma would seek to capture the beast in order to interrogate it when it fully came to. He placed a single Sealing Tag upon the beast forehead which would go into effect and restrict its movements so much so it would not be able to move once it woke up. Menma sat upon it and awaited the beast to come to as he attemoted to salvage what remained of his meal. Menma picked over a single fish, and ate it begrudgingly as he did so.

It took a few hours for the beast to come to, Menma actually had fallen asleep in its mane of fur as it was actually a pretty plush and warm place to relax. He once again awoke and soon the voice of the beast began muttering at him.

"So you've awoken Kyuubi-boy, I couldn't have lived long enough to have been defeated so easily by a human such as you with such a foul chakra inside of you, it seems you have tamed that evil spirit within yourself and you have earned my trust. Tell me at once your name, so that I may give you the respect you deserve."

"Uzumaki Menma."

"So it is, I have heard prophecy of you from the eldest of us. It is only a surprise that I was able to meet you here at this time exactly as he said it would occur. I would like you to come meet my companions and the elder to show them that the one prophesied to come has arrived. The boy who was able to tame the Kyuubi, perhaps this world will not be lost after all, or perhaps, you will help aid in it's destruction. Whatever your choice, we are at your mercy holy one. Let us forge a contract and I will then take you to our lands. You have earned the right to summon us to your aid as you see fit. "

Hearing the idea, Menma removed the sealing tag and gave the Hakutaku its freedom once more. After it stretched its body, and let out a big yawn, it placed it paw on the ground and a large scroll appeared before Menma. He would sign his name in blood, and surprisingly he was the first one to have been able to sign it as he looked into it. With the contract completed, the scroll disappeared in a poof of smoke, and Menma was soon reversed summoned back to the lands of
the Hakutaku, a mysterious region in the Land of Lightning, hidden amongst the land of Bhandao.

-To Be Continued-​


Sep 10, 2008
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Storyboard Elements Chosen:

Obtain firsthand experience of the severe effects of the virus. (4)
Investigate the mysterious illness. (3)

Custom Event Storyboard:

Investigate the aftermath of Tiamat's destruction upon one of your clan's landmarks for clues. (2)

Mission Rank: B

With the reverse summoning of Menma and the Hakutaku completed, the pair found themselves now in a hidden location. It was almost a paradise in the middle of the normally icy region. The grass was green and lush, while the warmth of the sun could be felt as nearly no clouds covered the sky with the threat of snow. Just where were they, Menma would wonder as he followed alongside the beast, whose eyes located on its flank peered almost into his soul.

"Hmm, I sense the curiosity of yours Kyuubi-boy. Don't fret, your answers will come in due time."

"But wait, I didn't say anything," Menma said puzzled at the fact the Hakutaku was clearly able to see the inner workings of his mind.

"You didn't have to, your chakra tells me all I need to know about you and also that beast inside of you." The eyes of the Hakutaku squinting eerily as it talked to Menma.

"So your kind can sense chakra? No wonder you showed up unannouced while I was taking a nap."

"The chakra of the 9 Tails was quite unmistakable. We Hakutaku, have a bit of history with the Tailed Beast after all"

"What sort of history?"

"One I don't intend to remember, leave it be and let's go. " Kurama chimed in.

"One of turmoil, but, don't worry. We won't get into too much detail as of now."

Soon after minutes of crossing the deep green pastures, a large palace sat by its lonesome on the single mountain platuea that was now in view. The mountain overlooked the water of the nearby ocean and its entire presence was serene. Large ornate pillars stood tall in as the colors of the stone were nearly illuminated by the golden rooftops that adorned the palace. Lush green forest came into view and surrounded the base of the mountain, and Menma could only wonder why and how this area remained hidden despite the travels that took place in this area due to its ease of passage to the ocean.
"Welcome to the Holy Land, Kyuubi-boy. A human has not ever set foot here in over a millenia, and yet here you are, now beholding its grandeur. Consider it a honor. I hope the prophecy about you is correct."

"Prophecy? What prophecy?"

"In due time Kyuubi-boy. It will all be revealed to you sooner than you think. It is not my place to talk any further about such matters. In fact, I have already said enough."

"I'm gettin' kinda tired of the run around you're giving me."

"What'd I tell you, its probably better we just leave now."

"Get on, I shall take you to talk to the Eldest Sage. He'll give you the answers you want. " The Hakutau commanded.

Menma taking no heed from the Nine Tails decided to let his curiosity determine his actions. He hopped upon the back of the Hakutaku and it dashed forward at a break neck pace, if it weren't for the fur consisting of its mane, Menma would've surely been flung off the creature and most likely impaled by one of the horns that lined its back. In seconds, they entered the forest. It was full of flora and fauna Menma never could have imagined could exist in this region. Though he had little to no time to study the peculiarities of the forest, the mad dash made by the Hakutaku had him using all his focus in an effort to not be clotheslined by the branches that hung. The trees of the forest after all were gigantic almost like they came straight out of one of the forest from the Land of Fire. Soon, a deep mist crawled into view, they were now approaching the inner sanctum of the forest. As they entered into the mist, Menma couldn't see anything in front or around him. He would hate to have been stranded in a area such as this, with no bearing on where to go the mist reminded him of the Water Archipelago and its islands. Just what kind of place was this?

"We're approaching the base of the mountain Kyuubi boy, hang tight."

Just as the Hakutaku said, they had indeed gotten much closer to the mountain. But almost in stark contrast to the forest, the mountains base was nearly all desert landscape. Not a single piece of vegetation could be seen, nor any moisture. The Hakutaku raced along the desert sands and in a couple short minutes despite the distance they had crossed seemingly vast in comparison to Menma, the creature made short work of it, and as it reached the base of the mountain it jumped up and began leaping, vaulting, and running up the face of the mountain. The journey took only minutes, but for any human to try and make this journey on their own, well Menma just down right saw it as an impossibility. No wonder no human had ever been able to find such a place it was so well hidden from the world.
Moments later, they now had finally arrived at top of the plateau, a huge gate welcomed them to the palace, there Menma fully began to take in what he was seeing. The Hakutaku he rode upon bent down to allow Menma to step off of him and ushered him through the doors of the palace which opened by themselves. As he entered, he was suddenly surprised by the many number of eyes looking directly at him. The beast were staring with one pair of eyes, while they looked at each other with the others, letting out whispers, growls, as they all were surprised to see an intruder in their midst, let alone, he who held the Kyuubi.

Menma did his best to ignore the stares, but with so many eyes looking at him it was a bit hard not to feel anxious and slightly intimidated by creatures he still had no true knowledge of. However, he continued on his path and soon he entered another room, much larger and luxurious. The smell of incense burned in the air, and here he caught a glimpse of a Hakutaku much larger in size than all the others. It was much unlike the others, and possessed only a single horn and its eyes, were stark white as if the light in them had gone out long ago. However, it knew Menma was present as soon as he entered the room.

"Have a seat young child, we have been expecting you. I have seen the trials you have gone through, the destruction you have wrought amongst the people of this land. You feel no anguish about the lives you have taken, and yet, there is a deep guilt which plagues you to your core. Hidden behind a inextinguishable fire of hatred and sorrow. How will you turn out I wonder, even these eyes do not know. I do know however, there is something else that plagues you and that is why we have brought you here. Have you not yet noticed?"

"Noticed what?" Menma said oblivious to what exactly the beast was going on about, and then Menma quickly went into a fit of coughing, he could barely breathe, yet not one creature moved to aid him. As Menma's vision blurred, he looked to the floor, and saw drops of blood coming splattered against the ground he had fallen to in his fit. He wasn't sure what was transpiring, but he suddenly felt weakened and dizzy. Menma plopped himself on the ground and chills began to run up the length of his body. His attempts to stand up were thwarted by another fit of coughing at each attempt and with those attempts came more blood.

"What'd....*cough**cough*!" Menma struggled to say as he tried to catch his breath, angered at the fact he had possibly fallen into a trap due to his reluctance to listen to Kurama.

"It is not what we did, it is what you did, Kyuubi boy. You are suffering from the worst kind of disease there is. We have seen this before, however, we are powerless against it. We the Hakutaku are revered as Holy Creatures, in some cases we are seen as a Myth. But oh, indeed we do exist. We simply observe the world and once in a millennia, if the time is right, we reveal ourselves to the chosen. You are that chosen as foretold by a prophecy left by the one whose place I know sit in. However, you must show you have what it takes to earn our loyalty. If you can find a way to save yourself from what has become known to you humans as the "Red Fever" you may very well have what it takes to rule us and those around you. I suggest you begin your search for a cure in your lands, where the evil goddess Tiamat touched down. Her arrival signaled the change of times, and it is you who shall champion the saving or destruction of the world. It will all come down to how well you tame the embodiment of hate that lives within you. Whenever you are in need, then the one who aided you here will come to your side. But be warned, they will only be able to give you advice and nothing more until you have proven your worth. Now begone, and either find your way back to us or succumb to your fate."
With a blink of its third eye, Menma was sent out of the palace and he was now back in the cold of Bhandao at the same river he encountered the Hakutaku. Everything seemed like a dream, but the coughing did not stop and the chills were as terrible as ever as the cold air touched his skin. If what was said was true, Menma had better begin his search for answers. He gathered himself as best he could and started the trek back home to Dainaishi. There he would begin his search for clues as to what was happening to himself.

"I told ya, we shoulda left while we could..."


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Apr 21, 2011
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The gentle rippling of water was replaced by the harsh crunch of ice and snow beneath Blackbeard's feet. His grin was lost behind a sour scowl now, the rogue tormented by the cold and the barren landscape. Rocky and mountainous, Bhandao's climate was one of Blackbeard's least favorites. He moved hurriedly along a river, intent on reaching his target.

"I can still feel you," he grunted to himself.

Blackbeard had begun sensing the chakra signature shortly after stepping foot ashore the island. A sign of life, perhaps one that could guide him to a more popular and scenic stretch of land.

"Blast it, I must be back in the Lightning Country."

He trudged on and, at long last, ran into his target. The chakra signature he had felt upon reaching the island, a rather small-framed man of dark hair also moving along the rive, 14 meters away. Blackbeard's grin returned, flashing his toothy maw at the stranger.

"I was following that chakra signature of yours ever since I got on that there shore nearby. But now that I'm closer, I can get a better taste! It's pretty big for a shrimp like you."

Blackbeard's eyes shifted, cycling through its stages to his Eternal Mangekyo.

"And that nasty cough you've got. Your skin ain't looking too fresh either! Zehahahahaha! You wouldn't happen to be one of those sick bounties, would you?"

( Doujutsu: Sharingan ) Eye Technique: Copy Wheel Eye(Passive)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C - A Rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15 - 30 ( -5 per turn for 1T and 2T, 10 per turn to keep active for 3T )
Damage: N/A
One of the Three Great Dōjutsu (San Daidōjutsu), the Sharingan is the kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan. Unlike the other Dōjutsu, not all members of the Uchiha Clan possess the Sharingan. This great Dōjutsu seems to awaken only on exceptional Uchiha members and only in times of great stress. Once awaken, the pupil turns red and a single tomoe (巴) seal appears around the center pupil. As the user masters and evolves their eyes, the tomoe (巴) seals increase, topping 3 per eye. The main ability of the Sharingan, like any other Dōjutsu, is to enable the user to see the flow of chakra. This ability is further improved as the Sharingan gives color to chakra, enabling the user to differentiate chakras from different people or from different sources. Although the user can see chakra through matter, he cannot see beyond dense matter or in long distances. Coupled with the ability to see chakra, Sharingan users gain acess to an incredible clarity of perception that enables them to read insanely fast movements or minor details, enabling them the ability to foresee in an easier way, traps, incoming attacks, etc. This clarity of perception is so great that a Sharingan user can sometimes start performing a counter to an attack that is still being performed, enabling the counter to be launched only a split a second after the attack. This clarity of perception leaves Sharingan users able to track high speed movement easily as well as to read through handseals. This last ability enables them to learn techniques much faster and sometimes copy them directly from the enemy, as long as the user has the necessary chakra affinities and requirements to perform it. Finally, the Sharingan is often linked to Genjutsu and mind-manipulating illusions, mostly because the user can, mostly through Eye Contact, directly and precisely use his chakra to manipulate the enemy's chakra flow. In return, the users clarity of perception gives him the ability to more easily decipher visual illusions cast upon him and see past them. The Sharingan has a great cost to the user though. The chakra consumption disables its use for long periods of time and, even when the user grows stronger, it's still hard to keep it active for long periods of time.
Note: The user, if he hasn't gained full mastery over his Sharingan, will need to spend a move to activate it, although as long as he has chakra and enough stamina he'll be able to keep it active until the end of the match. If the user is Sannin Rank or above and has gained his 3 Tomoe Sharingan and held it for one month, he becomes able to passively activate it, meaning he'll no longer spend a move of his 3 per turn.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill
Note: C rank usage is for 1T Sharingan, B rank usage is reserved for 2T Sharingan. A Rank usage is reserved for 3T Sharingan.
Note: Predicting the nature of a technique or what it exactly is requires the user to either know the technique or that its a cannon technique.
Note: Danzo and Kakashi bios activate the Sharingan by removing the covers in their respective eyes and suffer a +10 chakra consumption per turn penalty
Note: The user is bound by the abilities and limits of the stage of sharingan he possesses, stated in the rules of the KG.

( Doujutsu: Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan ) - Eye Technique: Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye(Passive)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 70 ( -20 per turn to keep active )
Damage: N/A
Description: The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan literally meaning " Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye", is the final step in the evolutionary state of the Sharingan. While Mangekyo Sharingan is but an imperfect Dojutsu, unable to sustain and keep its own power, weakening with each use, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan brings control and balance to the power wielded. By merging the users own MS with that of his sibling, the use is able to awaken the EMS. The EMS grants the user the same abilities granted by MS but to unsurpassed levels. While granting the user the ability to perceive the world with increadible insight, it also grants the user the ability to see through S-Rank visual illusions and track the movement speed of almost anything, perfecting the already amazing abilities of the standard MS, like casting Genjutsu without the need for handseals as long as a line of sight to the target is available. A unique feat however, is that once the user awakens EMS, he loses access to his normal MS, transitioning from 3T form to EMS directly. While MS damages the user as time passes and severely tires and drains the user as its used, the EMS doesn't. The user can keep it active without losing his eyesight or damaging himself and can use the normal MS techniques with no activation reduction or drawbacks. Its true that the chakra cost is higher, but the user will feel little to no effect in his stamina and energy. Through his EMS, Madara gained the ability to control Tailed Beasts by forcefully using his sharingan genjutsu/mind manipulation abilities to take control of the Bijuu and temporarily sever its connection to the host. If the Jinchuriki is in normal form or entering one of the transformations, it's blocked from transforming for 3 turns. If it's in incomplete form, it's forced back into normal form and left unable to access his bijuu for 3 turns and if its in complete form, the user gains control over the bijuu, manipulating its movements/actions completely for 2 turns or until the complete form ends (whatever comes first), leaving the host unable to acess his bijuu for 3 turns.
Note: Only usable by bios with EMS after meeting the necessary requirements.
Note: User needs to have activated his 3T Sharingan beforehand
Note: Once activated, lasts 10 turns per use and once the user has held the ability for 4 months, can be done passively, with no move cost.
Note: Using MS techniques don't reduce the activation time.
Note: Controlling a Bijuu is an exclusive ability of Madara Uchiha and can only be done once per battle. Once the control ends, the EMS reverts back to a 3T Sharingan. If the control is done on a complete form Jinchuriki, then the user can't do any other technique while controlling the enemy.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill.
Note: Predicting the nature of a technique or what it exactly is requires the user to either know the technique or that its a cannon technique.
Note: While active, as long as a clear line of sight and the range is respected, the user can cast normal non-Doujutsu Genjutsu without the need for handseals. However, Doujutsu illusions still require eye contact (if feasible) or their own requirements; this ability only affects regular Genjutsu.

Blackbeard wasted no time in staging his attack. Whether or not the stranger responded to his coy taunts wouldn't change anything either way. His chakra was immense, and he bore the tell-tale signs of those infected by the disease. He gathered his chakra into his eyes and focused them on Menma's shoulder. A trail of blood dripped from Blackbeard's left eye, and the blak flames of Amaterasu appeared upon Menma's shoulder.

( Doujutsu: Amaterasu ) - Eye Technique: Shining Heaven
Type: Offensive
Rank: Forbidden Rank
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 70
Damage Points: 120+30=150 (-30 to the user)
Descripton: One of the basic techniques awoken with MS, Amaterasu is the ability to ignite the undying black flames. The jet-black flames of the Amaterasu, said to be the fires from hell that are as hot as the sun, ignite at the focus of the user's vision. This dispiction is somewhat linked to the fact that, because of the damage produced in ones eyes, as the user closes his eyes and prepares to use Amaterasu, tears of blood flow through his face. The black flames lack momentum and impact (being unable to break through strong solid inert defenses) but have a very high parasitic ability, spreading through anything that comes in contact with them and consuming with enormous ease, any type of fire. Though the flames have been stated to be unavoidable (since they are not a projectile but "happen" on focal point), this has been proven as false. While quite hard to avoid, its been proven that ninjas with enhanced speed and reactions (such as Third and Fourth Raikage in Lightning Armor) when facing the user can move out of the focal point before the flames actually ignite. This is related to the somewhat slow ignition and burn of the flames. While they burn for 7 days, can't be doused and are hard to avoid, they spread and burn through the target slowly. Also, its been noticed that Dojutsu users (3 Tomoe Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan) and skilled chakra sensors can see/feel the overflow and increasing chakra pressure in the eye, right before Amaterasu is used, but that in itself is not enough to dodge or block it, as target would need to move faster than the user can focus his eye on it. Another thing that has been shown capable of blocking Amaterasu are "sentient" automated defenses, like Gaara's sand shield. By coming between the user and his target, a fast enough defense can block the intended focal point (the enemy) and defend him from the black flames, as long as its tangible and completely blocks the users line of sight.
Note: Requires the user to have his MS or EMS active
Note: Can only be used 4 times and reduces MS duration by 2 turns each use
Note: Cannot be dodged unless the user has an ability that fits the ones described
Note: If hit, enemy has 1 turn before losing conscious and eventually being completely consumed, during which he experiences excruciating pain and damage.

During its creation, Blackbeard infused the flames with his own potent Yin energy and warped its properties. Where the flames would normally scorch hot, they were now freezing; cold enough to induce frostbite on contact instead of burns. Where the flames were normally docile and slow to raze, Blackbeard instead infused an extremely reactive nature. In contact with the air around Menma, the flames violently exploded outward with the freeze and frost infused. As the flames expanded outward, surrounding Menma, the final property manifested. Befitting his cruel nature, Blackbeard also endowed the flames with a secondary reaction; upon having the pressure of the burst acting on them, the flames quickly hardened into a form resembling solid ice, encasing Menma within the slab almost immediately after the freezing explosion consumed his body. The solidification ensured the explosion was contained to Menma's immediate area, and his trapped body began to peel and crack as the slab's frostbiting nature overwhelmed him.

(Inton: Ten ni henkō) - Yin Release: Change into Heaven
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (+50)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user manipulates a technique of the basic 5 elements with Yin nature, allowing him to change its properties. Fire can become solid. Lightning can become tangible. The possibilities are as endless as is the user’s own imagination. The end resulting technique is neutral to all basic elemental natures. This doesn't consume time since it’s actually a skill applied to a technique used at the same time.
Note: Yin Release masters can apply this technique to advanced fields, CE and advanced elements.
Note: Usable 3 times per battle and 6 times per event.
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Official challenge to Geezy. Actives/Pre-battle Passives:

(Yoton/Kinjutsu: Fantomu Buraddo ) - Yang Release/Forbidden Arts: Phantom Blood
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Seeking a way to enhance the body to its uttermost limits, a group of shinobi known as the Pillar Men created the Kinjutsu known as "Phantom Blood." Sealed into stone masks by its creators, Phantom Blood is a Kinjutsu designed to transform the body; upon being touched by blood and worn on the face, the mask releases several spines that inject a surge of Yang-based energy into the user's body that binds itself to their cells and naturally occurring fluids. This process permanently transforms the user into an entity known as a "Vampire," the Yang-based energy passively granting them physical prowess and agility on par with that of the Second of the Eight Inner Gates. Vampires possess immense longevity, their lifespans continuing indefinitely, and can even remain alive after any injury that would normally be fatal for ordinary humans(in terms of the function of the RP, this aspect of the longevity is largely cosmetic; the user's health points still abide to normal health rules and the user will still lose a match when their health reaches zero). However, they are not truly immortal; a fatal injury to the brain will result in the death of a vampire as normal. This longevity grants those under the influence of Phantom Blood a naturally higher capacity to heal, able to passively recover from damage on par with Hashirama Senju's passive regeneration. Minor wounds, burns, cuts, etc. will all passively heal over a small period of time, closing up wounds and injuries after one turn. While this healing can recover such wounds over the course of one turn, it is not without its limits; a Vampire's passive healing is only able to restore the body so that it can function, but does not restore lost HP(for instance, an arm broken by an A-rank technique will mend itself, but the user will not recover the lost 60 points of their health).

This longevity can also be manifested in enhanced ways, though these require active uses. The user can increase the power of the regeneration to restore up to 75 Health Points. This can be used to mend more severe injuries, such as restoring destroyed organs or reattaching detached limbs. Should the user make physical contact with another living organism, such as a bio or summoning creature, the user can execute this ability with greater ease, compensating for the comparatively lesser use of chakra by stealing some of the opponent's vitality.

Note: Enhanced regeneration requires physical contact with target and can only be utilized two times per battle. Can only be used by Yin-Yang masters
Note: Active regeneration occupies a move slot, consuming 70 chakra. Through direct contact, the chakra drainage drops to 50 chakra. Regular version can be used once every two turns, direct contact once every other turn. Either version can only be used twice per battle
Note: Due to their bodies growing acclimated to Yang energy through the Phantom Blood transformation, Vampires become able to use techniques that would normally clash with the usage of Yang Release techniques without such hindrance, though all other restrictions apply
Note: This technique cannot be used to regenerate from techniques that inflict damage equaling to or exceeding half of the user's total health pool, nor can the user use the actives of this technique should their health fall below 25% of its total pool.

(In'yōton, Onmyōton: Banbutsu Sōzō no Jutsu) Yin-Yang Release: Creation of All Things
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short
Chakra: 500
Damage: N/A
Description: Initially, a technique first created and used by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (who used it to create the nine tailed beasts), Creation of All Things is the core basic yet purer form of Yin-Yang Release and pertains to the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create physical forms from nothingness followed by the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, breathing life into form. Essentially, this technique allows one to create beings out of ones imagination. These beings are alive, self suficient and real. However, without the powers of Hagoromo, a normal master of Yin-Yang Release's usage of the technique pales and one cannot create something as a Bijuu. Even in his case, he needed to use the chakra of the Shinju to create the 9 Bijuu, so even in battle he is limited in the use of the technique. In Narutobase RP, however, one can create 1 living being, never bigger than 3x the size of the creator, that has the following abilities:
Can use 3 of the elements the creator knows (including AEs and/or CEs)
Can use one of the following: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, a Clan's HA, KG/KT, an Advanced Ninjutsu (Sound, Poison, etc), or universal ability (Fuuinjutsu, Iryo Ninjutsu, Yin-Yang Release, etc), a mode (SM, SHB, etc.) as long as the creator knows it
Has a chakra reserve of max 2000 points and a health pool of 150 points
Can use all techniques the creator knows of the fields it is able to use
Can be sentient or not, with human levels of inteligence or not, including power of speech and a mental link to the creator
Can have one of the following passive traits/skills: chakra sensory, increased physical strength resulting in +20 damage to Taijutsu, immunity to Genjutsu, usage of its elements without handseals or source restrictions, 40 damage reduction from clashes, a speed of 1.5x the speed of its creator, chakra transfer ability, immunity to fuuinjutsu techniques
Will have the physical abilities of the traits of the form created (for example, if it has wings, it can fly, etc etc) but it cannot be human nor the same as a real animal (has to, in some way, be unique and different from existing creatures)
It will also abide to the following restrictions:

The creation will stay in the fight even if the creator dies (in RP terms, if you die and your creation is still alive and wins, you win the fight and can continue in the event playing with your creation).
The creator can only have one creation per bio at any given time.
The creation will be initially formed at the end of the Yin-Yang training, serving as a rite of passage of Yin-Yang Mastery, after which it will need to be stated in the bio that has it and the user will always enter the field with it.
The creation is alive and as such can be killed, healed, poisoned, attacked with gentle fist, etc as any other living thing in Narutoverse and, in terms of NB RPG, suffers all basic restrictions that fall upon a ninja. It cannot, however, be revived with the Edo Tensei technique though if it dies, the creator can use the Creation of All Things technique to revive it once during the battle.
Creations cannot be done during a fight but can be done in any RP thread, be it a training thread or an RP NW thread.
It cannot have "absolute" traits such as being considered immortal or only existing in Limbo. It is a real, living, flesh and bone being that has the abilities listed above.
Cannot have a Doujutsu, Shikotsumyaku, Souma no Ko, Jikūkan or learn to open the Eight Inner Gates.
Note: Can only be used by Yin-Yang Masters.
Note: Hagaromo bios can have 2 creations.
Note: Reviving the creations costs the use of the technique and can only be done once per battle.

Xebex takes the form of a large cerberus, being three times as big as its master. Xebec has three heads, two of them being dog heads and the other being a fox. The dog parts have blue fur while the fox's side has yellow fur. It also has three yellow tails that are prehensile enough to be used with all the dexterity of a hand and are large enough to grip humans. The dog parts have black hair on the top of their heads and backs and one of the tails had white fur on the tip. Xebec appears to be covered in sutures, and two of the heads have bandages on its face. All three heads, in fact, share the same consciousness. Its penis is massive and it is still bigger than Goetia.

-Corium Release, Sea Stone Release, and Light Release
-Yin-Yang Release
-Has a chakra reserve of max 2000 points and a health pool of 150 points
-Xebec has intelligence on par with that of Samehada. It shares a mental link with its creator, and the two form a flawless team in battle.
-Xebec does not require the use of handseals to execute its abilities, nor is it limited by source restrictions.
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